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If you want to download and install Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire tablet, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you are going to learn how to install Google Play Store on an Amazon tablet.

A year ago, Amazon Fire tablets received a significant boost in the world of Android tablets. The Amazon Fire tablet is one of the best selling Android tablets in the past year. These tablets are not only good in performance but also considered one of the most affordable and reliable tablets for reading enthusiasts. Amazon tablets are much easier to access and offer sufficient battery life. However, a few users are not happy with their default Amazon App Store, and they want something even more versatile app store such as Google Play Store. Let’s see how one can install the Google Play Store in an Amazon Fire tablet and get started.


  • Enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” option.
  • Install a file manager from the Amazon App Store.
  • APK installation files which have to be downloaded from the ‘APKMirror’ website and installed in your device are given below:
    •  Google Account Manager
    •  Google Services Framework
    •  Google Play Services
    •  Google Play Store
  • Sign up for a Google account to use the Google Play Store.

How to Install Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire?

Step 1: Allow Installations from Unknown Sources

1.   Go to Settings.

2.   Navigate to “Security and Privacy.”

3.   Locate and enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option.

4.   Press the Home icon to return to your home screen.

Step 2: Install a File Manager from Your default App Store

To open and install the APK installation packages in your device, you have to install a good file manager on your tablet. We recommend you to install “File Commander” file manager, which is a versatile tool to navigate and open various files. It works great with Amazon tablets. Follow the below instructions to install File Commander app on your device:

1.   Navigate to your Amazon App Store.

2.   Then go to the search bar and type “File Commander” in the search box.

3.   After that, Select the File Commander app from the results and press the install button.

Once the app is successfully installed on your device, you can close the App Store.

Step 3: Download and Install the required APK files

You can’t install Google Play Store directly  in your device. Google Play Store requires some Google apps to run in a device. Your device lacks these apps, and you have to manually download each app form the web and then install them one by one. Don’t panic; we are here to help you. Follow the below instructions to install these apps:

  1. Open your Amazon Silk web browser.
  2. Then go to website.
  3. Navigate to the website’s search bar and then search for “Google Account Manager 5.1-1743759”.
  4. Click and download the Google Account Manager 5.1-1743759. Don’t download the latest versions because they are not going to support in your Amazon tablet.
  5. After that download “Google Service Framework” APK file from the same website by searching for it in the search bar.
  6. Now download the latest version of Google Play Services APK file by the same site. Please note that if you are using Fire 7 or older tablet then download the Google Play Services Apk which is labeled with 230 in the title. If you are own Fire HD 8 or latest version, then download the APK labeled with 240 in the title.
  7. Finally, you have to download the Google Play Store APK from the same website. You can download the latest version of it.
  8. Once you have all APK files downloaded on your device, install each app using the File Commander in a proper sequence which is given below:
    1. Google Account Manager
    1. Google Services Framework
    1. Google Play Services
    1. Google Play Store
  9. 9.   To install them follow the onscreen instructions after tapping on an APK file. Generally, you only need to tap next-next and install buttons.

After installing all apps, reboot your Amazon Fire tablet and then open your Google Play Store and Sign up for a new Google account. After that, enjoy your Google Play Store.

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Google Play Store is an essential app for Android devices. It helps you discover apps that you wish to have in your phone and download, and install the same. But, it features apps and settings according to your region, and if you move to another Country or city, you need to update the location. You can access another region if you wish to try, as well. So, change the country setting ideally in the Google Play store by using the guide given below.


Steps for changing country in the Google Play Store

1. First and foremost, launch the Google Play Store app on your Android phone.

2. Then, slide to the left side of the screen to go to the menu. Choose Account from there.

3. If country-switching option is allowed to you, a Country and profiles option will be there in the list.

4. Tap on the Country option and choose your new country from there. Go through the on-screen prompts and provide the ideal payment method of the dedicated country, if asked.

5. Once you agree with the warning prompt and allow the change, you can browse the Google Play Store according to the selected region. However, it might take around 24 hours for updating the changes in the app.

According to the change in your IP address, you will see the option of changing country in your Android device. The option mostly appears to those who moved to another country from their previous one. You can’t simply switch to the country of your choice in the Google Play Store.

What to know before changing Google Play Store country?

There are a few essential things that you must know while you change the Play Store region. Firstly, it is not possible to access the old payment method. You will have to go with the one that is available in your new country. Once you swap, you can’t even use the Google Play balance of the old country, including gift cards or collected Google Opinion Rewards. Other than this, it is allowed to change the country in Google Play Store only once in a year. If you wish to change the country that you used earlier, you need to visit the same menu that you used more previously for changing country.

Hence, change the country in the Google Play Store only if you are moving there for a year. A tricky way of changing the country region is through VPN also. But, there are chances that you might get locked outside your specific zone for a while in the Play Store, and it will be more painful for you. The best solution will be to try the ideal alternatives available for Google Play in the market. A few best options include Amazon Appstore, F-Droid, SlideME, and Humble Bundle. These alternative app stores are destined to make things easier for you!

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