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Do you want to add music to the iPhone without syncing your default library? Then, you need to access the settings of the program and turn off the automatic sync option. iTunes syncs the iTunes library automatically when you pair the iPhone with the computer. It will take some time to add music to your iPhone in case the size of the music file is large.

Steps to add music to your iPhone with iTunes Store

•    Go to the iTunes Store already installed on your iPhone. Press on the iTunes Store application symbol.

•    Press on the Search button. You will get this button in the lower right-hand side of the display. After clicking on that button. It will open the Search webpage.

•    Press on the text field. You will get it on the upper side of the webpage.

•    Find the music, artist, or album. You have to enter in the title of the music, artist, or album which you wish to start downloading on the device and after that, press on the Search button.

•    Choose a song which you wish to download on the device. Press on the album from which you download a song and choose an artist and after that, press on the album given on the iTunes window.

•    In case you wish to download particular music, then do not follow these steps.

•    You need to press the on the price of the selected song. You will get the list to the right-hand side of the tile of the song.

•    Now, you have to type the Touch ID or Apple ID password on the given field. After entering it, it will buy the selected song and start downloading on the Music application installed on the iPhone.

Steps to add music to your iPhone with Apple Music

•    Go to the Settings application on the iPhone. You need to press on the Settings application symbol, and it resembles a silver box having a gears icon on it.

•    Go down and after that, press on the Music option. You will get this option in the settings window.

•    Press on the white color “Show Apple Music” toggle.  After clicking it, the color turns into the green which means “Show Apple Music” is enabled.

•    Click on the white color “iCloud Music Library” toggle. It will change into green color which means this option is enabled on the iPhone.

•    In case you do not have an account on Apple Music, then you will not get the iCloud Music Library” toggle.

•    Press on the Keep Music option.

•    Go to the Music application on the iPhone.

•    Press on the Search button.

•    Click on the text field.

•    Press on the Apple Music.

•    Find music, artist or album

•    Choose music.

•    Add the selected music to the iPhone library.

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