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In the past years, the way we used technology has changed drastically. Not only how we perceive technology changed but our lifestyle has also been impacted due to COVID-19. Owing to that, McAfee has also taken some major steps to make sure that we stay in line with the new technology to fight new-day threats. When we look at the products available at, we get to find out that these products have taken a new shape when we compare them to the ones that existed in the past.

Adding more to that, we can also say that McAfee will soon have more protective features that would help us combat the emerging threats in a more sophisticated manner. So, in the article below, we shall try to learn more about how this complete research scenario helps us detangle the mystery behind hacking and cyber-attacks. 

How threat research helps?

To understand the complexity involved in the whole cybersecurity process, you should first try to be well versed with how the researchers work day and night to make using the internet a safe experience for all of us. The McAfee research team keeps on evaluating their products to make sure they have enough efficiency to fight the forthcoming threats.

What do consumers need to be aware of?

Since the world in which we live is another name of Internet of Things, therefore, we can say that it is pretty important to protect our connected world more than ever. Every day we have a new security challenge lying in front of us and we do not know how exactly we need to deal with it.

Therefore, McAfee recommends everyone to use the internet with a lot of presence of mind and also keep their security software updated. This will ensure that the security products you are using are capable of fighting the new day threats.

Conclusion: For more information about the latest advancement in McAfee Security products, you must go to the page. Here, you can get your hands on the latest updates, recent news, and several other things that you should know about being a McAfee product consumer.

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Alex clara

Mozilla now comes with a new feature called “Content Blocking.” It enables users to set different privacy levels ranging from standard to custom. If you want to bolster your security, then learn how to use this feature.

How To Use ‘Content Blocking’ Feature In Firefox

The method of turning on content blocking in Firefox

  1. Firstly, view FireFox.
  2. Then, press on Settings hamburger option. It shall be located towards the above at the right-hand side corner.
  3. After that, press on Options.
  4. Next, click on Privacy and Security.
  5. Then, go under the Content Blocking part and choose the tracking prevention level.
  6. After that, press on the Reload All Tabs option (if present).
  7. Next, tap on the Manage Exceptions option. It will be towards the end at the right-hand side.
  8. Then, choose the site.
  9. Lastly, press on the Save Changes option.

The method of customizing content blocking in Firefox

  1. Firstly, view Firefox.
  2. Then, view the Settings hamburger option. It shall be towards the upper right-hand side corner.
  3. Next, click on Options.
  4. After that, click on Privacy and Security.
  5. Then, visit under ‘Content Blocking’ part.
  6. Next, choose the Custom option.
  7. After that, view the Trackers option.
  8. Then, go through the pull-down menu. It shall be towards the right.
  9. Next, choose the In all windows option.
  10. After that, press ‘Change block list.’
  11. Then, press on ‘’ list that Firefox should use to block text level:
  12. Level 1 block list- (Preferred)
  13. Level 2 block list- Blocks every detected tracker.
  14. Few sites or content shall not be able to load.
  15. Next, view the Cookies options.
  16. Then, go through the pull-down menu. It shall be towards the right. Choose the third-party trackers option
  17. After that, tick the Cryptominers option for preventing viruses one after another.
  18. Next, tick the Fingerprints option for preventing sites from gathering data about the browser and device configuration, like OS and the rest of the settings. By putting together these things, companies make a profile of you which can be used for tracking you.
  19. Then, press on the Reload All Tabs option.

The method of turning off content blocking feature in Firefox

  1. Firstly, view Firefox.
  2. Then, press on the Settings options.
  3. After that, press on Options.
  4. Next, press on Privacy and Security.
  5. Then, go under the Content Blocking part and choose the Custom option.
  6. After that, remove the Trackers option.
  7. Next, remove the Cookies option.
  8. Then, remove the Cryptominers option.
  9. After that, remove the Fingerprints option.
  10. Lastly, click on the ‘Reload All Tabs’ option.

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