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Recently Google has released a whole new update for their Pixel 4 device, and the update is mainly focused upon improving Face unlock feature. The users now have to open their eyes to make Face unlock work else it won’t unlock the device. However, the users who are willing to turn off this feature can easily disable it through settings of Face unlock.

Earlier, when Google launched the Face unlock feature in their Pixel 4, then they obtain massive criticism due to various issues in it, including missing features of eye detection. Now, Google has finally came forward to fix this issue and brought a new update for their users to include this feature to their device. Although the Face recognizes technology through eye detection was first introduced by Apple in their iPhone X device in the year 2017. Apple stuns the whole world by eye detection attribute of this feature, which in numerous people can easily detect the correct owner of their device.

The newly arrived update of Google in their Pixel 4 device not only brings the eyes detection feature but also brought an upgrade for the device’s Bluetooth issue. The issue was occurring in the device’s Bluetooth, which enables the users to take calls through wireless earphones or tune to the music. After the subsequent upgrade, the issue will be permanently fixed.

The news about this update has been proclaimed by the official twitter handle of Pixel 4 in which they inform the users about the newly appeared update. Alongside, device issues that are creating a lot of problems in the device. The update has appeared on 6th April 2017, and it will acquire 300 MB space of the user’s device.

As we all know that most of the users have a dilemma in their minds that updates ruin the performs of the devices. Thus, the users who come under this ideology should avoid updating their Pixel 4 through the subsequent update. As several developers who have tested the beta version of this update has already stated the Google that they are facing a significant impact on the performance of their device soon after updating their device.

Though Google is one of the leading conglomerates of the world and thus they have fixed this issue. But the subsequent users should wait for at least 2 to 3 days until a proper review of the following update arrives. Whereas the users who are willing to fix the issue of Face unlock feature must be quite delightful. As their wish has come true and now, they can easily avail of the functionality. Alongside, calling and listening to music through Bluetooth devices must also be improved after this update. So, the users who are annoyed through that problem can now take a deep breath after this update.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .


There is a piece of good news for the fans of Tiger King who have missed the episodes of this beautiful show. According to Jeff Lowe, Netflix is all set to release the bonus episode of this show next week. Jeff Lowe was seen in the series of Tiger King as the business partner of Joe Exotic, who became the owner of the zoo. He announced that Netflix is planning to add more episodes to the series, and till next week they will start the filming. However, Jeff Lowe did not make it clear that how they will begin to the filming of the series as the whole USA is going through a lockdown and maintaining social distancing.

Meanwhile, the fans are speculating that the new episode may be the special reunion one, or it may be the continued episode of the series. The fans of the series are well acquainted with the story of the Tiger King revolving around Joe Exotic. Joe Exotic is a private zoo owner who has more than200 tigers and big cats. He ran his zoo for the president of the United States of America and then for the Oklahoma governor. He is involved in a rivalry with an activist Carole Baskin. Carole is fighting for the rights of animals and determined to send Joe Exotic to jail. The feud between the two people escalated so much that Joe hired someone to kill his foe, Carole. This landed him in prison, and he was sentenced 22 years for hiring someone to kill Carole. Tiger king became more and more famous among the people due to its fast and loose anecdotes making each episode of the show memorable. Tiger King became so popular that it started generating more and more content regarding the show on social media sites. This led to more and more people to watch the show.

Now, people are again waiting for the further episodes of the show, and after the announcement of Jeff, the eagerness among the people is increasing to a large extent. Meanwhile, Lowe showed his gratitude to the people for watching the show and making it such a huge hit. He said these words in a message recorded on Cameo, which is a message site for the celebrities, and then he added that the show is going to be aired on Netflix with some more episodes again. However, the representatives of Netflix turned down any request to comment on the announcement made by Lowe. But, according to the recent update, it seems that Netflix set all set to release the further episodes. So, if you are waiting for the additional events of the Tiger King, then there are some ways through which you can get more and more content and exciting news about the show. There is a podcast about the big cat universe of Joe Exotic, along with some well-planned miniseries that could be listened to by the viewers. You can also watch the videos of David Spade, who has interviewed several people who were appearing on the Tiger King. The fans can enjoy the interviews until the further episodes came to the streaming service, Netflix

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.


Apple proclaimed an essential offer for other streaming service providers to get relief from paying a 30% fee. Now, streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon doesn’t have to pay an amount to Apple in case users try to download or rent a movie alongside TV shows. Although Apple proclaimed about its decision yesterday, it’s come under a specific program, which is quite earlier. The program has been started by Apple when Amazon Prime Video has been updated with iOS, and Apple had permitted it for app purchases. However, the accurate existential date of the subsequent program cannot be presumed, but the service has been provided by Canal+ and Altice One.

Recently Apple has stated about the subsequent program in an interview in which its spokesperson said that the program had been crafted for a limited time. Alongside they added, the program is for the companies that obtain an external way of payment. Thus the Apple store doesn’t handle its payment system. When asked in the interview about any prerequisites to avail of that program, the spokesperson revert by saying the service provider just has to compile Apple services, features, and apps that must include Siri SupportAirPlay2, and Universal Search.

The interview went quite late, and several more questions asked in which they also mentioned specific terms and conditions of the program. They stated that the program is only for the purchases done by individuals, and it doesn’t come under subscription thing. However, various big entertainment providers such as Video game companies, including Epic Games unable to integrate Apple terms and conditions, whereas streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, have qualified for this program.

The major purpose of this program is to provide great offers to the customers by the streaming services provider. The offer includes various Apple services such as Airplay 2 support, tvOS, and more beneficial apps such as Apple TV. Apple has till now proclaimed about Altice One, Canal+, and Amazon Prime video in reference to their qualified streaming service providers. However, there are rumours of Netflix joining this lineup soon. The customers will also get benefits such as renting or purchasing movies and TV shows.

The initiative led by Apple seems out to be a significant one as they have depleted straightly 30% of their store fee. However, being an influential marketer, we probably know that Apple is aware of all its decision. The subsequent program is definitely going to prove an influential one too. Till then, let us just all wait and see what this decision of Apple turns out to be and how much profit does it provides to them as well as the audience.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.


Twitter has recently deleted the two tweets by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for spreading misinformation regarding the ongoing health emergency all across the world. Apart from eliminating the tweets of the Brazilian president, the social media giant has also removed the contents of the president of Venezuela and former mayor of New York City for violating the ban put by Twitter on the ongoing health emergency content. While removing the materials of the presidents of Brazil and Venezuela, it was said that the tweets of both are against the guidance provided by the authoritative sources of local and global public health information.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of Twitter said in an email that the social media giant will continuously keep on reviewing the contents regarding emergency health outbreaks and will not hesitate to remove the tweets violating the rules of Twitter and spreading misinformation about emergency health outbreak. Further, the spokesperson said that the conversation of the current health emergency is going on all across the globe, and any misinformation will not only create panic among the people but also worsen the current situation. He further added that everywhere the government is promoting social distancing as it is the only solution to fight against the current health emergency. So, any content or tweet which has been posted on Twitter violating the measures of social distancing will be removed. The spokesperson of Twitter said that the social media giant is committed to remaining vigilant in such an emergency and focusing on protecting the conversation about public health. Twitter, by taking such steps, is helping the people to get the right information from only authoritative sources regarding the ongoing health emergency.

Amidst all, it has been revealed that the two Tweets of President Bolsonaro removed by Twitter included the videos in which he has endorsed the use of hydroxychloroquine as the potential treatment option for curing the ongoing health outbreak. Apart from that, president Bolsonaro was also seen as willing to end the current social distancing among the people. The Brazilian president said that he has come to know that the people of Brazil are eager to return to their work. Meanwhile, it is worthwhile to note that hydroxychloroquine still has not been proven as the potential treatment for curing the current health issue all across the globe. It is not the first time that the social media giants have removed such content spreading misinformation and violating the rules. Earlier, According to BBC News BrazilFacebook has also removed the video of President Bolsonaro, which was posted on Instagram and the leading social network of Facebook. While eliminating the videos of the Brazilian president, Facebook said that both Instagram and Facebook couldn’t allow anyone to violate the community rules of social networking sites. The social media giants said that such contents would not only spread misinformation among the people but also lead to harm to the people physically.

Furthermore, Twitter has removed the videos of the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, who was seen endorsing a brew which could eliminate the infectious genes of the ongoing health issue and save the people from the disease. Apart from these, Twitter has also removed the tweets of actress Alyssa Milano and John McAfee, who is a businessman and found spreading misinformation on the emergency health outbreak from their Twitter handle. The Twitter handle of the Federalist has been locked by the social media giant when it came to know that the federalist is endorsing to join a health outbreak party, which could expose a large number of people to such infection.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Devin Smith

Microsoft has decided to end investments in facial recognition firms after AnyVision controversy related to secret surveillance on the West Bank.

Microsoft has said that the company will no longer invest in third party companies that are involved in developing facial recognition apps. The company has taken this decision following the controversy regarding AnyVision facial recognition company, which is based in Israel. The human rights activists and critics have alleged the company to involve in a nonitoring program throughout the West Bank. According to a report of NBC News, which is revealing the relationship of the Israel based company with the government, it was said that Microsoft had invested heavily in Israel based facial recognition startup. The Israel based AnyVision is using its technology to help the government of Israel to surveil the West Bank and Palestinians living through the area. Further, the report said that while doing so, the tech giant has broken its public pledge of avoiding the use of technology if it is invading the democratic rights.

It is worth noting here that AnyVision around which the whole controversy revolving is based in Israel but has several offices in the UK, USA, and Singapore also. AnyVision sells facial recognition apps based on artificial intelligence technology. The facial recognition technology sold by AnyVision is helpful for the customers if they want to identify any individual or objects or the people in the Smartphone or security camera. The facial recognition app then tracks the target individuals or objects whenever they move along with providing essential data regarding them.

Meanwhile, while defending itself from the allegations, said that the company had investigated the matter by constituting an independent investigation team under General Eric Holder, the former US attorney general. The company said that no clues or proofs were found about the involvement of AnyVision in any mass surveillance program. The investigation team under General Eric at Covington & Burling, which is an international law firm, found nothing suspicious regarding the use of facial recognition technology by AnyVision in any surveillance program. The company said if they have got any proof regarding the allegations, then the company would have constituted the pledge of breach of the financial portfolio on the ethical use of facial recognition technology.

Amidst all, the tech giant has further declared that the company has started divesting from the Israel based AnyVision. The company also made it clear that in the future also it will not invest in third party companies making such technologies. The company said that such investment by it does not allow any company to involve in such practices, which is not democratic. Further, the company also made it clear in an announcement that it has shifted its focus to developing a commercial relationship with the companies so that it could exercise greater control on use of such sensitive technologies in the future. However, the company is now stopping investing in AnyVision, but it is not the only facial recognition technology that the company owns, but also it has the FaceAPI. FaceAPI is also a facial recognition technology developed by the tech giant t through its cloud platform Azure; however, the company has never used such sensitive technology for any surveillance program.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.



Avalanche Studios’ famous first-person shooter game has been included with the latest update. The fans of this game are super excited and keen to explore new aspects of it. The most excited one among gamers is new weapons. A series of numerous new weapons and gears have arrived through this new update. Although every weapon that has arrived is enormously potent in its own way, BFG 9000 is the one that has induced a lot of urge among the gamers. In the subsequent blog, we will help the gamers to find BFG 9000 in Rage 2. Read the below-written workaround thoroughly to get rid of making any mistake.

Find BFG 9000 in Rage 2

The gamers need to have certain prerequisites to become eligible for navigating BFG 9000. The major prerequisite is to buy a Deluxe edition of Rage2. However, there must be several gamers who are either not ready or can’t afford this deluxe version. So, for them, it is strictly mentioned not to get indulged in any external way as it will immediately suspend you from the game. Whereas the gamers who have purchased the deluxe version requires to go towards Phoenix.

While driving through Phoenix, the gamers need to explore Wasteland. The gamers, after driving on the road full of dirt for a couple of minutes, then they will begin to cross over a fork. As soon as gamers cross the fork, suddenly, a meteorite will fall in front of the players. Once everything gets settled, then the gamers need to get off Pheonix.

They will easily encounter BFG 9000 lies in the place where a meteorite has struck. The gamers also need to be aware that the meteorite must obtain several foes to hinder the gamers from obtaining BFG 9000. So, it is advisable to look upon for any enemies on the meteorite and get equipped with a potent weapon to knock them down easily.


The following article is here to provide information to the gamers about Rage 2. In the following article, we have mainly focused upon BFG 9000 weapon of Rage 2 alongside we have brief out specific ways to find it. In case you find the provided information in the article absurd, then we are incredibly sorry about it. In the end, we hope that you would find this article useful and successfully complete this task through it.

The gamers who are unaware of the gaming experience of Rage 2 can obtain it on Xbox OnePS4, and PC.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .

John Martin

mcafee activate product key- People sometime come across VirusScan error 1603 when they are trying to install McAfee on their system. This error can give you some hard time when it occurs; that is why you need to make sure you resolve this error as soon as possible. Before executing the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this blog, you need to make sure that you have used correct mcafee product key. You can try to take the assistance of the customer care team to make sure that the issue is resolved entirely.

Symptoms of Mcafee VirusScan Error 1603

Talking about the system by seeing which you can be sure that your antivirus software is suffering from error code 1603 are:

v  If your Operating system freezes or sometimes stops working.

v  When your Windows system got corrupted.

v  If your system performance is going down.

v  Even when your system is taking time to follow any command.

Read more – mcafee activate

What Are The Causes Of Mcafee VirusScan Error 1603?

Some of the reasons which are responsible for the occurrence of the error code 1603 in McAfee are:

v  If the installation process of McAfee antivirus software is not completed.

v  If the registry files of the Windows are corrupted.

v  Even when your system is affected by viruses and malware.

v  Sometimes you may have accidentally deleted the files associated with the antivirus software.

v  If you have downloaded the corrupted setup file of your antivirus software.

How to Fix the Issue of McAfee VirusScan Error 1603?

To fix the problem on your own, you need to follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:

v  Repair all the corrupted registry files of your Windows.

v  Scan your computer for any malicious program.

v  Clean the system junk files from your system by using the Disk Cleanup option.

v  Try updating the outdated device driver of your system.

v  Make sure that all the updates of Windows are installed on the system.

v  You can revert all the recent changes by using the option of Windows System Restore.

Even after executing these steps, if the problem persists, then you need to install the software again on your system. You can visit the website of to download the antivirus software in your device.


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The current time is quite crucial for the world due to the outbreak of health issues, which has compelled the people to avoid traveling and gatherings at public places. Moreover, the recent health issue outbreak has forced the major companies to close their significant events, which includes E3 2020 also. Since more and more people are compelled to avoid going outside or in public places and so they have a lot of time to spend at home and enjoy video games. Looking at the scenario, Sony should also think over to bring some great games on  Play station Plus. Here is the wish list of PS Plus free games which could be released by Sony in April:-

Guacamelee! 2

Dinkbox studios have made a name for it for making the best indie hits during the age of PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. Some of the best games introduced by Drainbox includes the names such as Guacamelee!, Severed and Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.  Among all the games presented by Drainbox Guacamelee!  2 and Metroidvania has not yet been released on PS Plus. It is most probable that Sony could release Guacamelee ! 2 on PlayStation Plus, and the players could be ready to take control of the protagonist, Mexican professional wrestler Juan Aguacate. Guacamelee ! 2 has received a lot of praise from the fans and great reviews for its gameplay. The plot of the gameplay involves the quest of Juan Aguacate, who has been on a mission to save the Maxiverse from Salvador.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy developed by Naughty dog could be a fantastic pick to be released on PlayStation Plus in April. The star of the show is Chloe Fraser, which proves that Naughty Dog has stepped away from introducing the central protagonist Nathan Drake this time. Chloe Fraser will search for the tusk of holy Ganesh with the help of Nadine Ross and Sam Drake in the mountains of India amidst the civil war.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D Metroidvania style action-adventure game created by the Australian developer Team Cherry.  The story of Hollow Knight revolving around an insectoid Knight went on a quest to unveil the secrets of Hallownest; the people and fans have well received a long-abandoned insect kingdom all across the world. The players have to make their way into the Hallownest, which is challenging and exciting, too, as the gameplay has been made by combining the elements of Celeste, Dark Souls, and Super Metroid by Team Cherry. The players can discover new regions by defeating the bosses by executing attacks, which is not only challenging but rewarding also.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

The fans will surely enjoy the release of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, as it has included all four complete seasons along with the 400 Days DLC episode for the first season. The gameplay has been introduced with improved characters, lightning, and lip-syncing. Apart from that, the other improvements include the high definition texture mapping and other innovations.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.


Microsoft recently reported a new Windows vulnerability regarding remote code execution, and the company said that the vulnerability could take place in every available Windows versions.

Such vulnerability, however, can be easily exploited resulting in several “limited targeted attacks,” and the cybercriminals can run malware or codes on the device of the victim remotely if such attacks could be pulled off by them successfully. Further, Microsoft disclosed that attackers and cybercriminals were previously exploiting an unknown security vulnerability available in all versions of windows even including Windows 10.  It has also been revealed by Microsoft that currently, there is no patch for the security vulnerability right now.

Further, the company explained that the security threat having two remote code execution occurs in Microsoft Windows when a specially crafted multi-master font -Adobe Type 1 PostScript format is improperly handled by the Widows Adobe Type Manager Library. The company explained that the cyber-thief could exploit the security vulnerabilities in multiple ways as such the cyber-thief can convince the users to open a particular crafted viewing or file available within the Windows Preview pane. The tech giant, Microsoft, has provided it the rating of Critical, which is also the highest rating given by the company to any vulnerability.

In an advisory introduced by Microsoft, it was said that the company is aware of the cybercriminals launching and exploiting limited, targeted attacks. However, the company refrained from mentioning anything about the attackers who are beginning or operating the attacks and at what scale. The company also said that the company is working hard to find a fix or patch for security vulnerability. Still, until then, the users should take the advisory as a warning. Apart from that, the company said that Windows 7 is also affected by the security vulnerability and only the enterprise users who have extended security support will get the patches.

Amidst all, the advisory introduced by Microsoft has offered a temporary patch for the Windows users who are affected by the security vulnerability and can get rid of the weakness until the company provided a patch for it. Most of the users are aware with the fact that Microsoft often releases the security fixes on the second Tuesday of each month and the so patch regarding the current security vulnerability could be announced on April 14. But, occasionally, the software giant also issues patches in severe cases breaking the rule as was spotted when Microsoft released the emergency patch for the leaked Windows 10 security threat. The windows patch was disclosed when the company found prematurely about a security threat regarding windows 10. However,  it has been speculating by the users that the company may release the patch on Tuesday as it usually does. Still, the company has not yet confirmed anything itself regarding the date of introducing any patch. The company in its advisory has said that the users may opt to disable the preview pant and details in the Windows explorer to mitigate the flaw for some temporary period.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .

Devin Smith

Sharing files over the network is a complicated job, but if you are using Windows 10, then you can share files through files with other users simply. Windows 10 allows its users to share files over the network with any physical plugging activity. In Windows 10 it has its tool for sharing that allow their user to use it.

Now it’s about sharing through the network, so you should have a proper network that can provide the right service for sharing. For sharing the file in Windows 10, there are almost 4 ways available to it. Depending on the choice, people prefer to share a file without configuring permission set up, and in that condition, they can use the public folder for sharing easily.

In Windows 10, feature file sharing is also available. However, if you are looking to share files far from you through the internet, then you can try through “OneDrive” for sharing the file. In Windows 10 Homegroup feature is no more available that used to share pictures, documents, videos, the music automatically.

Unfortunately, the Homegroup feature is no more available, but now better features are available. Now that Windows 10 is making things easier about sharing files for their users, it is important for the users to know about it too. For sharing files through, you can try OneDrive and File Sharing.

How to Share File Utilizing File Explorer

In-built features are more reliable than third-party tools. File Sharing feature for sharing the file in the local network is the best way. If you want some privacy while sharing, then you can modify the permissions, and later on, you can share with Mac, Linux Device, Android, or any other device virtually. Now while sharing files through File Explorer, there are two ways. The first one is the primary quick sharing mode that requires minimal modification in permission and configuration, whereas the second mode is advance that requires custom permission.

Share Filed Through Basic Settings

  1. Launch “File Explorer” on Windows 10.
  2. Choose the folder that you want to share.
  3. Do a “right-click” on the file and choose “properties” option.
  4. Press on the “Sharing” box.
  5. Tap on the “Share” icon.
  6. Try it with the drop-down menu to share with a single user or every one of the group. Select “Everyone” while sharing with the group.
  7. Press on the “Add” switch.
  8. You will be asked for permission, and in the permission section, you will be required to select Read and Read & Write option.
  9. Tap on the “Sharing” icon.
  10. Remember the path of the network for the folder, so other uses will be required to connect with the same network for sharing and then tap on “Done” after choosing a network.
  11. Tap on the “Close” switch.

Share File Through Advance Settings

  1. Run “File Explorer” in your Windows 10.
  2. Elect the folder for sharing.
  3. Do right-click on the item and choose the “Properties” section.
  4. Tap on “Sharing” tab.
  5. Press on “Advance Sharing” icon.
  6. Check on “Share this folder” icon.
  7. In Windows 10, other users can read-only content you share, but you can change this permission by tapping on full control. Read-only is set to default by Windows 10, but modifying it is on your command.
  8. Check on “Apply” icon.
  9. Tap on “OK” button.
  10. Tap again on “OK.”

How to Share File Through Network Without Requiring Password

Windows 10 provide a valuable feature that the file you share only those person can access who have the password and user of it. Who doesn’t have the password and username of the account, those can’t access the file. In the condition of sharing a file with friends and family, you can disable the requirement of asking for sign-in. By disabling the feature, it will allow the users to access the file without having a username and password, and here’s how you can process it.

  1. Launch “Control Panel.”
  2. Tap on the “Network and Internet.”
  3. Press on the “Network and Sharing Center.”
  4. On the left side, tap on the “Change advance sharing settings.”
  5. Expand All Network options.
  6. Below “Password protected sharing column, choose the “Turn off password protected sharing” section.
  7. Press on “Save changes” icon.

Following this step will allow the users to access the file without username and password.

Share File with Others Using OneDrive

With OneDrive, you can share any document through a network around the world. To share the file through OneDrive here is what you need to know:

  1. Launch OneDrive on Windows 10.
  2. Select the folder that you want to share.
  3. Make right-click on the following folder and then choose the share option.
  4. Mention email of the person you are sharing files through OneDrive.
  5. Tap on the “Send” button.

Your sending link will be shared with another user. To access the folder, the user needs to tap on the received link on the browser they are operating.

Share Files Through OneDrive Web

  1. Launch OneDrive through the web.
  2. Look for the folder and select it.
  3. Right-click on the content and tap on the “Share” column.
  4. Mention the email of the person that you want to share.
  5. Press on the “Send” icon.

After you share the file through the link, anyone who receives the file will be able to edit the content as they want. However, you can share the file with an individual selective person by select the sharing option in the email.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


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