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SERP API provides the Top-100 SERP results for a search term. The results are specific to the selected search engine. If Anyone has questions Regarding How to Get Google SERP API Then You are in the Rigth Place!

Assumes that you are familiar with SERP Type. On all the search engines we provide Web, Image, and News results. You have to take care of `serp_type` param.  

Google Search API

Google SERP API you can get below result snippets in JSON response

Recently, We have introduced Image & News API, Where you can perform a search and get results in JSON responses


If there are any trending news stories relevant to your search query, Google will return those in a section called "Top Stories". This section is returned by the API as a top_stories array.


When doing a standard web search and images are provided by Google within the search results, these images are returned by the API within an inline_image array.


When doing a standard web search and videos are provided by Google within the search results, these videos are returned by the API within an inline_videos array.


For many search queries, Google provides an additional set of frequently asked questions related to the search term. These related questions are returned by the API as a people_also_ask array.


A Knowledge Graph is returned by Google whenever there is enough information about the search query from Google directly or from informational sources, such as Wikipedia. Knowledge Graphs will be returned in a knowledge_card object by the API.

6. ADS

If Google returns any sponsored ads for your search query, the API response will come with an ads object, which contains all ads in the order they are shown in the search result. Ads can be shown either at the top or at the bottom of the search result.


Organic search results are the main search results provided by Google and are determined by a series of factors, such as web traffic, backlinks, social media presence, and much more. These results are parsed by the API in detail and returned as organic.

8. Related Searches

At the bottom of each search result, Google usually suggests other search queries related to the current query. These suggestions are returned by the API as a related_searches array.

NEWS Search

To retrieve a result from Google News, You will need to change your API request param serp_type to news in order to perform a search on the news section.

Images Search

Here same as the news search you will need to change the request param serp_type to image to get a search on google images.


You can scrape any SERP data from any search engine such as google, yahoo, and bing.

Over the internet, many tricks are there Some free, as well as paid APIs, so you can scrape any search engine using these APIs.

Now We are one of those providing free as well as paid feature version APIs and you can get data from any search engine for any data including news, ads, website URL, LSI, and google graphs up to 100-page results in JSON format.

Now visit our Official website and get to know more about APIs. If Any Query Regarding APIs like how work, how to use and all. then Just ping us here or website also

Will hope this guide is helpful to you!



Pankaj Jangir

Google AdWords has been around almost since the beginning of the World Wide Web. If you have a question about Google AdWords, Google Answers provides several resources for potential users. Google AdWords is Google's advertising platform. If one has an online business but lacks sufficient traffic and leads to question whether their business is well marketed or not, Google AdWords can help answer those questions.

Google AdWords answers questions such as, how much traffic will my website see in a month? How will Google rank my website? Google AdWords is Google's free search engine for internet ads.

Google AdWords is a free tool that allows one to market their website without being a professional marketer. One does not need to be an experienced internet marketer to use Google AdWords. It does not matter if one has a website that receives traffic from a variety of sources. Google AdWords answers these questions and many more for its users. One can learn about these tools by searching Google, "Google AdWords", or asking questions in forums.

Google Ads Measurement exam questions and answers, regarding such topics as, how will Google rank my website? Will this tool to be effective in my marketing efforts? Can I really generate enough traffic to make my website worthy of the top results? Google AdWords can show someone exactly how much traffic they should expect to generate to their website.

Google AdWords answers questions, regarding such topics as, where do I find the best keywords to use? How do I get more leads to my website? What are the best landing pages for Google AdWords? Google AdWords can provide someone with all of the answers they are looking for.

Google AdWords is an effective and simple way to market a website. Anyone who has ever been involved in online marketing has at one point or another purchased advertising space through Google AdWords. If you have not done so already, Google AdWords offers one of the easiest ways to market a website.

Internet marketing has become very popular over the past 10 years. One of the reasons this has become so popular is because Google AdWords has made internet marketing easy. No longer do consumers have to drive to a store in order to purchase something. With the help of Google AdWords, they can simply sit in front of their computers, log into their accounts, and purchase what they want. This makes it possible for the consumer to purchase from the convenience of their computer and from the comfort of their home.

Google AdWords makes marketing any product or service easier. It can be a great thing for anyone who wants to promote a website or products on the internet. The best part about Google AdWords is that it is free. You do not have to pay Google for this service but instead, it is a service that is provided free of charge by the biggest and most trusted internet company in the world, Google.

It is free and it is easy. One of the main reasons why it is easy to market a website with Google AdWords is because there are so many people using the internet. Almost everyone has used Google at some point. Because of this, Google AdWords can be counted upon as a successful medium for promoting a website or a product on the internet. In many cases, it can result in more traffic to a website than what was spent in advertising.

You only have to register your personal information once. Once you register, you will be all set for internet marketing campaigns. There is no cost associated with doing business with Google AdWords and there is no limit to how many times you can use your AdWords account. This can make internet marketing much easier for those who are just starting out and need to test the waters to see if their website can make a success of its own.

It is fast. Even though there are literally millions of users on the internet today, it can take many hours just to receive one new link. With Google AdWords, a person can receive hundreds of thousands of links in a very short time. If a campaign is done correctly, it can increase traffic to a website within a few days of being placed in the AdWords directory. Many people believe that the time it takes to market a website with Google AdWords is more time than it takes to make money, but in actuality, time is not a factor when it comes to making money.

It is an all-encompassing medium. When it comes to internet marketing, there are many things that people must learn to be successful. Google AdWords is only one of them. A person who chooses to use AdWords must first become comfortable with using the program, which only takes a little time. Once the user becomes comfortable, then they can begin testing and improving their advertising campaigns on the website.

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Chinmay Daflapurkar

Google Ads has the top benefit and it works faster than SEO. SEO and Google Ads are both the search engine marketing technique and strategies to generate more traffic and leads.  You should be aware of Google Ads Management for your Business. 

The reasons why Google Ads is more effective:  

1.    We'll be able to focus on multiple keywords at a time.  

2.    We can also turn off the campaign when we want.

3.    The google Ads will appear on top of the page.

Organic sources are beneficial and are a long-term process. To rank every keyword, you need to focus on creating backlinks with perseverance and also write well-written articles.  

Google Adwords also help in boosting traffic, clicks and conversions on a website. IT is a very efficient way to get people to know about your company and your brand. SEO ranking will depend on the brand search and its variations.  

It is one of the most used strategy in every business which is called as email marketing. Google Adwords will help you reconnect with your website visitors in a proper way. this will help advertisers to target visitors on different advertising supported websites using the banner images. you can also create remarketing list for search ads. this list is a remarketing campaign on a search network which display remarketing and will help advertiser to add keywords to this campaign. the ads will be specific to the user search create the keyboard and the remarketing list. the visitors who have already visited websites have chances of converting them to Leeds using the ring marketing ads. when you are doing traditional advertisements like newspaper radio, broadcast etc you are not able to keep up with them. you can't control the amount of money that you target on the budget and you spent it only shorts are leads coming from this area customer chooses to divulge it. 


But Google Adwords on the other hand does rain what happened with will tell your campaign. It will show various things like who clicked your ad, how many leads you have generated, how much traffic have you got from the AdWords to your website, which are the keywords generated to the most traffic and leads and how much does it cost per lead.  


Sophia James
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Pankaj Jangir
Think that speeding up the web page loading time is not important? Think again. A small one-second delay in page load time translates to: -face way. This can also allow you to better market your services as well. If you own a travel agency, you could write posts on your blog site with tips about your most popular destinations and how to maximize your client's travel pleasure.

Be sure to keep your web page design simple. If you overuse animation and graphics, your page load time will increase. You want the visitor to be able to access your content quickly. Simple designs equal simplified maintenance.

In order to optimize your website for search engines, make sure it has relevant keywords in it. Search engine optimization is important for the success of your website. You want to get found in the search results. The most search engine friendly websites rank high on the search engine results page. The higher your page load time, the lower your page rank and the less likely people will visit your website.

A simple page layout that is clear and easy to read is best for your website. When visitors come to your site, they have a clear idea of where to go. If the page load time is too long, they will simply click away without even looking at what they are trying to find. People are much more likely to return to a site if it is user friendly and informative.

Make sure to reduce page load time every chance you get. Even if you are getting only slight traffic, it is still worth it. Your page ranking will go up, which will draw more clients. You will be more likely to retain those clients for a long period of time. In turn, you will receive more advertising money.

If you already have a website, there are a few things you can do to make it run more efficiently. Your website should not take up too much bandwidth. Also, the content needs to be great. If it is, you won't have to wait for it to upload.

There are two major factors involved in page load time. First, how fast the page can download and save the page data. The other factor involves the downloading speed of the pictures and images on the web page. If they are too slow, the visitor will leave as quickly as possible. If they are too fast, they will get frustrated and give up.

You must learn about the various factors that go into the page load time. You can take a class or search out information online. You may also want to use a program that shows you how to maximize your page's speed.

When your page load time is slow, the visitor will leave even though they were interested in what they saw. This is because they were waiting too long to view the page. A slow page makes the user feel impatient, and they will simply click away from the site.

One way to improve page load time is to make sure the page content is very relevant to what the page is promoting. Many times the page designer may have linked to another page that is unrelated. This should not be the case.

It may also be helpful to include other graphics or photos on the page. Graphics, however, should be relevant to what is being promoted on the page. It would also help if you linked to the related articles or blog posts, as this shows you are taking the reader's attention in one direction. A person reading an article will read more of the article if it includes graphics and photos that are directly related to the topic.

There are also a few things to keep in mind when creating your website. Keep the font size small and do not overcrowd the page with text. It may be important to include alternate images for images that are smaller than the original image. If your page takes a long time to load time, it may be a good idea to scroll the page to see how long it takes to load.

Do these tips for improving page load time, but remember to also test your pages. Test different elements to find out what is causing your page to take a long time to load. Check the links to see if they lead to other web pages. Try changing fonts and colors. Make sure you are using SEO strategies. You can always hire a professional if needed.

Pankaj Jangir Aug 5 '21 · Tags: google, page load, reduce
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elina john

Google recently announced that it developed the latest AI tool to help people analyze skin conditions. Similar to other symptom-analyzing tools, it’ll answer questions over how precisely it can function. Experts say it should also be examined for how it affects human behavior. Does it make them more often to visit the doctor? Or Less often?

These sorts of symptom-identifying tools usually explain that they can’t diagnose health conditions. But they can provide people an idea about what might be wrong. Some tools comprise thousands of users and are valued at millions of dollars. Dozens were introduced over the previous year to help people to check if they might have COVID-19.

Despite growing rapidly, there’s less information available about how symptom-identifiers change people’s behavior to manage their health. Jac Dinnes says, “it’s not the kind of analysis firms generally do before launching a product.” Jac Dinnes is a senior researcher at the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Applied Health Research. She has examined smartphone applications for identifying skin conditions. They are more focused on the answers the symptom-identifiers provide, less on how people respond to those answers.

Without evaluating the tools as they’re supposed to be used, you won’t know what the impact is going to be,” she added.

Filling Up the Knowledge Gap

Google’s dermatology tool is developed to enabling people to post three pictures of a skin issue and take a quiz about symptoms. Then, it provides a list of possible conditions that the AI-driven tool thinks are the best matches. It displays textbook pictures of the condition and induces users to browse about the condition in Google. Users have the choice to download the case to review it later or delete it completely. The company intends to introduce a pilot version later this year.

It also may launch methods for users to continue research on a potential issue outside the tool itself.

While designing AI tools as the recent Google tool, researchers prone to assess the correctness of the machine learning program. Researchers want to learn exactly how precisely it can match an unfamiliar thing. Things like uploading a picture of a strange rash with a known issue. Google hasn’t uploaded data on the recent iteration of its skin-checking tool. But it claims to comprise of 84% precise match to a skin problem in the top three suggested conditions.

There’s generally less focus on what people have to do with such information. This makes it tough to explain if this kind of tool could satisfy one of its stated aims. The aim to provide information to users that a dermatologist might give. Dinnes says, “No doubt that there is a great demand for dermatologists.”, “There’s a will to utilizing tools that are considered as helping the situation.” She added, “but we are not sure if they’re going to help.”

Hamish Fraser says, “It’s a huge difference in our understanding.” Fraser is an associate professor of medical science at Brown University. Fraser studies symptom-checkers. There is a fundamental issue of whether users can interpret the tools correctly and use them accurately. But there’s also a question about whether users will respond to anything they asked from the system.”

Fraser says, “coating that cracks are essential as several similar tools come onto the market.” There are many emerging technologies. Understanding how technologies could change user’s behavior is very significant because their role in healthcare will possibly rise.

Fraser says, “People started Google and other search engines using the symptom-checker.” Fraser further added, “There’s, of course, a need there.”

What Do People Require to Do Next?

Fraser says prospectiveresearches would make people using a symptom-checker for a permit to follow up and contact their doctor.” “People would begin to hastily sense whether a random sample of people using it got something relevant or not.”

One of the researches conducted research on around 150,000 subjects who used a medical chatbot named Buoy Health. Researchers examined how likely subjects told they visited the doctor before using the bot. And how probably they visited the doctor after viewing what the chatbot had to say. Around a third of subjects said they would ask for less urgent care. Only 4% said they would take more urgent steps after using the chatbot. The rest remained around the same.


elina john

Google has killed its real-world measuring app, named Google Measure. The Measure app was introduced in 2016. It uses cameras and sensors available on smartphones and tablets to measure real-world objects.

The measure app is updated as the final version in the Google Play Store. The updates for this app have slowed down since 2018. There were only a few major updates, including vertical measurement and unit conversion. However, there were also User Interface updates for the app over a couple of years. But there were no improvements in the accuracy.

It has been a long time since Google killed any functional app or service without any reason. The Measure app has been there since Project Tango.

Google Measure

Google Measure app helps you with everyday measurements. It also provides you quick measurements around your work, home, and office. The Measure app will provide you similar results as a measuring tape.

You can measure the height and length of any object on a flat surface. For example, the height of a table, the width of any sofa. It also provides you unit conversion. As a result, you can easily switch between metric and imperial units. You can also take photos of your measurements and copy them to your clipboards.

However, you will need to find a flat surface first, and you can do this by moving your smartphone around. After that, you just need to point and tap to start the measurement. It will adjust according to the flat surface.

When the measurement is done, then you can tap on values to change its units. Like any other AR service, Measure does not require any additional tool. It only uses your device camera to measure the length, height, and width of any object.

If You Need This Tool

If you have already installed the measure app, then you will not be locked out of the app. The current changes will affect only new users. Most importantly, there will be no updates for any improvements. In short, there will be no changes to fix the current problems or issues.

If you have the Measure app, then you can use it. But there is no official announcement on how long it will remain the same.

However, you can download the app from different other App stores like Apk Mirror.

Launch Of New App

However, Google might launch a new app that has similar functions and features. But there is no information related to it. The Measure app will not show up on the play store list until you have previously installed it on your smartphone or any device.

Google might come up with a different app that will provide the same results. The Measure app was a decent and nice app for many users. It has saved time and money for many of us.


It seems that the Measure app has reached its end of life. However, it is still available for users who have previously installed it. This app will not get updates from Google. In other words, this is the final version. There will not be any further updates.

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