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Website audits assist in improving your website's online presence. In general, during website audits, your web designer will analyze the content, ranking in search engines and usability. Your freelance web designer Singapore will help to perform the audit through metrics. If your website doesn't help to convert, then it's time to do a website audit. This process will help business owners figure out what is wrong in the website, the areas that need improvement, and how to define the visual hierarchy. Your website goals should be determined before you start with the audit, if you are unsure of how to determine your website goals, then you must hire a web designer who helps with understanding your business goals through brainstorming. You can contact Subraa for your website audits and he will help you know how your website performs over the web.

Subraa Singapore

Custom WordPress website design and development by an experienced freelance web designer in Singapore at an affordable cost. Is that feasible? Or do the clients only believe those who charge the maximum and give you a moderate output or just push what they have to you? Scenarios differ so, as the perception, Affordable website design is possible, affordable differs from cheap website design. So how much does a Custom WordPress website design cost in Singapore? to accurately answer this question it is completely based on your requirement. Custom WordPress website design is not cheap; however, if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, then you can go for free themes or premium themes available; Subraa can help you customise the theme based on your business requirement at a budget-friendly website design package.

Subraa Singapore

When you have decided to go for a logo design for your business, it is also good to learn more about the logo types. Although your logo designer will help to choose the right type for your business logo design, having a general knowledge of what you will get is also recommended. When you are first starting your business, you are a new brand in the market and having just the initials is not recommended at this stage, hence you need to choose a Wordmark type of logo that it would be easier for your audience to recognise and easily remember you. Good examples of Wordmark logos are Google, Coca Cola. In wordmark logos, the name itself is catchy and impressive. Lettermark logos are brand initials, famous businesses use lettermark type of logo for simplicity, examples are IBM, HBO etc. Know more about business logo design by Subraa by visiting

Subraa Singapore

Customers perceive your brand through your logo, and no brand is there without a logo. Logo designed by the logo designer you hire should be outstanding, and it cannot be something that is a duplicate of the existing design. Symbols should be distinct and make the best impression. As a logo designer, you need to make the right choice to suit the business logo. When you start designing a logo, you need to ask the following questions to get an idea. As a business owner and as a logo designer, the first question is why the business needs a logo, followed by how you want your brand's image to be created. Learn more about how we design logos by visiting

Subraa Singapore

Colors are not just for aesthetic appeal; colours help you to connect with your audience psychologically. Choosing a color for your logo is not just something done randomly by your logo designer; likewise, business owners must understand that choosing the colors to project their brand is something not to be taken quickly rather understand the business audience to project their brand more positively. Having 3 colours to a logo is good, not more than that. The most popular logo colors are blue, red, black, grey. Gradient shades also work for the logo; however, everything depends on the usage.

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Subraa Singapore

A perfect logo doesn't come overnight; however, this is not the case all time. If you want to create a perfect stunning logo design then you must follow certain steps in the logo design process. The first and foremost step in designing a logo is to learn more about the target audience and to check the competitors in the domain. After an analysis of the similar businesses, it is important to check the requirements from the client. As a logo designer in Singapore, Subraa has designed more than 500+ logos. All the logo design packages of Subraa are affordable.

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