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Mark Johnson

When you add the gmail account on the iphone successfully. It will start syncing the data successfully. So you don’t have to log into the gmail webmail to check the new emails.

However, Sometimes Iphone can’t connect to the Gmail server because of the technical glitches. Due to which, Users can’t receive the emails on the phone or computer. Some of them are listed below.

1.    The password is incorrect.

2.    Internet connection is down.

3.    IMAP/ Pop3 server settings are incorrect.

4.    Gmail application on the Phone.

If you don’t know how to fix the Gmail not receiving emails on iphone. Here are the guide for you. You can apply it on your device.

How to fix the Gmail not receiving emails problem on the iphone ?

Check the internet-

First of all, you need to check the internet on the iphone. Make sure that it is connected to the internet. So you need to check the mobile data. Make sure that the mobile data is active. Also, you need to check the Wireless settings. so you need to disconnect the phone from wifi and then reconnect it.

Apart from this, you also need to check the Airplane mode. In case, if DND services is on. You need to deactivate that.

Update the Password-

If you have changed the password on the Gmail account but didn’t update it on the iphone. Your phone will no longer be able to fetch the data from the gmail. In that a case, you need to update the password. After that your email will start working fine.

Check the imap & smtp servers-

When Gmail is not working on the phone or computer. you need to go to the advanced settings. most probably, IMAP or SMTP settings are incorrect. That’s why it won’t fetch the data. So you need to update the imap account.

Reconfigure the account-

If you have updated the Gmail account information but it is still not receiving emails on the iphone. You need to delete the current account and then re-add the mail account on your phone. it will start working fine. For more details, you need to visit: why am I not receiving emails on Gmail?  

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The advantage of buying a used iPhone is that it is cheap and cost-effective. For shy consumers and users who like to use iPhone, it is indeed a good choice. But the higher the profit, the greater the risk you take; low carbon and environmental protection. second hand iphoneThe recycling of mobile phones contributes to low-carbon life.

The disadvantages of choosing a used iPhone are also obvious. The phone body is defective. Everyone knows, after all, someone has used it. For example, if a hand slips off the ground without a protective case, it's easy to leave minor scratches on the screen and body. mark;

Another problem is that the battery may not last. If you're buying an older model and the phone has been around for a long time, it's often possible that the battery on a used phone isn't as durable.

On the one hand, the screen may burn in. The screen will burn in due to physical degradation. Mainly manifested as yellow, streaks or inconsistent color brightness between the bezel and the center display.


The routine of second-hand iPhone bad-hearted merchants

Considerations when buying a used iPhone

What to look out for when buying a used iPhone?    

tahlian Mar 17 '22 · Tags: iphone
Maya Parts

The iPhone 8 series is as powerful as the iPhone X, but it retains the familiar Apple iPhone design with a home button. The iPhone 8 series also saw glass inserted in the back for wireless charging.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will probably be the last iPhones we see with the Home button and Touch ID instead of Face ID.

Last year, we saw the iPhone 8 slot occupied by the iPhone XR, which is the natural successor to the iPhone 8. Now, the iPhone 11 has been released to be ranked above the XR and iPhone 8.

And because these new phones are already out there, that means the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are now available at great prices and still have almost flagship specifications.

iPhone 8 Plus design

Front and rear glass

New gold color option

158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm; 202 g

The iPhone 8 series has a modified chassis from what was popular with the iPhone 6 and 7, but the devices look very similar. There is now glass on the front and back instead of the metal that Apple has used since the iPhone 5, as well as curved edges on the front and back, separated by a frame. Stroking a finger back and forth is almost perfect, as the phone has Apple's usual high level of craftsmanship.

The gloss of the glass also brings much more shine and luster than what we have seen on the latest metal iPhones.

Before we move onto the next paragraph you need to know about the Maya Parts. Maya Parts is a cellular replacement parts distribution and wholesale operation involved exclusively in B2B sales and services. Visit them on mayacellularparts.comto know more about them and what are they offering.

New screen and better speakers

Real screen from iPad

5.5 inch LCD, 1920 x 1080 resolution (401 ppi)

Better stereo speakers

The design has not changed much, nor has the screen. Except for one important thing: it's now True Tone.

True Tone is the same colorful, HDR-compatible technology found in iPads. Yes, iPhone 8 can e.g. Feature content with high dynamic range from Netflix.

This means a wider color palette and brighter whites for a more immersive visual experience, though the iPhone 8 is not as bright as other phones on the market.

The iPhone 8 Plus also has better speakers than its predecessors. These stereo speakers are designed to take the same approach as the iPad speakers, and they are slightly higher and lower. Not for a large amount, but it's a bonus.

Powerful innards

Bionic processor A11

Same core / graphics as iPhone X

64/256 GB storage options

Inside the iPhone 8 Plus is the A11 Bionic processor. This has a 6-core design, two of which are performance cores, making the phone faster (by about 25%) compared to the A10 Fusion chip found in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. .

In fact, the iPhone 8 Plus has the same hardware as the iPhone X, which means the performance on both devices is the same.

Of course, it is not on par with the A12 Bionic chip from the iPhone XR and XS series or the A13 Bionic from the iPhone 11, but you will find the difference negligible.

In short, this means that the 8 Plus is a fast phone that can handle everything you throw at it.

Wireless charging and battery

Supports open Qi standard wireless charging

Fast charging is supported, but you will need another cable and a USB-C charger

Switching to a glass back is not just about making things beautiful (or watching the phone slide off a seemingly flat sofa). It is also about enabling wireless charging. While it's slower than wired charging, which by the way is much faster for this generation, connecting the iPhone 8 to a charging cradle is a great addition to the series, and it's time too.

The iPhone 8 Plus uses the Qi standard as used by other phone manufacturers and is compatible with many accessory manufacturers.

When not charging wirelessly, it can perform fast charging. Android devices have long praised it over the iPhone for its ability to change battery really fast, and now Apple has caught up, well, if you still buy USB-C for the Lightning cable since you do not have it It's included in the box .

Cameras and new photography modes

Dual 12 megapixel telephoto and wide-angle lenses

New portrait lighting mode

Optical Image Stabilization (Wide Angle Camera Only)

The iPhone 8 Plus differs from the smaller iPhone 8 by having two cameras on the back. Although the sensors and lenses remain the same (sensors f / 1.8 and f / 2.8, respectively), the new model incorporates a new image signal processor.

As with the iPhone 7 Plus, only the wide-angle camera has image stabilization, so it doesn't offer the same performance as the iPhone X, which offers dual optical stabilization for both cameras.

Still, the results are good across the board, especially when you choose the right option in the new portrait lighting mode, which works with portrait mode, which we first saw on the iPhone 7 Plus.


iOS 12 installed by default

Can be upgraded to iOS 13

Although the phone was launched on iOS 11, it has now been updated to iOS 12 and you will be able to update it to the new iOS 13 software soon.

Improvements in iOS 12 include more 3D Touch features, support for stickers and filters on the camera, a touchpad on the keyboard, easier access to login codes from text messages, quick actions, more flexible Animojis , more Do Not Disturb commands, Siri settings such as locating other devices and a new user interface for voice memos.


Although high-end iPhones are now available, the iPhone 8 Plus is still a desirable large-screen device, especially if you want to keep the home button.

It offers a faster experience in an improved case compared to previous Touch ID iPhones. There's also wireless charging, improved cameras, and the True Tone display. All positive traits.

But we can't mention the 8 Plus without mentioning the iPhone XR or 11 series cover. However, the iPhone 8 series is available at much better prices and in terms of performance still delivers. So if you don't care about Face ID, but still want a big screen, Plus is still a great option.

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janet tompson

iPhone applications is the widely used and most trusted platform. It is known for its loyal customers and offers high level user experience to the customers. This is the best way to interact and reach a huge number of users. 

Due to its popularity and highly preferred platform, there is high competition on the App store. For entities, it is not easy to launch the application in the market. They require to hire an iPhone developer, who should be able to meet with the market trends and all your project requirements. 

Here in this blog, we have brought some handy tricks for you to launch your application successfully and every developer should know about them. It will help you to introduce your business based applications easily and without any hassle. Apart from this you can easily get approval from the App store. 

Best  Practices and Tips to launch your iPhone Applications 

1) Performance 

Apple is known for its standard functionalities and among them one is high performance. It is important that iPhone applications should be highly responsive. iPhone apps should meet with the standards and also based on high functionalities. But on the other hand, it is important that it should be well responsive. Applications should offer seamless experience to the users and represent all the processings in an accurate manner. 

2) Testing 

Testing is the major process which developers should not miss before launching the application. The proper testing helps developers to launch the error and bug free solutions. It helps them to launch successful applications. Many times developers used to skip this step but it is the most important step which helps you to launch your application in the market without any glitches. There are different types of testing processes through which you can fix the errors before launching to the users and it reduces the chances of  rejection on the app store. 

3) Coding 

Coding plays an important role in the development process. It is important that developers should be proficient in the latest coding techniques. When it comes to Apple, Swift is the modern and predominant language in the industry as well as popular among the developers. This updated language turns the development process into more easier and faster. Apart from Swift, developers can also opt for the Objective C programming language.

Objective C is the oldest programming language and preferred platform of the developers. It is important that developers should finalise the coding aspects in the prior steps only and also sort the technical challenges. 

In the Apple development process, it is important to know that Swift is the modern and powerful language. Along with this, it is a safe and interactive experience. 

4) Add Functionalities


In an iPhone application it is important to add advanced features. It is the next major step that developers consider and by integrating the right features, it helps to increase the interaction among the users and offer the best experience to them. There are several advanced functionalities that have been introduced in the market to match the trends and other standards. A developer should know about the latest market trend and how to integrate them in the iPhone mobile applications. 

5) Social Media Integration

iPhone applications are constantly increasing its functionalities, experts main focus is to turn the applications into more interactive and engaging. In order to meet with this motive, exports have added social media network integration to the applications. 

This is one of the best marketing strategies to reach the wider audience and build strong relationships with the customers. It offers interactive marketing experience to the users. Adding social media in the development process is considered among one of the best  practises. It helps to grab the huge number of the audiences and can target wider people. 

6) Designing 

Designing plays a vital role in mobile applications. The proper implementation of UI and UX attributes ensures the success of  the applications and can offer engaging experience to the users. Presently, designing is not only confined till the colour and fonts. Now, the easy to use design has changed the definition of the apps. 


iPhone applications are in high demand and also trending in the market. Launching the apps successfully on the App store is a daunting task, as if developers will not follow the particular guidelines then it might be possible that the chances of the rejection from the App store can be increased.

Jon Snow

Everyone has moved on from all kinds of traditional activities, including the use of a PC and a printer to get out the hard copies, pictures, etc. Now, the digital era has overpowered the old and clumsy methods of carrying out all the jobs.

Need to print something from your iPhone or iPad? No worries! Apple’s AirPrint technology is the most convenient option that enables the iPhone and iPad users to print anything wirelessly. Are you surprised? Well, you should be. AirPrint uses the Wi-Fi connection to convey anything that you want to print to the printer, eliminating the need for unnecessary cables.

All you need to do is set up the printer correctly, and you’re ready to experience the fun printing out your favorite pictures.

How to Print Using a Printer From Your iPhone & iPad

How to Print Using an iPhone and iPad?

Before starting the process of setting up a printer, it is essential to make sure that your printer supports AirPrint technology. Thus, you can check the same on Apple’s official site. Also, begin with connecting your printer and your iOS device with the same internet connection to work. Follow the steps mentioned below to set up the printer:

  1. Open an image, document, webpage, etc, on your iPhone or iPad that you want to print.
  2. Tap on the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of the window.
  3. A menu will open. Locate the ‘Print’ option and click on the same.
  4. Another printing menu will appear. Click on the drop-down menu for the ‘Printer’ option to select the printing device you want to use.
  5. All the printing devices connected to the same internet connection will appear in the next window. Tap and select the name of your printer to continue.
  6. A Printer Options menu will open. Select the number of pages you want to print and re-check the page count.
  7. Select the number of copies you want.
  8. Once you’re done setting the info regarding the same, hit the ‘Print’ option on the screen’s top-right corner.

If you set up the printer and follow all the steps correctly, it’ll take no time to print as many hard copies as you want. Pretty easy, right? 

In case your printer does not support the AirPrint technology, you may look for other applications that offer you to print wirelessly. All you need to do is download the third-party apps from the App Store and link it with your printer. Applications like PrintShare and Cloud Printer can work fine in the absence of an AirPrint. Third-party applications are not as convenient as AirPrint, but they can work well if you don’t want a traditional and messy setup consisting of innumerable wire connections.

SOURCE:- How to Print Using a Printer From Your iPhone & iPad

Jon Snow Sep 4 '20 · Tags: ipad, iphone, use printer
Jon Snow

Apple offers HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File) and HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container) formats to its devices for default camera apps to enhance the quality of pictures. HEIF, HEIC, or HEVC are the most efficient formats for iOS consumers.

These new formats enable the user to store more photos and data on their devices as they are storage-friendly because they consume less space than other formats.  The downside is that the images and videos taken in these newer formats are no longer supported by web and older devices. You may be asked to convert the image file to JPEG.  Conclusively, we can say that the HEIC or HEIF formats are not universally supported. For instance, if your friends have Windows PC or an outdated Android device or even earlier edition of Mac, in this case, if you share those HEIF or HEIC pictures, they won’t be able to view it. Here, you need to send them the image in a universal picture format that is JPEG.

How to Save Pictures as JPEG Instead of HEIC On iPhone

Saving Pictures as JPEG format instead of HEIC or HEIF on iPhone

To save iOS pictures as JPEG instead of HEIF or HEIC, follow these straightforward instructions:

  • First of all, you need to tap the gear-shaped icon called “Settings” on your device’s screen.
  • Then, hit the Camera option.
  • After that, press the Formats section and proceed with various tools and features on the screen. You need to modify the iPhone camera format to the option “Most Compatible” from the default one. The settings of “Most Compatible” will save images automatically as JPEG files and videos in the format “H264.”

Converting HEIC to JPEG on your iOS Device

In case you have an image saved in the format of HEIC, and you need to transform it into universally accepted “JPEG,” then it is recommended to follow these below-written methods:

  • Email your images: Apple provided a built-in Mail app to its consumers. It can be used to transform HEIC files to JPEG automatically on sending as email, even if the real size is chosen.
  • Using Photo Editing Apps: iOS users have the choice to edit images and convert to JPEG by using Photo editing applications. You can use “Adobe Lightroom CC” for this task. It supports launching image files in HEIC formats. You may then easily export these image files to JPEG format or any of the compatible file formats.
  • OneDrive Camera Upload: OneDrive helps the users transform HEIC or HEIF files to JPEG prior to uploading it. It works similarly as Dropbox, and one can easily use the features of OneDrive on iPhone.
  • Dropbox Camera Upload: If you have access to the Dropbox utility features to upload iPhone images automatically, you can easily configure to transform every item to JPEG just before uploading. In order to use the Dropbox camera features to convert your image file to JPEG, follow these instructions:
  • Tap the Settings icon to launch.
  • Now, hit the Account section.
  • After that, press the Camera Uploads option and then hit the “Save HEIC Photos As” option. Now, choose the JPG option there.

Converting JPEG Formats Automatically on Transferring Image file to Mac or PC

Follow these straightforward steps to let the device to automatically convert JPEG images while transferring image files to PC or Mac:

  • First and foremost, tap the gear-shaped Settings icon located on your screen.
  • Then, tap the Photos option. You may need to scroll the page.
  • Now, locate the option “Automatic” and tap on the same. The option will be located at the lowermost section of the display just beneath the option “Transfer to Mac or PC.”
  • Finally, reboot the device.


While the HEIF or HEIC picture formats consume less space on systems stored, they are not supported universally. Users face issues in handling these formats. By following the steps mentioned above, you can save images as JPEG on your iPhone.

SOURCE:- How to Save Pictures as JPEG Instead of HEIC On iPhone

Jon Snow Sep 3 '20 · Tags: iphone, jpegimages, heicimages
elina john

A few years back, Apple stated that as the battery health deteriorates, the iPhone’s processor will start slowing down to avoid unwanted shutdowns and other potential issues. 

Soon after, the company introduced a Battery Health feature in its iPhones. This feature was added to make the user aware of how well, or poorly their iPhone battery was performing. This will allow the user to know when it’s time to replace the battery. 

Now, the good news for you all is that the same battery checkup tool is being added to the Apple Watch WatchOS 7 and the MacBook as well.

Keep reading to learn how to check the longevity of your iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBook. 

Inspect Your iPhone’s Battery Status

The process for monitoring your iPhone’s battery status is as simple as it can be. Follow the steps below on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Move down to select Battery.

Step 3: Tap Battery Health, here you will come across a detailed report on your battery’s health percentage, plus the tool will give certain suggestions that you must consider for improving performance. 

If the battery health app determines that your battery has retarded, it will recommend you to get it replaced. The replacement of the battery can cost up to $80. 

Check the Battery Health of Your Apple Watch

To review the status of your battery’s health, you need to have WatchOS 7 installed. Now, since the WatchOS 7 is not yet out for the public, you can either be a part of the public beta program or wait for the official release this fall. 

Step 1: Open the Settings app. 

Step 2: Move down to select Battery.

Step 3: Tap Battery Health.

You will be navigated to a screen; here you will find a percentage indicating a detailed status of your battery and some recommendations on how you can improve your batter’s health.

Check Battery Usage on Your MacBook  

Apple already added a Battery Health feature to its MacOS 10.15.5 that was released in April this year, and its successor, macOS Big Sur, has bought more tools that reveal the apps which are consuming your MacBook. 

For the first time, Mac is allowing you to inspect usage in the past 24 hours or 10 days. Here is how to check.

Step 1: Open System Preferences. You can either click on the Apple logo on the menu bar or in the Applications menu. 

Step 2: Select the Battery option. 

A page will appear with a separate battery section. Here you can see your battery usage in graphs and charts. This will let you know about any app that is running in the background and draining the battery. 

You can get a rough idea of the health of your MacBook’s battery without the Battery Health Checker tool.

Go to System Preferences  > Power Saver  > Battery Health. 

Here, you can see the health status of your Mac’s battery, though this won’t be as detailed as the tool.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for mcafee security products at

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Ari Mondal

You don't need to worry much to urge the newest model from Apple. iPhone 12 goes to be made in India this point. Consistent with a report, Apple's partner Whiston is about to start out production in India by mid-2021. According to the ABP Ananda news.

Although not previously produced directly in India, the corporate has assembled and made several of Apple's previous models. It includes the newest Apple 11, Apple XR, and even Apple's previous version iPhone 6S, iPhone 7. Apple has not officially announced the beginning of creating iPhone 12 in India. Axis sources say that if the iPhone 7 is formed in India, it'll be the seventh model. consistent with some, the assembly are going to be at Whishtron's factory in Karnataka. the corporate plans to form iPhone SE (2020) by the top of this year.

Whiston also has plans to rent 10,000 workers. However, consistent with another source, albeit Karnataka is chosen for production, work on the state-of-the-art model will begin at Narasapura in Kolar district, 60 km from Bangalore.

However, it had been announced earlier this month that Apple was moving its products from China to India. Union Minister Shankar Prasad said Apple's affiliates like Wistron, Foxconn, and Pegatron have an interest in investing in India. In response to the Centre's subsidy scheme, the businesses offered to take a position several lakh crores. iPhone lovers are happy to think that if Apple is formed in India, the newest model of iPhone are going to be available cheaper than before.

Ari Mondal Aug 27 '20 · Comments: 1 · Tags: iphone, iphone 12
Alessia Martine

iOS is quite rigid when it comes to customization choices, but you are free to customize widgets panel. You can use the widgets panel to execute simple tasks and access crucial information quickly. Today we will let you know and tell you about some of the best iPhone Widgets.


Launcher with Multiple Widgets

The Launcher is the most powerful and customizable widget available for the iPhone; it is specially designed for the widget panel. This app provides you with hundreds of features that you can use to assign specific actions such as texting your friends, calling a specific contact, to get the directions, put apps and web pages as you want. It’s a fantastic widget app, and you should try it once.

Calendar and Reminders

Calendar and Reminders, this widget can help you take a look at your upcoming events. This widget also gives you notifications of your upcoming events. It is an amazing widget for you, especially if you are not good at remembering dates.


Apple recently introduced a Shortcuts app that you can use to automate certain tasks such as posting tweets, downloading Instagram videos, creating alarms, and many more things. It allows you to create your customized shortcuts too.


Weather widget can be used to get information about the current weather. It is a fantastic widget panel to get a quick view of the weather conditions in your area. If you are using a weather widget already built-in your device, just tap on it to get more information.

Google Maps

Google Maps gives you access to lots of useful widgets that you can use to check the traffic in your area and how much time will be needed to reach your destination. Despite this, it offers many other widgets that will be very useful for you to explore new places.

Wi-Fi Widget

It is a fantastic widget to check the status of your WiFi connection. It allows you to check the current information about your WiFi network and will enable you to perform some crucial actions such as sharing the WiFi password, speed tests, and many more things.


Shazam identifies the music playing in the background. So if you are traveling and listen to a song playing somewhere but unable to recognize the name or any other details about the song, then you can use Shazam and its widgets. It will help you identify and find the song so that you will never miss any song that you love.


Copied stores the history of your clipboard and never lets you miss the things you copied. You can use this app to copy multiple items, and its widget will not allow overwriting copied items and give you quick access to the recently copied items. It’s very useful to save quick copied notes without pasting them anywhere.

Drafts 5

Drafts 5 provides you with lots of quick widgets such as capturing quickly written notes, recording a voice note, paste something that you copied, etc. And if you take the paid subscription of this app, it will offer you many other fantastic widgets which will help you get your notes quickly and with many more things.


You can use the widgets provided by ESPN to keep track of your favorite sports teams and follow their matches in real-time. It is an excellent app to keep track of your favorite sports teams.


It is one of the best widgets that is available for the iPhone. This can help you track the battery performance and battery life of your iPhone. The best thing about this widget is that it comes pre-installed, so you don’t need to install any third-party application to use this widget.

Chrome Suggested Sites

This widget allows you to access some of your most frequently visited sites quickly. It’s quite refreshing and a straightforward way to access certain websites.

Favorite Contacts

This widget can help you get access to your favorite contacts in a single click, it’s quite a convenient way to reach out to your favorite contacts, and you should be using it.


If health and fitness are the most before use this widget, you will not need a health app to check your fitness goals or growth, it is a quite amazing widget built-in on iOS devices.

Google News

If you like to keep an eye on the things happening around you, then you should be using this widget. It allows you to read stories from various topics such as politics, technology, business, entertainment, sports, and many more. It is available entirely for free and supports many languages. So to keep yourself updated with the news, you should give it a try.

I would recommend you to choose a few of the above-mentioned iOS widgets, so choose the best which fulfills your purpose the most. Thank you!

Alessia Martine is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at



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