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Some users are reporting that the Move to iOS  app is not working properly on their device. There can be multiple reasons for this issue. In this article, you will get many different methods to fix Move to iOS not working error.

ios not working

Here’s How to Fix Move to iOS Not Working

•    Disable Connection  Optimizer

1.    You need to swipe the notification bar in the downward direction.

2.    Press on the gears symbol to go to the Settings tab.

3.    Press on the Connections option after opening the settings tab.

4.    Press on the WiFi option.

5.    Choose the three dot symbol.

6.    It is located at the upper right-hand corner of the display.

7.    Choose the Advanced option.

8.    Unselect the Switch to mobile data option.

9.    Start the Move to iOS app again.

10.    You need to do this once again.

11.    You need to check if you have fixed the Move to iOS not working issue.

•    Work Around Android 9.0

1.    Swipe the notification bar on the downward direction.

2.    Press on the gears symbol.

3.    It will open the Settings tab.

4.    After going to the Settings tab, press on the About Phone option.

5.    In a new window, choose the Software Information option.

6.    Now, you will get the latest version of the Android device.

Now, follow the steps mentioned below to send your details from the Android 9.0 to the iPhone through any other Android phone, which is less than 9.0:

1.    Go to the Play Store.

2.    Find the SMS backup.

3.    Choose an app.

4.    Start installing the application on the device.

5.    Once you have installed the app,  start backing up messages on an app.

Now, you have successfully backed up all the messages, and you need to start backing up the images and also the videos into Google Drive.

•    Ensure that Google Drive is already installed in the device, which is 9.0.

•    Sign in to the account by entering the email ID and password.

•    Go to the Gallery.

•    Click on the Album which you wish to send.

•    Launch the album.

•    Press on the three dot symbol.

•    It is located at the upper right-hand corner of the display.

•    Press on the three dot symbol.

•    It is located at the upper right-hand corner of the display.

•    Press on it and after that, choose the Share option.

•    Choose the Google Drive option.

•    Start uploading the images or videos.

After uploading the images or videos and text, you need to try to upload all the contacts to the Google Account. Go to the Android settings tab, and you need to backup all the contacts first. Here’s how:

•    Click on the Settings tab.

•    Press on the Cloud and Accounts option.

•    Once you have opened it, press on the Account option.

•    Now, you will get the menu list of all the accounts which are registered to the Android phone.

•    Choose Google Account.

•    Press on the Sync account option by going to a new window.

•    Go through all the options.

•    This option includes Calendar, Contacts, and many others.

•    Once you have turned on the options, wait until the syncing process gets complete.

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