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The Google Photos transfer feature of Facebook is available now to all the users across the world. The company announced the feature on 04 June 2020. Earlier it was only available for Canada and US users but now users from all over the world can use it.

This feature permits the users to copy all the videos and photos from their Facebook profile and instantly transfer them to Google Photos. According to reports, Facebook developed this feature in December 2019 and was available to be used in Latin America, Asia Pacific, and distinctive parts of Africa.

Facebook, while announcing the feature, proclaimed that it is quite simple to use and it will use fewer data of the users to transfer. The users who are keen to transfer their media from Facebook to Google Photos should tap on the tab of Settings in their Facebook account once the users have successfully click on Your Facebook Information icon. Afterwards, they have to press on the option of Transfer a copy of your Videos or Photos.

Although, the currently available feature can only transfer the photos of your Facebook account to Google Photos. However, the Facebook spokesperson stated that soon the feature would allow the users to transfer video file too. In addition to this, they also added that they are working to enhance the ability of this tool. Soon, the users can transfer the media from one Facebook account to other social media accounts such as Twitter, Microsoft, or Facebook.

Although, the feature mentioned by the spokesperson of Facebook is commendable. However, they are working on it since 2018, which is somehow a lot of time to developed a feature. The project was known as Data Transfer Project, and according to rumours, once Apple was also a part of that deal. However, due to some conflict, Apple turned down the deal of Facebook.

Although the feature of transferring the media from Facebook to Google Photos is also quite useful but only photos can be transferred, which is somehow quite disappointing. Besides, in his statement, the spokesperson of Facebook didn’t say anything in reference to the arrival of Data Transfer feature. However, they have only announced that soon it will be available. Let us see when will it arrive and how would it provide ease and convenience to its users.

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Google Photos is one of the best free apps given by Google. This permits you to tag images manually rather than relying on auto-tagging, and manual tagging permits you to tag additional accurately. Google Photos will find and detects faces on Photos, and it’s not permitted to tag misbranded or unrecognized faces. The newest Google Photos version permits you to tag on images manually. So, if you want to know how to tag faces on Google Photos? Here are the directions are given below.

Enable Face Grouping

  1. You should click on the hamburger menu icon at the upper left side of the corner.
  2. After that, click on the Settings option.
  3. Go to the ‘Group similar faces.’
  4. Later, disable or enable the Face Grouping.
  5. If you would like to disable the Face Grouping for pets, turn off the option of ‘Show pets with people.’

Tag Faces on Photos

When you have turned on the Face Grouping, start the tagging each face in the photos. You should apply for both system browsers and mobile devices.

Using Mobile Devices

  1. Navigate to Google Photos and invoke it.
  2. Then find the picture you would like to tag.
  3. Then drag up until you reach the people profile image in the photo. 
  4. You will see tagged people under their faces.
  5. Move the right side via the thumbnails until you locate the person you would like to tag.
  6. You should click on the Thumbnail option.
  7. Then select the ‘Add a name’ option and provide the name of the person.
  8. In case you see anyone in the picture is not preparing into the people group who made it before, select the pencil button over the thumbnail.
  9. After that, move down until you locate the face. 
  10. It is beneath the ‘Available to add’ option and have a ‘+add’ button on the upper left side.
  11. Go to the face and select it.
  12. Choose the ‘Add’ button on the upper right side.
  13. You should click on the Create option.
  14. Now, the face will show together with other faces beneath the photo.
  15. Finally, select the image then add a picture.

Using PC

  1. Firstly, invoke the Google Photos on your system.
  2. After that, select the picture you would like to tag.
  3. Then click on the picture info button.
  4. A section will appear with people’s existing groups.
  5. If you find a pet or person into the unlabelled picture, the detail field will display how many faces you should make for people’s groups.
  6. Go to the notification and select the face picture.
  7. Then click on the ‘+Add’ button.
  8. Navigate to the Create option.
  9. You have to choose the Done option. You will back to the default detail window.
  10. Later, select the face picture once again.
  11. Now, input the personal name and hit the Enter key.
  12. Once you tag people in a photo, you should browse for pictures of a particular person. Please input a name into the search section then select the result. 
  13. Finally, you will see each image with the face.


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