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Difference Between White Gold And Yellow Gold

Buying jewellery is not as easy a task as it may seem to be. It is important for the buyer to be aware of all the nuances pertaining to jewellery. To avoid being deceived by fraudulent sellers, it is important for individuals to know the difference between real jewellery and artificial jewellery. Another confusion with most people is the identification of pure white gold. 

Now, the question arises what is white gold and what is in white gold? 

White gold is the most demanded metal for jewellery. It is an alloy of gold. It is made up of pure gold, mixed with alloy metals that have a silvery-white colour, such as palladium and silver. The most common topics of debate is which is better, white gold or yellow gold. Individuals can make a lot of pros and cons based on their assumptions on both the metal types. But the truth is that both metals have their own worth and look equally beautiful in their own right.

White gold v/s yellow gold:

Gold is something that everyone loves to wear. Gold jewellery looks enchanting and extravagant when worn by women for an occasion or even in daily use. But confusion arises when a woman is asked to choose between white gold and yellow gold. There are a lot of factors that they need to consider before buying either of the two. Many points make white gold metal different from the yellow one.  

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Let us take a quick look at how white gold is different from yellow gold:

  •  Metal mixtures:

This is the most important point of difference that makes white gold and yellow gold different from each other. The percentage of copper is more in yellow gold and the percentage of nickel and zinc is more in white gold. This is the main reason for their different colours. These colours are their identity that makes them distinct from each other.

  •  Purity: 

People now know what is in white gold and yellow gold. They are also aware of the percentage level, but purity is another important factor that people carefully analyze before taking any decision. 

 provides jewellery pieces made of gold and lab grown diamonds that are 100% pure. Both types of coloured goldare quality attested and give immense satisfaction to the customers once bought.

  •  Price:

Coming to white gold v/s yellow gold prices then it is very well known that good things of fine quality can be expensive. The same is in this case. Although prices of both white and yellow gold are the same, it depends on the rhodium plating. However, if you like platinum and are deterred from your purchase because of the price tag, then white gold would be the way to go. 

Both have their own set of advantages. Whether you wish to buy white gold jewellery or yellow gold jewellery we at Classic Grown Diamonds have a splendid collection in both metals which are priced equally.

Which One To Buy?

After analyzing all these factors, the question remains the same: which one to buy? In white gold v/s yellow gold which one is better. It is hard to choose one over the other and is subjective to customer preferences. Both of these metals are beautiful and unique in their own way. The white gold v/s yellow gold prices might differ at times. 

 Yellow Gold jewellery goes well with the traditional outfits while white gold jewellery can tend to look a bit more glamorous. Both the metals are light and easy to handle.

Therefore, it can be concluded that both metals are eccentric and have distinctive qualities that make them the best in every aspect. People can choose either of the two as per their preferences according to their preferences. Classic Grown Diamonds is a one-stop destination where people can shop for delicate white gold diamond jewellery as well as sparkling yellow gold diamond jewellery.

 The prices are set according to the current yellow and white gold price in India. Various designs are available with special various offers that are worthy enough to be checked out once.

Important Factors to Be Considered While Shopping for Jewellery:

Nowadays, with the increasing cases of fraud and cheating, people must be aware of all the important facts about jewellery before purchasing for themselves. Although there are strict rules and regulations for people who are involved in illegal activities 

it is always better to be well informed and have sufficient information on basics like white gold prices in India, purity of gold, etc. Other than these basic things there are many other points that need to be remembered by the people before buying. 

Some of these points are as follows:

  • Understand Your Needs:

Never hit the jewellery market without understanding what you need. The jewellery market is huge with diverse options, so buyers get confused easily. Hence, buyers need to review the items ranging from their size to design, colour and even more. Knowing what you need from the jewellery protects you against the risk of impulsive buying. 

  • Have A Budget:

Whenever you buy gold jewellery, you: need to have a fixed budget so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on your finances. It is always suggested to have a realistic budget than assumptions. You should avoid the risk of hopping into impulsive buying that will drive out your finances. 

  • Compare:

Never proceed to buy jewellery online without comparing. Classic Grown Diamonds promises to bring about the best lab-grown diamond jewellery pieces at the best prices. Moreover, the store is updated with the latest trends. Once you know what you need, make sure to compare across the various stores for the best quality at the most affordable rate. 

These were some of the important points that need to be considered by people when they are shopping for jewellery. These points will help you buy the best jewellery from the best sellers available. Classic Grown Diamonds is one of the best diamond jewellery brands in the market and highly recommended by all our customers.

Source of the Article : Avtaara Website


It's undeniable that there is something quite mystical about ruby jewellery, whether it's their connection to royalty, ancient religious times or their healing properties. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the July birthstone including the perfect gift and engagement ring ideas.

did you know about Small loose diamonds ?


The meaning of ruby gemstones is special and has been symbolic throughout time as a sign of nobility, passion, and purity. The deep, red jewel shares one thing with the past and that is the place it holds in people's hearts all around the world, regardless of culture.

Ruby has long been seen as a symbol of romantic love said to inspire devotion and alight sensuality. This was referred to as a “dearly loved stone” by french jewellers in the 1800’s.


Spiritually, a ruby stone is known to bring happiness and passion into the lives of the wearer while warding off negative entities. The stone is also believed topromote spiritual vitality and improve overall well being. Another reason why Ruby makes a great gift aside from its fiery, bright shade of red.


Rubies found their way to become one of the most highly valued gemstones after coming from across the globe, originating from Burma, India, Afghanistan and Australia. More recently however, rubies have been found in parts of Europe, South America and North America.

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Historically, rubies are regarded as one of the most important, rare “fancy” gemstones worn by royalty and were thought to provide love, peace, courage and wisdom to wearers. Coloured ruby stones even have mention in the Bible and were known amongst ancient Hindus as the “the king of precious stones” which would be offered to the god Krishna to be granted rebirth as emperors. 


Rubies are a popular choice amongst brides that are used to create ruby engagement rings for their striking red hue. So popular in fact that they are the second most popular choice of gemstone amongst engagement rings.

The most favoured shape among the rubyengagement ringsare round or oval rubies in halo settings for their antique charm and ability to bring the best ruby qualities to light. Emerald cut ruby engagement rings are another favourite, offering a vintage touch. They are often coupled with a yellow gold band for the beautiful contrast in their tones but look just as stunning placed in a white gold, rose gold or platinum setting. 


Just as the stone suggests, ruby engagement rings symbolise passion, peace, love and devotion, all said with their gorgeous red hue. It is thought that this will help to keep a marriage strong as legends tell the story of how the gemstones were forged from hardened fire which is able to set hearts alight.


If you’re in search of a gift for your truly beloved or a loved one with a birthday in July, Diamond Heaven has a broad range to help you find just that. From July birthstone necklacesto earrings, there is plenty of July birthstone jewellery for you to pick from.

When buying any Ruby jewellery we suggest choosing from cuts which are round, pear or princess as they enhance the amount of light reflected to produce a better sparkle. If you’re looking for a bigger ruby for your budget, we recommend going for cuts with larger facets such as old cushion cuts or emerald cuts as they give the illusion of a bigger stone. To really show off your July birthstone jewellery you can also opt for pieces that sit next to colourless diamonds to create contrast, allowing your ruby to appear more vibrant as achieved by these july birthstone earrings. and Need to take care of Perfect Diamond Jewelry storages


Rings are a secret love affair and everyone wants it to be special. When you get an opportunity to design your own ring, you can go to your favorite shop and get it done for you.

Customized engagement rings are always special and it has a beautiful representation of your love for your partner. Sometimes you might not find an ideal ring so you might as well customize it. You can get it at an affordable rate by choosing lab grown diamonds for the ring.

Classic Grown Diamonds, one of the popular lab grown diamond suppliers, has its own custom ring builder with advanced ring building options. It provides high-quality CVD diamonds at wholesale prices.

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Here are some of the reasons that will convince you why choosing to customize your ring is the best choice you have made-

Quick selection

There are several options when it comes to buying a ring. It becomes extremely confusing & time-consuming to select a ring. Commonly, couples are seen visiting various stores to pick the ideal ring. 

Because most of us have the picture of ideal one in the mind. When you choose customization, all you need is to provide the ring design framework for the work to start. This way you are assured that you would get the ideal ring easily and not by wasting too much time.

Set your budget

Engagement rings are expensive and it is very important to set a budget before buying one. With customized rings, you can adhere to your budget and choose the materials accordingly. You can design your own diamond ring & also ensure it doesn’t exceed your budget.

You can select the ring materials

When you find a particular design exciting, it might be made up of low quality materials. Factors such as metal, color, stone, size, cut, carat, clarity, etc. can be chosen with 100% freedom. The rings can be designed by considering the personality of your partner. Imagine your dream ring turning into reality & you can enjoy a lifetime of happiness with the same.

Personal connection

This ring will always remain special & a token of love for you and your spouse together. You will feel emotionally connected to the ring as you will recognize the other person’s efforts, time & resources invested to design your own diamond ring. It becomes a part of a family’s legacy that can be passed from generation to generation.

Create unique ring

The modern bride is not content with finding the most traditional & renowned styles available. She can capture some of her unique personality traits in her jewelry choices. With the complete freedom to choose elements you love or don’t love, you can inculcate every minor detail you have imagined. You can further personalize the ring & add sentimental touch by engraving the text on it. It becomes a lifelong memory for you.

At Classic Grown Diamonds, we have our own ring builder where you can build your dream ring. You can choose your favorite lab grown diamond according to 4 C’s & advanced options such as polish, symmetry, lab, depth, table & fluorescence. Further, you can choose the ring setting, metal type & metal color.

Our lab-created diamonds put a beautiful full stop to the diamond search & help you to select the perfect diamond of your choice. Our collection of lab diamonds is available in a wide range of cuts, clarity, color & carat weight. 

We employ cutting-edge technology to craft diamonds that exhibit scintillating fire, brilliance & uniqueness with flawless finishing.


Platinum and white gold, what’s the difference? If you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring you might find yourself asking this question.

While the two metals look the same in appearance there are some key differences that are worth noting. In this quick guide, we’ll compare platinum and white gold side by side to give you all of the info that you need to know to make the best choice for you or your future fiance.

What Is Platinum?

Platinum is an incredibly rare, naturally white metal. Platinum is one of the purest precious metals that you can buy consisting of 95% pure platinum with the remaining 5% being additional alloys. Platinum emits a cool icy hue and tends to intensify the natural brilliance and sparkle of a diamond center stone.


    Hypoallergenic : No need to worry about allergic reactions, platinum is hypoallergenic making it one of the safest metals for people with sensitive skin. This is a trait unique to platinum as many precious metals are crafted using mixed alloys such as copper, zinc or nickel. However, the risk of reaction can be dramatically reduced when wedding bands are coated with a layer of rhodium plating.

    More Durable Than Other Metals: Platinum is an incredibly durable metal ranking at 20% denser than white gold and 60% denser than yellow gold. While not immune to the damages of everyday wear and tear, platinum’s durability is a big appeal for engagement ring shoppers with active lifestyles.

    Develops Patina: Similar to rose gold, platinum’s surface texture is known to change over time resulting in a frosted look referred to as patina. While highly valued in the fine jewelry world, it’s up to you if you like the look of the patina which can be quickly removed with a thorough polishing session if preferred.

    No Plating Required: Strong by nature, unlike white gold, platinum requires no rhodium plating.

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What Is Gold?
When used in jewelry gold comes in a variety of forms including white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. The main difference between platinum and gold rings is color, platinum is naturally white and gold is naturally yellow. 
However, when comparing the two, people usually opt for white gold as it is similar in appearance to platinum while boasting a much lower price tag. To keep its silvery hue, white gold is finished using rhodium plating, when the rhodium plating fades the ring will reveal a yellowish tinge until it is re-polished and re-plated.

Benefits Of White Gold

    Popularity: White gold is one of the most common precious metals used for engagement ring settings and is widely sold by jewelers. In addition, white gold’s availability makes it more affordable than platinum.

    Resistant to Tarnishing: A white gold wedding ring will not tarnish, rust or corrode with everyday wear.

    Easy to Work With: Because gold is softer than platinum, white gold is much more malleable making it easy to resize and repair your ring if necessary. Plus, white gold can be easily crafted into fine intricate designs for a unique white gold engagement ring.

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White Gold Vs Platinum
To the naked eye, platinum and white gold have a lot in common. Here’s how things stack up when we compare the two side by side.


      Platinum: Platinum is a naturally occurring metal that is 95% pure when used in jewelry.

      Gold: White gold is a mixed alloy containing around 75% pure gold and 25% nickel zinc.


      Platinum: Platinum is one of the most durable materials that can be used in an engagement ring setting. However, as with any jewelry worn on a daily basis, scratches and knicks are inevitable. When platinum is scratched, the metal shifts within the ring itself creating a patina finish.

      Gold: 18 karat white gold isn’t the best choice for an engagement ring setting as it is known to be soft and malleable. Instead, most rings feature 14 karat white gold which is stronger and more durable than its 18 karat counterpart. Durability can be further improved when white gold is finished in rhodium plating to give the metal a shimmering white shine and additional protection from damage.

    • CARE

      Platinum: Platinum does require a little extra TLC to keep it looking its best. Expect to clean your platinum jewelry on the regular with either a gentle cleaner made specifically for platinum or with a simple solution using dish soap and warm water. In addition, be sure to remove your jewelry when partaking in certain activities and while cleaning with harsh chemicals.

      Gold: Similarly, white gold requires the occasional polishing session to keep it shining bright and can be cleaned using an at-home solution or a product manufactured specifically for white gold. Keep your white gold jewelry far away from chlorine-based detergents as they can easily cause damage to the piece. When not in use store your gold jewelry in a cloth-lined box to prevent any knicks or damage.

    • PRICE

      Platinum: Despite being nearly identical in appearance, platinum is more valuable than gold. Platinum’s high price point can be attributed to its rarity and density as precious metals are often priced by their weight. In addition, platinum is highly coveted as it is considered a status symbol in the fine jewelry industry resulting in an increase in overall value.

      Gold: According to The Diamond Proa white gold ring will cost roughly 40-50% less than a platinum engagement ring. This price discrepancy is largely due to the fact that platinum is denser so more material is required to craft a ring making white gold the more budget-friendly option for shoppers.

    Engagement Ring Settings

    Some engagement ring settings pair fabulously with white gold and platinum’s clean white hues. Try these styles in either a platinum setting or a white gold setting to enhance your diamond or gemstone’s natural luster.

      Solitaire settings feature a single diamond fixed upon a metal band that can be set with pave diamonds or be completely sleek with no additional stones.

      Halo settings feature a center diamond that is surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds referred to as accent stones. This style can result in the illusion of a larger center stone and pairs wonderfully with either platinum or white gold.

      Also referred to as “antique”, vintage rings often feature Edwardian filigree, Art Deco symmetry and colorful gemstones. The pale tones of platinum and white gold emphasize bright stones like turquoise, amethyst, opal and blue enamel often used in vintage designs.

      Three Stone
      Featuring a center stone and two side stones, the three stone engagement ring design is said to represent a couple’s past, present and future.

    Which Is Better - Platinum Or White Gold?
At the end of the day, which is better comes down to personal preference, lifestyle and budget. Someone with an active lifestyle might prefer platinum for its durability. However, with a little extra mindfulness, 
white gold can easily stand up to regular wear. Perhaps price is at top of mind. In that case, white gold might be the way to go. 
Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to shop around and ask questions, buying a diamond ring is a big investment so take your time.

Top 3 Myths about Lab Grown Diamonds

#1: Lab grown diamonds are not real diamonds

Man-made diamonds or lab created diamonds have the same chemical composition, refractive index, dispersion, hardness, density, and crystalline structure as mined diamonds. In fact, we would go so far as to say that they are identical in every way. Just that, one was found in nature; the other one was formed in a lab by the finest of craftsmen.

And, you don’t even have to take our word for it. Go ahead, and ask your trusted jeweller; they’d tell you the same thing.

#2: Lab created diamonds are not forever

Have you heard that saying: Diamonds are forever? Simple and elegant, isn’t it? And, what could be a better way to capture the timelessness of diamonds? Except that, we would like to take it one step ahead and make it say: Lab Grown Diamonds are forever.

Since mined and man-made diamonds have the same chemical composition; they also share the same strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. They are diamonds, after all!

#3: Lab grown diamonds do not have any re-sale value

Truth be told, this myth is more about mined diamonds than it is about man-made diamonds. Diamonds, like most gems, have intrinsic value that goes up with time. This may make one think that diamonds are good investments, and sure they are; but not if you buy them from a jewellery store at mark-up price. It will still have some resale value but you can’t expect to make an enormous profit unless you own a really rare piece of jewellery, purchased at a wholesale price. The same is true for lab created diamonds.

We are a part of the New York based Shashvat Diamonds Inc., and we specialise in lab grown diamonds. Shashvat Diamonds started off in Surat, the diamond city of India. Some four decades have passed since, and the endeavour that began as a small manufacturing unit has now spread all around the globe.

Today, we enjoy an unparalleled reputation in the industry, and a rich repository of wisdom that comes with a 40-year old legacy. Our units are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and our products come with a rare finish and finesse. Our clientele hails from leading markets like US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

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