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Stan Jansen

Few people are happy with their weight nowadays. Almost everyone seems to worry about weight excess and only a handful of people are really happy with their effort to maintain a proper value.

If someone was to play the journalist he would easily notice that we are talking about a social trend, a statistically important number of people grumbling about the number shown in their scales. But are they right?

Of course they are!

According to research the bmi scores in the western world are disappointing.

Are they taking the situation seriously? I doubt...

There are tons of researches showing that thinness is the key to longevity, but people keep on consuming thousands of unneeded  calories and even worse than that, the worst type of them.

Trying to have a leaner body can only work with combined effort, meaning with careful and prudent nutrition, working out, embracing new daily -active habits- or even some external help (dietitian's advice, supplements).

So, paying some attention to the scale score may be your key to long and good living.

Stan Jansen Jan 13 '22 · Tags: health, weight, longevity

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