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Well, Instagram is all about photographs, and it could be really handy for an individual to know some basic features that Instagram provides its users to ensure the protection of their personal information.


Whenever someone tags you in their photos, Instagram automatically posts that picture on your account under Photos of you section, which could be viewed by any individual on Instagram as the default settings are set to public.

Although it is not possible to stop your mates from tagging you in their pictures, still Instagram does provide some essential features to administer such photos and allows an individual to choose if they want their tagged photos to be public or not.  Users can refer to the steps mentioned below to customize their privacy settings and manage who can view their photos and who cannot.

Photos Of You

  • To customize your Photos of you settings, users will have to launch their Instagram app and head to their profile.
  • Now select the “Photos of you” option from the extreme right of your profile page which would display all the pictures that your friends have tagged you in.
  • Your tagged images will initially load in a grid style, but a user can simply select the desired picture to bring it to a standard size to view who has tagged them in the picture alongside the comments and likes.
  • Users can press the three line option adjacent to the picture to choose from a number of options like remove the tag, delete the photo from the account, share to and much more.

One could easily use this feature to customize their tagged pictures by using the Photos of you feature. If an individual wants to hide the photo, they are tagged in; then they can refer to the steps mentioned below.

  • Select the “Photos of you” feature from your Instagram profile page.
  • Now choose the desired picture from your tagged photos that you want to hide from your profile for public viewing by tapping on it.
  • Now select the “Menu” from your smart device.
  • And then press the “Photo Option” which would redirect you to a new menu.
  • Now Android users are required to choose the “Remove Tag” option to hide the photo from their profile. iPhone users will have to choose “Remove Me from Photo” to remove the tagged picture from their Photos of you page.

Hide from my profile

Users can also simply hide the tagged photo from their Instagram account by choosing “Hide from my profile” to only remove the picture from their account while keeping their name tagged with the photo.

Android users can also remove the picture from their profile instead of deleting the photo and tag from there profile by merely toggling on the “Keep in Photo of You” button. By following the steps mentioned above, Instagram users can easily customize their tagged photos and make their Instagram profile much more presentable.

Source :- http://www-office.uk/how-to-use-photos-of-you-on-instagram/

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Not that long ago, Instagram Live was released as an update to the Instagram Stories feature. It is amongst the top features of the application. Since Instagram wanted to increase its user base, they rolled out a new functionality termed as Guest Broadcasting.

This function allows users to send an invitation to a second user for joining on Live using the split screen. Guest Broadcasting is a leading solution to IG users to expand their Instagram Live items. This new feature along with the screen splitting is the most attractive to the young people. Irrespective of why you wish to go Live with tour peers, the feature is completely free and the method of broadcasting is pretty easy.

Notable Characteristics Of Guest Broadcasting
With the help of guest broadcast, one can send an invitation to anyone who is viewing the Live IG Video. It can only be done when the user is on Live along with the second individual.

1.If one wishes to join more than one individual, then you can ditch the present user and substitute their position with another user who wishes to share Live with them.
2.The user who shared the screen initially has the capacity of adding and removing the participants as and when he/she desires.
3.Joining any individuals from across the world is extremely easy. However, the joinee must be viewing live.
4.If the user is doing a live broadcast, then they can make use of filters and add responses to the comments made on the story.
5.This instant reply option allows the participants and viewers to interact quickly and naturally.
6.The notifications and alerts that are received on Instagram get labelled and shown to the guests.
7.With the help of this feature, one can promote their accounts or products on Instagram.
8.When someone does guest broadcast, it is shown on the profile feeds of both the parties.

Stepwise Guide for Using Instagram Live with Split-Screen
1.Visit the Play Store.
2.Make sure that the Instagram application is updated.
3.Launch the updated app.
4.Log in using the IG credentials.
5.Navigate to the Live section.
6.Hit the New button present at the lower right-hand edge of the app.
7.Now, the list of all the users viewing the Live video shall appear on the screen.
8.Merely press the Add button for adding a user or for inviting anybody who is presently viewing the Live video.
9.When the second person has been added, the screen will get divided into two parts,
10.The Cam feed will appear the same.
11.Either party of the Live video can exit whenever they wish.
12.The user can remove the other streamer whenever they wish.
13.Other users can watch and add comments to the live stream.
14.Once the stream gets over, it can be played again and added to the IG Stories.


This Instagram feature is extremely useful for influencers and marketers. Or else, if you are out on vacation or exploring an adventurous place, then you can go Live and ask your friends to join you. It is an engaging way that lets you go Live in split screen with your friends.

Source url :- https://offiice-setup.download/how-to-use-instagram-live-with-split-screen/

Karen Minton is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Karen has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup


Giphy is a well-known database of quirky animated stickers and GIFs. With its acquisition of Tapslash, new additions to Giphy were being expected. Keeping to the trend, quite recently, Giphy announced a new update for the app running on the iOS platform. The keyboard will now be widely available to any application that is compatible with multimedia. This means that the much-loved keyboard can finally feature on Mail, Messages, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and even more!

Giphy’s Latest Update has iPhone X Users Excited!


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