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Code Brew Labs

Setting up a mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE can be broken down into several steps:

  1. Determine the legal structure of your company: You can choose between several business structures, including a limited liability company (LLC), sole proprietorship, partnership, and branch office. An LLC is the most common structure for foreign investors.
  2. Choose a name for your company: Ensure your proposed company name aligns with the guidelines set out by the UAE government, such as avoiding any offensive language or religious references.
  3. Obtain necessary approvals: You will need to obtain approvals from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to operate a mobile app development company in Dubai.
  4. Rent an office space: The Dubai government requires that all companies have a physical office space to operate. You can rent a commercial space or opt for a virtual office.
  5. Register your company: You will need to register your company with the DED and obtain the necessary permits and licenses.
  6. Hire employees: Dubai has a large pool of talented professionals, and you can hire local or foreign talent to build your team.
  7. Open a corporate bank account: Dubai has several banks that cater to businesses, and you can open a corporate bank account with one of these institutions.
  8. Obtain visas for employees: You will need to obtain visas for your employees through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
  9. Develop your mobile app: With your company set up, you can begin developing your mobile app. Dubai has a growing tech ecosystem, and you can leverage the resources and support available to grow your business.

It is essential to work with a legal advisor or consultant who is familiar with the process of setting up a business in Dubai, as they can help you navigate the requirements and regulations specific to the UAE. Additionally, you may want to consider joining a tech incubator or accelerator program to receive mentorship, funding, and support.

Code Brew Labs

Here Are The Top 7 Mobile App Development Company In Dubai, UAE

  1. Code Brew Labs: This is a well-known mobile app development company in Dubai that specializes in creating custom mobile applications for businesses of all kinds. They have a skilled development team that employs cutting-edge technology and design concepts to create high-quality, user-friendly apps that offer actual results for their clients.

  2. Fueled: Fueled is a full-service mobile app development studio that works with a team of designers, developers, and project managers to build new and compelling mobile experiences. They have a proven track record of completing successful projects for clients across a wide range of sectors.

  3. Techugo:Techugo is a top mobile app development firm in Dubai, offering a full range of services such as strategy, design, programming, and post-launch support. Their skilled team employs a data-driven approach to developing unique mobile apps that match the specific objectives of their clients.

  4. WillowTree:WillowTree is a mobile app development firm that provides a variety of services such as bespoke app development, UI/UX design, and app marketing. Their professional development team uses cutting-edge technology and a user-centered strategy to produce high-quality mobile apps that fulfill their clients' objectives.

  5. OpenXcell:OpenXcell is a top mobile app development firm in Dubai, offering a comprehensive variety of services such as strategy, design, development, and post-launch support. Their skilled team works together to design unique mobile apps that match the specific demands of their clients.

  6. Savvy Apps:Savvy Apps is a mobile app development firm that focuses on high-quality, unique mobile apps for businesses of all sizes. They have a team of professional developers who employ cutting-edge technology and design ideas to create user-friendly, engaging apps that provide tangible benefits for their clients.

  7. Cubix:Cubix is a top mobile app development firm in Dubai that offers a comprehensive variety of services such as strategy, design, development, and post-launch support. Their skilled team employs a data-driven approach to developing unique mobile apps that match the specific objectives of their clients.

Dubai is a creative and technological powerhouse, and the mobile app development sector has risen dramatically in recent years. There are various app development companies in the UAE that offer a wide range of services, including bespoke app development, e-commerce app development, and more. Variables such as skill, portfolio, pricing, and level of customer service should be considered when hiring a mobile app developer in Dubai.

Ameotech Informatics
Mobile apps have become an important part of every business. Mobile apps have been affecting business for quite a while and help in expanding scalability. Developing an astonishing-looking app with robust security and modern technology is a tough task. For this Ameotech Informatics, the leading Mobile App Development Company In Mohali has the best expertise in mobile app development. To develop the finest applications with attractive interfaces and smooth operations, you can count on us. Ameotech Informatics is the top React Native app development company in the market. We have influenced various fields including travel, sports, eCommerce, enterprise, marketing, social media, gaming, etc. As a top Reactjs Development Services Company provider, Ameotech Informatics design, and develop Web Apps and Mobile apps that get featured in the app store and win the marketplace. 

Cabal Owen
Healthcare Mobile App Development Market Outlook

Healthcare apps act as a tool that maintains a patients-centred healthcare model. It allows patients to keep track of their day-to-day health, understand particular medical conditions that need timely assistance and help them achieve fitness goals. With mHealth development, doctors and pharmacists can enhance adherence to medicines, therapy and provide effective healthcare services.

Latest Healthcare App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2022!1. Personal Healthcare Apps

Personal healthcare apps mainly emphasize tracking patients’ personal health records. It monitors factors like per day calorie intake, heartbeat, daily steps, water intake, etc. These apps use wearable integration for real-time diet and activity tracking. Personal healthcare applications also help monitor the daily stress level, anxiety, sleep status and other factors that may cause seriousness if left untreated.

2. Telemedicine App

Telemedicine app development is the result of contactless healthcare services and become a need of an hour during the COVID era. It is the most popular choice among healthcare service providers and patients. It establishes a quick and secure communication between them to share medical information and health-related data. For routine health checkups, patients can book an appointment, consult with doctors online and get prescriptions without physically visiting hospitals. It saves time and reduces the efforts to get immediate medical attention.

4. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and its counterparts like ML has transformed healthcare services. It offers better outcomes, generates valuable data insights, and quickly analyses patients’ health conditions. The technology provides early diagnosis of severe disease and suggests supportive measurements to take the right actionable at the right time. Moreover, the intelligent AI-powered chatbots provide quick responses to patients’ queries 24*7.

Team Affle mE never fails to bring additional value to your business by making a healthcare app a gateway to your infrastructure, including EHR, medical practice management, revenue cycle management and other systems. As a leading mobile app development company, we understand the importance of data protection and strictly follow security regulations and compliance like HIPAA. We ensure that your app does not hurt data security ethics and meets the desired business requirements.

Amit Jain

Any advanced technology taking forward leaps always raises concerns that the border on excitement and disappointment at the same time. This has not even spared Artificial Intelligence. Even though this technology is not new (this busted on scene in the 1960s). Only in the 21st century did AI make a major breakthrough and become widely used in business. Advanced algorithms were made possible by increased computing power, greater datasets, and the rise of open-source software. 

Now with the changing trends, almost every business requires AI, regardless is really so beneficial. For whom it’s not necessary as of now, it will be required in near future.

If you are someone who is looking for an exact answer whether you should consider for your business or not then you must read this article prepared by our team of experts at B2C Info Solutions the leading Web & Mobile App Development Company.

AI Application for Business

Artificial Intelligence is an imitation of the mental properties of the human brain by a computer system. The algorithm leans itself, becoming more and more perfect. To reach the level of full-fledged process, still enough time pass.

Nonetheless, AI is designed to solve relatively straightforward tasks from document flow to provide communication as support. These AI Capabilities alone save businesses around the world thousands and thousands of laborers. Already 72% of companies are leveraging the power of AI to make their daily business operations easier.

AI benefits for business   

Regardless of what field you work in from law to marketing, from medicine to restaurant business- AI will find appliances everywhere. Several benefits of AI will be effective for any business.

  Improving engagement -  Chatbot has already become the most popular way to communicate with others. Enterprise Artificial Intelligence contributes to Increase Satisfaction, leading to lower costs. In reality, Chatbots have become a real salvation for small businesses, which do not have the opportunity to hire large support.


  Enhances Brand Loyalty-  Personalization is the key to the consumer’s attention and this is enhanced by the investment of Netflix mentioned in the personalized search. With a unique approach, you will invariably gain your consumers' preferences and make them permanent. 


  Data Security and Fraud Prevention-  Primarily relevant for financial enterprises. AI not only finds weaknesses in security systems but can also determine the characteristic behavior during transactions.


How get the most of AI benefits?

There will be no benefits at all if enterprise AI software is not implemented efficiently. To prevent this in business processes, it is better to follow tips that will allow you the successful implantation of AI.


  New technologies require new people- Without hiring the right specialists, you will not be able to succeed.  Most probably you require whole a new department that can manage Artificial Intelligence. Still sooner or almost any business comes to a point when it becomes unprofitable and even unsafe to use third-party services.


  Don’t be afraid to expand-  The introduction of new technologies should bring benefits and profits to the business. However to reduce, in the end, they will end, they will need to be increased first. And it concerns, not only the increase in staff but also the expansion of new markets because, with AI, it is possible to work with huge amounts of information.


  Don’t be Afraid to change your Motion Vectors- Artificial Intelligence often helps business owners understand that changing the business model will them help move with greater efficiency. There is no need to be afraid to change anything because it is to change for better that you started working with AI?


Final Words

For all the attractiveness of AI technology, consider whether you really need it, Do your capacities give a reason to implement it? If the amount of information in large and the cooperative business strategy and tasks are flexible enough, there is no point in delaying.


The web and mobile app development team at B2C Info Solutions always aims to deliver scalable AI digital solutions. We have a team of 100+ technologists and 13 years of industry experience.

To know more about us, connect with our experts at

Build the finest customer experience with the help of the highly customized app development service offered by mobile app development company Dubai across the UAE region. Code Brew Labs offers a suite of revolutionizing technologies with unparalleled future-ready mobile experiences for multiple businesses. Connect with us today for more info.

Code Brew Labs is a well-known app development company Dubai having a team of experts with in-depth knowledge in mobile app development and integration of your websites. The company is a top-rated mobile app development company in Dubai. The company offers quality mobile app development services at an affordable cost. Get in touch with us for more details about mobile app development services. 


A good mobile presence is essential if you want to increase conversions for your mobile app. However, most business owners are trying to identify whether they should go with a mobile app or not. There is a need for you to own the mobile world however until you are aware of the benefits the mobile apps bring to the table, it becomes difficult to make the choice.

Mobile presence guarantees you a reach in your target market that is otherwise impossible. You don’t get to meet the scalability challenges with other methods, as mobile is where most of your audience is, and that’s the channel you ought to make flexible.

Here we will take you through the different benefits involved in developing a mobile app for your business, and why a good mobile presence guarantees you an increase in the profits.

1. Build your Brand

The first advantage of having your mobile app is that it gives your business a strong brand presence. The first or most frequent point of interaction for your business happens to be the mobile app.

Why and how? For one, the mobile app reiterates what your brand stands for, and mentions the very details why your subscribers or consumers should trust you. secondly, it advertises your products without being too salesy. Third, when your audience visits the mobile app, they get to know more about what different products or services you offer and enhance their knowledge about the business.

Apart from this, the brand’s presence is enhanced with the mobile app, as people would know of their existence and how they help the end-users.

2. Better Customer Reach

As we have already mentioned, it is important for the brand to reach the audience in greater numbers. All the members in your target market should be aware of your existence and should take note of how you will help or guide them.

Websites took care of the reach earlier. With mobile apps, penetration is greater. Your audience has a mobile phone, and with the right techniques and promotions, you can garner better reach and visibility.

In fact, there are different methods for reaching your audience. You can even combine these different methods with social media promotions to gain the reach you demand.

3. Boosts Communication for Businesses

Communication is the key technique to make a better business, as with the right and timely communication between stakeholders, decisions can be taken faster and with greater ease. Mobile apps help the different people involved in the business communicate, thus boosting their efficiency and productivity. In case you have people who constantly travel in the business, then connecting with the people in the company can be made easy with the messaging apps. The productivity booster apps help schedule the calls and meetings. The other types of communication apps involve sharing apps that allow doc sharing and access to all types of files. You can even promote your brands or products within a particular segment through mobile apps, thus enhancing the awareness among your target audience.

4. Increases the Sales

Mobile apps are a great way to interact and convert your customers. If you have been looking at options that can increase business sales, and improve your profits, mobile apps are the way to go forward.

Mobile apps help display the products in a way that creates interest among the target group, and it is highly likely that they might convert. Apart from interest, mobile apps also influence the customers towards completing the purchase by targeting them through personalization techniques.

In some cases, the mobile app also happens to be the first point of contact for the customers, which increases the demand and sales for a particular product.

5. Maintenance Friendly Solutions

Maintenance of the solution is important if you want to grow and ensure their smooth working. However, you need to have solutions that are easy to maintain, and mobile apps are definitely one of them. These solutions are not only easy to access, but also easy to maintain. They can easily integrate with your existing solutions, and help you capture the right data.

Upgrading mobile app solutions comes easily if you introduce the right techniques and methods. You need to invest in a solution where you have complete control over the mobile app and the data therein, which allows you to scale and manage it effectively.

6. Offers Better Value

Businesses need to ask themselves why a customer would stay with them, and what would make them convert. The answer is pretty simple. Customers need value, and only those brands that offer value can increase the number of customers onboarding them.

When you set out to offer value with your mobile app, you need to ask what the users want from an app solution.

Are they looking to solve their issues? Do they want something that can engage them? Are they looking to buy from your mobile app? When you know the answer to this question, you know what will appeal to them, and adding value to your mobile app is easier.

Starbucks created a loyalty program, which allowed them to engage the audience better, and increased their sales. This is one kind of value addition that you can include in your mobile app. This kind of solution motivates the users to complete the purchases and increase endpoint sales.

7. Better Engagement for Customers

Customers are likely to convert and stay with your brand if you have provided them with a base where they can connect with you and share their feedback on the brand. The engagement also depends on the extent to which your brand is open to communicate with the consumer and understand how they feel about your brand. When the consumer is able to connect, communicate, share and explore through your mobile app, then they will stay loyal to you, and their experience will be incredible.

There are many ways to engage the customer through a mobile app. You can explore options that suit you more.

8. Get a Competitive Edge
A mobile app allows you to get a competitive edge against those who don’t have a mobile app of their own or, those who are contemplating a mobile app presence. In fact, if your solution is one of a kind in your niche, then you might be able to thrive over your competition and improve your customer base.
If you understand the customer’s needs and offer solutions such as regular app updates, app notifications, personalization, etc. that are in sync with it, then you would win them over. As a result, you would get a loyal customer base.

9. Improve your Business Revenue
Whether you are a shopping app or not, chances of converting your users into customers are high when you have a mobile app. People generally prefer browsing the mobile app and are more in tune with mobile app-based shopping or experiences. As a result, if you want to increase profitability, then you ought to indulge in a mobile app for the business.
A user is bound to spend more time in an app as against other channels, and if the app is intuitive, they will engage more, and in an effective way. As a result, you will increase sales for your business.
10. Better Way to Educate the Users
A mobile app is definitely an interesting way of educating your users. You know what stage of the buying funnel they are in; so, you can tune your app knowledge sharing accordingly, and make them aware of the existing products and services.
In fact, you can even bring to the table knowledge of the new products and services, inform them about the launch dates, and tell them how they will benefit from the same.
Summing Up

A mobile app is a great way of engaging your customers with the products and services you have to offer. It is the best medium to indulge in the customer’s needs and provide them with the right and accurate information. You will also be able to channelize the right solutions to the right target market.

It is important that you understand what the target market values, and how far your competition has been able to fulfill them before you offer them a solution. it will help validate the idea before you begin with the actual execution.

Author Bio:

Bindu is a digital marketing executive at Azioes technologies, an Mobile App Development Company. She loves to write informative articles and share her knowledge through content marketing. She is an avid reader and likes to read about the latest trends and news in the mobile app industry.

vikash kumar

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