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You will find many applications to use it on your Apple TV. If you want to get these applications in your phone, then you have to download it from the App Store, or if you are using these streaming sites on your computer, then you have to go to the official website.

You can take a subscription in these applications to enjoy unlimited movies or series. In all these applications the price of the subscription is different from each other. If you want to know the subscription price, then just check their website.

You can take a subscription monthly, yearly, and sometimes even quarterly basis. But you will not get all the applications from this in all the countries, read its policy by going to its setting option to know in which country the chosen app will work.


On Netflix, you can watch many television shows and movies, which contain Alias Grace, Mindhunter, Dear White People, The Fall, The Good Place, etc. Netflix can be used by both the elders and children. You will find many animated movies on Netflix so that children can watch them.

You will get many latest movies on Netflix. You have to take a subscription of Netflix to enjoy its service. At least five users can use one Netflix account on their television. All the members can enjoy Netflix on different television by taking a subscription for a month or one year.

You can use Netflix on any device like Android, iPhone, computer, tablet and on your television. You can also change the password of the Netflix account by going to its settings app.


In this application, you can watch the HBO channel favorite shows on HBO Now application. Stream HBO shows like The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, Veep, etc. Instead of only watching movies on HBO now you can also see the latest news, funny shows, chat shows, and the award series.

Here you can enjoy a free trial for one month by creating an account on HBO now. You can download it on any device and use the same account on many devices. If you had taken a subscription for one year, then it gets a renewal on each month automatically.

In case you are not using your subscription then you can disable it by going to its setting app so that the billing cycle gets stop.

Hulu Plus

In case you are a member of Hulu Plus subscription, then you can enjoy its Live TV feature. You can use this application in a few countries like the United States. Here you can watch a live show of a cricket match or any sports match, and this network is available throughout the USA.

You can watch national or international news through Hulu Plus, cartoon serials for children and many entertaining live events. If you take a subscription for it, then you can modify your television.

You can create a separate folder for all your favorite serials. You can make many profiles with only one Hulu Plus account so that your family member can enjoy that subscription in many devices.

Source :- What Are the Best Apple TV Applications

Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

Billy Mark

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Billy Mark

Opening the Apple conversation history in the iOS device is the same as going to the Messages application. All the pictures and videos you had shared to any particular contact can be seen by clicking on that chat. By using the “iCloud” or “iTunes,” you can restore the removed messages by finding these messages on both the applications.

How to View the Apple Messages HistorySource : https://billymarkblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/14/how-to-view-the-apple-messages-history/


View the iMessages on iPhone

•    Go to the “Messages” application.

•    Press a “Message” you like to see. In case you had open the other chat in the phone, press. “

•    Less than symbol located on the left-hand side of the display.

•    Browse the contents of the messages. It will open a full list of the conversations on the screen.

  • The removed messages will appear by clicking this option.

•    Press the “Details” option. It resembles an “I” alphabet located on the right-hand side of the display.

•    Go through the “Messages Media” option. There two formats which can be changed while clicking on the “Pertinent” option.

  • Images option. This option will show all the pictures and videos you had share while making a conversation with an individual.
  • Attachments option. This option will show the file attachment you had made on a particular conversation like any voice audio, documents, or any link.

•    Click the “Done” button. After viewing all the messages from all the contacts, press done option to close that window.

View the iMessages on Mac

•    Go to the “Messages” application. It resembles an azure color “Bubble” symbol in the phone dock.

•    Choose a message. You can choose any chat while going to the left-hand corner of the “    Messages” page.

•    Browse the “Messages” contents. Before your text gets removed, the chats history appears on the screen.

Restore from iTunes Backup

•    Connect the iOS device to the PC. This process can be done by the Universal Serial Bus cable which had given with the charger of the iOS device.

•    Go to the “iTunes” application. This application will appear on the system automatically, it all depends on the system settings.

•    Let the iOS device to transfer the messages to “iTunes.”

•    Press the “Mobile Gadget” symbol. It looks like the “iOS device” symbol given under the “Account” page.

•    Tap the “Restore Backup” button. It is located in the “Backups” column in the center of the “iTunes” tab.

  • Once you start this process, the first thing you have to do is turn off the “Find My iOS device” button.

•    Choose the “Restore from this backup” option. It is located in the

Restore from this backup” column, and you have to press the section having the phone name in it to choose a “Restore Print5” option.

  • You have to choose the updated version of it so that the removes messages can able to appear on display.

•    Press the “Restore” button. The iTunes starts the restore process in the iOS device, and it will open a page of “Time remaining” located at the end of the display.

•    Click the “Home screen” symbol.

•    Type the registered Apple email address and a protected password. This process of restoring gets completed on the phone, and it starts the phone again.

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Mcafee products at mcafee.com/activate


Many of the times, people get annoyed with social networking sites. There can be many of the reasons behind it, exams are nearing, want to spend more time reading novels and want to live a private life and so on. If you want to delete your Instagram account, and are worried about your photos, then read on.

Source url:- https://mcafeeoactivate.com/how-to-backup-instagram-images-before-deleting-your-account/


Recently, several users have reported that they are not able to login into the Windows 10 OS, or many times users always need to restart their computer system numerous times for the problem related to the missing User and Password prompt on the Windows login screen. This no password prompt ion Windows login screen should be experienced by multiple users, and this is one of the older errors. Whenever this error occurs on your screen, it simply gets a wedge with the boot loop or credential you entered then the User and Password are not recognized by the Windows users.

Additionally, users have encountered new glitches which are associated with the login screen of your Windows computers. At the time users boot up their computer system, they experience that the user and password prompt not appears on their screen. This means no way to access their computer home screen. However, no matter how many multiple accounts are signed by affected devices and all of them are not loaded easily.

Nevertheless, there are various things you need to troubleshoot the missing user login at boot, including the temporary bypassing the problem by easily turning on the automated login, or by using the command prompt to boot the computer system, Opening Credentials Manager services and many others.

Below we mentioned few solutions to troubleshoot the No Password Prompt on Windows Login Screen. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Fix No Password Prompt on Windows Login Screen

Before continuing the process, just make sure that you performed a full system scan, as sometimes, viruses or malware infections are affecting your system or enter in your system even without taking your permission. Follow the steps in ascending order to avoid trouble and unwanted errors. Here how to fix it:

Method-1: Using System in Safe Mode

1.Firstly, under the Login Screen, click and hold the ‘Shift’ key and press the ‘Restart’ tab.
2.When system completes rebooting, navigate to the ‘Troubleshoot’ window.
3.In the Troubleshoot window, click on the ‘Advanced Options’ tab.
4.Inside the ‘Advanced Options’ tab, press the ‘Startup Settings’ option to open it.
5.Tap the 5 number key on the keyboard or press the ‘enable Safe Mode with Networking’ option.
6.Now, the system will automatically restart after completing the process.
7.Finally, you can be able to use the system in safe mode.

Fix-2: Change Credential Manager Service to Automatic Mode

To fix this issue, you need to change your Automatic Credential service from manual to automatic. Here how to change it:

1.Press the Windows + R keys all together to open the Run command search box.
2.In the Run Search box, type in ‘Services’ and click on the ‘Enter’ to continue the process.
3.Next, scroll down the screen to search for the ‘Credential Manager’ option.
4.Then, right-click on the Credential Manager option and choose ‘Properties’ option.
5.In the Startup type section pick ‘Automatic’ option.
6.After that, click on the ‘Start’ option followed by Apply tab.
7.Finally, click on the OK tab to finish the process.

Source :- Guide to Fix No Password Prompt on Windows Login Screen

Karen Minton is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet andnew media. She writes for Norton security products at office.com/setup


We all know about the word Google Play, The Google Play is an official app store for Android devices which is powered by Google. Usually, it lets the users to easily downloads various applications including, games, music, movies, clips and other programs and applications which users want to download it in their devices. However, it is correspondent to the Microsoft Store for Windows computers.

Presently, Google Play hosts almost 2.5 million applications which can be safely downloaded by the users into their Android devices. Though the Google Play store is not safe and perfect, and it has already well-known cases where malware and viruses were distributed by taking the help of the Google Play Store applications. Apart from malware or adware apps problems, there are many other problems that Google Play users are experiencing.

The Google Office Store is well known to have several bugs, such as syncing errors, download errors, and many other errors. And out of all the errors one is Google Play 927 Error. This error most frequently occurred and most irritating error for the Android users. This error shows an error message which says: “Update for “Skype” could not be downloaded due to an error. (927)”

Mostly, the error code 927 occurs because the update of the Google Play Store is still in progress or incomplete. However, users encounter this error code 927 even waiting for few minutes or during the app to upgrade; they even cannot use the Google Play on their Android devices.

Below are few troubleshooting solutions which help in resolving the error code 927 without trouble. The steps are discussed below.

Solutions to Fix Google Play Error Code 927

Underneath are the troubleshooting steps which help you in fixing the Google Play Store Error Code 927. Sometimes, these troubleshooting steps are more complicated and more time to consume, but if you follow the steps in the right sequence to save lots of time and make the process easy for users. Here how to do it:

Solution-1: Remove and Reinstall Google Account

Removing and again reinstalling the Google account might help you in fixing the error code 927. Follow the steps to troubleshoot the error:

1.Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section and choose ‘Users & Accounts’ option.
2.Then, choose ‘Google Account.’
3.Select the ‘Remove Account’ option to remove the account.
4.Move to the ‘Settings’ window again and pick ‘All Apps’ option.
5.After that, in the ‘All Apps’ window choose Google Play Store.
6.Next, select ‘Force Stop’ tab.
7.Follow all the steps with the ‘Google Play Services’
8.Subsequently, go back to the ‘Users & Accounts’ and click on the ‘Add Account’ option.
9.Enter the ‘Credentials’ to sign in to the Google Account.
10.Reboot the Android devices to save all the changes.

Solution-2: Clear Store’s Data and Cache

Sometimes, cache data take more space in the Android device and because of this the device not allowed you to continue with the installation of any other application or the update and immediately throws an error code 927. To troubleshoot the issue follow the following steps:

1.Firstly, navigate to the ‘Settings’ options and choose ‘All Apps’ option.
2.Then, scroll the All Apps window and search for the ‘Google Play Store’ option.
3.Afterward, choose ‘Storage’ option.
4.Next, click on the ‘Clear Cache and Clear Data’ button.
5.Here you need to try downloading or upgrading the apps and check if the error code 927 is fixed.

Source :- Tricks to Fix Google Play Error Code 927

Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


The error code 0x803f8001 or Do you own this game or app? On Xbox One Console is an error notification which usually encounters by the users during the times they are playing games series such as Xbox One S or Original Xbox One Console. Generally, this error display on the screen whenever any user lefts the game on, does not play the game for few seconds.

Nevertheless, according to the team of the Xbox, this error code 0x803f8001 probably appears due to the below-given causes. The most ordinary causes are as follows:

Unfortunately, Xbox was purchased and downloaded by another member from your family, and that one person is not logged into the Xbox console.
The game you try to play was purchased and downloaded, but you are not logged in and linked to the Xbox Live.
Temporary glitches associated with the service.
The game disc is not available in the Xbox console.
The game disk has an unexpected failure and is unreadable.
Before following the steps or doing anything for fixing this error, we recommend you to carefully check the Xbox Live service status appears on the official website of Xbox. Moreover, if any other family member purchased the game, this can be a reason for this error code 0x803f8001. Sometimes, if this error is by chance blinks on your screen, then try the following steps to fix this error code.

Steps to Fix Error Code 0x803f8001 on Xbox Console

There are some methods to troubleshoot this error code 0x803f8001; we try to provide you with a few best solutions for easy recovery from this error. The steps are discussed below, but we suggest you follow these steps in ascending order to avoid unwanted damages and errors. Here how to do it:

Method-1: Power Cycle Xbox one

1.Firstly, plug in the Xbox Console.
2.Now, long click on a Power button until it turns off.
3.Then, again unplug it and wait for at least 10 to 20 seconds.
4.Another time, plug it into it and click to turn it on.
Finally, check out if this method works in fixing the error code 0x803f8001. If not, follow the next steps to fix this error.

Method-2: Clean Windows Store Cache

1.Hit the Windows + R keys as one on the keyboard to launch the ‘Run’ Command Prompt.
2.Under the ‘Command Prompt’ window, enter ‘WSReset.exe’ and hit ‘Enter’ key.
3.Now, you get the confirmation notification on the screen that cache you want to clear is cleared successfully.
4.Next, restart your computer system to save all the changes and completely clear the cache.
Once all completed, check that if the aforementioned method works in fixing the error code, if no, try to follow the next method.

Method-3: Set the Home Console

1.Initially, click on the Xbox tab to open the guide on your screen.
2.Then, choose ‘System’ option.
3.Next, pick ‘Settings’ tab.
4.Under the ‘Settings’ window, choose ‘Personalization’ option.
5.Inside the ‘Personalization’ tab, choose ‘My home Xbox’ option.
6.Now, carefully verify all information and choose the following options.
7.Choose ‘Make this my home Xbox’ to easily set the console as home Xbox.
8.Select ‘This is not my home Xbox’ option to relapse all the changes.
9.Once completed, restart your system to save all the changes.
Hopefully, steps above help you in fixing the error code 0x803f8001.

Source url :- Best Tricks to Fix Error Code 0x803f8001 on Xbox Console?

Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


mcafee.com/activate – Visit the site so as to Get Started with the McAfee Activation or you may likewise get in touch with us whenever at our sans toll number to get help for McAfee Activate or Install.

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iPad is one of the best partners while traveling. Most of the people prefer iPad rather than other gadgets because it is very easy to carry, fits properly in every traveling bag and performs quite efficiently

It supports plenty of things like gaming, movie watching, playing songs and a lot more. If you are taking your iPad on your vacation, then you should be a bit cautious.

Before embarking on your trip, you must know how to use your iPad when you are on the go.

Tips to use iPad while traveling!

Have A Cover
If you don’t have cover because you always use it in your home, then there is no significant need for a cover. Ensure at the time of traveling, you do have a cover with your iPad.

Even if you don’t have an iPad cover, then I suggest you purchase it from the shop especially. After all, having a covering of iPad is a must while traveling.
Keep Your Data Safe By Using ‘Password’ And ‘Find My iPad’
It not compulsory to set a password on your iPad but to have all your data stored on it safe it’s better to put a password. This adds an extra layer of protection to your details on it.

And the best part is that if you have the latest iPad, then you can use the fingerprint sensor to unlock your iPad.
Ensure that Find My iPad is switched on always.
Find My iPad is placed in the iCloud settings.
This would help you out to search your iPad if you lost it.
The lost mode is a type of mode that locks the iPad and also supports you to put text that you want to add on the screen. For instance, can put text like ‘call me if found asap’.
Download all necessary things
Most of the time people forget to download necessary items like audios and videos for their entertainment purpose before going for the trip. Downloading is important to do because if you need to spend a lot of time while traveling, then it’s better to download items in advance.

This will make you stay in the safe side if by chance the Wi-Fi network goes away.
Installing some of the games for your kid in advance can also act as a great relief.

Sourec :- How To Use iPad While Traveling?

Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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