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Not everybody is satisfied with the Phone’s default text size. For some, the text may be too big, and others may find it too small to be legible. Whatever the case may be, Apple allows iPhone users to increase or decrease the size of fonts. Moreover, users can also bold or unbold the iOS font. Follow the process given in this blog and learn how to change the font size on your iPhone.

Before you begin with enlarging and bolding text, you need to get a clear understanding of how it works. By going to the Settings app on your iPhone, you can increase or minimize the font size and bold or un-bold them.

Steps for adjusting font size and enabling/disabling bold text on iPhone
1.Launch the Settings app on your phone by tapping on the gear icon located on the home screen.
2.Wait for the app to launch.
3.After scrolling down a bit, you will find an option called Display and Brightness.
4.Tap on Display and Brightness.
5.Now, you will be directed to the display settings page.
6.Tap on the option called Text Size.
7.In the following screen, you will see a slider.
8.By dragging the slider to the right side, you can enlarge the text size. The further away you slide, the larger will the font be.
9.By dragging the slider to the left side, you can reduce the font size. The farther left you slide, the smaller the text becomes.
10.After adjusting the font size, you need to return to the previous screen. To do so, hit the Back button located at the upper left-hand corner.
11.When you tap on the Back button, all the changes get saved automatically, and the font size set by you gets applied to your iPhone instantly.
12.After returning to the previous screen, tap on the slider next to Bold Text to enable or disable it.
13.Toggle the slider to On position and hit the Continue button when the prompt comes.
14.Now, your iPhone will restart.
15.When the iPhone restarts, all the text will be bold.

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