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Industrial air conditioners play a crucial role in maintaining the overall temperature of the interiors. They are especially valuable for agricultural, warehousing, production units, and dairy facilities. It is so because any malfunction in an industrial air conditioner situated at these places, even for limited hours, can result in a significant loss. It is why one needs to closely consider the features of industrial air conditionerbefore investing in them. Before getting one, buyers should analyse their types, installation procedure, and power consumption. 

Here is all you need to know about industrial air conditioners.

Type of industrial air conditioner

Before getting an air conditioning unit, you should consider the type of industrial AC that will be suitable for your facility. Here are some popular choices-

  • VRV and VRFsystems can efficiently cool down large spaces like retail spaces, shops, hotels, or offices. They rely on the same technology and are designed to install up to 64 units under the same multi-zone air conditioner. The primary advantage of using this system is that it can simultaneously heat and cool rooms and comes with zone-wise cooling technology.

  • Thechiller fan coil system does not use any coolant and instead uses water and antifreeze to maintain the room temperature. The system is ideal for facilities that have unlimited space between the chiller and fan coil.

  • Mainly installed in pharmaceutical units and research labs, the precision air conditioningsystems are ideal for spaces where a specific temperature needs to be maintained. These AC units also help in keeping humidity under control.

  • Central/roof conditionersare multi-functional systems that act as ventilators, humidifiers, and air purifiers. They help in maintaining the ambient temperature at the workplace. The systems process air at one central location and distribute cool air through ducts.

Power Consumption

Before getting an air conditioning unit for your business, you need to consider the power consumption. It is so because an industrial AC directly influences your overall costs. While the VRF systems are known to consume less power, roof air conditioning units significantly increase your electricity bills. You can also consider investing in equipment like chillers or separate fan coil units to reduce power consumption.

Installation Process

When considering different types of industrial air conditioning units, you should also pay attention to the installation process of each. Some ACs, like the rooftop systems, are available at low costs, but their complicated installation process can leave you with hefty bills. Thus, it would help to consider which air conditioning unit will be easy to install before investing in one.

Industrial air conditioning units are essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of certain businesses.

And, before investing in one, you should consider certain factors and get one that bests serve your purpose.

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