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In this July, a Sony company has been decided to reveal the list of games for the PlayStation Plus members; it will be capable for free download during the upcoming month. Almost the six games which spread across PS4, PS3, and Vita, with the highlights coming on the Sony’s newest platform, as usual.

This month the PS4’s lineup which consists of two games, on the heels of Detroit: Become the Human’s release, we get one more game from the developer Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain. The QTE-heavy game features will be a branching story where you can investigate a serial killer. It was initially released on the PS3 before making its way to the PS4 in the year 2016.

While the other PS4 freebie is the Absolver, perhaps not as renowned, it is possibly the month’s most exciting offering. It’s a third-person fighting/action game with some different control scheme where you can easily customize your moves. It’s comparatively new and having only been released in the last August.

However, on PS3, PS Plus members easily get the platformer Rayman 3 HD and approach game Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess. But if you have to save a file from Deception IV: Blood Ties, then you will be capable of bringing over definite unlocks to the Nightmare Princess. For those with a Vita, some of the action game Space Overlords is free for you, and it also offers the Cross-Buy with PS4 and PS3, it means getting you a total of three games in this July only on those platforms. The final Vita freebie is highly praised adventure game the Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma.

Thus, it’s not too late to claim June’s PS Plus freebies. These games include XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion on PS4. Moreover, the coming weekend will surely offer you a chance for the PS Plus members to play the Destiny 2 for free, while yet there is another game called as Call of Duty: Black Ops III, it’s free to download the game through July 11. Grab that opportunity, and then you will easily be able to continue playing it for until you remain a Plus member, as with all the standard PS Plus Instant Game Collection titles. In July’s new lineup of freebies will be available and will start from the today.

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Now, the Apple has released iOS 12 beta 3 for those users who are participating in the iOS beta testing program.

The preliminary iOS 12 beta 3 release is now easily available for any iPhone or iPad which is enrolled in the developer beta testing program. Usually, the public beta will release follows soon.

Some of the users who are enthusiastically participating in the iOS 12 beta program can easily locate the latest update which is now available to download through the Software Update mechanism from the application Settings.

Thus, the developer release of iOS 12 beta 3 which is available for every iPhone or iPad users to download directly from the setting right now, while usually the public beta build of the same release which might arrive a bit later and regularly a version number behind.

However, anyone can enroll in and for installing the iOS 12 public beta or might run the iOS 12 developer beta for that matter onto any of the iPhone or iPad devices that support iOS 12, but because of the beta software, it is very less stable than a final version. Generally, it is not suggested for the novice users, or for the primary devices.

Individually, Apple has also been released the macOS Mojave beta 3, along with the new developer betas for watchOS and tvOS.

Therefore, it is also very remarkable to remember that the iOS 12 and macOS Mojave 10.14 beta are completely separate from the additional ongoing beta development of the iOS 11.4.1 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

Though the iOS 12 is set to bring a range of some new features for the iPhone and iPad which includes group FaceTime chat, new Animoji, an skill to create your customized Animoji avatar for the users of iPhone X, one of the feature which lets you to track that how often you use an iPhone or iPad. And it also includes some other changes to the various built-in apps, and a variety of other small improvements and features, along with the performance enhancements.

Moreover, the final version of iOS 12 has a release date timeline set for the last of this year.

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On Wednesday, the new app Instagram Lite for Android launched on the Google Play Store without any official announcement from the Facebook. The Facebook-owned Instagram has offered the users a cut down version of the photosharing application.

The Instagram Lite app is only of 573KB which is easily compared to the regular Instagram’s 32MB application.

Now, the users can currently post photos, add filters, view stories, use the Explore tab and many more. The Facebook-owned Instagram company is also adding the ability to message any friends and share videos later.

However, millions of Smartphone users all over the world still have an old variation with the slow 2G Internet connectivity, and now the “Instagram Lite” can help them to get in touch with friends and the family easily.

The ‘Instagram Lite’ app is very small and also allowing you to save some space on your phone and download it rapidly,” read the complete app’s description on Google Play Store.

Since the Instagram didn’t instantly respond to a request for any comment, but one of the spokespeople in a post told that the Instagram-Lite version began testing in Mexico this week.

They also added that we are recently working for testing a new version of the Instagram for Android that takes up the less space on your Smartphone or any other Android device, and it will use the fewer data and download faster.

The application looks geared towards the emerging markets, where the connection of the internet is generally slower.

On Tuesday, Instagram was estimated to be worth Whopping $100 billion, and it is also expected to exceed approximately 2 billion of the monthly users in the upcoming five years. The company will also roll out its four-way group video chat that allows the users to browse the Instagram app easily.


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Countless Ticketmaster UK clients are thought to have been straightforwardly influenced by an information rupture at an outsider stage supplier of the web-based ticketing mammoth.

The firm guaranteed in a notice clarifying the episode that it discovered pernicious programming on a client bolster item facilitated by provider Ibenta Technologies a weekend ago.

The malware, which was instantly crippled on disclosure, had been exfiltrating information and sending it to an obscure outsider, Ticketmaster included.

Compromised data includes names, addresses, messages, phone numbers, installment points of interest and Ticketmaster login subtle elements. There’s no data on whether a few or the majority of this information was scrambled.

The firm noticed that UK clients who acquired or endeavored to buy, tickets amongst February and June 23, 2018, might be influenced. As a prudent step, the firm has additionally told worldwide clients who purchased in this period.

If the clients have not gotten an email, the firm does not trust this security episode has influenced them in light of our examinations.

Ticketmaster expressed that under 5% of our worldwide client base has been influenced by this occurrence” – however, this could even now keep running into the millions given a few reports which guarantee the firm serves more than 230 million clients.

It is trusted that upwards of 40,000 UK clients’ subtle elements have been endangered, albeit nobody in North America has been influenced.

As a precautionary measure, Ticketmaster is prescribing clients screen their records for proof of misrepresentation/wholesale fraud.

Rivulets Wallace, head of EMEA for Trusted Knight, cautioned clients likewise to be vigilant for phishing messages utilizing the stolen information or gaining by enthusiasm for the occurrence.

He additionally included that after an episode like this, offenders from around the globe will seize the opportunity to attempt and discover a couple of clueless individuals out. On the off chance that the clients get any messages indicating to be from Ticketmaster requesting any individual data, dispose of them. On the off chance that they have to contact Ticketmaster, type the site address into their program and sign in that way. It’s smarter to be protected.

Javvad Malik, the security advocate at AlienVault, included that the case features the issue of provider hazard.

He contended that it shows up as though the assailant could break in through an outsider, fortifying the significance of reviewing every single outsider for the entrance they require, and to have set up progressing observing and risk discovery controls that can raise cautions when an outsider is getting too corporate frameworks.

Ticketmaster is likewise working with the ICO, and this case could well be a first real trial of the GDPR, contingent upon when the episode happened.

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In recent news, Microsoft is structuring its own Adblock Plus straight into its Edge browser for Android. The software giant has started making the integration which is available to the Microsoft Edge for Android beta users, with the plans to rolled it out more broadly to all the Edge for all the Android users soon..........

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In recent news, Microsoft is structuring its own Adblock Plus straight into its Edge browser for Android. The software giant has started making the integration which is available to the Microsoft Edge for Android beta users, with the plans to rolled it out more broadly to all the Edge for all the Android users soon. Generally, the ad blocker is available in the Microsoft Edge settings option, and it does not require any separate add-ins for downloading and installing.

The Microsoft’s step is very significant since the company has been partnered with Adblock Plus to build this functionality immediately into the browser. Earlier Google revealed its own ad is blocking in the Chrome browser for Android, but it is not as destructive as Adblock Plus, and most of the ads are not even blocked on the majority of sites. The Mozilla’s Firefox for Android browser also includes a form of built-in the ad blocking, but it’s activated only during an in-private tab session. Some of the Samsung Android users might also install the Adblock extensions to block ads in the Samsung’s browser.

Now, the Microsoft Edge for Android has reached almost 5 million installs on the Google Play Store. Therefore, it still has a way to go to grab up to the 100 million of the Firefox installs or default Chrome browser which has more than 1 billion of installs on Android. In November 2017, Microsoft released Edge for the  Android, but recently, the company made it available only for the Android tablets.


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Linux enjoys a reputation for being safe and secure, but should you get a security solution for your Linux?

It has been a long time since the subject of whether Linux needs an antivirus solution or not has been discussed and debated online. Even though the threat of malware is very little in Linux as compared to Windows, does this imply we let anti-malware protection slide for Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, RedHat, openSUSE, or any other Linux distribution?

Find out what you can do to safeguard your Linux system from viruses, malware, and an array of other threats.

What do developers think about malware?

Even though only a small section of computers and laptops have Linux, a massive chunk of web servers run the Linux kernel. Therefore, when it comes to the enterprise, there is a perpetual fight going on between cybercriminals and systems admins.

In spite of this, it appears that the online threats faced by home users are not too aggressive.

The official site of Ubuntu, a massively popular Linux distro, has a considerable breadth and depth of knowledge, states that there are antivirus programs for Linux OS. However, the users most likely do not need it. Viruses which attack Linux are very uncommon. Some people think that since Linux is not as popular as other operating systems such as Windows and Mac, nobody bothers to write malicious code for it. Other people believe that Linux is, by its very nature, safer, and security vulnerabilities and patches that viruses could exploit are patched very swiftly.

Whatever the reason may be, Linux malware infections are so uncommon that one does not really have to bother about them presently.

Is Linux malware-free?

Even though Linux is virus-free for the most part, it does not imply that the user should start slacking in the security department.

Two years ago, the Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon was compromised by a monitoring software which came if users had downloaded it from the download webpage of Mint.

This happened because attackers changed a PHP script in WordPress installation used by the Mint project. This vulnerability was fixed promptly, although till then login credentials, messages, etc. had been breached.

Linux is more secure if you compare it to other operating systems. However, with any web-enabled device, it is necessary to exercise caution.

Are there any antivirus solutions for Linux?

Yes. Several. Even though developers will talk down the risks of infections, and they are correct in several ways, it doesn’t hurt to exercise caution.

If you think that Linux is malware-free and viruses for Linuxes do not exist, then you are totally wrong. Since Linux is gaining more and more popularity, virus attackers are becoming increasingly interested in it.

Get an antivirus which can detect and remove malware effectively. Ensure that the program scans for viruses in real-time.

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