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When we use images and need to modify them, the best program that comes to mind to make any modification is « Photoshop «. However, for many people, it is cumbersome to work with it because it seems very complicated and they think that it is only for design professionals. However, although with the program you can do professional quality work, you can learn to use it easily, without being a Designer. 

In this article, you will learn how to crop and resize an image clipping servicein Photoshop taking into account that, in order to easily edit images, you must learn to use the tools offered by this application.

A very useful tool that you should know well because with it you will solve many editing problems is the «cut». Learn how to crop an image with the basic options of the Photoshop program, scale, and resize images according to their content. First, we will show you how to cut an image with the basic options of the program, then how to change its dimension. In this way, you avoid that the image has white edges or is disproportionate. 

How to crop an image using basic Photoshop options?

To crop an image in Photoshop you must open the program, open the image you want to edit, and locate the « Crop « tool. By doing so you can select the area you want to remove from the image so that you only see what you want. You can also do it with the "C" key in English (cut) and cut, you choose how you prefer to access the tool.


Then, up in the toolbar, you will see a box where you can change the original ratio, for example, square in a 1: 1 ratio; or 4: 5. You can also remove the pixels that are on the edges manually by holding down the edge of the crop and moving the cursor as you like.

Always remember that at the end of the cut you must save the changes you have made to the image.

How to crop and scale an image according to its content?

The option of cropping and scaling an image based on its content is particularly useful when you want to rotate an image but don't want white borders to remain.


To do this, select the "Crop" option and then in the toolbar choose "Ratio" and tick the "According to content" option, then select the image and pressing the cursor will rotate the image to your satisfaction.

You will see that there are white edges from the position of the original image but do not worry, it will automatically be trimmed to be perfect. On the other hand, you can change the proportion of an image according to its content and at the same time avoid white borders when you add pixels to the image.

It is the same as the steps outlined above, but instead of rotating an image, we will scale the image beyond the original size.

How to crop two images to the same size?

To crop two images to the same size you must open the two images on the desktop next to each other and place the same percentage of view on both. Then you select the "Crop" option and from the drop-down menu select " Dimensions ", then when you click on the second image, the same size as the main image will be selected.

If you want you can move the image as you wish to place it in the position you are looking for and when you have what you expect to cut out and click on accept and ready. Both will have the same size and the same shape, so you have resized the image.

You have already learned how to crop and resize an image in Photoshop in a very simple and graphic way. You only have to practice modifying images so that you gain agility and you can take more advanced steps in handling "Photoshop".

Our blog helps you in this direction by offering you a wide range of interesting topics, including how to edit an image on an android and many more.

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