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Billy Mark

Respawn recently introduced Apex Legend, a new free to play battle royale style game which performed unexpectedly well as more than 2.5 million players have accessed this title since its launch.

Apex Legends proved to be a very indulging game and provided fans of battle royale games to experience new dynamics for this genre.

Apex Legends -billymark007Source :

This newly introduced title received a lot of attention and love from the community and streamers as it stood on the top of Twitch with more viewership as compared to other battle royale titles like PUBG or Fortnite.

It was more interesting to see a tweet posted by the creator of PUBG Brendan Greene, as everyone was expecting to see a backlash from him.

But instead, he congratulated the developers of Respawn and appreciated them by stating Really Great Job for the developers of Apex Legends.

It didn’t take long for Respawn to revert the compliments to the PUBG creator, as they thanked Green by posting a tweet and proclaimed that Apex stands on the shoulders of such giants, and indeed PUBG has shown the world a true path for battle royale style genre.

It was quite pleasing to see two competitors to acknowledge each other with kindness and uplifting the sporting spirit instead of indulging in fights over petty issues.

Greene even included a heart emoji suggesting he is not cringing or unpleased with the outstanding success of their competitors. Instead, he depicted that they are more dedicated to uplift battle royale style genre and provide the community with much more entertainment and fun.

In the past, things were not much pleasing as PUBG threatened the Epic Games to sue them for using similar concept art and in-game mechanics for their Fortnite title.

Rather players and community members were expecting similar reactions from the Tencent Gaming for the Apex Legends, but it was quite a relief by seeing a complimentary post from PUBG and not any hate posts.

Currently, a very high degree of competition is rising amongst the developers, and PUBG is suffering a bit to sustain against the horde of similar game types.

Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are turning out to be great alternatives for the PUBG, and it is astounding to see PUBG be comfortable with such ongoing scenarios.

Experts suggest that players are now having multiple options for the battle royale genre and it is a smart choice made by PUBG not to demote their goodwill amongst the fans.

Instead, they seem to be confident in their development team, and Tencent is quite sure of sustaining amongst the new competitors with their original content, and now they are setting trends that other titles are following.

Billy Mark is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
Billy Mark

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Billy Mark

Apex Legends has to turn out to be a massive success amongst the battle royale style games and certainly is gaining traction amongst the fans of this genre.

Apex Legends: Respawn May Include Solo and Duo ModesSource :

The new kid in the town has undoubtedly made its place amongst the well-known battle royale giants like Fortnite and PUBG. PUBG creator even took a step further and congratulated Respawn for developing such a dynamic game.

The real success of Apex Legends can be observed by reviewing the number of players, who accessed this title since its launch. Apex Legends launch was just a week ago, and it managed to include 10 million players within a week.

Although the Apex Legends managed to be popular amongst the fans and communities and has proven to be a successful battle royale title; still many have criticized Respawn as the game only allows a squad of three to play.

Many players have stated that they want to experience the title in other modes as well like Solo and Duos, which every other battle royale game provides. It is entirely possible that the Apex Legends would also feature both Solo and Duo mode for gamers to enjoy in the near future.

Data miners have managed to trace some resource files in the game, which indicates that Respawn is in full swing to include new games modes for fans to enjoy.

This resource file suggests that the game would soon feature a Solo mode and squad for two, which would provide different options for the gamers to experience the game as per the needs of the players.

Currently, many players do not feel comfortable in teaming up with complete strangers and relying on others to survive in combats.

Still, Respawn has not yet confirmed or provided any official details to this, but it is quite likely that they would include this feature as soon as possible, as the response for the game is quite overwhelming, and Respawn would not want to risk its reputation.

Although Apex Legends provides straightforward communication options like notifying teammates for any enemies, items, and location with just a press of a single button, which makes it very convenient to communicate with your squad mates.

Still adding new modes in the game would provide more options for gamers and undoubtedly improve on the in-game experience.

In addition to Solo and Duo modes, it is also expected that Respawn may include some other modes to the game as well. Like the Ranked Mode, but no such confirmation is provided yet, and all of it can be rather speculations. But it is quite sure that developers at Respawn are working on new content and game mode to include to the title in the future.

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Mcafee products at

Billy Mark

Apex Legends is an immerging free to play battle royale style online shooter game, which earns money through microtransactions made by players.

Apex Legends - How to Obtain Wraith KnifeSource :

Also, Apex Legends has a loot box system which prevents players from accessing a few items until they find them in the box. Although it is said to be controversial tactics to obtain money from players still many other titles like Fortnite and PUBG also follow these means to earn money.

Apex Legends provide gamers with a decent amount of loot boxes. Still, many fans feel disheartened as these boxes are the only means to receive the most popular weapon in the game.

Wraith’s Heirloom Knife can only be unlocked by opening up Loot Boxes. This weapon of choice is also named Kunai, and it is not available in the game until you unlock it by opening up the Loot Box.

Although Respawn has also included the feature of crafting items by using the crafting metals, unfortunately, the knife cannot be forged and the only option to unlock this weapon is by opening up Loot Boxes.

Players can receive Loot Boxes by leveling up the tire or by purchasing the Loot Box from the store. To acquire Loot Box players have to spend the Apex Legends in-game currency through microtransactions.

It is uncertain how many Loot Boxes would be required to unlock the Wraith Knife, as the resources in the box are entirely random and instead the luck factor is needed to unlock the weapon in few tries.

A rough estimate suggests that gamers would require to open about 500 Loot Boxes in order to unlock the weapon, but it is your luck factor that comes into action, you may possibly receive it in your first few tries.

Currently, Wraith is the only avatar in the title who has new cosmetic to himself, as Wraith is a single character who can bestow the Heirloom Knife. Still, it is expected that eventually, other avatars would also receive their unique items to carry alongside in the match.

Apex Legends has successfully crossed the 25 million player mark and this confirms that the title is well known worldwide and gamers are eventually getting indulged in the game.

Surely Respawn won’t let this golden egg slip through its hands, and would make a solid effort in including new content for players to enjoy and stick with the title. Let’s see what future plans the developers at Respawn have to improve on the in-game experience for players.

Billy Mark is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Billy Mark

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Internet Gratis

Apa Itu Internet ? I have fully discussed the essence of how messages are sent via the Internet, but so far these messages have been completely raw and meaningless. Before meaningful communication can occur, we need to layer it on another protocol (remember that IP and TCP protocols are layered in our physical network). Apa Itu Internet, There are many protocols that function on communications that have been made, including:

-HTTP - for web pages, usually read in web browser software

-POP3 - to read e-mail in e-mail software, with it stored on the user's own computer

-IMAP4 - to read e-mail in e-mail software, with it archived on the recipient's server

-SMTP - to send e-mail from e-mail software

-FTP - to upload and download files (sometimes through a web browser, even though using special FTP software is better)

-ICMP - for 'ping', among others ('ping' is the Internet which is equivalent to shouting 'are you there')

-MSN Messenger - this is just one example of many protocols that are not truly standard and joint conventions, but which are designed by single software manufacturers entirely for their own software needs I will not discuss the details of this protocol because it is not really relevant unless you really need to know it.

Information transferred through protocols is usually a request for something, or a response to something requested. For example, with Apa Itu Internet, the client computer requests certain web pages from the server via HTTP and then the web server, basically, responds with files embedded in HTTP.

Each of these protocols operates on more or more so-called 'ports', and this 'port' allows the computer to know which protocol to use. For example, a web server (special computer software running on a server computer that serves web pages) uses the '80' port number, and therefore when the server receives a message on that port, it sends it to web server software that naturally knows that they will be written in Apa Itu Internet.

For the client computer it is simpler - it knows that the response to the message sent will be in the same protocol that was originally used. When messages are sent back and forth, server computers and client computers usually arrange what are called 'streams' (marked conversations) between them.

The World Wide Web

I have explained how the Internet works, but not how the 'World Wide Web' (Apa Itu Internet) works. The web is a publishing system that most people don't realize can be distinguished from the Internet itself.

The internet uses IP addresses (often found through domain names) to identify resources, but the web must have something more sophisticated because it would be ridiculous if every page on the Internet must have a 'domain name' itself. The web uses 'URLs' (uniform resource seekers), and I'm sure you know about this because they are currently printed everywhere in the real world (Apa Itu Internet).

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