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Adam Feathers

So, our goal is not to play with our body weight all the time. It is not necessary to gain kilos and then follow an exhaustive diet to lose them. We are aiming at the prevention of all this. We are aiming at fighting our need for snacking ….before even comes!



How I could fight the need for snacking …..before even comes?

According to Lisa Eberly, MPH, RD, a nutrition specialist, the prevention may be achieved only when the person is aware of what it eats!


But what really means a “food consciousness?”

How we obtain a deep awareness of what we eat?

Btw, best pre workout supplements seem to play a key role on this!


Initially, what we have to understand is that, food should not be something that makes us feel guilty, but a process we enjoy, a care to ourselves towards our body and spirit! Food is not something forbidden or sinful, but a need of all living beings which could be very enjoyable and beneficial…..when it is done by the right way!

Adam Feathers Apr 4 '22 · Tags: weight, workout, hunger

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