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Photoshop actions enable users to program Photoshop to conduct tasks for them automatically. This shortens the time taking for editing, especially when the users have to edit a number of images. Let’s check out the process of setting up and using Photoshop actions.

 By Generating your Action

1. Create an activity to preserve the time for the future. You can do so by launching an image on which you have to do some tasks such as apply masks, forms, etc.

2. Work on the copy of a picture to keep it safe from being overwritten.

· Select the “File” button and then select ” Save As.”

· Place a checkmark next to “As a Copy” tab.

· Now tap on the “Save” button.

3. See the Activity board. In case you are unable to view the panel that says “Actions,” then tap on the F9 /Windows or Options+F9 to open it.

· You may drag the Action panel bar at the bottom corner of the window to resize it.

4. Then tap on the square-shaped icon. This icon, named as “Create New Action,” shows on the Actions board following the Recycle Bin icon (Trash). After performing this action, a pop-up window will appear. Alternatively, you may select the “New Action” option located at the upper-right edge of your Action panel under the menu button.

5. Now pick a name for the new act by typing under the “Name” bar. Choose a simple name that you can remember. For example, if you have to select a name for an activity like to shrink a picture, and it gets converted into grayscale. Then you can choose a name like “Shrink and Grayscale.”

6. Assign a function key or composition of various keys to perform the Action the desired key you have assigned like F4, Ctrl+F3, etc. You can also use the Action board. Pick up a key or its combination from pull-down button.

7. Tap on “Record” button to start recording. Once you hit on this option, remember that you are in “recording” mode.

8. Now perform the Action that you wish to repeat.

· Go to the Image menu and then choose “Image Size.”

· Withdraw the checkmark sign from the tab labeled as “Constrain proportions.”

· If the option following the “Width” and “Height” is not set to “pixels.” Then set it to “Pixels.”

· Then enter “300” in the “Width” box.

· Now enter “300” in the “Height” box.

· Enter “72” in the box indicated “Resolution.”

· Make sure that the “Pixels/Inch” is enabled next to “Resolution.”

· Now tap on the “OK” button.

9. Click on the Stop button if you have finished recording. In case if you have any doubt that you have recorded any activity wrongly, then press the right mouse button on the name of the Action and again select the ‘Record’ button. If you wish to make more recordings, tap on the red “Record” button to complete the function.

10. Now verify your actions under the “Action Panel.” Tap on the arrow button next to the new Action to see all the steps. You can change any of your actions by double-clicking on the steps to opening its related panel. You may delete any action or rearrange the Action by dragging the panel and delete it. Tap on the Trash icon.


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