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The zones have content in the form of  Great site Exploration development that awards Trophies. Progression is another point, and you're going to have to dip you toes into all them if you choose to. There's Fishing, Housing, Music Performance and crafting to name a few. What really threw us was fun a number of these mini-games were. Each 30 minutes, leaping right into a pop quiz instance, or a dance standoff with different gamers has become such a breath of fresh air, and since it rewards XP that scales to your degree, it's worth doing.


PvP can also be on the dish, using open world PvP zones, Arenas and even a Battle Royale style available.The first MapleStory game proved to be. In comparison MapleStory 2 feels like a definite update. It captures that MapleStory essence thanks to the characters, music and aesthetics and although it isn't the flashiest of matches on the market, it's undoubtedly a bright and lively world that Maple lovers expect. It's had to simmer in Korea to prepare for the launch, and it shows.


A lot of the game is polished -- from gameplay to functionality -- with little if any bugs and conversation mistakes. For a game, that is impressive. Where it falls short with demonstration is perhaps the soundtrack, which doesn't do anything to elevate the experience, as well as the in-game audio system has generated better audio from gamers rather than Nexon themselves.One of the game's greatest features is User Generated Content hub or its UGC system. Create what?


From weapons to clothing, to  Maplestory 2 Mesos mounts as well as housing decor, your own designs could shine in MapleStory 2 and if the community thinks its good. Even better, you can sell your items at the cash shop to make premium currency!This is a superb way to diversify player targets in-game, and also lets the creative folks shine and pursue the things that they like to do, and get rewarded for this.

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