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In recent news, Microsoft is structuring its own Adblock Plus straight into its Edge browser for Android. The software giant has started making the integration which is available to the Microsoft Edge for Android beta users, with the plans to rolled it out more broadly to all the Edge for all the Android users soon..........

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In recent news, Microsoft is structuring its own Adblock Plus straight into its Edge browser for Android. The software giant has started making the integration which is available to the Microsoft Edge for Android beta users, with the plans to rolled it out more broadly to all the Edge for all the Android users soon. Generally, the ad blocker is available in the Microsoft Edge settings option, and it does not require any separate add-ins for downloading and installing.

The Microsoft’s step is very significant since the company has been partnered with Adblock Plus to build this functionality immediately into the browser. Earlier Google revealed its own ad is blocking in the Chrome browser for Android, but it is not as destructive as Adblock Plus, and most of the ads are not even blocked on the majority of sites. The Mozilla’s Firefox for Android browser also includes a form of built-in the ad blocking, but it’s activated only during an in-private tab session. Some of the Samsung Android users might also install the Adblock extensions to block ads in the Samsung’s browser.

Now, the Microsoft Edge for Android has reached almost 5 million installs on the Google Play Store. Therefore, it still has a way to go to grab up to the 100 million of the Firefox installs or default Chrome browser which has more than 1 billion of installs on Android. In November 2017, Microsoft released Edge for the  Android, but recently, the company made it available only for the Android tablets.


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Linux enjoys a reputation for being safe and secure, but should you get a security solution for your Linux?

It has been a long time since the subject of whether Linux needs an antivirus solution or not has been discussed and debated online. Even though the threat of malware is very little in Linux as compared to Windows, does this imply we let anti-malware protection slide for Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, RedHat, openSUSE, or any other Linux distribution?

Find out what you can do to safeguard your Linux system from viruses, malware, and an array of other threats.

What do developers think about malware?

Even though only a small section of computers and laptops have Linux, a massive chunk of web servers run the Linux kernel. Therefore, when it comes to the enterprise, there is a perpetual fight going on between cybercriminals and systems admins.

In spite of this, it appears that the online threats faced by home users are not too aggressive.

The official site of Ubuntu, a massively popular Linux distro, has a considerable breadth and depth of knowledge, states that there are antivirus programs for Linux OS. However, the users most likely do not need it. Viruses which attack Linux are very uncommon. Some people think that since Linux is not as popular as other operating systems such as Windows and Mac, nobody bothers to write malicious code for it. Other people believe that Linux is, by its very nature, safer, and security vulnerabilities and patches that viruses could exploit are patched very swiftly.

Whatever the reason may be, Linux malware infections are so uncommon that one does not really have to bother about them presently.

Is Linux malware-free?

Even though Linux is virus-free for the most part, it does not imply that the user should start slacking in the security department.

Two years ago, the Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon was compromised by a monitoring software which came if users had downloaded it from the download webpage of Mint.

This happened because attackers changed a PHP script in WordPress installation used by the Mint project. This vulnerability was fixed promptly, although till then login credentials, messages, etc. had been breached.

Linux is more secure if you compare it to other operating systems. However, with any web-enabled device, it is necessary to exercise caution.

Are there any antivirus solutions for Linux?

Yes. Several. Even though developers will talk down the risks of infections, and they are correct in several ways, it doesn’t hurt to exercise caution.

If you think that Linux is malware-free and viruses for Linuxes do not exist, then you are totally wrong. Since Linux is gaining more and more popularity, virus attackers are becoming increasingly interested in it.

Get an antivirus which can detect and remove malware effectively. Ensure that the program scans for viruses in real-time.

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In technology calendar, September is always a noticeable month as every year Apple has revealed its array of new iPhones. Leading towards the launch, the rumor will work eventually and mix out leaks and information almost on a daily basis. The latest in the streak reveals that the new iPhones might get a more water resistant than the previous models. A patent has been filed against Apple for sealed the accessories which are for electronic devices.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), one of the Apple’s patent reveals that accessories for an electronic device has been sealed and includes a connector which has a deformable seal situated on it. Then, when the connector is chum to the electronic device, then a liquid-tight seal is formed between the accomplice and also with the electronic device. The accessories will have some functions which are useful in moist, wet or dirty environments.

For the suggestion, the Apple iPhone X and Apple iPhone X which already come with an IP67 rating. Instead, both devices can be submerged in 1 almost meter deep water for up to 30 minutes. However, the new Apple iPhone might get more water resistance. While nothing more has been revealed but the patent does recommend that Apple might develop its iPhones which come with an IP68 rating. The IP68 rating smartphones can save your phone almost up to 1.5 meters of water and approximately up to 40 minutes. It cannot be determined whether the models that are supposed to be launched in this September will come with this feature or not. Though, we can securely say that this is the best feature which will arrive with the iPhone sooner or later.

In the year 2018, Apple is planning to reveal three new iPhones. Among that, all will be a second-generation iPhone X that is predictable to feature the same 5.8-inch OLED display. The second one is allegedly the iPhone X Plus which will come with a 6.5-inch OLED display. Rumors are widespread that Apple might launch a third device that is an affordable 6.1-inch iPhone. This iPhone might come with a full active LCD and the one which is used in premium variants of the iPhone. The three latest iPhones are rumored to feature with an edge-to-edge screen.


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North Bay Police recently conducted an investigation into a complaint made in regards to fraud conducted on a bank account which involved a phishing scam using Netflix as a way to gather banking information.

A complaint with respect to irregularities in a bank account was made to the North Bay authorities the phishing mail received by the complainant on their mobile device seemingly originated from Netflix and advised the recipient to enter their banking details as they were outdated. The unsuspecting person re-entered the banking information, and this information fell into the hands of a phisher.

According to the investigation team, the complainant was notified via email that their banking credentials had been changed, and if he didn’t change them, he should get in touch with the bank.

When the person contacted the bank, suspicious activity in his bank account was identified, as a result of which the bank account was suspended in May 2018.

Detective John Schultz from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says that they later learned that several fraudulent financial transactions were made. These activities included withdrawing cash after depositing unlawful bank orders to the bank account.

Netflix is one of the several companies which are used for spoof emails. According to Netflix, they do not require users to give their personal and financial information over email.

The authorities have completed the investigation process, and even though the victim did not undergo a pecuniary loss, the phishers remain unknown.

Detective Constable Schultz says that one can fall victim to phishing quickly as well as easily. However, since the complainant didn’t waste time in contacting the North Bay police and the police authorities worked along with the bank to stop the fraud as quickly as possible.

Phishing frauds are usually connected to sham and unreliable websites and emails, wrongly pretending to originate from an authentic source like a bank, government institution, and multinational corporation in an effort to make the potential victim deliver their personal and financial details. Here it was a spoof Netflix email seeking to get banking credentials.

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