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Google is going to launch its first foldable Google Pixel Fold smartphone. As per the rumors, it’s going to be the first foldable device by Google. These smartphones are growing at a steady pace in 2021. These smartphones are new to the phone industry. It will be fascinating to see what Google has on a proposal with the forthcoming Pixel Fold. Soon it’s going to give competition to the Samsung and other smartphone brands available in the market.

As per the leaks, the Google pixel is going to arrive later this year. There are lots of rumors that the gadget will feature an ultra-thin glass display which is currently restricted to Samsung Galaxy Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2. The design is quite like a book, as seen on the most foldable phone.

Release Date and Price

Google pixel is going to release later this year or in early 2022, and as per reports, it could arrive in the fourth quarter of this year. There is no news about its price, but it’s expected to be around $1481. The Google pixel


There is scarcely any spec leaked around the Google Pixel Fold. Despite thinking about the top-notch nature of Foldable gadgets, certainly, Google will pack in very good quality equipment on its foldable smartphone. All things considered; the smartphone could be powered by Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 888 SoC. It’s an octa-core chipset dependent on a 5nm manufacturing process and coupled with Adreno 660 GPU. The chipset might be coupled with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard storage.

Apart from this, we have additionally found out about an in-house chipset codenamed “Whitechape.”. This chipset is being created by Samsung and is required to move ahead in the approaching Pixel 6 models. 


From what we have heard, Google will source an OLED display from Samsung for the Pixel Fold. This should be a 7.6-inch board like what has been reputed for the Galaxy Z 3’s inside display. Moreover, the Pixel Fold is tipped to include Samsung’s Ultra-thin display (UTG) display. This should make the inside display on Google’s coming foldable gadget less delicate. There will be a fingerprint sensor available too in the upcoming Google pixel fold.

As per reports, the codename Passport with model number GPQ72 is usually to be the Pixel Fold. Nonetheless, that by itself can’t confirm its launch close to Pixel 6 this year. Google has recorded numerous design patents for a foldable gadget which appear to be truly useful in determining the design of the rumored Pixel Fold. Google is also working to develop multitasking abilities on the upcoming Android 12.

Pixel Fold design and display

The Google Pixel phones will have OLED panels of around 7.6 inches purchased from Samsung. The pixel density will be 373 ppi. The screen size will be the same as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, the huge screen for a foldable phone like this. As per the leaks, the design will be more like a book.


The cameras on Foldable phones are not that good to date. Subsequently, Google can profit from this void of camera-driven foldable phones. The brand is going to deliver stellar Camera performance even with restricting hardware. The camera resolution will be 12.2 MP, f/1.7, 27mm (wide), 16 MP, f/2.2, 107 (ultrawide).


In the article, we have discussed the new leaks about the Google pixel Fold, which is amazing for the users. The phone will be amazing with a great screen and display features. This phone will be a little bit expensive but gives the customers a great experience. We are excited about its launch! Hope you too are!

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elina john

All the gamers out there, you all keep our houses all spick and span, right? Then why not your gaming consoles? Have you ever thought of how dirty your gaming console might be? So, just like we clean our house and different appliances from time to time, our gaming consoles also need to be cleaned properly. It is just as essential as any other work! Gamers simply spend hours playing their favorite games with their beloved consoles daily while munching on their favorite snacks. Your sweat, layers of dust particles, and also your favorite munchies get accumulated as dirt on your gaming consoles. However, you must have never realized how much gunk you add to these favorite gadgets of yours! Even if your beloved consoles are built to withstand wear and tear and maybe a bit of gamer rage as well, you should never take dust lightly.

Also, a dirty panel may not seem slightly appealing. However, we do know that getting that console cleaned is a bit tacky and delicate process but don’t worry! We are here for you. So, just get up, put on your gloves and follow these instructions to breathe new life into your gaming consoles.


Set up your space with all the cleaning supplies at hand. Also, do have some dry, rough cloths or paper towels. Even some newspapers also may do the needful. This will help you manage any spills.

Switch off and disconnect the consoles from the wall before starting with the disinfection procedure. Do remember to turn off the sleep mode as it may overheat if the console is covered or woken up accidentally.

Now, begin with dusting your consoles lightly to get rid of the dust and all that loosely layered dirt.

Remember to do this every week to avoid constant accumulation.

Next, get a lint-free cloth and a cleaning solution. Remember,  the solution should be ammonia-free, and try to invest in a good quality microfibre cloth for this purpose. If you don’t have any cleansing solution, don’t worry. You can simply add some liquid soap and water and use this solution as a cleaning solution. This solution will also be equally effective. Be extra cautious while cleaning with the solution, and avoid getting the solution into any of the openings. Also, do remember that the cloth should only be damp and not soaking wet! You can also use wet wipes if you wish to.

Start cleaning from the corners of the consoles and continue doing so until it is all clean. Once you are done and satisfied with your work, grab a clean, dry cloth and wipe the console’s surface.

The buttons are the toughest part! It is quite difficult to clean it with a cloth because of the crevices and nooks and the dirt build-up stuck in there. Now, to clean these buttons, you can use a Q-tip. Dip it in Isopropyl Alcohol and use it to clean all the gunk hidden in those crevices.

Next, you can simply use a brush to dust off the console margins from where they can be opened. Try getting out as much dirt as possible without taking a risk to open it. In case your console has a disk drive, clean inside the drive as well. Remember to be extra cautious and gentle while doing this. You don’t wanna be harsh on your baby, right?

Well, you can’t do anything regarding the scratches, though. But, all that gunk must have gone by now! Now you have your prized possession all spick and span, bright and shiny.

Now that you are done with the cleaning procedure cover your consoles with a dust cover. Invest in a good quality cover if you wish to else a clean, dry towel may also do the needful. This will help your gadget remain squeaky clean as long as possible.

Congratulations, all your hard work is done, and now you can enjoy your near-new console and start gaming with your beloved!

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elina john

A few days ago, we got to see the first look of the Galaxy Watch 4. It showed that it has no rotating bezel. However, the rotating bezel lives on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Samsung has renamed it to classic, which makes it looks like a conventional classic watch. Samsung will launch this smartwatch later this year.

Design & Build

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic looks similar to the Galaxy Watch 3 except for the strap design and color options. In short, the design of the smartwatch has been the same since the launch of the Galaxy Gear S3 in 2016.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has large rotating bezels along with big buttons on the side, and it will help users with navigation. The color options also might be White, Black, and Gray for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. In short, the smartwatch has a cool and premium look.

Display & Size Options

There are not enough details for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic display, but it will have gorilla glass DX or DX plus on the Aluminum and Stainless-Steel models. Gorilla Glass DX plus is also better at scratch resistance.

Samsung will offer Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in three sizes. It includes 42mm, 44mm, and 46mm sizes. However, the regular watch will be offered in two size options.

New Operating System

Samsung is no longer using Tizen for its smartwatch operating system. The smartwatch comes with One UI, which is a new custom skin for Samsung smartwatches. It is also combined with Google’s new WearOS. This new operating system will also help users to use a lot of compatible applications from the Play Store.

In other words, it is a new interface based on the new platform developed in the partnership with Google.

Other Features

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic offers a BIA sensor. It measures your body composition to tell you how fat you are. The smartwatch will also offer WCDMA and LTE support. The new Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be 5 atm rated. In other words, it is water-resistant up to 50 meters for 10 minutes.

Users will also have the option to change the straps to customize the look of the watch. Any 20 mm band will work with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatch. You can also purchase the band separately. The build quality might be leather and metal for the bands.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is military-certified. It is also certified for MIL-STD-810G. In other words, the smartwatch is more durable compared to the previous version of Samsung smartwatches.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will cost you about $499. However, there is no official announcement related to the price of the product.


Samsung has not offered any more hardware details for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but Samsung might launch a total of three models for the Galaxy Watch 4 series. However, users will not have to wait for a long time to find out more about the new smartwatch. It will be unveiled at Samsung’s next unpacked event. It may take place in August.

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elina john

The world of Pokémon is well-known for spin-off games. Because many have been launched for the past 25 years. And it has already taken the world by storm with games like Pokémon GO. Now, the Pokémon Company is all set to launch a new competitor into the ring in the form of Pokémon UNITE.

The Official Pokémon YouTube channel has announced to introduce the latest Pokémon game for Android, the Nintendo Switch, and iOS. The latest game is known as Pokémon Unite, and it’s a MOBA. Similar to its previous versions, you’ll have to collect all the Pokémon as a part of the online multiplayer battle game. Undoubtedly, Pokémon Unite is designed and developed in partnership with Tencent. So, I expect the game to land as a blatant cash grab similar to Pokémon Café Mix. The Pokemon Company is focused on continuing this franchise by the mud as long as it can generate quick money with lazy clones on mobile. However, there is no launch date, no target regions conversations, and no one has indicated anything about monetization.

Below, we are mentioning everything we know about Pokémon UNITE on Android so far.

What is Pokémon UNITE?

Well, it is the latest MOBA team battle arena gameplay, developed in collaboration with Tencent Games Studios and the Pokémon Company. This game will have players competing against one another in 5-on-5 team fights. In these battles, players will cooperate with their team to find and catch wild Pokémon. This all will be done while evolving and leveling up their own Pokémon in the process.

Pokémon UNITE’s Gameplay

The Pokémon Unite game gives you real-time challengesto players from all around the world. This time, the beta version is available to Canadian residents only. The Pokémon UNITE spawn teams on opposite ends of the map with the only objective of collecting more Pokémon than the opponent. This game has five scoring fields for each team.

Players will use a combination of both short-range and long-range attacks to conquer your enemies, but remember to defeat the wild Pokémon you find, or else you’ll fall behind. Conquering these NPCs will make your picked Pokémon level upevolve,and got new skills. So, you will need to be sure while choosing one. The Pokémon UNITE claims that it has cross-platform play, which means you can match up with any device.

Which Pokémon Does Pokémon UNITE Include?

It’s not disclosed how many Pokémon will be included in Pokémon UNITE. As per the recent updates from the Company, it looks like players can see forward to most of their favorite Pokémon in the game. However, the following Pokémon are corroborated to appear in the game:

  1. Venusaur
  2. Blastoise
  3. Lucario
  4. Machamp
  5. Gengar`
  6. Snorlax
  7. Clefable
  8. Pikachu
  9. Charizard
  10. Talonflame

For now, only 10 Pokémon are confirmed in the game. We have spotted other Pokémon through different leaks and other briefs about the Gameplay. But it is estimated there are around 900 Pokémon in existence.

Should You Download Pokémon UNITE?

Yes, if you’re one of the Pokémon fans. Also, if you only like multiplayer online battle arena games, this is the right option for you. You can also play Pokémon Go.

What’s Good
  • It is a team-based battle arena game.
  • It is Free-to-play
  • This game has a variety of Pokémon to pick from
What’s Not Good
  • Incompatible on some devices
Terms and Conditions 

Your Android device needs to have Version 5.0 or more to install this game and a minimum of 3 GB RAM. Players must be at least 16 years old to play this game.

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elina john

iPad users will get a new Widget experience with iPadOS 15, very much similar to iPhone. Amidst all, here is how you can add Widgets to your iPad right now.

Users can add Widgets to their iPad devices. But they should not expect the various types of customizations that the tech giant has made available on the iPhone devices with iOS 14 software update. At least, the users can’t expect it from Apple yet. The tech giant is trying to improve the Widget experience for iPad users in the near future. But, in the meantime, tablet users can use and add Widgets.

iOS 14 & A New Way to Use Widgets

Apple introduced a new and exciting way to use Widgets on any iPhone with iOS 14 software updates. Previously, there were several limitations as to where the Widgets could be places and its overall experience. Plus, it could be displayed only in Today View.

However, the release of iOS 14 changed everything allowing Widgets to be played and displayed anywhere. It can be time-consuming to customize the home screen using Widgets released with iOS 14. However, the results are speaking themselves, and several users find various creative ways to customize the look and feel in a personalized way.

Add Widgets to Your iPad

Very much similar to the Widget experience on the iPhone before the release of iOS 14, currently, the tech giant allows only iPad owners to add a Widget using the Today View section. Users can access this particular interface section by swiping right until its end. Here, you can hold and press on a space within the section, Today View. Now, wait for the apps to give a jiggling effect.

Further, you have to click on the plus sign to open the Widget gallery. Here, users are allowed to select the Widget they wish. Now, choose the size you want and then click on the ‘Add Widget.’ It will help you to add it to the particular section.

If your device needs space to adjust the new Widget, then you can remove the existing ones. To remove the existing ones, hold down on an empty space and then click on the minus sign next to Widget. Alternatively, you can drag the Widget to a new place to make room for a new Widget.

iPadOS 15: The iPad Widget Update

Apple made it clear that it is going to introduce a significant upgrade to Widgets. The company announced it during the WWDC 2021 event. It made it clear that the Widget upgrades will be released with the launch of iPadOS 15. Undoubtedly, the company will bring the same Widget experience to iPad users as it brought to iPhone users. Apple is planning all these with its next major iOS update.

Its upcoming software update will allow users to customize and make their iPad home screen their own. Once the company makes the updates available to the users, they will add Widgets on the Home screens directly alongside the app. No doubt, it will result in a more personal and look.

Until then, you can lock Widget visible in the Today View section in place. It will help Widgets to remain available on your device’s Home Screen. However, users can only avail this facility when their table is in landscape orientation.

When your device is in landscape mode, open the section Today View. Now, keep pressing and holding the Home Screen background. Here, the apps will jiggle very much, similar to when you add Widgets. After that, tap on Keep on Home Screen and then click on Done. It will lock the Widgets on the iPad in place.

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elina john

Windows 11 can be made available not only for Windows 10 users but also for those running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 as a free upgrade.

A leak over upgrade support has surfaced ahead of the official announcement of the new Microsoft operating system. Microsoft had also launched a similar upgrade program when it launched Windows 10, in which Windows 7 and Windows 8 users got free upgrades.

One of the reasons behind this at that time was to bring more and more people to new windows, after which the company also lost user support for Windows 7 last year.

XDA Developers saw some product configuration keys in the leaked Windows 11 build, with titles of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. These keys may indicate Microsoft bringing users of the old Windows operating system to Windows 11 as a free upgrade.

However, interestingly, Windows 8 configuration is not part of these keys. This means that Windows 8 users may need to upgrade to the Windows 8.1 OS before moving to Windows 11.

According to the data offered by analytics platform Statcounter, the Windows 7 operating system with a 15.52 percent market share as of May is the second-largest Windows operating system in the world after 10 Windows. It is followed by Windows 8.1, which has a 3.44 percent stake. On the contrary, Windows 8 has only a 1.27 percent stake.

Windows 11 operating system is scheduled to launch on June 24. Even before its release, the new operating system has been viewed through its leaked build. This will include a new start menu and the company has also made several changes to the interface, making it much different from Windows 10. Windows 10 users will get the new version as a free upgrade. It is not clear whether it will be available immediately for older generation operating systems.

Satya Nadella became the new chairman for Windows

Microsoft Corporation on Wednesday named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) as its new chairman in place of John Thompson. Nadella, who took over as CEO after Steve Balmer in 2014, has played a key role in expanding his business, including billions of dollars in acquisitions such as LinkedIn, Nuance Communications, and Zenimax.

Satya Nadella has revitalized him for a new phase whilst also tightening his hold on such a major global technology firm. According to the company, Nadella has been unanimously chosen to lead the Microsoft executive board, in which he will “direct the agenda while maximizing his deep understanding of the market to identify the correct potential value and identify key risks.”

Early in his term, Nadella ordered a massive restructuring by cutting 18,000 jobs or 14 percent of employees under a plan aimed at easing corporate structures and integrating Finland’s Nokia’s mobile division. Nadella, 53, preferred cloud computing, which has become an attractive development engine at the tech giant located in The City of Redmond, Washington State.

Microsoft is set to launch a new generation of its Windows operating system next week. Monitoring Nadella, Microsoft has focused more on hiring software and services hosted on a data center in the computing cloud and has expanded its user platform.

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elina john

Apple provided a closer look to users at various features At WWDC 2021 that it will bring to Mac devices. It includes the new Universal Control Continuity feature also.

Universal Control is a new Continuity feature that Apple introduced at WWDC 2021. It will be launched with macOS Monterrey. After the release of macOS Big Sur in 2020, macOS Monterey will be the next significant update for the Mac operating system. The subsequent versions of iPadOS, iOS, watchOS, and macOS improve the user experience on specific devices. But Universal Control seems all set to improve user experience across devices.

Why Continuity Feature is Important

Apple has designed Continuity feature to offer more excellent usability and connectivity between its various devices. It creates an ecosystem that every user can take advantage of daily. For example, users can use the Continuity feature to authorize their purchases through Apple Pay on their iMac or MacBook computer. Likewise, users can use Touch ID or Face ID on their iPhone to authorize their purchases.

Besides, you can also transfer photos, images, and other media from your iPhone to your Mac device. All these are possible due to the Universal Clipboard. It is due to this particular feature that allows users to open an illustration they have created on an iPad in a document on their Mac device. In addition, users can use Continuity Sketch to insert quick drawings into a document on their iPad.

The feature allows users to use the iPad independently to draw with a finger or an Apple Pencil. To draw and insert the drawing, right-click in a Mac document and choose ‘insert Sketch.’ When you tap on this, it will open you a blank canvas on the device you have chosen. For example, it will open the blank canvas on chosen iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. Further, you will see known Markup tools on the screen. Finally, you can use a pencil marker, pen, or ruler to create whatever sketch you want.

Apart from these, AirDrop is also a similar feature that the Continuity app offers. Many Apple users are already familiar with this feature. It allows users to transfer videos and photos wirelessly from one Apple device to another.

Universal Control: What Are Its Benefits

Universal Control is another Continuity feature that allows users to use it differently. Thanks to Universal Control, Users can use one keyboard and mouse to connect a Mac with their iPad wirelessly. Users can set their iPad down next to their Mac devices first. After then, they can use the trackpad to drag the cursor right from their Mac device to their iPad screen.

Even the Mac cursor will appear on your iPad screen. So, you can move it seamlessly between these two devices. Plus, you can also use the Mac trackpad to open and close documents on our iPad. Besides, you can use it to return to the home screen on the iPad. Apart from these, users can use the Mac keyboard to search on the iPad.

Here, it is worth noting that Universal Control is not only for connecting one Mac device and iPad. You can add iMac also to this equation. Besides, it allows the users to transfer mostly anything from one device to other. Moreover, users can do it all at the same time. The developer beta that includes Universal Control is available right now. But the public beta is still not available. It can be expected to be rolled out next month.

Airplay To Mac: An Another Exciting Continuity Feature

AirPlay to Mac is expected to be rolled out soon. It is another feature designed to improve the connectivity between Mac and various other devices of Apple. With these features, users can use the retina display and HiFi sound system of their Mac device to share various media. For example, they can share from a photo album or movie to make a presentation for their work.

For example, they can use the display of their Mac device to view videos they have accessed on their iPad. Moreover, users can use their Mac device as a secondary speaker while playing audio in more than one room.

Overall, Apple’s strategy of introducing new ways to keep its devices connected is excellent. It will encourage a massive number of users to invest in a variety of Apple products. This is due to these features that allow various Apple products to work together quickly and seamlessly.

Even though all these new features have been designed specifically for Mac devices, Apple has recently rolled out many other Continuity features for its other devices. For example, it included unlocking an iPhone using an Apple Watch while wearing a mask.

Eliana Jones

A question that pops up now and then in the recent digital era- What is ransomware?

Well, it is a malware or a type of cyber threat that has grown rapidly in the last few months. The hackers encrypt and hold important data and information to pressurize the victim to pay the ransom.

The victim can be a person, a family, a group of people or an entire organization. The data is held captive with no permission of access to the owners. The victims are demanded a certain amount of money in return for access.

According to McAfee, it is not enough to just buy an antivirus solution and installing it via

This is because when an organization is attacked with ransomware, every individual related to it gets entitled to worry. As in this technology-dominated world, data is stored and can be shared very easily.So let’s see what McAfee professionals have to say about it.

How to know about The Risk of Exposure?

As a consumer/client of an organization, you trust them with your personal data. You trust them with maintaining confidentiality. But, when such a thing as ransomware comes into the picture, it might be difficult for you.

They issue public reports, publish social media posts and make public statements to let you know about the kind of data that might be at risk, which is the best way to know that your data is now, officially, at risk of being exposed.

But with that transparency, you might find it less difficult to believe in them.


Apart from getting the best McAfee antivirus and installing it through, here are a few tips that might help you secure your data:

·         Maintain a backup of all your data

·         Maintain online safety with browsing

·         Ensure using secured networks only

·         Keep changing your credentials

·         Incorporate password manager software

·         Never settle on paying the ransom

·         Enable multi-layer authentication programs

·         Ensure a comprehensive security solution

Note: When talking about comprehensive security, is the best way to go and choose from a wide variety of virus detection methods.

CONCLUSION offers you the best solutions and helps you install your antivirus program software into your systems.

However, McAfee knows that ransomware attacks do not just affect one person or an organization. It affects and everyone related to it, and that is why they have recommended eight very significant and easy tips to safeguard yourself from these attacks.

And never paying the ransom is one of the primary goals as there is no guarantee of total security even after it is paid.


 With nonstop mechanical advances, rivalry in each division has been expanding relentlessly and is that the situation with the merchandise advertises. A standout amongst the foremost requested and selling things of this market is an antivirus application. The counter malware motors are created by many producers, yet just a few have found out the way to make their very own personality and one such known antivirus creator is McAfee. A unit of Intel Security may be a respectable name for digital security items and it’s settled on account of its unending effort against digital lawbreakers and their utilization of PC dangers.

 Mcafee Support Number 1-877-236-6695 will assist you in investigating all of your issues that you're confronting and making your framework backtracks. Mcafee Customer Care can likewise assist you in issues like-Mcafee establishment mistake, Mcafee enactment issue, Mcafee update blunder, establishment mistake, Mcafee re-introduce blunder then forth.

 The defensive innovation of countermeasures for hurtful projects, for instance, spyware, adware, worms, bugs, bots, infections, ransom ware, and their helping instruments, especially adventures, FUDs, downloaders, and droppers. The innovative workgroups of activate complete extraordinary examination and investigation of malware projects to differentiate potential enhancements that ought to be possible by the digital convicts.

 All McAfee antivirus items run similarly well on various working framework gadgets, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Subsequently, activate gives its clients the office to secure their everything gadgets utilizing an identical membership at no additional expense. to make sure online personality and defend online exchanges download utilizes high-grade encryption methods. In this, a system address of a client stays quiet and crucial subtleties internet security like that of banking are coded to be moved securely through system channels.

 The defensive innovation of the antivirus adds layers of hearty security to a PC gadget to avoid any abuse of weaknesses present within the OS and introduced programming. Malware transporters, almost like adventures and their helping applications misuse these openings to embed pernicious codes and thus cripple PC frameworks. total protection and internet security are the two most developed forms and them two offer True Key application to store and utilize all usernames and passwords with a solitary stick. to make sure the web security of youngsters and help guardians in controlling their online exercises, both these adaptations offer parental controls. All product key applications return with 100% cash ensure if a McAfee antivirus neglects to evacuate any noxious program. the assistance staff through McAfee Support telephone number USA gives day in and outing assistance to expel any PC risk.

 See it’s that easy to possess a livesafe item. you'll Contact McAfee Customer Service Number 1-877-236-6695 and lean toward our site to get McAfee antivirus on the online and better of all, all of the things that we give are 100% real and unique. aside from that, with each and each buy, we give help just to form your product key experience progressively ideal.

alex hales
McAfee antivirus is world known antivirus for PC, Mac, Tablet and mobile. Over the last 30 years, while securing your devices against viruses, malware, fileless attacks, and other threats at home and away, has built a rich and widespread global threat intelligence network. This foundation allows us to constantly analyze and gather data on threats from over 500 million endpoints across the globe. McAfee use security analytics, cloud security, SIEM, and machine learning to allow protection, detection, and correction to happen simultaneously from device to cloud. Our endpoint protection, cloud access security broker (CASB), and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator products are united to provide orchestration across the entire threat defense lifecycle  
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