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It has been quite a long time since May 2018 when ESPN won the rights to air the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for a five-year term, in a whopping $1.5 billion deal. With this arrangement, ESPN and ESPN+ will enjoy unparalleled UFC coverage for hundreds of fights cards and will also include 20 exclusive live Fight Nights. The deal will also help further the coverage to get to a whole new level by showcasing in-depth analysis, real-time statistics, etc., which is sure to make a sumptuous watch for UFC fans across the globe.

ESPN+ subscription will provide access to a wide variety of other sports such as MLB, MLS, college games, Grand slam besides original UFC fight nights.

The event can be live-streamed on any device, like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV from anywhere. So, don’t miss out on any of your favorite action even when you are traveling abroad.

How to live-stream UFC in the US for free

It costs lower than a UFC fight pass, a Netflix subscription or even a cable connection- just $4.99 per month, not a huge amount to let you watch your favorite UFC matches on ESPN+. Wait, there’s more good news- a seven-day free trial once you sign up for the sports channel. A free-bite of the MMA action is the best you can expect. So, don’t just wait and sign up for your free trial by going to going to watch.espnplus.com/sports.

How to live stream if you’re not in the United States

If the timings of your foreign trip and favorite UFC action are clashing- it’s not a lose-lose situation. Even though you have a subscription for ESPN+, it is bound to be geo-blocked for concerned security reasons. In that case, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can come to your rescue. Some of the best-tested VPNs available are:

1. Express VPN

You can secure 30-day money back guarantee and also get a three months free trial once you subscribe for the annual pack. Besides many security features, this VPN service also allows you to live-stream on a number of devices at once.

2. IPVanish

This VPN service supports 10 devices at once, and is also an excellent pick.

3. Nord VPN

This service provides you a free-trial and also helps you increase your security and privacy while surfing the internet.

4. Hotspot Shield

This VPN service provider helps protects its users’ internet traffic from eavesdropping and is a great choice if you’re using one of the versions of Windows.

Source :- http://macfeeactivate.com/blog/how-to-live-stream-ufc-anywhere-on-espn/

Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


Clicking new pictures with your mobile at every exciting happening has become the new method of storing memories. Be it holiday snaps, nature photography, selfies- the number of pictures being taken every day is increasing. An estimated 1 trillion pictures were taken in the year 2017, which is a humongous number. When we are dealing with so many images in our device, we sometimes seem to arrive at a juncture when we have to transfer pictures from our old iPhone to our upgraded one or ask our photographer friend to send them to us.

That is when these 3 easy methods for transferring pictures from iPhone to iPhone will come in handy.

1. TouchCopy

TouchCopy software allows you to manage your iPhone with your computer. All kinds of data like Music, Messages, Pictures, Contacts and more can be sent to and from your iPhone using your computer.

Follow the underneath steps to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone

1. Connect your iPhone to the PC and open TouchCopy.

2. Click on the Photos option and then select Copy Photos.

3. Copy the desired pictures on your computer and then close TouchCopy and safely remove your iPhone.

4. Connect the other iPhone and open iTunes.

5. Click the Device option in iTunes and then click Photos.

6. Select Sync Photos from Folder or the Application and then Click Apply.

 2. iCloud

 iCloud gives you the easy option to access the data stored in its cloud space from an array of devices you use by logging in with your Apple ID, provided you have access to the internet.

Let’s explore the way to use iCloud to transfer pictures from one iPhone to another

1. Go to settings on the iPhone and then tap on your name, select iCloud, and tap on Photos.

2. Toggle on the ‘iCloud Photos’ option.

3. Now, choose one of the two options: ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’ and ‘Download and Keep Originals’.

4. Photos will now begin to upload to iCloud.

5. When the upload process is over, turn on ‘iCloud Photos’ on the secondary device.

6. On the other iPhone, select the ‘All Photos’ option under the Photos app to view all Photos in iCloud.

3. iTunes

 The iTunes method comes with some restrictions and is difficult to use for transferring pictures. Like, iTunes can’t be used for transferring pictures if iCloud is toggled on; iTunes can be used to transfer pictures only via the device’s Camera Roll, and there’s a risk of losing photos without a backup for them if you sync photos from iTunes.

Although method 1 is recommended for transferring photos, we’ll still look into how to use iTunes for transferring photos.

1. First, we’ll have to transfer pictures from your iPhone to your computer.

  • Windows- Hook up the iPhone to your PC > Move to the Autoplay screen and select the option called Import Pictures and Videos. Choose the destination folder and then select the Import option.
  • Mac- Connect iPhone to Mac, and then open iPhoto. Choose the pictures for transfer and click Import Selected.

2. Now the imported photos can be transferred from the PC to the iPhone.

  • Connect the iPhone to your PC.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Tap on the icon of your device.
  • Select ‘Photos’ option on the sidebar.
  • Place a checkmark on the box next to ‘Sync Photos’  and choose a folder or an application.
  • Apply the changes.

The above methods will guide you through transferring your pictures from iPhone to iPhone.

Source :- https://mcafee-activate-mcafee.com/how-to-easily-transfer-pictures-from-iphone-to-iphone/

Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


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Over the years we have experienced a variety of different looking Xbox One designs, but this time Microsoft has collaborated with the black and white snack franchise Oreo to come up with an Xbox One console design which resembles with the Oreo Cookie.

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sam jhon
You can get back the sound in a few seconds. Many of the times, the speaker of the iPhone stops working. No doubt, this problem is very annoying. If the speaker stops working, then you may face plenty of issues like you won’t be able to listen to the ring tone of your calls, message tones, the sound of games while playing it or even at the time of watching movies, etc. Go through ringer and volume

It is the simplest way to fix the speaker that is not working properly. There can be no sound on iPhone because by mistake you may have put it on silent. Note that at the side of all iPhone there are three buttons. The one is of ringer/mute, and the rest two are volume buttons. The first one turns off all sounds for calls and notifications whereas the volume buttons manage the volume of the whole gadget. Go through sounds settings Firstly, go to Settings. Then, click on Sounds and Haptics. Next, look at the settings. Note: the settings present over here manages the full sound of the device and that which tones are used whenever you get any calls, SMS, and mails etc. Lastly, you may need to do changes in the settings of the volume slider, putting a new ringtone or message tone. 3. Disabling Bluetooth Follow the given below instruction carefully for disabling the Bluetooth. Firstly, click on Settings. Then, click on Bluetooth. Lastly, you need to move the Bluetooth slider to off. 4. Go through Audio Output Settings Firstly, visit the Control Center. Then, click on the above corner side of the music playback control. If you aren’t able to get the audio output options before you, then click on the AirPlay symbol. AirPlay will be placed towards the top right side. Lastly, click on the iPhone. 5. Do restart If none of those mentioned above methods have solved your problem, then most probably restarting your iPhone will resolve the issue. It is very simple to do. It can solve a lot of your device issues including the issue that you are facing presently related to speakers. The reason behind your non-working speakers can be related to software. 6. Prefer updating your iPhone OS Like the way restarting an iPhone can fix software related issues in a similar way updating the OS of the iPhone can solve your problems. The significant difference between the both is that the updates also include the new features that the latest version of the iPhone OS provides, and also solves big issues of your iPhones. Fortunately, it is entirely free of cost. Source:- http://macfee-activate.com/6-best-solutions-to-fix-iphone-speaker-not-working/

Sam Johnis a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for McAfee security products at mcafee.com/activate.

 The iCloud service makes copies of all the files that have been saved and keeps them safe. But having your files safe and having them available are two entirely different concepts. So to stay on the safe side, it is better to have a backup of the files that you are about to save in iCloud.

Source url:- https://mcafeeoactivate.com/how-to-back-up-icloud-contacts-and-calendar-data/


The iCloud service makes copies of all the files that have been saved and keeps them safe. But having your files safe and having them available are two entirely different concepts. So to stay on the safe side, it is better to have a backup of the files that you are about to save in iCloud.

The method of backing up Calendars from your Mac

  1. Firstly, launch the Calendar.
  2. Choose the Calendar that you would prefer to have a backup.
  3. Then, from the menus, click on File, Export, Export.
  4. After that, with the help of the saved dialog box browse to a place on your device to keep the backup.
  5. Press on Export option.
  6. The chosen calendar shall be stored in ‘iCal  (.ics) format’.

Note: You can do the above steps for as many calendars you would like to have a backup.

The method of backing up Contacts

  1. Firstly, launch Contacts.
  2. Note that if the Group sidebar is not shown, ‘choose View, Show Groups or View, Groups’ from the menu.
  3. Press on the ‘Contact group’ for which want to have back up. I suggest you press on the ‘All Contacts group’ for staying at safe side.
  4. Click on File. ‘Export, Export vCard’ from the menu.
  5. By using dialog box choose the place to keep the backup.
  6. Lastly, press on Save.

The method of backing up Contacts from iCloud

  1. Firstly, launch Safari.
  2. Then, visit the iCloud website.
  3. After that, sign in to iCloud.
  4. Note that on the iCloud web page, you need to press on the Contacts option.
  5. Next, in the ‘Contacts sidebar’, choose the’ contact group’ that you would prefer having back up. Frankly, suggest you pressing on the ‘All Contacts’ group to stay at the safe side.
  6. Press the symbol of gear. It will be placed at the end.
  7. Then, click on Export vCard.
  8. Note that all your contacts shall get sent to a file in your Downloads.  And  Mac’s Contacts applications  by itself ask that whether you would like to import the above file.
  9. Lastly, you can stop the Contacts application on your device without the file.

Creating a backup schedule

It will be better if you prefer backing up iCloud data on a daily basis. This can be done by you at the number times you change Contacts and Calendar information. I consider this as a part of my regular device maintenance.

Source url:- https://mcafeeoactivate.com/how-to-back-up-icloud-contacts-and-calendar-data/

Ava Williams is a McAfee product expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Emma has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as mcafee.com/activate.


As iTunes cannot be used with the Android phones, the Windows and Mac users look for the solutions for helping them to control the music among PC and Android or many Android phones. Here, you will get to know how to transfer music from PC or Mac to Android phone by using the USB cable and Droid Transfer.

How to Transfer Music from PC to Android Using USB Cable?

The easiest method for transferring music from PC to Android is by using the Universal Serial Bus cable. The users need to apply steps for both the computer and the Mac differently because the transferring steps are not similar to each other. Here’s how:

•    Pair the Android phone to the computer with the help of the Universal Serial Bus cable.

•    In case the users get the option of selecting the connecting alternative, then they have to choose “Transfer Files” option.

•    Choose any of the music by going to the songs folder on the system for transferring it into the Android phone.

•    Place the files in the folder which is named as “Music” on the Android phone.

How to Transfer Music from Mac to Android Using USB Transfer?

In case you are a Mac user and wish to transfer all the music from your Mac to Android phone, then you have to follow the given steps to know how to transfer music from Mac to Android using USB Transfer:

•    The users need to go through the downloading and installing process of “Android File Transfer” on their Mac.

•    Pair the Android to the Mac with the help of the Universal Serial Bus cable.

•    They can also choose the other connectivity options between the Mac and Android or they can choose “Transfer Files” option.

•    They need to choose the folder where they wish to keep the music on Android.

•    Place the files inside the folder which is known as Music provided in the Android phone.

How to Transfer Music Using Droid Transfer?

In case you wish for transferring music from your system to Android phone, then you can do so by following the steps listed below:

Steps for Transferring Music from PC to Android

This is a simple process for transferring the music from the PC to Android phone by using Droid Transfer. Follow the steps mentioned below to know how to transfer music using Droid Transfer:

•    They need to start the downloading process of “Droid Transfer” and pair the PC with the Android phone.

•    They have to tap the “Music” folder by clicking on the following menu list.

•    Tap the “Add Music” option or pull the music from the PC in the Droid Transfer desktop.

Steps for Transferring Music from iTunes to Android

Android transfer will help the users for syncing the music from iTunes to their Android phone and also from their Android to iTunes. They can copy the hidden music to the Android phone by clicking to an option.

They can select to change the control settings that which music they wish to transfer from iTunes to Android device by using the “Advanced Sync” options.

Source :- http://start-mcafee.com/blog/how-to-transfer-music-from-pc-to-android-phone/

Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


Epic Games have recently revealed their season 8 and fans have already managed to hint some of the upcoming challenges for week 2.

The new season 8 has offered a lot of fresh content, and various leaks have hinted at new items like cool skins, cosmetics, emotes for players to enjoy in Fortnite. But amongst all the other speculations and hints, a new leak has showcased all the week 2 challenges for fans to complete in Fortnites season 8.

This new leak has pointed out various challenges for season 8 week 2 for fans to prepare and accomplish all the challenges for the upcoming week. Still, it is not assured that all the mentioned challenges would be featured in the game during the week 2 of Fortnite as no such official confirmation is provided by the Epic Games in regards to these leaks.

Moreover, it is possible for developers at Epic Games to change or replace these challenges in the actual week, so it becomes essential for players to ensure that the given challenges are similar to the below mentioned before starting to complete them.

Currently, it seems that week 2 challenges will follow a similar pattern to previous seasons. As players are required to complete challenges like dealing damage to opponents, dealing damage to enemies by using a pirate cannon, damaging supply drop while it is falling and knocking out enemies at specific locations.

The said challenges for week 2 also requires gamers to loot chests at different locations and use Apple and Med Kits to restore health also players are needed to land at specific locations. These particular locations include Dusty Divot, Snobby Shores, The Block, and Paradise Palms.

Fortnite season 8 week 2 challenges.

1.Deal Damage to enemies using a Pirate Cannon.
2.Knock out enemies at Haunted Hills or Salty Springs.
3.Deal Damage to the supply drop while descending.
4.Recover health status by consuming Apples and Med Kits.
5.Loot cheats from different location in a single match.
6.Visit the extreme East, West, North and South ends of the in-game map.
7.Directly parachute to Paradise Palms
8.Directly parachute to Polar Peaks.
9.Directly parachute to The Block.
10.Directly parachute to Dusty Divot.
11.Directly parachute to Snobby Shores.

Surely Epic Games have included the visiting different locations challenges to restrict players from hoarding up at newly introduced places like Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon.

Moreover, new weapons and character skins are also expected to be rewarded to the players at the end of this season, so players should try and complete all the assigned week 1 and 2 challenges to successfully unlock the secrete banner for this season and improve on their in-game tire.

Source :- http://macfeeactivate.com/blog/fortnite-week-2-challenges-leaked-for-season-8/

Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

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