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Ameotech Informatics
Ameotech Informatics is a software development and designing service provider company. Ameotech Informatics is founded by a young and energetic entrepreneur focused on leveraging its customer with state of the art technology by offering innovative, contemporary and cost-effective technology solutions. It is a leading Mobile App Development Company In India. We have a highly skilled team of developers that always looking for bigger challenges. We provide top-line web and mobile development services at competitive prices. We’ve worked on a number of challenging projects and lived up to our client’s expectations time and time again.

Cabal Owen
Healthcare Mobile App Development Market Outlook

Healthcare apps act as a tool that maintains a patients-centred healthcare model. It allows patients to keep track of their day-to-day health, understand particular medical conditions that need timely assistance and help them achieve fitness goals. With mHealth development, doctors and pharmacists can enhance adherence to medicines, therapy and provide effective healthcare services.

Latest Healthcare App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2022!1. Personal Healthcare Apps

Personal healthcare apps mainly emphasize tracking patients’ personal health records. It monitors factors like per day calorie intake, heartbeat, daily steps, water intake, etc. These apps use wearable integration for real-time diet and activity tracking. Personal healthcare applications also help monitor the daily stress level, anxiety, sleep status and other factors that may cause seriousness if left untreated.

2. Telemedicine App

Telemedicine app development is the result of contactless healthcare services and become a need of an hour during the COVID era. It is the most popular choice among healthcare service providers and patients. It establishes a quick and secure communication between them to share medical information and health-related data. For routine health checkups, patients can book an appointment, consult with doctors online and get prescriptions without physically visiting hospitals. It saves time and reduces the efforts to get immediate medical attention.

4. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and its counterparts like ML has transformed healthcare services. It offers better outcomes, generates valuable data insights, and quickly analyses patients’ health conditions. The technology provides early diagnosis of severe disease and suggests supportive measurements to take the right actionable at the right time. Moreover, the intelligent AI-powered chatbots provide quick responses to patients’ queries 24*7.

Team Affle mE never fails to bring additional value to your business by making a healthcare app a gateway to your infrastructure, including EHR, medical practice management, revenue cycle management and other systems. As a leading mobile app development company, we understand the importance of data protection and strictly follow security regulations and compliance like HIPAA. We ensure that your app does not hurt data security ethics and meets the desired business requirements.

Ameotech Informatics
To achieve a successful product, Python web development services is an iterative process of problem-solving and continuous improvement. Our customers' requirements and behaviour will change along with devices and technologies. We offer Python web development service that allows interactive testing and debugging of snippets of all also it runs on a wide variety of hardware platforms and has the same interface in all platforms. 

Ameotech Informatics
Ameotech Informatics is a software development company in india, focuses on Mobile and Web Application Development. Ameotech Informatics was founded in the year 2010 and is based in Mohali, Punjab. Ameotech Informatics is an Android, iOS, Python, Node JS, Angular JS, ASP.NET and Web Development company working for happy clients over the last 12 Years. Our expertise and commitment to deliver complex strategic IT projects make us a trusted service provider to 2000+ customers across the globe. We have a team size of more than 100+ employees. It is a matter of great pride to us that many of these relationships have continued with us since the beginning.


As you know very well many people lost their job during covid 19 period , many companies were shut down and also employees lost their job , there was no source of income for them , those who don’t know about digital marketing it will sound depressing losing job , no source of income , but those who know about digital marketing are feeling relaxed so today I will tell you about digital marketing , whats is digital marketing , what are their future scope , advantage , disadvantage i will clear all your doubts.

What is digital Marketing  ?

Digital marketing is a online market , where a company promote their brands to customer through internet , through digital markets customer can easily buy their favourite product through internet , there are fully aware of the products and services they are going to buy .

Rise of digital marketing  ?

The demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day . this digital marketing concept is adapting by lots of young kids . they are very keen to learn new things which required high quality skill . they are very passionate about learning new things  . a proper training and skills are provided through courses and also companies are providing internships to the youngsters so that they adapt new skills , by proving proper guidance and knowledge youngsters are learning  and earn lots of money through this.

Time is Precious

The best thing about about digital marketing is that you can work wherever you want you don’t have to work in office also you can work on digital marketing wherever you want you just have one laptop and internet to do your job.

Through digital marketing experience a person can form his own company , work in any It company , work as a freelancer and learn lots of money and gain lots of knowledge through this which expands his reach .

We can confidently says that Digital marketing is secured in India because mostly 98% of people have mobile and have internet on their phone , and google lots of things . they google everything on internet and internet became part of their life , people are getting digitalized , all the things done through internet so we don’t need to be worried about that , digital market is 100% secured .


1. The first advantage of digital marketing is ccheap and affordable

2. High quality skilled is required in digital marketing which increase the efficiency of an employee

3. Gain full knowledge of the market , what is happening in market

4. Earn lots of money


Update time to time ( the first disadvantage of digital marketing is people need to be updated time to time if you did not update you will not be able to compete in the market as new tools are available in the market according to the climate , requirement of market .

KinfoItSolutions provides the best Digital marketing services and internship to students. Their digital marketing professional experts has great knowledge and guide the proper way “How digital marketing is best as a career”. Contact experts today.

Codexxa Business solution

Codexxa Business Solution is an best IT company in Pune & Mumbai that offer an extended array of services including Website Design, Mobile App development, MLM software and Digital Marketing Services for enterprise. Our purpose is to provide IT solutions for every business to thrive.

Our in-house is backed up by skilled professionals that help enterprises to be the best competitors in the realm of their respective business world. Solution oriented, we are determined to break down the complex problems and assist our clients with the best IT services.

We are providing mobile application development services from last 5 years. We have developed many applications for various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc. Our team has expertise in developing native & hybrid apps. We provide end-to-end solutions including design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Our Services include but not limited to:

·       Mobile App Development

·       Android App Development

·       Window App Development

·       IOS App Development

·       E-commerce App Development

·       Retail AppDevelopment

·       App Development Company

·       Banking & Finance

·       Ionic App Development

·       Unity App Development

·       IoT App Development

·       Flutter App Development

·       Swift App Development

·       Game App Development


Our address :-   501, Vedant A, La Ratan Ln, opp. to KFC, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

Call us at:- : +91-8857853138/ +91-9049336383

Email us at:-

Visit us at -


When you create event booking app, it will be used by thousands of users and so it needs to work seamlessly without any downtime. To keep more uptime, you will need to use tech-stacks which are stronger, secure, and reliable. There are multiple programming languages used for development for different types of event booking applications. With the help of the right technical stack build the perfect application. 
There are two ways of developing your application: cross platform app development and native app development. Depending on your business logic, pick your development model and go for it. Remember, before deciding, you need to carry out complete market research with the pros and cons of each development model and which will suit your application and user base.
If you don’t want to go through all the technical jargon, it’s completely alright, we understand. Reach out to us and our expert developers will know your project requirements and will help you to select the right tech stack plus answer all your questions on how to build an event booking app.
However, all these were problems of the past. All thanks to revolution in technology and increasing demand for mobile app development and websites. Event booking apps are solving all these major problems and helping customers to enjoy the event instead of going through all other chaos.
Event planning is not difficult anymore. All thanks to event booking app development companies who can help you start a business in this emerging market and provide you with a great solution.Invest in event booking app development, start a business, and invite event managers and users to have a great experience with creating an event and attending one. Read more here to the given link below.  
Original Source: Step-By-Step Guide of Event Booking App Development

Erma Winter

Fitness and health applications have become standardized options nowadays. The market size of health and fitness mobile apps will surpass $13 billion.  And according to the experts, this will happen by 2025. So, if your business is from this domain, then you must consider going for healthcare app development. But, if it is the cost to make a health and fitness mobile app that makes you think twice. Here is the detailed solution for you. 

Individuals nowadays track their regular actions to remain fit and sound. Clearly, they will in general pick easy-to-use and appealing mobile applications for this. Hence, you must hire the best healthcare-based mobile app development company for this. Why? Even though you will have detailed knowledge about how this niche works. But you will not be that technical sound like education app developers. 

Since they are regularly designing and developing these kinds of apps, they will be adeptly crafting the best-selling app. A good mobile app development company ensures to give proper training to their developers and other professionals. Hence, these professionals will have knowledge of the latest advancement, tools, and technologies. They will implement top healthcare app development featuresthat are necessary for healthcare app development. 

Cost to develop health & fitness mobile app

Shockingly, there's no basic reply. Wellness and health app development cost relies upon different variables. This includes from plan intricacy to the developer’s area. This blog will aid through all those components.

Before we understand the cost let us first understand the types of health and wellness apps:-

  • Fitness coaching

  • Workout apps

  • Nutrition and diet apps

  • Activity tracking apps

The types of apps play a crucial role in the healthcare app development cost. For example, users prefer to practice progressing technologies. This includes incorporating advanced technologies like IoT, AI, ML, wearables, etc. 

There is an abundance of other facets that add up to the healthcare app development cost. It includes quality assurance services, UI/ UX designs, features, DevOps services, and project management.

  1. MVP

Now, the best mobile app development company will suggest you launch a health app in the MVP version. Now, you might be questioning whether it is necessary!! Yes, it is. You must always consider doing it to get feedback from the common users before investing your hard-earned money. It will certainly add more users. So, ensure to invest in MVP for healthcare app development. 

  1. Platforms

Next, comes the platform that adds up to the healthcare app development cost. There are different types of platforms like iOS, Android, Microsoft, etc.  Now, if you want to save money, you can even go for cross-platform app development. This reduces the healthcare app development cost to 50%.

  1. Designs

It is true that it is a time-consuming process to craft user-friendly and attractive UI/ UX designs. You need to develop intuitive apps as these kinds of apps are preferred mainly by users nowadays. In general, UI/ UX designers take up to 120 hours to design an app.

Point to remember:-

It takes 60%-70% more time to design an Android app than iOS. 

  1. App developers 

Then you must identify the time taken (hourly rates) by healthcare app developers to develop a healthcare app. An experienced healthcare app developer will charge you more. 

But if you hire Android app developer  or any other developers from India, you can save plenty. The value of Indian currency is much less in comparison to other countries. This is the reason why many companies outsource their projects or hire developers from India.

Basic features that lead to the healthcare app development cost

  • Registration and login

  • Workouts

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness routine tracking

  • User profile

  • Push notification

  • Payments

In conclusion

Always do detailed research before developing the healthcare apps. Make sure to get in touch with 2-3 service providers for healthcare app development costs.

SKP Global

The utilization of mobile apps has exploded over the last few years. With the ever-developing adoption of contemporary-day smartphones, an increasing number of clients are the use of apps to reserve their favored food, book tickets, carry out banking transactions, concentrate to tune at the go, etc. Today, our international is a virtual sphere, wherein preserving contact with buddies throughout limitations is no greater a chore, and because the wide variety of cell apps continues on increasing, so does our capacity to carry out hitherto hard tasks. This article seems at a few cell utility improvement traits to appearance out for in 2020.

The developers call for greater practical apps has additionally ended in the big hobby in cell app development, mainly among unbiased and freelance developers. Since a running systems' cell app keep is a stage gambling field, everybody can create an app which can grow to be the subsequent wreck hit. Flappy Bird, the indie game, raked in $50K every day at the peak of its popularity, ensuing within side the massive achievement of its small-time developer!

There are pretty some thrilling mobile app developments since 2020 that mobile app builders ought to hold a lookout for. From cutting-edge technology to older ones locating their toes and a spurt of the latest programming languages, 2020 has plenty in saving now no longer most effective for customers however for builders as well.

Here's what you need to know.

15 Growing Mobile App Development Trends

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Continue to Develop

Artificial intelligence isn't always something new and could remain followed with the aid of using greater sectors with inside the coming years. The International Data Corporation estimates that the AI marketplace will touch $40 billion, with the aid of using 2020 at the same time IDC says that worldwide spending on Artificial Intelligence and cognitive structures will reach $77.6 billion in 2022!

2. Block chain Technology Will Be Increasingly Adopted

There has been in addition, enhancement of the block chain era in latest years and this fashion is anticipated to retain in the coming years as well. Major monetary establishments and buyers have already reaped big advantages from this era, specifically in terms of their assets. Transparency Market Research estimates that the marketplace for block chain era will hit $20 billion, with the aid of using 2024. This indicates that mobile applications will a growing number of capitalizing on this mobile application technology in 2020 and past.

3. Increase in On-Demand Apps

On-call for apps act as mediators among carriers of the various offerings and customers. The app global goes to be extra thrilling 2020 as increasingly carriers provide on-call for apps in the marketplace. Uber and Toxify are a few corporations which have won quite a few recognitions these days from on-demand app offerings. App inventive says that the on-demand app marketplace reached $106.83 million in 2017. Tech analysts say that this could most effective growth going into 2020 and beyond.

4. Chatbots Will Find Widespread Usage

The modern day tendencies in mobile apps suggest that Chat bots will take over numerous unique communique strains in the mobile app world. Part of this accelerated chat bot adoption is attributed to the want real-time interplay among provider companies and customers. It is vital to observe that this era circumvents the want for human-to-human interplay. Gartner says that chat bots may be at the back about 85% of all customer support interactions earlier than the stop of 2020. Another interesting (or worrying) prediction is that the common person will start to have greater interplay with chat bots than with their partners.

5. Increased Dominance of Wearable Apps

Wearable technology is seeing growing adoption everywhere in the world. Statists predict that the variety of wearable gadgets will attain 929 million via way of means of 2021, up from 453 million in 2017. You can count on wearable devices and apps to quickly grow to be a crucial a part of ordinary life. App developers are predicted to retain to broaden apps for wearable gadgets, that are ruled via way of means of smart watches. 2020 guarantees to deliver to marketplace extra wearable gadgets providing more and more state-of-the-art apps and generation, proper from health bands to watch and motion trackers, amongst others.

6. Instant Apps Will Proliferate

Mobile apps truly carry to thoughts consumer-pleasant and memory-green services. Instant apps are local mobile applications which might be greater consumer-pleasant, smaller in size, and greater handier than conventional apps. This is because, with immediately apps, there may be no want for downloading. Just because the call implies, those apps are to be had and available without the want for downloading the particular app. With an increasing number of customers constantly stressful higher consumer revels in and faster load times, 2020 will absolutely see a greater good sized proliferation of immediately apps, for this reason decreasing or maybe getting rid of the wait time required for app installation.

7. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Will Find Wider Adoption

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are right here to stay, and 2020 will see extra big adoption and proliferation of those technologies. Trends in mobile apps imply that AR and VR era aren't simply making improvements to exceptional gaming applications, however additionally being taken up for numerous different use cases. In 2020, you may count on mobile app developers to create extra lovely cell reviews in AR and VR, and with higher and extra likeminded hardware getting into the marketplace, the celebration is most effective simply getting started. Statists predict that the worldwide AR and VR marketplace will skyrocket to $209 billion in 2022, up from $27 billion in 2018.

8. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Development Will Speed Up

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are an open-supply initiative spearheaded via 

way of means of Google and Twitter to enhance the overall performance of web pages on mobile devices. The generation on the back of Accelerated Mobile Pages lets in light-weight pages to load extra fast in smartphones and tablets. You can count on mobile app developers in 2020 to make extra use of this generation to hurry upload instances in mobile devices.

9. More Mobile Payment Services Will Proliferate

The demand for mobile payment apps and fee gateways noticed a large boom in call for and deliver in 2019 and this fashion seems set to hold in 2020. The frictionless fee strategies that mobile wallet apps facilitate is a favorite of mobile phone customers and all types of apps at the moment are integrating fee gateways, which is basically converting the manner clients shop. Emerging developments in mobile apps all factors to in addition, proliferation of mobile fee offerings together with Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal One Touch, Venmo, and Square Cash. At present, each a hit and famous mobile app consist of at least 3 or 4 legitimate fee strategies, together with credit/debit cards, present cards, and cellular wallets. Expect to peer in addition, proliferation of mobile payment services in 2020.

10. IoT will Open Even Newer Possibilities

It, or the Internet of Things, is already pretty established, and over the following 5 years, extra than 5 billion humans are anticipated to be the use of an IoT- pushed era in a few shapes or the other. Today, it is found in the present day wearable era, clever thermostats, clever bulbs, dimmable streetlights, etc.  In the approaching year, mobile app development articles assume this era to be hastily followed for mobile application development, even as taking into consideration extra customized person reports throughout lots of devices.

11. Cloud Storage Platforms Will Continue to Rise

No surprises here. From the common customer to the tech professional, everybody has heard approximately the blessings of cloud technology, and the way it may assist to change our collective lives. Today, cloud computing isn't always best fast, clean to deploy, and inexpensive, however additionally makes an awesome running argument for each large-scale business and small mom-and-dad joints. 2020 will see the extra cloud application development and rising technology will increasingly adopt cloud technology.

Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are simply the end of the iceberg. In 2020, we will assume new effective apps which without delay run in the cloud and take minimum area in mobile phone storage. Syncing data - running on an app on the phone after which persevering with it from a tablet or laptop can even come to be increasingly widespread.

12. Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Get a New Lease of Life

It's now no longer a mystery anymore that increasingly developers are gravitating closer to growing corporation mobile apps. One important motive for that is that such apps make it smooth to maintain huge groups connected, in addition to song key metrics and KPIs, which might be now required through nearly each small and huge commercial enterprise to a few extents. 43% of corporation app developers earn greater than $10,000 according to month, compared to the 19% of the developers who expand consumer-targeted apps. Enterprise app shops also are expected to turn out to be the subsequent massive thing, as with greater B2B interaction, an incredible possibility can be provided to new developers.

13. Location-based Wi-Fi Services Will Become Commonplace

Mobile location offerings and Beacon era are actually beginning to blur the limits among online and offline advertising, specifically in the retail sector. Apple had already incorporated the era inside iBeacon, and in 2016 Android accompanied suit. In the subsequent years, Wi-Fi could be used for extra than simply net to get entry to, as increasingly public hotspots additionally double up as area get entry point. App developers also are anticipated to observe suit, with the aid of using, constructing apps which take gain of such area-primarily based totally Wi-Fi services.

14. m-Commerce to be the Next Great Opportunity

As e-commerce giants along with Amazon and eBay flourish, using m-Commerce apps are likewise predicted grow in the coming years. With greater smartphones providing era along with the NFC, Fingerprint recognition, etc., the use of a mobile phone to pay for transactions, among others, will even locate geared up acceptance. Developers will even have the possibility to construct m-Commerce apps that can offer extra capability to the consumer.

15. High-quality UX to be the Norm of the Day

Besides a pleasing appearance and feel, phone customers nowadays assume their apps to be greater intuitive and offer greater applicable content material suitable to their very own likes and dislikes. In the approaching year, developers will ought to consciousness, greater on answering burning patron questions, including whether or not the app is stable, sufficient or whether or not they want too many user permissions, etc.

Being one of the top custom Mobile Application Development Services in Chennai, we develop apps that help our customers get recognized easily by increasing their brand value within a short time span. also we do custom Web Development Services in Chennai by implementing the cutting edge technologies for various domains on time always.


To place it in only, you need to choose a company that knows your business supplies or can deliver ground-breaking solutions as per your conditions or rules. Just creating an exploration on Google for a mobile app developmentcompany will not fix; there are thousands of such companies that propose just this, or thus, principles to an entire lot of misperceptions. You essentially analyze, sort, or put modified supplies on the exploration engine to get the right consequences.

Custom software developmentundergoes numerous different phases to get the final creation. This allows the developers to take care of any hidden dangers or shades in the software. These comprise the issues that were not stated in the specification supplies received. Some departments may be involved in the first stage of the software development procedure. They contain engineering, marketing, overall management, and research or expansion.

Thesoftware developmentprocess has been experiential that big numbers of plans today a day are not meeting the prospects in terms of functionality, cost, Deadlines, or real project management which baskets the overall development of the Software Development Company.

There are a proportion of Software Development Companies that shadow different models for the development of the Software, most usually used would be the Procedure Model which includes Waterfall Process, iterative process, or Formal Devices.

Android app developmenthas never been around just the tried or tested devices or ideas; it's always been around innovation, individuality, and regular updating of the current apps. Then like every year, this year too has achieved to understand the Android technology loan to new or higher levels, satisfying simply the broadest clientele crossways the globe.

One of the greatest documented geographies of this technology is being talented to simply track a location or its multi-functionality. About of the best-found uses for Beacon, knowledge has been, detecting any kind of danger, in hotels in its place of the traditional hotel room solutions, to promotion customer connections at airports by some airline businesses, detecting a temperature of a specific place, or even by some of the main players in the trade industry.

This is an indisputable fact if developed or deployed with the true strategy, an iOS app is skilled in driving your occupational endeavors in the most confident method. A successful iOS app developmentwould not only stretch you a great contact but would give you essential help to reap more financial benefits as well. The main basis of income through dissimilar iOS applications is in-app consumption.

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