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Facebook and LinkedIn both can be called as the powerhouse of advertising for businesses. Their features are different from each other depending on the target audience. Their purpose is social media advertisement, their genre is different.

Devin Smith

A total of 675 million users are registered with LinkedIn. It is an employment-oriented online service used for job posting and job seeking. It gives your career a boost, but before that, it gathers all the information about your professional status.

LinkedIn is another social media platform for professional use that enables you to connect with people. While working with LinkedIn, it prompts you to enter your personal and professional information to create a profile that is suitable for others to see.

While you give out your information, privacy and security are the primary concerns of most account handlers. Well, not to worry, because you can choose to manage the privacy settings of your LinkedIn profile. Follow the steps mentioned below to manage your data settings.

  1. Tap on your profile on the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to the ‘Privacy & Settings’ tab.
  3. Click on the ‘Privacy’ option.
  4. Go to the ‘How LinkedIn uses your Data’ section. It is categorized into three parts:
  5. Data and Activity: It enables you to keep a copy of your data and information regarding the same being shared with others.
  6. Calendar and Contacts: It manages your interactions.
  7. Data Availability: It enables you to select if your info is to be shared with LinkedIn partners for research.

Checking Your Data and Activity

‘Manage your Data and Activity’ allows you to view the record of your data and the number of times it was shared with the third-party. Not only this, but you can also appeal for an archived copy of your information on the LinkedIn account. It is possible with the help of ‘Get a copy of your data’ setting. While you download your info, you can select between the two options:

  • Full archive: This option holds the history of your account and other data that the site gathers based on your activity or updates.
  • Partial archive: This option enables you to download your contacts, posts, or other profile info.

Downloading the full archive can take up to 24 hours or more depending upon the amount of information available. Once the process completes, you’ll receive a notification for the same.

A ‘Search History’ section is also available under the ‘Data and Activity’ tab. It enables you to view the profiles, companies, etc. you’ve searched for recently. Also, you can choose to remove the search history via the ‘Clear search history’ option.

Calendars and Contacts 

It is likely to link your profile with a contact number or an e-mail address. By default, your LinkedIn profile doesn’t allow other users to see your contact or email. However, they can still search for your profile using the same.

You have the option to select who can find and view your profile using your contact and email information.  Go to the ‘Manage who can discover your profile from your Email Address/Phone Number’ settings, and select any of the three options:

  • Everyone
  • 2nd-Degree Connections
  • Nobody

You can sync your contacts and the calendar on third-party services with the help of ‘Sync Contacts’ and ‘Sync Calendar’ settings, respectively.

Data Availability

A lot of features of LinkedIn prompts you to enter your personal information. Enabling the ‘Social, Economic, and Workplace Research’ option will allow for third-parties to link your profile for search studies. However, if you want to maintain the privacy of your info, you can disable the option.

These were some points that can help you manage your LinkedIn data.


Devin Smith Aug 19 '20 · Tags: linkedin

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