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Hangzhou Shibaura Henan Jianye (0-4) Amateur team Hangzhou Shibaura face from the super Henan Jianye, after the opening has been suppressed opponents, the Devonta Freeman Youth Jersey opening twenty-second minutes, the free kick opportunity, Jianye by Xiao Zhi the first to break the deadlock, thirtieth minutes, Zhang Lu succeeded to expand the score to 2-0, which is the upper half of the tie. The sixty-second minutes of the Beijing time on July, and on the 15 day of the third round of the FA Cup in the 2014 round of the contest began in 14. This game, BIG4 played all beat their opponents sixteen in advance, Yanbian spring Yangquan and Qingdao manatee is knocked out in the opponent, also won the qualification. Guangzhou Evergrande 1-0 Guangdong sunraycave The destruction of El Eriksson and Diamante with sixty-eighth minutes, then Gao Lin left the area to get the Charles Johnson Authentic Jersey ball back door, in the Chinese super small edge ejection break, which he also scored the first goal since joining Hengda Hengda, with the ball to win 1-0. Tianjin Songjiang 0-2 Guizhou Thirty-eighth minutes Tan Liwei transportation pass, Yang Yihu won the single chance to calm tuishe, and 1-0 lead. Seventieth minutes Misimovi seize the opportunity to break again, the score on the field expanded to 2-0. The game in Guizhou, and will be against Beijing guoan. Shenyang Ze 0-1 Beijing Guoan  Thirty-fifth minutes after Zhao Hejing left the ball, the ball hit the tiger in a rebound, Zhao Cody Latimer Authentic JerseyHejing left Dianshe volley to the point after, Shao Jiayi Sargent jump with opponents, Batara in defence behind the sudden plug header, Guoan 1-0 lead to break the deadlock. Fifty-second minutes before the market was Ze the opportunity to locate the ball, the ball Pei Yuwen Xiezhuan area, Zoran left foot volley after stopping, but before he has a handball foul, was disallowed. The next game, against Guizhou and Beijing guoan. Chongqing Lifan 0-3 Shanghai green
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In accordance with the new technical scoring standards, AFC in February this year, after the FIFA rankings published, the Courtney Upshaw Jersey first year to develop a technical ranking. Which club points will be calculated from 2014. The United Arab Emirates club points to become the biggest winner, the highest in Asia since 2014, 61.933 points in AFC Champions League. According to the "19 open" conversion is also the 90 points. The FIFA ranked 524 points into the national team scored 6.566 points, with a total score of 96.566, ranking first in asia. The original ranking first in Asia and South Korea are relegated to second. China's situation is not optimistic. The club, Hengda in 2013 to win the championship AFC Champions League, during the period from 2014 to 2016 in the high score, but from the beginning of this year, integral this year will not be statistics. In 2014, the super team failed to have outstanding performance, only 9.250 points. Although Hengda championship in 2015 2016 to regain, Luneng and Hong Kong respectively into the quarter finals, so super scored 15.750 points and 14.750 points, the total score of only 40.650 points. Converted into club points is 59.072 points. National team, the Chinese team in FIFA's latest ranking points for 404 points, according to the ratio of the conversion of 10%, it is only a score of 5.063. In this way, the total score of the Chinese team is only 64.135 points. The East Asian region is 65.791 points in Japan,Brandon Marshall Jersey Australia's score of 65.Courtney Upshaw Womens Jersey 521 points. If the club in China subdivision, the integral actually has more than Japan and Australia, however, because the national team's poor performance, especially in the 12 season without winning a single game, largely lower the total score of Chinese. If by the end of this year, the super team in the League to AFC Champions League away, the national team in Andrew Norwell Authentic Jersey the 12 race also failed to contribute (mainly to win), it is difficult to go beyond the integral technology Chinese Australia, Japan and South korea.  Andrew Norwell Womens Jersey So, at the end of the meeting, the 2020 AFC finalized 2019 cycle AFC Champions League League, although still can get 2+2 seats, but in the play offs, third fourth place will lose home court advantage,
yehongkun362330 Mar 15 '17 · Tags: jersey
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yehongkun362330 Mar 15 '17 · Tags: jersey
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