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zubair hassan

Today, we have become a smartphone society, and most of us own a personal smartphone. The digital or online world has a strong reality, and our phones are one of the primary ways to get online and connect to the online world. It's getting harder every day to think about a life without our phones. The cost of an average smartphone isn't very cheap, though. It typically ranges from 200 US dollars to 1000 US dollars. It verily depends on the features and functionalities of the smartphone, but it does cost a considerable amount to get a good phone.

Most people get worried when they come to know that they have to change their phone for some reason because it costs them a high amount of money to get a new phone. Moreover, they might need to transfer the data from the old one to the new one, and all of this may create a fuss for some non-tech-lover kind of people. This urges a need to take good care of phones and keep them maintained. The blog entails some easy yet important smartphone maintenance tips for you. Here you go!

Get a Phone Case

A phone case is the basic smartphone protection gear. The true importance of a phone case is understood only by those who lost their recently-bought expensive smartphone, all for not getting a case. Yes, once someone loses their phone for not having a case, they can clearly understand why a smartphone case is very important. So, make sure you get a case for your smartphone. Also, choose a case that is not only cool, but it does the job well too. Obviously, the basic purpose of a phone case is to protect your phone.

Install a Screen Protector

Most of us have already faced an incident where we get our smartphone's glass cracked. So, it's not very hard to understand that most smartphones have a fragile screen that needs to be taken good care of. Make sure you get a strong screen protector that covers it all well. Moreover, while getting a screen protector, make sure that the touch screen works well with the protector because sometimes it gets really annoying when the touch screen doesn't work smoothly due to the protector installed.

Don't Leave your Smartphone Unattended

It's important to keep your phone with you when you are outside your home. Many times people are careless about their phones, and they forget where they keep the phone. It could fall down or get hurt by anyone. It may also result in your phone got stolen. So leaving your phone unattended, particularly in public, isn't safe at all. Take good care of your phone and don't leave it anywhere when you are not at home.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

So, mostly our phones are safe when we are at home. However, even some areas at home aren't safe, and you should keep your phone away from those places. You should not place your phone near the stove as high temperature can be dangerous for your phone's life. Extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold, can be bad for a phone. Make sure you don't leave your phone in the microwave refrigerators. Obviously, you don't want explosions or your phone to be frozen so, be mindful where you keep your phone even at your home. Also, don't leave your phone near water or liquid substances.

Take Care of the Battery:

Phones battery is a major component of your phone, and it has to be healthy for your phone to work efficiently. For this, it is important that you don't leave your phone on charge overnight. As soon as the battery reaches 100% charging, plug it off. Also, don't use your phone if the battery gets too low. Put the phone on charge when you see the battery going down to avoid it getting off from low battery power. If you take care of your phone's battery, it will last long.

Update your Mobile Apps:

Keep your mobile app streamlined and updated. Keep checking timely if any app needs update or storage to work properly. Also, keep your phone secured by keeping a passcode or lock. You can also keep a lock on different apps on your phone. Since people are getting concerned about their phone's data and privacy, many mobile app development companies are adding the app's security lock feature within the app. WhatsApp offers a fingerprint lock feature for those who want to keep their conversation private in case others get hands-on their phone.

Clear the Clutter:

As the mobile needs an update, it also needs your time to check if there are unnecessary data on your phone's storage. Keep clearing the clutter from your device's memory to help it work efficiently without hanging or lagging. Keep checking your mobile app if there are high amounts of unnecessary data in the storage. Remove it before it causes the app to hang during use.

These are some of the smartphone maintenance tips that should be followed to help your phone get longer and better life. Most of the above-mentioned tips are quite common and simple but overlooked by many people. To conclude, make sure you get a good phone case, screen protector, avoid extreme temperatures, take care of the battery and update all of your apps on time to get your phone working efficiently and smoothly.



Ritika sharma

Xiaomi is a respected and prestigious brand that never fails to impress its users. Xiaomi is coming up with another promising smartphone.

The new Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will launch soon by the company. After the success of the Xiaomi MI 10 worldwide, the company is going to launch the upgraded version with the upgraded features. The flagship smartphone will pack interesting features.

Muneeb Qadar

 I think your brand is not reaching its target market or your intended customers are simply not interested in buying your product. A perfume will sell when people know about its scent and will feel fresh and amazing after using it. Get the assistance from best app development company in Dubai as they can guide you about strategies that can win you customers in hordes.

Muneeb Qadar Jul 15 '20 · Tags: apps, mobile
Adrees Shafiq

Manchester: The man who set fire to the Five G Tower in Britain has been sentenced to three years in prison.

According to the News, the man who set fire to the Five G Tower in Manchester was sentenced to three years in prison. Michael Vetti, 47, set fire to the tower in Liverpool.

A judge in Liverpool Crown Court sentenced the man to three years in prison, with a loss of  15,000 caused by the fire.

According to the report, the 47-year-old convict is the first person to be convicted in the tower attacks. There have been 13 attacks on the Five G Tower in Liverpool alone. The attacks have cost the tower companies a total of two and a half million pounds.

Judge Thomas Tag QC remarked that he was concerned about the state of such crimes at the national level and that the attack involved high-level planning.

It should be noted that the director of the NHS, Professor Steve Powys, called the theory of the spread of the virus through FiveG as fake, baseless and vile.

Five G and mobile device are very useful technologies for us in emergencies caused by Coronavirus. People can't believe such fake rumours that they are destroying infrastructure," he said.

Peter Terry

It’s been a while since the first waterproof smartphone was unveiled and right now, we’re not that surprise when a reputed manufacturer announces that their flagship comes with an IP67 certification. Still, one of the biggest brands hasn’t used this feature until now. That’s right, there’s no waterproof iPhone until now in contrast to live wallpapers iphone app, but it seems that this is about to change pretty soon.

Waterproof iPhone?

According to Apple Insider, the Cupertino-based company has filled a patent which revealed that they’re currently searching for “methods for shielding electronic components for moisture” or, a bit simpler, making the first waterproof iPhone.

Unlike other smartphones, which are loaded with flaps, covering all the ports, Apple’s method will involve a whole different way of making their phones waterproof. To be more specific, they won’t seal the whole device, as this new method implies coating the iPhone’s internal components with a hydrophobic layer, using plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition. By this, each component will have a layer protecting it against short circuits that may occur when they are exposed to liquids.

Thicker design? Not at all

We’re very curious to see how a waterproof iPhone will look, as this feature might affects its design. Well, Apple thought at this and the best part is that an eventual waterproof iPhone won’t be very different than a regular ones, as its overall thickness won’t be affected. According to the same source, the layer covering the internal will have between one and ten microns thick. As for the connectors, they will be protected by silicon seals.

If this feature will indeed materialize, we hope that the upcoming iPhone won’t be even more expensive, as they will most likely look for a way to make the investment in research worth.

Any thoughts about this? Do you think this is a necessary feature for an iPhone?

Peter Terry Dec 20 '19 · Tags: iphone, mobile
Billy Mark

If you want a simple and high-end device, then the OnePlus 7T is the one-stop solutions for you. The smartphone is offering many latest and high-tech features that are not even available in other smartphones. It has everything that a tech enthusiast  requires. If you currently own a two years old OnePlus model, then it can be a decent upgrade for you, especially if you want all the latest features stuffed into a single device. The OnePlus in itself is a reputable and trustworthy brand among customers. Some people prefer OnePlus mobiles over the iPhone. There is no doubt that Android phones are much better than iOS when it comes to talking about customization and accessibility. iPhones are very limited as you have to use iTunes even when you want to transfer music to your device, and these small inconveniences can make you frustrated for a moment.

OnePlus 7T Review: Simplistic, Accessible and Modern

Let’s see every significant detail of the “New Android Ruler” and also look at its negative sides.

Modernistic Look and Feel  

If you think that OnePlus7 looks a bit different from mobiles, then you are absolutely right. Its screen has no curves means you are getting an entirely flat display with an aspect ratio of 20:9. The screen size is 6.55 inch which makes it a bit bigger than other ordinary smartphones. It has a bit small screen width which makes it surprisingly comfortable while holding in the grip. The display in immersive and realistic. It is less wide than the iPhone 11 Pro Max; however, it still has an impressive display.

The glass is coated with an anti-glare layer which will enhance the visibility in the strong sunlight.

Versatile Camera  

The device has three camera lenses on its camera array. The way of placements of these three lenses is quite unique and gives a premium finish. The primary lens of the rear camera is 48 megapixels and has a picture stabilization feature. The other two cameras are 16 MP and 12 MP respectively. In this device, you will also get a refined UltraShot engine to take better shots in mild darkness. It also comes with a Macro mode which can be enabled by an independent button in the camera app interface. The Macro mode will help you to take extraordinarily wider shots that are almost impossible in other devices.

Android 10 and Ultra-Rapid Charging    

The OnePlus 7T comes with Android 10 installed by default, and it is a robust feature on its own. The Android 10 is a massive upgrade for Android operating system and is stuffed with many new and exciting features. One of the best features of Android 10 is its Zen Mode that helps you to focus on the most important things by turning off some specific notifications for a selected period. You can use it when you are chilling with your family so that nothing will distract you.

The phone also has an extremely fast charging speed as it can go 17% to 100% in less than 40 minutes. However, the company claims that it can go 0 to 70% in 30 minutes. The phone can charge faster than what the company claims in reality.

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Major Highlights

  • Snapdragon 855 Plus
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128GB ROM
  • Display refresh rate 90Hz
  • 2400 x 1080 pixels
  • 20:9 aspect ratio

Wrapping It Up 

If you want a powerhouse of performance/features along with a simple look and feel, then this device should be your first choice.

Source :   OnePlus 7T Review: Simplistic, Accessible and Modern

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at


What is Android

                        Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is based off of a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, and is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

How does it work?

                      Beginning at the base is the Linux Kernel. Android utilizes Linux for its gadget drivers, memory the board, process the executives, and systems administration. ... The following level up contains the Android local libraries. They are altogether written in C/C++ inside, however you'll be calling them through Java interfaces.

Purpose of Android

                      Android (working framework) Android is a portable working framework created by Google. It depends on an altered variant of the Linux piece and other open source programming, and is structured fundamentally for touchscreen cell phones, for example, cell phones and tablets.Android is a portable working framework kept up by Google, and is every other person's response to the prevalent iOS telephones from Apple. It is utilized on a scope of cell phones and tablets including those made by Google, Samsung, LG, Sony, HPC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Acer and Motorola.

Android better than iOS:

                              Most Android phones do betterthan the iPhone released in the same period in hardware performance, but them hence can consume more power and need to charge once a day basically. Android's openness leads to increased risk.Gangboard Provided Best Android Online Training

You will be happy to realize that you can begin your Android application advancement on both of the accompanying working frameworks −

·         Microsoft Windows XP or later form.

·         Macintosh OS X 10.5.8 or later form with Intel chip.

·         Linux including GNU C Library 2.7 or later.



Second point is that all the expected apparatuses to create Android applications are openly accessible and can be downloaded from the Web. Following is the rundown of programming's you will require before you begin your Android application programming.

·         Java JDK5 or later form

·         Android Studio

Here last two segments are discretionary and on the off chance that you are taking a shot at Windows machine, at that point these segments make your life simple while doing Java based application advancement. So given us a chance to see how to continue to set required condition.

Android  Architecture

                             The Android OS is a product heap of various layers, in which each layer is a gathering of some program parts. It incorporates your working framework, middleware and significant applications. Each layer in the engineering gives various administrations to the layer simply above it.

Following are the various layers in the Android stack:

Linux Kernel Layer– Linux portion is the base most layer in the design of android. It never truly connects with the clients and designers, yet is at the core of the entire framework. Its significance originates from the way that it gives the capacities in the Android framework, for example, equipment deliberation, memory the executives programs, security settings, control the board programming, other equipment drivers, organize stack and so on.

Libraries– The following layer in the Android engineering incorporates libraries. Libraries convey a lot of guidelines to manage the gadget to deal with various kinds of information. For instance – the playback and recording of different sound and video arrangements is guided by the Media Framework Library.

Runtime – The third area of the design is runtime which gives a key segment called Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM). Dalvik is an open-source programming and Java Virtual Machine uncommonly structured and enhanced for Android.

Application Framework Layer– Our applications straightforwardly associate with these squares of the Android engineering. These projects deal with the essential elements of telephone like asset the executives, voice call the board and so forth. It gives numerous higher-level administrations to applications as Java classes. Some significant squares of Application Framework are action the executives, content suppliers, asset director, warning supervisor, see framework.


Applications layer– The applications are at the highest layer of the Android stack. Every one of the applications will be introduced in this layer, for example, address book, games and so on.

Android Open source

                     Android is an open source and Linux-based working framework for cell phones, for example, cell phones and tablet PCs. Android was created by the Open Handset Alliance, driven by Google, and different organizations. This instructional exercise will encourage you fundamental Android programming and will likewise take you through some development ideas identified with Android application improvement.


scope of Android

          The Mobile Application Development is the future of Software Development according to Google's Eric Schmidt. The numerous young students who are looking for a stable career with the steady growth and income, they always ask about the future in the software development, especially in the Android applications.

Billy Mark

A flash card comes in handy while memorizing keywords for any topic, be it studying for an exam, public speaking or remembering mathematical formula. Flash card apps for Android have made it quite easier to make use of them without having to create an actual set of cards.

10 Best Flash Card Apps for AndroidSource :

Let us take a look at some of the best flash card apps available on Android.

1. Quizlet

Quizlet comes with a user-friendly interactive interface and works on your phone, tablet, and laptop. You can create your own flash card sets, time-bound quizzes, and can also join group quizzes hosted by the admin- by scanning the QR code or entering a passcode.

2. StudyBlue

This paid program allows you to add audio, pictures and also arrange quizzes. You can also copy and share cards with other users, in a group, or as an individual user.

3. Buffl

This cloud-based app helps you access its contents from anywhere and enables you to create slash card sets instantly.

4. Brainscape Flashcards

This good-looking app has a large number of card decks available. It also provides certified classes and user-generated sets, some of which can be unlocked after a paid subscription.

5. Anki

This flashcard app available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iPhone, Android has quite enticing features and add-ons. It allows users to access the app in both offline and online mode and many fields such as translation, examples of use, pictures, audio files can also be added. Additional plug-ins can also be installed.

6. Memrise

This flashcard app allows users to add anything to the card, like a picture which would make it easier for the user to associate and hence understand the definition in the card. A recommendation for memory enhancement and a funny picture makes it more exciting.

7. Rolandos Flashcards

This free software is simple to use and is quite basic. It allows users to create cards on the desktop. It doesn’t require any permissions or user account for access.

8. Flashcards

This simple app with a bold design comes with more than 75 million pre-created cards that you can share and learn from. And of course, you can create your own cards and set them as private or public.

9. AnkiDroid

This free app comes with plenty of extra features like the eye and battery- friendly mode,  statistics to track your learning, etc.

10. Lexilize Flashcards maker

This language-learning app offers card sets in more than 118 languages and comes with audio to help you with pronunciations. It also comes with a series of random games.

Billy Mark  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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