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iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the best iPhones launch to date. They sent the iPhones to another level. They introduced 5G, a good design that was not available before, four different models, and also the first wireless charging. Now it will be difficult for Apple to follow up on the success of the iPhone 12. And bring on something better and newer, which is not seen before, and we expect nothing less from Apple.

As far as the rumors go about the new iPhone 13, there will good upgrades that will put the smartphone ahead in the competition to Android or, in some cases, at least catch up to it. So, let’s discuss what’s new from Apple’s newest flagship device based on early rumors and leaks that have come out in few months.

iPhone 13 may get an always-on display of 120Hz

If we ask any iPhone enthusiast what they want to improve from the old iPhone to the new, they will probably say improved display. While their counterpart’s android has reached to 90Hz and 120Hz, they are stuck on 60Hz screen refresh rates. This is quite fast and responsive, but not so comparing it to 90 or 120 Hz.

Apple also didn’t have an always-on display. Also, Apple gave a good explanation on why they didn’t use the high refresh rate because it hurts the battery life. But now, with every smartphone having a high refresh rate, the omission of it becomes more glaring with each passing day.

Huge Notch: Gone

From the rumors, we have heard that the new iPhone 13 will have four different models. Including 6.7-inch Pro Max, 5.4inch iPhone 13 Mini, 6.1-inch Pro version, and the 6.1-inch standard model. They are maybe a little thicker than the other iPhones before due to heavy batteries and also the camera.

Apple is trying to optimize the front part of the smartphone to reduce the traffic on the front portion of the iPhone. The new iPhone will still be having a visible notch ( we don’t think a punch hole or under-display camera is at work here). But one thing is for sure it would clear more area in front of the phone, and it will give the iPhone a modern new look.

Camera upgrades for Everyone:

The iPhone 13 camera upgrades for everyone, unlike the iPhone 12 series. In that series, you were required to buy 12 Pro Max. If you want both advanced civilization as well as the best sensors. However, in the iPhone 13 series, better image quality is a theme that is common for the entire series. If you are a photographer, then obviously. You have to upgrade and buy 13 Pro Max, but for others, the camera is good in every model.

You should wait until 2022 if you are looking for an 8K video recording. And a higher resolution sensor because they are still rare. Apple still isn’t crazy about those, and it is not going to reach iPhone 13 series soon.

More performance across the board:

If there is an iPhone launch taking place, then everyone expects a new chip to launch. So, with the launch of the iPhone 13 series, everyone is expecting a virtual launch of the A 15 chip. This chip is supposed to improve battery life and deliver greater speed. You should note that Apple might not limit its upgrade only to raw computing power. The range of iPhone 13 may use Snapdragon X60 instead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 modem that it uses in the iPhone 12 line.


iPhone 13 will here in no time. Here are some rumors addressed by us and how it will be different from iPhone 12. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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