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Who you know always matters, right? Well this is no less true in the real estate industry. But getting to know a company doesn’t happen in the same way anymore. Sure, you can host tons of events and attend gathering upon gathering, but that is no longer enough to remain competitive in today’s heavily saturated real estate market.

It’s time for the real estate industry to not only become more digital, but also to recognize the true potential of lead generation with marketing automation. So, here is an overview how to use marketing automation to generate leads for real estate businesses.

How does the real estate industry benefit from a lead generation strategy?

Lead generation refers to the process of attracting and converting prospective buyers based on an automated marketing strategy that’s implemented with a CRM (think HubSpot or Salesforce). For most real estate industry businesses, leads are either property owners or buyers. Let’s take a look at the value of using marketing automation to generate both types of real estate industry leads.

Home owners

If you’re a real estate agency, it’s likely that your focus is to get in touch with home owners who are selling their properties and need help finding a buyer. But they don’t want just any buyer, they want someone who pays a fair price. Finding people capable of paying a fair price is precisely the job of the real estate agency.

So, you need to create a marketing strategy that both connects you with property buyers and conveys your expertise and trustworthiness on these buyers to the homeowner. Such a marketing strategy is developed via marketing automation. In a nutshell, you develop content that addresses the concerns and questions of both parties in a way that engages their interest, share that content with them in an automated process (usually email campaigns), which in turn transforms these anonymous users to leads.  

Over time, you’ll get to know more about your potential customers so you can create the exact strategy to convert them at consistently higher rates.

Property buyers 

Buyers are likely to convert when you send highly tailored messages around your ability to locate the homes with specific features they are looking for in a neighborhood. Using marketing automation  enables you to improve on personalization by enabling automatic sending of highly tailored email campaigns when prospective property buyers perform a specific action on your website. For example, if they download an ebook about tips for staging a home, then you will send drip email campaigns around how to sell a home quickly. Marketing automation helps you acquire more leads because it sends the right marketing messages to people at every stage of the customer journey.

More leads means more customers. 

generate leads for real estate

How to generate leads for real estate businesses

A consistent stream of leads is what brings every business from zero to hero. It creates scalability and makes it easier to forecast revenue, because you can create benchmarks for how many leads you can obtain and how many of those leads turn into customers over a given period of time.

When it comes to the real estate industry, you need a way to stand out from competitors and gain customer trust. This all begins with good content that’s transmitted throughout your entire marketing strategy.

So, here a few ways to make that happen.

Develop buyer personas

The first step in creating a successful lead generation strategy is defining your target customers with a buyer persona, or a fictitious representation of all important information about what your ideal customer looks like. It can literally be what they look like, but also includes information such as salary, location, job title, language, marital status, gender, and more.

For example, to develop a buyer persona for the property owners, you can begin by considering what their challenges and motives are. We know that property owners would love to get high-paying buyers for their properties, but don’t know how to get in touch with them. So, you can create a marketing strategy that connects property owners with buyers, in which you act as the trustworthy middleman.

Buyers, on the other hand, wish to get properties with specific features at a fair price. 

Overall, buyer personas enable you to know the challenges of your target customers so you can develop a marketing strategy based on that.

Generate and direct leads to your CRM with lead magnets

 Lead magnets are incentives that marketers offer to their potential clients in exchange for their email addresses or contact details, which then transfers those leads into your CRM. One of the most common problems for customers in the real estate industry is that homeowners find it difficult to find a buyer for their property. So, creating content such as an ebook or a checklist around how homeowners can sell their homes will capture their attention. You then create an ad that promotes this lead magnet and users who are interested download it by providing their email in a contact form.

Segment your leads to gain insights 

Lead segmentation involves placing your leads into specific groups based on their characteristics or preferences. As a realtor, your leads are usually homeowners who are looking to find a buyer for their property quickly at a fair price. Segmenting your leads increases the chances of getting high conversions because you understand what ticks them. 

For example, homeowners who download a checklist for staging a home can be approached with content about how to put the home in the market. And homeowners who download an ebook about how to negotiate offers will receive content around successful negotiation and the importance of involving an experienced realtor. 

Lead segmentation improves your ability to deliver better value to your prospects by providing marketing messages that help them solve their challenges. It also helps you target the right audience because every segment has a defined set of needs. The end result is better campaign ROI. 

Leverage positive customer feedback 

Customer feedback is an independent opinion about the quality of your services. Positive feedback builds your reputation as a realtor and helps you generate leads because property owners view you as an expert who can help them find buyers quickly.  

Explore internal options of getting testimonials from homeowners such as creating a review page on your website, and creating videos with customer feedback. You can also share your feedback on external sites such as, Zillow, and Trulia.  Even better, you can form a referral program where homeowners who are satisfied with your services share their experiences with their friends who may be interested in exchange for an incentive. 

Develop an impressive video marketing strategy

According to Virtuets, 73% of homeowners say they are likely to list with realtors who offer to create a video for them. What’s more, videos attract up to three times as many visitors to an agent’s site and double the amount of time they spend there. 

You can include many things in a real estate marketing video such as client interviews, videos of local community events, general information, reviews, and listings. You don’t have to use professional equipment to make videos because even smartphones can create an immersive and engaging experience that captures the attention of prospects. 

You can utilize these videos for lead generation. Share real estate marketing videos on social media platforms where homeowners in your target market hang out. Videos can act as a lead magnet, because homeowners impressed by the value of your videos will visit your site to check for any other available resources to help them solve their challenge of getting buyers quickly. As they download these resources, you get their email addresses and contact details turning them into leads.   

Focus on local SEO

Local SEO is also an integral part of lead generation in real estate marketing. It focuses on the region where you are targeting clients so that when they search for realtors, you appear in the searches. To improve your local SEO create Google my business profile, set up on-page local seo signals, and get listed on online directories.

Creating your Google Business Profile is one of the most important factors in ranking for Local SEO. It is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses to manage their online presence both on maps and searches. Setting your GBP takes a short time, within a few simple steps you will be through. Click here to begin the process.  You should also register with Bing Places and Apples Maps because a percentage of your prospects may use these search engines while looking for a real estate agent in their location.  

Ready to grow your real estate business by improving lead generation? 

I’m an expert in lead generation. Let me help you attract potential clients and convert them into leads by automating your lead generation strategy for the real estate industry. Contact me for more! 

Daniel Dan

How to promote a smartphone app, attract users, and earn an income? Check out the best mobile application marketing tools and strategies.

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Daniel Dan

Bad promotion is one of the key reasons for product failure. See 5 startup mistakes in marketing that put projects at risk and learn how to avoid them.

Daniel Dan

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Adam Zahood

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Rafaela Luna

Gone are the days when advertising solely relied on fliers, banners, billboards, or television and radio commercials.

Now, the rise of the internet has wholly transformed the way people shopped and purchased things — these changing times call for renewed marketing efforts. These traditional campaigns just won’t cut it. You’ll need to keep up with the myriads of emerging trends. It simply won’t be enough for you to invest in billboards or commercials — you also need to plunge into the dynamic world of the internet.

If you want to get the best out of your marketing efforts, you have to devote extra attention to online advertising, which ranges from your social media channels, to your website, to your blog posts, and so on. When done well, you can reach more people in a few weeks than what old-fashioned tactics can do in months.

The Internet and the social media are, needless to say, the most powerful marketing and advertising tools of today.

Online efforts can boost your brand more than what fliers and banners can do. Unfortunately, not everyone capitalizes on this. Here at Sigil, we will make sure that we that these tools are used effectively and creatively to grow your brand.

Get Found First

Pay per click advertisingcan be a tricky business. If you are managing a Google Ads pay-per-click account on your own, or if you are currently working with a management team for your marketing and they are not pulling in the results that you are hoping for, there could be very valid reasons why. Pay-per-click requires good, solid strategizing to get optimal results and needs to utilize Google best practices to get the type of performance that will out-rank your competitors. Effective Google Ad marketing will use financial goal markers to make efficient optimizations and changes to your campaigns. If your pay-per-click ads are costing more than you are getting out of them, you should be asking “why?”

Get Found First is a world-class PPC Management company that has found tried and true methods of managing successful PPC ad campaigns. Here are three main ingredients to successful Google Ad marketing that will drive the best results and increase your overall ROI!

Thorough Understanding Of Your Company And Your Company’s Financial Goals   If you are a business owner who is running your own Google Ad campaign, then you may have this one down. Still, many business owners have a difficult time setting financial goals and describing the type of growth they want to invest in. Without an accurate view of the future of your business, it can be difficult to get ads up and running. You have to have a destination to create the road to it.

If you are currently using a PPC Management company, they should have a very clear understanding of your vision for your company, what financial success looks like to you, who your audience is, how your industry is and who your competitors are. Without this information, they cannot effectively locate your target audience and dominate the industry.

Google Best Practices– Anybody can run a Google Ads campaign. But not everybody can run it with Google best practices in mind. Google has “rules” when it comes to PPC advertising. From bidding strategies to conversion tracking, Google has preferences. Following the Google best practices can help improve your ad position and get your ads shown more often – and those practices are not always JUST related to the Google ads campaigns. Google will rank your ads based off of how visitors interact with your website, the responsiveness of your website and much more. Without using the “best practices” your competitors can easily take your potential clients.

Constant And Consistent Strategizing– Successful PPC ad campaigns do not just get set up and run. They require constant analysis, optimizations, and strategy. There aremany factors to take into account when you are trying to get your ads to show in the first position on the first page of Google so that they get clicked on and your business grows. PPC campaigns will not increase your bottom line if they are set on auto-pilot and left alone.

These three elements are huge keys to running successful PPC campaigns and driving sales. When you work with a team of professionals, like the premier Google Ads Management team at Get Found First, you have a team of professionals on your side that is constantly strategizing and optimizing your account so that you can reach your goals. You don’t have to throw money into a pay-per-click account that is not working. There are solutions and we have answers. Give us a call today!

Rachel Shaw

Individual cash administration in a hurry is straightforward with free or shabby iPhone applications. A few simple choices in individual back programming profit administration simple. 

Individual fund arranging and planning can be trying amid the bustling periods of life. Imagine a scenario in which it should be possible in not more than minutes while sitting on the metro or remaining in line at the market. Current innovation infers that it makes life simpler. For Apple's iPhone clients, commonplace minutes amid a bustling day can rapidly turn into a period for individual fund arranging and planning. Every one of the applications recorded in this article can be downloaded at the iTunes store for nothing or extremely shabby. – Free Money Management Software App 

This application enables the client to rapidly and effortlessly track a financial plan and oversee cash. It offers constant record adjusts and even alarms the iPhone client when a specific record gets too low. The client can enter information into the application no mater where they are. The organization additionally as of late enhanced the security on this gadget. 

iBearMoney – A Top Rated iPhone App for Personal Finance Planning 

The iBearMoney application functions as an individual fund aide for the iPhone client and is appraised profoundly for what it does. It enables the client to track costs, oversee resources and liabilities, and spending wage and costs. This application is viewed as the best money related iPhone application in more than 20 nations, you can spend money to buy app installs. Info couldn't be simpler with only two taps for an application. 

Cha Ching – User-Friendly Personal Budgeting Software 

The application Cha Ching makes it simple to simple to deal with numerous records in a hurry. It stores visit payees to anticipate entering a similar data endless circumstances. The payees can be ordered, also. The application likewise includes a pleasant planning framework that demonstrates the client how much cash has been spent out of a specific classification and how much cash is remaining. 

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