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The fourth Industrial Revolution promises new efficiencies and productivity gains for manufacturers. Machine tool suppliers are integrating Industry 4.0 capabilities and software companies that are providing powerful new tools such as those that utilize artificial intelligence.

Machine tool manufacturers are creating solutions for job shops. Some recent AI innovations and benefits that machine tool manufacturers have introduced include: 

  • Predictive maintenance: Some tools come equipped with special monitors that track machine components such as a spindle on a mill.
  • Collision avoidance: Systems run applications that simulate the cutting action a few seconds ahead of the live cut, predicting collisions and shutting down the process to prevent damage.
  • Reduced overhead: Machine tools require a massive amount of energy, even when they’re idle. Many machine tools use AI in the form of meters and sensors to evaluate a machine’s energy usage and make decisions on how to reduce energy. 

Machine tools capabilities are augmented by powerful software that can adapt to changing needs and customer specifications such as the ESPIRIT CAM software from DP Technology. The software has the ability to be updated as frequently as new innovations become available.

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