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Alessia Martine

Developers are keen to know about the trends in the market. Here is how to install developer beta in Mac.

New Features of macOS version Catalina beta

Below mentioned are the new features and the steps to perform the testing of new features:


Taking Archived Backup via Time Machine

  1. An external HDD needs to be connected to your Mac. You may also use Thunderbolt Cable or Time Capsule.
  2. In the left corner on the top of the screen, tap on the iPhone icon.
  3. A dropdown menu will appear. Select the ‘System Preferences.’
  4. In the follow-up window, tap on ‘Time Machine.’
  5. You’ll see a slider in front of the time machine button. Turn the slider on.
  6. Tap on ‘Select Backup Disk’ for the one you’d want to use.
  7. Backups will begin in a minute or two.

Downloading the macOS Version Catalina

  1. Search for in the search bar of your iPhone.
  2. Select the ‘Discover’ option.
  3. Select the tab of macOS.
  4. Start downloading by clicking on the download button.
  5. It may ask you to sign in via the developer account.
  6. Once you tap on the ‘Install Profile’ button, the software will get installed on your Mac.
  7. In the Downloads file, tap on macOS version Catalina Developer Beta Access Utility.
  8. Double-tap and Run.
  9. Once this is done, the system will automatically look for updates regularly.

Installing the macOS version Catalina Developer Beta

To install the update involuntarily:

  1. Tap on Continue.
  2. Tap on the checkbox to agree to the Terms and Conditions by Apple.
  3. Tap on Install and follow the prompted instructions for installing the updated version.

Installing the macOS version Catalina Developer Beta on Partition

  1. To begin with this, your mac should have a partition.
  2. Once its installation-ready, click continue.
  3. Tap on the checkbox to agree with the terms and conditions once read.
  4. To jump from your spot partition, tap on ‘Select all disks.’
  5. Tap on the division to be installed and select install.

Eva Winget is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.


Devin Smith

Microsoft has decided to end investments in facial recognition firms after AnyVision controversy related to secret surveillance on the West Bank.

Microsoft has said that the company will no longer invest in third party companies that are involved in developing facial recognition apps. The company has taken this decision following the controversy regarding AnyVision facial recognition company, which is based in Israel. The human rights activists and critics have alleged the company to involve in a nonitoring program throughout the West Bank. According to a report of NBC News, which is revealing the relationship of the Israel based company with the government, it was said that Microsoft had invested heavily in Israel based facial recognition startup. The Israel based AnyVision is using its technology to help the government of Israel to surveil the West Bank and Palestinians living through the area. Further, the report said that while doing so, the tech giant has broken its public pledge of avoiding the use of technology if it is invading the democratic rights.

It is worth noting here that AnyVision around which the whole controversy revolving is based in Israel but has several offices in the UK, USA, and Singapore also. AnyVision sells facial recognition apps based on artificial intelligence technology. The facial recognition technology sold by AnyVision is helpful for the customers if they want to identify any individual or objects or the people in the Smartphone or security camera. The facial recognition app then tracks the target individuals or objects whenever they move along with providing essential data regarding them.

Meanwhile, while defending itself from the allegations, said that the company had investigated the matter by constituting an independent investigation team under General Eric Holder, the former US attorney general. The company said that no clues or proofs were found about the involvement of AnyVision in any mass surveillance program. The investigation team under General Eric at Covington & Burling, which is an international law firm, found nothing suspicious regarding the use of facial recognition technology by AnyVision in any surveillance program. The company said if they have got any proof regarding the allegations, then the company would have constituted the pledge of breach of the financial portfolio on the ethical use of facial recognition technology.

Amidst all, the tech giant has further declared that the company has started divesting from the Israel based AnyVision. The company also made it clear that in the future also it will not invest in third party companies making such technologies. The company said that such investment by it does not allow any company to involve in such practices, which is not democratic. Further, the company also made it clear in an announcement that it has shifted its focus to developing a commercial relationship with the companies so that it could exercise greater control on use of such sensitive technologies in the future. However, the company is now stopping investing in AnyVision, but it is not the only facial recognition technology that the company owns, but also it has the FaceAPI. FaceAPI is also a facial recognition technology developed by the tech giant t through its cloud platform Azure; however, the company has never used such sensitive technology for any surveillance program.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


John Martin

mcafee activate product key- People sometime come across VirusScan error 1603 when they are trying to install McAfee on their system. This error can give you some hard time when it occurs; that is why you need to make sure you resolve this error as soon as possible. Before executing the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this blog, you need to make sure that you have used correct mcafee product key. You can try to take the assistance of the customer care team to make sure that the issue is resolved entirely.

Symptoms of Mcafee VirusScan Error 1603

Talking about the system by seeing which you can be sure that your antivirus software is suffering from error code 1603 are:

v  If your Operating system freezes or sometimes stops working.

v  When your Windows system got corrupted.

v  If your system performance is going down.

v  Even when your system is taking time to follow any command.

Read more – mcafee activate

What Are The Causes Of Mcafee VirusScan Error 1603?

Some of the reasons which are responsible for the occurrence of the error code 1603 in McAfee are:

v  If the installation process of McAfee antivirus software is not completed.

v  If the registry files of the Windows are corrupted.

v  Even when your system is affected by viruses and malware.

v  Sometimes you may have accidentally deleted the files associated with the antivirus software.

v  If you have downloaded the corrupted setup file of your antivirus software.

How to Fix the Issue of McAfee VirusScan Error 1603?

To fix the problem on your own, you need to follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:

v  Repair all the corrupted registry files of your Windows.

v  Scan your computer for any malicious program.

v  Clean the system junk files from your system by using the Disk Cleanup option.

v  Try updating the outdated device driver of your system.

v  Make sure that all the updates of Windows are installed on the system.

v  You can revert all the recent changes by using the option of Windows System Restore.

Even after executing these steps, if the problem persists, then you need to install the software again on your system. You can visit the website of to download the antivirus software in your device.


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Devin Smith

Sharing files over the network is a complicated job, but if you are using Windows 10, then you can share files through files with other users simply. Windows 10 allows its users to share files over the network with any physical plugging activity. In Windows 10 it has its tool for sharing that allow their user to use it.

Now it’s about sharing through the network, so you should have a proper network that can provide the right service for sharing. For sharing the file in Windows 10, there are almost 4 ways available to it. Depending on the choice, people prefer to share a file without configuring permission set up, and in that condition, they can use the public folder for sharing easily.

In Windows 10, feature file sharing is also available. However, if you are looking to share files far from you through the internet, then you can try through “OneDrive” for sharing the file. In Windows 10 Homegroup feature is no more available that used to share pictures, documents, videos, the music automatically.

Unfortunately, the Homegroup feature is no more available, but now better features are available. Now that Windows 10 is making things easier about sharing files for their users, it is important for the users to know about it too. For sharing files through, you can try OneDrive and File Sharing.

How to Share File Utilizing File Explorer

In-built features are more reliable than third-party tools. File Sharing feature for sharing the file in the local network is the best way. If you want some privacy while sharing, then you can modify the permissions, and later on, you can share with Mac, Linux Device, Android, or any other device virtually. Now while sharing files through File Explorer, there are two ways. The first one is the primary quick sharing mode that requires minimal modification in permission and configuration, whereas the second mode is advance that requires custom permission.

Share Filed Through Basic Settings

  1. Launch “File Explorer” on Windows 10.
  2. Choose the folder that you want to share.
  3. Do a “right-click” on the file and choose “properties” option.
  4. Press on the “Sharing” box.
  5. Tap on the “Share” icon.
  6. Try it with the drop-down menu to share with a single user or every one of the group. Select “Everyone” while sharing with the group.
  7. Press on the “Add” switch.
  8. You will be asked for permission, and in the permission section, you will be required to select Read and Read & Write option.
  9. Tap on the “Sharing” icon.
  10. Remember the path of the network for the folder, so other uses will be required to connect with the same network for sharing and then tap on “Done” after choosing a network.
  11. Tap on the “Close” switch.

Share File Through Advance Settings

  1. Run “File Explorer” in your Windows 10.
  2. Elect the folder for sharing.
  3. Do right-click on the item and choose the “Properties” section.
  4. Tap on “Sharing” tab.
  5. Press on “Advance Sharing” icon.
  6. Check on “Share this folder” icon.
  7. In Windows 10, other users can read-only content you share, but you can change this permission by tapping on full control. Read-only is set to default by Windows 10, but modifying it is on your command.
  8. Check on “Apply” icon.
  9. Tap on “OK” button.
  10. Tap again on “OK.”

How to Share File Through Network Without Requiring Password

Windows 10 provide a valuable feature that the file you share only those person can access who have the password and user of it. Who doesn’t have the password and username of the account, those can’t access the file. In the condition of sharing a file with friends and family, you can disable the requirement of asking for sign-in. By disabling the feature, it will allow the users to access the file without having a username and password, and here’s how you can process it.

  1. Launch “Control Panel.”
  2. Tap on the “Network and Internet.”
  3. Press on the “Network and Sharing Center.”
  4. On the left side, tap on the “Change advance sharing settings.”
  5. Expand All Network options.
  6. Below “Password protected sharing column, choose the “Turn off password protected sharing” section.
  7. Press on “Save changes” icon.

Following this step will allow the users to access the file without username and password.

Share File with Others Using OneDrive

With OneDrive, you can share any document through a network around the world. To share the file through OneDrive here is what you need to know:

  1. Launch OneDrive on Windows 10.
  2. Select the folder that you want to share.
  3. Make right-click on the following folder and then choose the share option.
  4. Mention email of the person you are sharing files through OneDrive.
  5. Tap on the “Send” button.

Your sending link will be shared with another user. To access the folder, the user needs to tap on the received link on the browser they are operating.

Share Files Through OneDrive Web

  1. Launch OneDrive through the web.
  2. Look for the folder and select it.
  3. Right-click on the content and tap on the “Share” column.
  4. Mention the email of the person that you want to share.
  5. Press on the “Send” icon.

After you share the file through the link, anyone who receives the file will be able to edit the content as they want. However, you can share the file with an individual selective person by select the sharing option in the email.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


Devin Smith

Microsoft Office can be termed as the best office-suite application, as the suite is used in the majority of the offices globally. Although the suite offers multiple handy tools, some of them stand out from the rest. Word is one such tool, and it proposes multifunctionality along with versatility. The tool even allows you to save the word files in various formats like PDF, plain text, and doc. However, there may be instances when the users would want to save the files as JPEG.

In this article, we will teach you how you can save your word documents file into a JPEG image. Not only your word document will be accessible but it will also allow editing. Here is how to save a Word document as JPEG.

Converting a Single Page into JPEG Image

There are not in-built features in the Microsoft Word application to save the document as a JPEG file. So, to save documents into JPEG files, you need to use the Screenshots option. This feature allows you to take a picture of the single documents and save as an image.

Snagit is an excellent third-party application that allows you to take a screenshot on your computer. If you are using Windows 10, then it is straightforward to use in-built Snip and Sketch tools. Snip and Sketch tool is the upgraded version of the older Windows 10 Snipping Tool. This tool allows you to click the screenshot of the Word document and ignore the rest of the screen.

Here are the steps on how to use Snip and Sketch tool to take a screenshot of a Word document:

  1. Tap the Windows Start button.
  2. Search Snip and Sketch and tap on it.
  3. To take a screenshot of your Word document, you need to open your document on your screen.
  4. Go back to the Snip and Sketch and then tap on New option to take a screenshot.
  5. If you want to delay the process of the screenshot, then tap on the Download arrow option near the New option.
  6. Select option as per your need; snip in 3 seconds and snip in 10 seconds.

This command will take a screenshot snipping in a special menu. If you don’t want to choose, then you need to simply tap the Windows key+ Shift + S key to direct the list without launching Snip and Sketch application.

  1. To take a screenshot of a single page, you need to choose the area on your screen. Hold down the mouse left button to start and then drag the cursor to choose the area.
  2. Release the button when you have chosen your area and the Snip and Sketch tool will showcase this as a screenshot on your device.
  3. You can also edit the image in the Snip and Sketch tool directly using tools shown in the menu bar.
  4. To save the captured image, tap Save as an option that appears on the top of your screen. You can also use your keyboard tab Ctrl+S to save your image.
  5. In the “Save As” option, choose another image format. By default, Snip and Sketch tool save images as PNG format.
  6. Here you can rename the file name and then tap on save to save your picture.
  7. When image saved, you can easily edit this image in the future, or you can also export images into another program like Microsoft PowerPoint.

Converting Full Document into Image

To save a Word document in JPEG files, first, you need to turn your Word document into PDF files, then PDF converts to image. Here is the straightforward method to convert an entire word document into an image. Words allow the user to save the document as PDF files.

  1. Open any Word document you want to convert.
  2. Tap on file.
  3. Tap Save As.
  4. Choose PDF to Save as type appears on the Drop-down list.
  5. Tap Save to complete your command.
  6. When you save your word document into PDF, now change PDF to JPG image using “Foxit PhantomPDF.”

You can also use AAR (Adobe Acrobat Reader), but you need to pay some amount to use this service because it is not free. You can also use some online websites, but we will not suggest you because there has some loss or miss-use of your documents.

When you have installed Foxit PhantomPDF, you can convert your Word document into JPG files as:

  1. Tap Convert.
  2. Hit To Image.
  3. Tap JPEG or any other format that you like.
  4. In the Save, as an option, confirm the page that you wais to covert.
  5. Tap on the settings.
  6. Hit Ok.
  7. Tap Save.

After this above process, PhantomPDF will convert your PDF files into JPG files.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


John Martin - The looming threat a cyber-attack is constantly weighing on the mind of a user who is active on social or uses the internet for business. If your computer is infected with a virus, it will not only slow down the system, but it will also leave your data vulnerable to hackers. To protect your device, it is important to download and install an advanced security software like McAfee Internet Security. The software uses cloud-based threat analysis to make sure your Mac device is protected against all types of malware. This blog will highlight the steps you need to follow to complete the download process so that you can use your mcafee product key  to activate the software and protect your device.

Steps to install McAfee Internet Security on Mac

Before you begin the process to download and install McAfee Internet security, you need to make sure your device meets all the minimum system requirements. Additionally, you need to ensure you have the correct mcafee product key before you proceed with the installation process. Once you have checked the requirements you can refer to the steps below to download McAfee Internet Security on Mac: 

·         Step 1: Open a web browser, go to mcafee activate and sign in.

·         Step 2: Got to the ‘My Apps’ section and click ‘McAfee Internet Security.’

·         Step 3: Press ‘Download’ and click ‘Agree’ to accept the License Terms.

·         Step 4: Make a note of the serial number under the Download button.

·         Step 5: Open the default location where you downloaded the Installer file.

·         Step 6: Double-click ‘MacInstaller-x.x.dmg’ file and close your browser.

·         Step 7: Enter your Mac credentials if required and type the Serial Number.

·         Step 8: If prompted, enter the mcafee activate product key in the given field.

·         Step 9: Wait for some time and allow the Installer to download, scans your computer, and install McAfee Internet Security on your Mac device.

Once the installation is complete, you can follow the on-screen instructions and then click ‘Finish.’ Users must keep in mind that the steps mentioned above may differ slightly based on which version of macOS and Safari you are using. If you need help completing the installation steps, you can visit or can call the customer care number and ask for additional assistance. Experts and trained software technicians are available 24 hours a day to help you solve any error related to your McAfee Internet Security software.


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Devin Smith

Sea of Thieves is an amazing latest mystery pirate game that has been garnering players on a regular basis. The first person multiplayer Co-op or PvP pirate game has become famous among the fans and also does not display the signs of stopping. It is because of the fact as a game is continually updated with the latest content, mini-games, area, gears, and much more. One of the major facts about the game is that it’s a multiplayer game that you have already imagined by now includes communicating with other players.

The issue is that several players have claimed of having trouble with the game, it means that they are not getting any notification and invites from other users.

As the rare’s open the world adventure of the game resume to force into the unexplored waters, additional users become interested in looking forward to the mysteries that set beyond the virtual shores. Though the game dependency on the Xbox app has remained the players thinking hard as the procedure of inviting as well as inserting friends is not simple as most players may think. But you don’t need to think much as you can have the entire information that players must know to invite or add players to play the game together. As you may see, that problem appears to be constant on both the Xbox as well as Windows 10 versions of the game.

You may try several things to fix the problem and if you need to fix the problem, then this post might be useful for you. Keep on reading to follow the instructions to know the process to solve the issue.

How to Fix Sea of Thieves Invitation Problems

Ensure That Notifications Are Switch On

Sea of Thieves is the game of Windows 10 that you may update, install, uninstall, and repair from the Store app. You know already that the entire games that are controlled through the Store app are going to send the notification from the Default notification system of Windows 10. Though the settings will not always trigger by the default. Also, you have to go through the procedure to enable the notification of the Sea of Thieves.

If you wish to switch on the notification, then pursue the given instructions:

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Tap on System
  4. Select the Notifications and actions tab.
  5. See below the Notifications.
  6. Ensure that the slider is switched On.

Update the Windows 10

The single workaround is to update the computer to the new version and check whether it changes anything or not.

If you want to update the Windows 10, then abide by the given steps:

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Update and Security.
  4. Select the Check for updates option to make the Computer search for the update sit that must be missing.
  5. If the updates have found earlier and are pending, click on Download Now.
  6. Reboot the computer.

Update the Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game bar manages the entire thing, which is related to the gaming in Windows 10 from screen recording while games to get the notification.

Follow provided process in order to update the Xbox Game Bar:

  1. Launch Store App.
  2. Click on 3 dots at the upper right of the display.
  3. Tap on Downloads and updates option from a dropdown section.
  4. Select the Get updates button.
  5. If you do not like updating the Store apps manually, you may always set it to update it automatically by following the procedure.

Use Xbox App

This app is a single platform launched by Microsoft. It works as the dashboard for installing, buying, repairing, updating, and uninstalling the Windows 10 and the Xbox games. You may download and install the app easily and then install the Sea of Thieves game from it. It will then make the Xbox app manage the notification part of the game instead of Windows 10 own. Following procedures, you will be able to get the notification and invites from the Sea of Thieves games outside of it.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


John Martin

To mcafee activateantivirus subscription, you need to enter that 25-digit antivirus. Availing the advanced shield and security to your device depends on the subscription you have taken. McAfee is one of the most prominent security software that prevents viruses, malware, or any kind of online breeches from attacking your device. It is actually not tough to avail of its subscription; you can simply do it by providing the McAfee activation key in the required field. So, if you want to activate McAfee, you can go through this blog and understand everything correctly, such as where will you find the product key and how to use it in order to activate the software? Before finding the mcafee product key, make sure that you have purchased McAfee antivirus from either online or offline mode. You also have an option to seek help from the professionals by connecting at McAfee customer service number and get the most reliable solution to your query.

Steps to locate the product key of McAfee antivirus from both online and offline mode

Online Mode

In case you purchased the McAfee antivirus software through online mode, have a look at the steps given below to find the product key in this situation

ü  Sign-in to the McAfee confirmation mail that you must have received on your email

ü  Then, just click on the mail to receive the 25-digit product key

Offline Mode

If you have made the purchase of McAfee antivirus offline, you can go through the following steps to get done with locating the mcafee activate product key

ü  Look for the McAfee antivirus installation box that you received when purchasing the software from a retail shop

ü  Under this installation box, you will be getting a retail card

ü  The product key will be found just behind the card

Where to enter the product key for activation? 

After finding the McAfee activation key, you then need to proceed by entering the key into the desired space. While subscribing to any product, you will be required to enter this on the activation page. Here is the fact that the product key is also needed when renewing the subscription, rather than just while activating the software. There are times when people forget or lose the activation key that prevents them from activating or renewing any subscription. Well, the problem is quite fixable, as you just need to visit and get the activation key over there. Go to the account information of McAfee account and choose the product you purchased to find the product key. 

Implementing these steps properly will solve your problems, and you will be able to activate McAfee in the most appropriate way. In case you have any doubt, you can simply have a word with the experts at McAfee customer care and avail the most genuine help for the same. 


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Devin Smith

As we know, the game has a fast travel system for gamers to help discover the secrets of the United Stated much simpler.  This guide will provide enough information on how you can unlock and use Fast Travel in the United cities.  Death stranding is one of the fascinating cases in the virtual world.  According to the developers of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Death stranding genre is an initial entry into the creative games library.

Moreover, the players are simply assigned the responsibility to reconnect every significant United States cites in order to survive.  Most of the time, the gamers have to deliver packages in Death stranding by walking from post to post.  However, you will find inconvenience in the beginning, but as the gamers dive into the game, more opponents and threats start to occur to stop in-game character.  The game will need a management level that never seen in the game before, as users literally manage the character’s hand utilizing the trigger keys to hold onto the packages.

 In case the gamers let go of the buttons, it will end up dropping the package on the ground. With this, the travelling speed and time will be affected by the number of containers you are currently holding.  Gamers can score better in rank if you are able to deliver packages in less damage. So, in order to unlock the fast travel feature, users will need to wait until Death Stranding’s Chapter 3.

Death Stranding:  Way to Unlock Fast Travel Feature

In Chapter 3 of the Death Stranding game, players will have to reach in the middle of the Central Region. Once entering, a number of cut scenes will begin, and the game will let players know that they have the ability now to access a Fragile Jump.  It is a term that is used for fast travel in the game.  So, it is highly suggested that to move into the Central Region location as soon as possible and attaining the Fragile jump. 

Also, it will make simple and straightforward to explore the remaining Death stranding area.  To utilize the Fast travel feature, head straight to the Private Room, and look for Fragile’s umbrella against the wall.  Now, interact with it in order to bring up the fast travel menu options.  After that, the following list will come up with several locations that players can Fragile Jump to.

Death Stranding:  Way to Use Fast Travel Feature

Similar to several virtual world titles, players are only permitted to use it to regions they have already visited.  This is the best resource in case gamers desire to move back to the earlier points in the Death Stranding and accomplish side quest that users initially missed.  There are also plenty of limitations with the fast travelling feature in the game.

For beginners, players cannot move with goods utilizing the Fragile Jump, which would entirely defeat the delivering purpose in the first place.  Plus, to move to a set area, this region has a private room that users have to activate.  Many significant structures in the Death Stranding game will act as fast travel points.  Besides that, there is one more feature that permits gamers to move wherever they desire, and that’s completely utilizing safe houses.

Death Stranding:  Way to Fast Traveling to the Safe Houses

In the game, players will see a tutorial and learn how to construct safe houses near the Weather Station and get support with ease.  Users require to finish Order No 27 in Episode 3 and obtain the ability to fabricate Safehouses.  In the following challenge, gamers are assigned to delivering the Guage to the Weather station.  To make the travel convenient, get a power skeleton, Blood bags, and a ladder. 

These safe houses are like private rooms, whereas gamers can fabricate them and move them anywhere on the desirable location.  The in-game bed will support to heal your health and toilet for obtaining liquid samples that one can use for ammo material along with survival actions.

 The weapons like assault rifles and grenades will be found on the shelves. At last, the terminal will permits players to access the data archives, bridge link, order requests, music players and also allows to change the room colour.

Final Sayings

All in all, death stranding is not like any other virtual world.  It offers lots of things to explore, walking through beautiful orchestral music, wastelands, and more.  Basically, the death stranding it simply stands for a symbol of resisting back against a domineering superior.  Lastly, the death stranding was a success and not like any other game that developers still have what it takes to build such a masterpiece.  

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.



 “Bob Chapek Replaces Bob Iger as Disney CEO”

Bob Iger steps down as CEO of Disney with immediate effect and now will continue to be the chairman of Disney. The news has been confirmed by Disney and it has also been revealed that Bob Chapek will be the next CEO as the chairman of Disney parks, products, and experiences. Further, it has also been revealed by Disney that Iger will assume the role of executive chairman and will focus on making creative strategies for the company during his remaining tenure. Meanwhile, It has been said that Chapek will be appointed to the board of directors later and till then continue to report to Iger.

Iger told in an interview with Julia Boorstin of CNBC that the company did not want confusion regarding carrying out of the day to day businesses and the reporting structure to CEO has been maintained as it will help us to facilitate a smooth transition. Iger has been the CEO of Disney since the year 2005 and has been planning to step down from his responsibilities for a while. But he has to push his retirement back due to several circumstances and the announcement of his retirement came as a big shock from the 69 years old Iger. Iger has to push his retirement back in the year 2016 when an heir apparent to the post of CEO suddenly resigned and Iger was compelled to carry out the responsibilities of CEO again.

Source:- Disney CEO Bob Iger Steps Down as Bob Chapek Replaces Him

The contributions of Iger in the growth of Disney as the entertainment giant and media powerhouse is remarkable. He played a vital role in the remarkable in the acquisitions of many big brands and content plays in Disney and made it profitable for Disney. Among the several mergers and acquisitions he secured for Disney, the remarkable was the acquisition of Pixar which was about $7.4 billion and the acquisition was from the CEO of Apple Steve Jobs in the year 2006. Further, he acquired Marvel in the year 2009 for $ 4 billion along with purchasing Star Wars Studio of Lucasfilm in the year 2012.

Bob Iger was also named as the businessman of the year 2019 in Times magazine. If we look into the growth of the net income of Disney and then the growth figure is very much impressive and the media giant jumped to more than 300 %  which is about $10.4 billion. When Iger was selected as the CEO of Disney in that year the net income of the company was about $2.5 billion and so the growth in net income during his tenure is remarkable. Iger was considered a far-sighted CEO who expanded the business of Disney and turned it into a powerful media giant.

Remarkably, Bob Iger started his career at Disney in the year 1974 by way of ABC and then he took the position of head of entertainment in ABC and then he served as the chairman of ABC Network Television Group. His journey as the chairman of ABC network was also full of successes and he helped in the merger between ABC, Disney, and Capital cities. Iger joined as the chairman of the senior management team of Walt Disney officially in the year 1996  and also became the president of Walt Disney International in the year. Among his several works that contributed to the revitalization of this American iconic brand, the significant step was the launching of Disney Plus which was the streaming service of Disney. The streaming service soon became a huge success as more than 28 million subscribers all across the world subscribed to the streaming service of Disney.

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