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Indian Wedding Cards

Indian wedding cards are always unique and needs to be different. If you are planning a summer wedding then keep these pointers in mind to ensure that you have the best wedding in town. Here are some lovely summer wedding invitation ideas that you can incorporate in your wedding to make it grand and splendid.  There are companies like Indian Wedding cards that is owned by NiteshKheria , who specialize in making out of the box wedding invites. They are pioneers in this field and have an experienced team who are known to translate dreams into reality.

Here are some amazing ideas for a summer theme wedding invite

1)      Keep the Color pallete soft: Summers are hot and humid all over India. So , if you are planning to hold a summer wedding , then ensure that you opt for a wedding invite in light color scheme. Go for pastel shades over the bright and usual wedding colors like maroon, red and blue. Think of a pastel color scheme like peach, lavender, and lemon and so on. In recent days, the wedding invite for Virat and Anushka had a floral theme on it in pastel shades that you can take inspiration from.

2)      Choose the Material with care: When you are looking for a wedding invite for a summer wedding it makes sense to choose the material with care. Stay away from the usual heavy materials like velvet, satin and hard cardboard. Instead you can think of options like embossed, cut work inspired, handmade paper and so on. The idea is to go for light material that is ideal for the summer months. Also, ensure that the material goes with the color scheme that has been decided by you.

3)      Go for floral theme : If you are planning a summer wedding then decide the theme with care. The best theme to opt during this time is a floral or beach theme. Try and keep a theme that can be done indoors so that the guests and the bride and groom can stay in air condition. The wedding invite needs to be an extension of the theme chosen by you. Like, if you are going for a floral theme then take inspiration from French color schemes and paintings and have flowers embossed or printed on the card. Similarly, if you are planning to opt for a beach wedding then ensure that the wedding card gives away the same vibe as being on a beach.

4)      Keep the packing simple: Indian wedding cards are known to be grand and exquisite. The card is known to accompany a gift and the whole package needs to be done up in a unique way. Now, just because you are having a summer wedding does not mean that you deprive yourself from same. Rather, you can simply just opt for a simple packaging so that the wedding invite is light and simple but yet striking. You can actually opt for Japanese technique’s to get the desired effect.

Kanika Kheria

For an NRI who resides overseas organizing a wedding can seem like a lot of hassle. Whether the marriage is happening overseas or in India, it is a cumbersome exercise for them. They do not know from where they can arrange the stuff and also whether it will be of quality or not. Irrespective of where the marriage is being held the first thing that one needs to arrange for a wedding is the wedding invite. Now, imagine staying in USA and trying to coordinate with a local vendor in India for the ideal wedding card. This is where Seven Colours Card comes handy.

Seven Colours Card is a Jaipur based wedding invitation designer, manufacturer and supplier that are known to have a strong online presence so that people can interact with them through their website. The team behind this online wedding invitation provider understands the requirement of the client and accordingly design customized cards as per their briefing and requirement.

Here are the reasons why Seven Colours Card is the most suitable for NRI’s

·         They offer sample cards: When one is away from the homeland one of the biggest concerns is the quality of the product that they order online. The team behind this online wedding invitation company understands this fact very well and actually has a special sample package where customers can actually order a sample card to check on the quality of design and material in case they are wary.

·         Simple payment Option: The second biggest worry for Nonresidents is how to pay for the product brought. This company accepts credit card payment for the orders placed and has a secured gateway to ensure that the payment goes through smoothly.

·         Wording Samples: Not only does the team help in designing the dream wedding card but they also assist with the wording samples. They have various templates listed online covering majority of the important occasions like- Pre wedding party, wedding invitation wording, Anand Karaj Invitation, Mayian Invitation and so on. These templates help those overseas to draft the perfect wording for their invite.

·         Special Rush Ordering: The abled team behind this online invitation store understands that at times the customers need quick delivery due to dearth of time. They go an extra mile and offer Rush ordering. This way the customers can actually customize cards and get them delivered at a faster pace.

·         Overseas Delivery: The online invitation company works really hard to ensure that the wedding goes on perfectly. To ensure that, they have an option to deliver cards overseas also. They deliver to overseas places . Only reputed companies like Fed EX and DHL are used to deliver the packets to ensure timely delivery. Also, there is a tracking mechanism that allows the customers to track their package while in transit.

These are a few of the reasons why the Seven Colours Card is the perfect online portal for Non Resident customers to buy wedding invites from.



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