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Donnell Dean

After the wedding day, both of you are going to live a totally different life. You will start the married life and that’s the reason why you must celebrate that wedding day perfectly. To make this celebration more happening and memorable, you always need to plan for this day well in advance. And getting the wedding ring must be the most important task of your planning. It’s the wedding ring that you will exchange with your partner on that wedding day.

He is also going to get a wedding band or ring for you. So, the mens wedding bands you choose must fit on his finger properly. Getting the right size of wedding band becomes very important for the grooms. Now you can get great help in this regard online at the G.W.Bands. it’s the online jewelry store that has got the best collection for wedding rings which are made from precious gold like material that is ethically sourced.

As these mens wedding bands are made from gold, it’s quite obvious for you to think that they will cost high. When you buy the gold wedding rings from the local jewelry store, you have to pay more for sure. You also need to spend a lot of time while traveling for these stores and selecting the wedding ring. But this online store is going to help you avoid these inconveniences easily. Now you can shop for the best mens wedding bandsonline in a very convenient manner. Just access this online jewelry store on your mobile or laptop and choose the right wedding band for your man right from the comfort of your home. This is how you can save a lot of time and effort and can invest them for the other arrangements of the wedding day.

When you are looking for the mens wedding bands Canada, you also need to know that who designed these rings and where they are made. These wedding rings are made in Canada and now can be shipped to different parts of the world. The leading designers are appointed to make these items. This is why these mens wedding bands are very unique and they come with creative designs. While wearing such a wedding ring on the wedding day, your man is also going to feel very special. As a groom you will love to see that big smile on his face when you help him wearing this wedding band on the ring finger when the wedding day is celebrated.

Men always have a great inclination to wear rings. They wear a wide range of rings on their fingers. The fashion savvy men also wear rings on almost every finger on their hands. This is how they show how stylish and fashionable they are. But the mens wedding bands are precious items. A man can only wear the wedding band once he is married, as this ring symbolizes that he is a married man. Other rings announced for the men are not going to do this.

Donnell Dean

A wedding it’s a one-time occasion which is celebrated by every individual in their life. Celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime moment with unique wedding bands from Gwbands to find the one that speaks to your heart.

We have just only goal, and we aim to provide you with the different types of rings of your dreams- a beloved keepsake to cherish all the time.

We have all the perfect pieces waiting just for you, from elegant solitaire rings to extravagant three-stone rings.

We also have vintage and antique-style rings that are reminiscent of timeless rings, and we also have a collection of modern rings that boast distinct designs which are going to delight that individual who has a contemporary sense of lifestyle. Try to discover all the different type of rings that symbolizes your enduring love.

Ethical unique men's wedding bands handcrafted with love

GWbands is not a typical jewelry store like others. We are one of the largest and world’s first retailers exclusively selling Gemstones, Lab-grown diamonds, and Unique Mens Wedding Bands.

These Unique Wedding Bands power positive changes in your life, and they are being up to 40% less expensive than the earth mined-equivalent. We also try our best to help those families and also try to uplift the family members of those who are adversely impacted by the gold and diamond rings.

So, try to shop our collection of a cruelty-free engagement or wedding bands specially created with a choice of Lab-grown diamonds and Lab-grown Gemstones. You can use rather of the option to build your jewelry piece.

All our engagement rings are hand-crafted within 10-15 days. We use 100% recycled precious metals to build these types of unique wedding bands. Once you purchase the product from us, your purchase then passionately funds our foundation.

With your money, we try to repair lives and land negatively affected by the earth-mined diamond industry. Could you select the one from our collection? Or design your ring.  

Donnell Dean

When you are looking forward to make your wedding day even more special, happening and memorable, you also need to make proper arrangements for the day. You might have completed major arrangements for this special day but still there is something very important that you are missing. Here we are talking about the wedding ring that you must get now for your wedding day. Keep in mind that your man might have collected the wedding ring for you. But the time you are not able to get that ring for your man, it can be a very awkward thing during the wedding time. It’s the wedding ring that you both have to exchange on that day. So, both of you must have a ring in your hands. Now you can get the 10kt gold wedding band online from G.W.Bands. This is the online jewelry store where you can collect the best deal on gold wedding bands that come in different unique colors, forms and designs.

So now you might be thinking that how these gold rings can come in different colors, as gold as a metal is always yellow in color. But at this online jewelry store 10kt gold wedding band comes in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold like forms. This is gold and it has been sourced ethically to make these wedding rings. When you are looking for the best gold wedding ring, you must opt for the right place. The local jewelry stores are not going to get the best deal for you on the gold rings.

At these venues, the price can remain very high. so, online purchase of these items is the only option left for you. This also saves a lot of time. You don’t need to visit any local jewelry store physically. This will take more time. Instead you can shop for the classy mens wedding bands online from the convenience and comfort of your home.

Men these days offer a great importance to their style and fashion. They are not really ready to use those usual apparels and accessories. Rather they search for such apparels and accessories which are latest announced for the market and in demand in the fashion world. And your man is not an exception from this list. By getting classy mens wedding bands for him you can really make him feel special on that special occasion.

It’s a wedding day that is very important in just any bride and groom’s life. They get prepare for such occasion in a very serious manner. They want to make such celebration extremely memorable and amazing. And the 10kt gold wedding band announced now is going to take the charm of this celebration to the next level when both of you will exchange the wedding rings. When guests will capture the photos in their cameras of your ring exchange time, this will surely make that wedding venue a special place. These are the wedding time photos which you will love to see time and again after the wedding day.

Donnell Dean

What is so central to the world of fashion is its reliance on constant change, instances of which are never in short supply. How quickly discussions around wedding bands have caught pace with that on wedding rings is itself proof of that. And the topic we are concerned about in this article is a corollary to that, how viable is a gold wedding bandfor those who are planning to buy wedding bands?

When it comes to metals used in wedding bands, there’s a great variety of options there. Platinum would be your best choice if elegance is your top priority and you are willing to unburden your purse for that. Still higher up the scale, you can go for Titanium bands. You can notch down with palladium which is considered to be ‘Poor man’s platinum’. In my opinion, though, gold wedding bands beat palladium in look and feel quite easily. This is because there are varieties involved here that fulfill many parameters. Yellow gold bands contain 14K or 18K gold and have a classy air about them. White gold, a mix of gold and white metals like nickel, silver, or palladium, is suitable for those who prefer simplicity any day. The rhodium upper plating can erode though if you are not being careful. Rose gold bands that use gold and copper are my personal favorite since they interact with my personality better.

Although I had the opportunity to look up close mens wedding bands Canadatungsten which is in vogue nowadays, I saw it to be too experimental. So yes, in my summation, gold wedding bands are more than viable for people who choose to walk the middle path.

Donnell Dean

Given how the majority of our fashion trends abet existing social schisms, the story explaining how the ring figure came to be considered as such was of particular interest to me. Because there was a worldview of yesteryears that wore gender parity on its sleeves, irrespective of gender, the finger between the middle finger and the little finger is directly connected to one’s heart and is, therefore, one of the prime seats of amour. Unfortunately, the world of modern fashion has been lethargic to adopt such an ethos, one result of which is the chalked-out distinction between wedding rings and wedding bands.

It is curious therefore when brides flaunt their womens gold wedding bandwith equal confidence as their partners. And day by day, women are crossing over to this side in increasing numbers given how the segment offers them as many options as one can possibly think of. Once you put into perspective the amount of attention the latest additions like mens wedding bands Canadatungsten generated, you would realize why the flip side needs to be explored with equal gusto. With the option to custom-fit the wedding band which you fancy, women are becoming more comfortable with the idea of wearing one and thus adding individuality to ready-made customs. With lots of designs to choose from, the constituent elements of bands are never paltry in numbers too. Titanium, platinum, gold, silver, silicon, tungsten, palladium, you name it, it’s all there. There is no reason to be disbelief then wedding bands’ emergence as one of the latest symbols of unisex fashion.

Donnell Dean

Although there’s a noticeable change in the air pertaining to men’s fashion, discussions around men’s jewelry, especially mens wedding bands, are still pretty hard to come by. And this shouldn’t be the case unless of course marriage as a social institution is becoming irrelevant, which it is not. Choice of wedding bands, just like engagement bands, should involve some deliberate decisions because, unlike engagement bands, you will be wearing them regularly. And this cannot be emphasized enough that they embody the essence of your relationship, just as they are an extension of your own personality.

To clear the air then here I will be talking about the many metals that are used in men’s wedding bands. Knowing which metal suits you the best. Common options here include platinum, varieties of gold like white, yellow, rose; palladium, sterling silver, silicon etcetera. Whereas platinum looks and feels the most elegant, it is also the most costly out there. Palladium belongs to the platinum family with a soft feel and white color.

It is cheaper than platinum though it, therefore, makes an easy choice. I am particularly enamored by mens rose gold wedding bandswhich are a combination of gold and copper. White gold, a mix of pure gold and silver or nickel with rhodium plating, and yellow gold which is pure gold look extremely elegant as well. Sterling silver and silicon reside at the bottom level, price-wise. If you are really looking out-of-the-box or are inclined to invest as little as possible in that wedding band, these can be your potential options.

Donnell Dean

I am writing this article on the presumption that you have already been taken in by the discreet charms of mens wedding bands and have decided to buy one, or two for that matter. My concern is what do the next steps involve? Given that we are talking about a significant amount of investment in a thing which you will be wearing, probably, for the rest of your life, you should not be missing out on these points which are as crucial as they can get. So here we go:

        Acquaint Yourself with Some Jewelry Vocabulary

Since you have already gotten past the dilemma regarding the basic material of your wedding band, classic metal like mens rose gold wedding bands, or more contemporary choices, the next step obviously is going to a jeweler, offline or online. Here it becomes pertinent that you know a little bit of the language to keep out bumps ahead. Know the difference therefore between ‘comfort fit’ and ‘standard fit’, ‘carats’ and ‘karats’, clarity enhanced diamonds and natural diamonds, etc.

        Remain Alert about Sizing

This is important because a little too big a band will make it come off pretty often and a little too small will damage the circulation. You can size yourself using online sizing kits offered by many online-based jewelry outfits but I prefer offline sizing carried out by jewelers themselves. Also, it is good, first, that you size it up from more than one jeweler because results sometimes vary, and second, that you be mindful of the fact that temperature makes your finger change its size and shape, no matter how temporary.

        Take Good Care of Your Band

One obvious thing about your wedding band is that it will always be in its place for as long as we can imagine. And this is the reason why you should take good care of it because it will accompany you no matter where you go and what you do. I have seen men fire-fighters take off their mens wedding bandsbefore hitting the scene in case these are made of metals. One of them in fact put off his mens rose gold wedding bands just to replace it with a silicone one because the latter doesn’t heat up and is easy to clean. But with all the metals that are available nowadays, cleaning is not an option, it is mandatory, and soaking that band in a bowl of hot water mixed with soap for a few minutes will do.

These were all the important points I could muster right now. The rest obviously depends on your common sense. Avoid wearing the band while doing rough outside work or handling chemicals of any sort and it will last for the entirety of your lifetime.
Donnell Dean

A wedding is the most incredible event in life. Due to their significance, people plan to make that event memorable and this is why they allot a special budget that can make you more interested with the help of the jewelry available in the market. There are several different wedding ornaments available in the market that needs to be thoroughly researched and chosen according to taste and choice. When you are looking for mens luxury wedding bands, you can rightly find all these things the right way. This is the best thing that you need to come up with the right kind of design that will meet all these requirements.

When you are doing research for getting the right kind of wedding jewelry, it would be best to look on the web and the manufacturers who are providing it. Make sure that there is also a 14 karat gold band available in the market that is constantly inspiring people to include them in the wedding and these are the best things that can make the event more enjoyable for others.

This is the best thing that you can invest in order to get all these things on your marriage bucket list. There are different types of designs along with special things that can rightly be available to make all these things possible. In this regard, it would be the right approach to get them according to your own possible way. This is the main thing that you should make something more incredible and it would be the right approach to get all these possible. With the help of mens luxury wedding bands,you should come up with a better option that can contribute heavily on the basis of crucial things. Once you have made all these types of issues the right way, it will be easy for you to get them according to your own style and taste.

Apart from designs, the material also plays a pivotal role to make all these kinds of things possible and once you have done it according to your own possible way, it would be the best thing that can readily make these kinds of issues in your own way possible. With the help of a 14 karat gold band,you can rightly showcase your style statement that will make a great contribution on the basis of best practice. This is the most incredible thing that you should keep in mind while doing all these according to your own possible results. Make sure that you have come across a number of ways to find the right kind of things that are certainly making a great contribution to your own style and wedding needs.

When you have all these options available, you can rightly demonstrate the appropriate style statement according to your requirement.

Donnell Dean

Weddings are indeed the most precious and memorable days and every bride and groom want to look their best on their wedding day. A bride wants to attract the whole crowd with her dazzling looks. Well, without jewelry all these may seem impossible as it plays a significant role. It is the most precious facet that adds to your overall appearance and attire. You should choose the ornaments such as the 10kt gold wedding band that must be chosen carefully to add to your glow and aura. Here are some key tips to help you decide how to choose jewelry.

Choose Jeweler before Purchasing the Wedding Outfit

Most often brides buy wedding outfits before buying the ornaments. Well, this is something one should avoid. This applies to men as well as there are many patterns of classy mens wedding bands that men should consider before buying the wedding attire. The ornaments you buy will be far more costly than your outfit and hence your outfit should display the ornaments perfectly rather than decreasing their value. Your outfit should not outweigh your 10kt gold wedding band,necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

Choose as Per the Occasion

A wedding has a series of ceremonies that take place and hence you must plan your jewelry as per the occasion. For pre-wedding ceremonies, women can choose lighter ornaments like a dainty pair of earrings, a gold necklace, and a bracelet. Similarly, men can choose lighter pieces too to ensure that they don’t look too jazzy before the main ceremony. If there is an engagement ceremony before the wedding, you can focus on the engagement ring with less focus on other areas. For men, there are simple rings for other occasions and classy mens wedding bands can be saved for the wedding ceremony.

The Wedding Day

This is an important day and you should focus on a traditional look. There are yellow gold sets, white gold, or platinum sets with beautiful detailing available that you can choose from. If you like gemstones, there are endless options you can consider. The neckline you purchase must match with the attire for the perfect look. When you choose earrings, the hairstyle should be kept in mind. If you are planning to go for buns or other hair up-dos, go for long and heavy earrings. But, if you are planning to leave your hair down, choose something lighter to complement your attire perfectly.

Invest in Durable Ornaments        

Choose ornaments that are not only durable but must be wearable in the future too for other occasions. Purchase pieces that remain durable and last for a lifetime. Also, choose designs that should never look outdated. The latest trend is to choose detachable ornaments especially wedding jewelry that can be transformed into simpler designs later.

William Smith

Wedding bands are something that draws the attention of everyone on your special wedding day. So apart from being an object of personal adoration and a symbol of your nuptial ceremony, a wedding band represents your taste and style. For this reason, couples often spend all their savings on buying their wedding bands. But if you are worried about the rising prices of precious metals like gold and platinum, plenty of less expensive alternatives are available in today’s jewelry markets. Despite being low-priced these alternatives are no less stylish or durable compared to jewelry made of precious metals.


  1. Tungsten Mens Wedding Bands

Nowadays, tungsten is extensively used for designing fashionable men’s jewelry. A tungsten ring is quite durable and looks exactly like a platinum ring. But the metal is quite cheap compared to platinum and can be carved into different patterns and designs. You can also find stone-studded tungsten men's wedding bands, the cost of which depends on the nature of the stone used.  Tungsten bands also come in different shades like sapphire blue or green. You can also find designer brands with fine carvings or inlays that make them appear extremely stylish and trendy.

  1. Rhodium Plated Wedding Bands

Rhodium-plated bands come in different types depending on the base metal used. Stainless steel bands plated with rhodium are a great choice if you are looking for brilliant-looking mens wedding bands. You can find amazing styles and designs in this category including stone-studded bands.

  1. Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium is yet another cheap metal used for making cheap wedding bands and jewelry. The material is highly durable and is often used along with stainless steel for making various types of designer jewelry. If you are looking for highly affordable men's wedding bands in Canada, check out some of the latest titanium bands available in the market.

  1. Rose Gold Bands

Rose Gold is an elegant and affordable alternative to pure gold. The metal has a unique quality and rosiness that makes it look quite desirable. Even though rose gold is more popular among women, you can also find a wide range of designs in men’s rose gold jewelry. When it comes to rose gold mens wedding bands Canada suppliers can offer you a vast variety of stunning designs.

  1. Gold Plated Bands

Gold plated bands look as good as gold bands but the only downside is that they lose their golden color sooner or later. However, if you maintain these bands carefully you can preserve the color for a very long time. The price of these bands is quite affordable depending on the base metal used. Stainless gold-plated bands are quite popular and fairly durable compared to jewelry made of other metal combinations.

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