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MKR Techsoft Private Limited

Overview - Meaning

Building and maintenance of website seem like a fun task. A lot of essential efforts should be putin to get the best optimum results. special efforts should be put into the website to make it work. A big team of developers, designers, and specialist works behind a website. A wide range of technical qualifications is required to be a good web developer. Currently, the demand for web developing skills is rising. A well-paid profession doesn’t only requires a traditional university degree but also a lot of practice.

The field of web development is vast. Generally,the developers who work behind the website are known as back-end developers. Those who are responsible for the design and layout of the website are known as front-end developers. A person should choose a respective field to work in between the both. When a person is interested to work on both ends, he can be a full-stack developer. Learning both techniques is difficult, though not impossible.

How To Get Started?

Try to figure out which aspect of web design interests you the most. Start working on that to gain expertise. Nowadays, web-developers use various search engine optimization services to become a pro in building websites. A wide range of open classrooms and online teaching has been a boon to students. Many have learned the development skills from these courses.

Web developers are responsible for coding the instructions with the help of any markup language. Moreover, they should also be well-versed in using word-press. A mere benefit of a developer is that they can work while sitting at home. The fun part of it enhances your creativity.

Following Measures Should Be Taken To Start Web Development:

1. Learn A Programming Language -An important part to be a front-end and a back-end developer is learning a programming language. HTML, C++, javascript are some of the most common programming languages to try on. HTML helps to stand the basic structure of the website. CSS helps to give a nice layout to the site. Javascript helps in the functioning of the site.

2. WordPress Course -One needs to know the basic functions of WordPress while hosting a website. A developer has to setup a website on the WordPress platform, making it possible for the client to add content. Moreover, it helps our client to conduct various website development services to the website.

3. Responsive Site -A responsive site is what a website size adapts according to the screen. The website should fit the screen even if it is accessed through a mobile or a laptop. Responsivity is the crucial element for a website.

4. UI and UX -The core responsibility of a website is its user interface and experience. Usually, a developer learns to optimize a website through site speed, layout, etc. They try to keep the visitor engaged in the website to make more profit out of it. An engaging website helps the web developer to make a visitor spend more time on the website.

5. SEO Practices - Generally, web developers have to take care of the ongoing SEO practice. To ensure a good amount of visitors to your website, conduct SEO practices that rank your site at the top of the webpage.


To wind up, web development is a great profession. It provides a chance to earn a handsome amount. Overtime, you can build a personalized portfolio to showcase your results to clients. Moreover, a person can try a full-time job or can decide to work as a freelancer. Collaborating with the social media marketing agency will surely give you a ton of opportunities. Networking with your previous work done will also help you to grab some opportunities. Don’t stop making an effort to overcome your obstacles. Keep on progressing until you reach your aim.

Ravish Rawat

Algorithm Digital is a top-ranking social media marketing agency in. Delhi that serves various types of businesses pertaining to apparel, restaurants, home decor, pharmacies, fashion, and cosmetics. We also provide our exemplary services to institutes and academies like Inlingua along with extremely popular brands like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. From online advertising to content marketing and sales promotion through social media and campaign management, we work with our clients to deliver outstanding results.

We specialize in branding (creation and development), re-branding, graphic design, and various types of digital marketing services like social media management and SMO, content optimization, content marketing, SEO, and SEM service. We are extensively dedicated to developing tactical websites, interactive design and services plus sales and promotion. Our social media, communication, and design strategies combined with integrated marketing and technical expertise yield a positive outcome for our clients and businesses in achieving their desired objectives.

We value creativity, innovation, content creation, strategic thinking and planning, timely delivery, and professional execution. We work alongside our dedicated team and clients in a well-coordinated and systemic manner to ensure the smooth operation of projects and their successful completion. Our social media, communication, and design strategies combined with integrated marketing and technical expertise yield a positive outcome for our clients and businesses in achieving their desired objectives.

Our services can be classified into 8 potential categories:

1. Design

2. Branding,

3. Social Media,

4. Digital Marketing,

5. Integrated Marketing,

6. Strategies for Marketing & Branding,

7. Communication, and

8. UI/UX (User Experience) Design.

All these services are intertwined with each other and rest upon plus revolve around our core values.

When it comes down to designing something, we focus a great deal on brand identity and development plus communication. We perform case studies before working on our design brief. We design logos, graphics, industrial and commercial products, and typography through our careful selection of fonts. We also work on design layouts, interactive design, and motion graphics – all of which play a vital role in visual communication. In connection with that, we put emphasis on charting out a narrative and review of our branding of products or services related to them. Our social media marketing strategy and promotion are creating lots of unique and compelling content because we believe that content is the king because, without a unique selling content, there’s minimal impact since our idea won’t sell. We create meaningful content that is inspirational and impactful.

Digital marketing is of course what we are known for and we employ and work around a wide variety of digital platforms to meet our goals and client’s expectations. We are heavily involved in online advertising and online marketing activities to boost the communication of our key messages and drive effective engagement online. 

We provide a whole range of services such as PPC (pay-per-click), organic search (SEO), social media ads, display advertising, video advertising, audio advertising, remarketing, and email marketing. We work in different design phases ranging from concept to delivery to ensure customer satisfaction and delivering our message effectively to our targeted audience and clients. We also explore different areas and aspects of design to facilitate task performance, boost efficiency, and provide deliverables that match the needs of the client.

We have received recognition and appreciation from our former clients from all around the globe. Our clients include Proost69, Kwality, Dimcha, The Crunch Box, Yuzu, Antaran, Koko Glam, La Sorogeeka Interiors (LSI), Aanchal Sayal, Mr. Dairy, Artistico, NayabHandi, Anyque, CJ's, Huddle, Inlingua, Raaj Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Nochee Vida, Enaraah, Ivory Route, Digichat, Adidas, Berkowits, Anca, Reebok, and a lot more who are extremely satisfied with our services.

Our sustained growth has propelled us to reach enormous heights and attain unmatched success. We constantly strive to work hard and smart with our clients to create a positive and memorable experience for our clients. Our collaboration with famous brands and fantastic teamwork has yielded outstanding outcomes for our ever-growing company poised for success.

The success of our company lies in persistent and sustained efforts, the competitiveness of our staff, fair practices and policies, organizational development, management structure, and motivated employees. We continue to excel in digital technology and innovation to become the leaders of our chosen endeavours.

Our offices are located in New Delhi (India), New York (US), London (UK), and Paris (France).

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