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sweeti sharma

There's no short-cut to crack civil exams. MPPSC exam is tough to crack if you don't work according to a plan. Lakhs of aspirants write the prelims, and only a few are finally appointed as civil servants. The numbers reveal that cracking the Government exams requires a specialised approach to preparation. This article compiles ten tips to clear the MPPSC exam. So read on and get inspired!


Know Your Syllabus and Exam Pattern 

Before you start preparing for the civil exam, know your syllabus and the exam pattern by heart so you can plan your strategy for MPPSC Preparation

accordingly. Once you are aware of the syllabus, you can focus more time on the main topics with more weightage. 

Knowing the exam pattern well will help you get familiar with the number of questions and marking scheme. 


Create a Timetable

Once you are familiar with your syllabus and exam pattern, you need to create a timetable. A planned timetable will help you in- 

  • dividing the study hours equally and focus on topics that need more attention.
  • keep the negative marking in mind so you can prepare optimally for each subject.
  • managing time efficiently. 


Start with Basics 

It is advisable to either start with the basic concepts that you're already aware of or start with simple topics from each subject. Topics that are easy or more familiar to the candidate may not need much time and can be easily managed. The tough topics need more time and efforts, so the candidates need to handle these topics efficiently.


Focus On Your Strengths 

Finding your strengths and weaknesses in very important. When you know where your strengths lie, you have a sense of confidence. Likewise, if you're aware of the weaknesses, you can work hard to overcome them by devoting extra time. Polish your strengths and make them perfect.


Don't Forget to Revise 

Most students usually make the biggest mistake, as they don't give sufficient time to revise. Revise what you have studied because only practice can help you crack the exam. 

Revision of concepts, important formulas and patterns for solving a particular question is important. Make sure your timetable comprises an ample amount of time for revision. 


MPPSC Coaching Classes 

The competition level of government exams is increasing exponentially every day. Most aspirants prefer going to the reputed coaching centres to improve their level of exam preparation. You can refer to the best MPPSC Coaching in Indoreas the coaching tutors guide the aspirants and help identify their weak areas. 


Online Coaching Classes

If your target is MPPSC 2021 then in this pandemic for safety purpose online coaching classes are best for mppsc preparation. You can join a good rated MPPSC online coaching classesmany options are available online, first you need to check the rating and reviews of that institute which you are joining.


Stay self-motivated

To stay self-motivated, it is very important that you follow the right approach to prepare for the exam.

  • Evaluate the exam and know the topics that are high in priority.
  • Prepare notes while preparing for the exam so you can revise on a daily basis and don't burden yourself up. 
  • Solve Mock Test & Previous Year Papers to know the difficulty level and analyze which topic consists more marking weightage.

Solving mock tests and evaluating yourself can boost your confidence. 

Being confident gives you more power. Stay energetic and highly motivated, so you can work more to achieve your goals. Make your determination unbreakable! 


Read Newspapers

If you are a civil servant aspirant, you must know that reading newspapers is essential. Almost all toppers recommend including The Hindu and The Indian Express as part of your daily reading routine. This will help you to be updated with the daily news and important current affairs. This will also help you to crack the interviews. 


Never give up

Have a never say never attitude. Never lose sight of your goal. A lot of successful people go through third and fourth attempts. And it is worth trying and trying again till you succeed. Even if you fall behind, run faster but never give up. 


Key Points 

  • Once you know the plot, know what works best for you rather than imitating others' strategy. 
  • Read a well-reputed newspaper daily and note the keywords and important points.
  • Collecting the best materials and books is also a task. But, make sure you have relevant study material for all the subjects, so you don't waste your precious time.
  • Make a proper time plan by allotting sufficient time to studying, playing games and performing mental exercises to rejuvenate yourself.
  • Take mock tests regularly. It will help you to gain knowledge and enhance your preparation. 
  • Solve time-based quizzes to have a knack over time and have a good practice. 
  • A healthy body fuels a healthy mind. Eat healthy and protein-rich food to have an active mind. 
  • Sleep well and exercise every day to keep your body and mind fresh. 
  • Be confident enough about your preparation and have faith in yourself that you'll crack it. 
jyiti makhija

MPPSC Preparation Tips:MPPSC (Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission), in which you get very good post. People work hard for many years to occupy the big posts in the state, but due to some deficiency they are not selected. If you are preparing for this MPPSC exam then you need some special tips- How to prepare for MPPSC. Keep these things in mind.


MPPSC Preparation Tips – How to Prepare for MPPSC

1. Preparation from the first year

If you are preparing for MPPSC exam then you should start doing it from the first year of graduation. In this, you should read NCERT books from 8th to 12th only. You must understand that the syllabus of small classes comes in it and it comes directly from NCERT. You must complete it at least during graduation. If it your first attempt then you must join mppsc coaching in indorefor your preparation which will help you to understand the pattern and what to study and what to leave, which is very necessary.

2. Understand the Syllabus

It is a state exam and your syllabus for appearing in it is different. You must understand that it is different from IAS exam. Its syllabus is fixed and most of the questions are related to MP. You will go through its syllabus deeply and then get into the field.

3. Must Read This

If you are preparing for MPPSC to join SDM, Deputy Collector and other big posts in MP, then you must read “Employment Creation” regularly. This newspaper, which comes every week in MP, comes from the government's side. It has been told about all the issues which are going to come in the exam. It should be studied more and more. Over the years it has been observed that almost no question comes from it and students do not read it.

4. How to Handle Reasoning

Give one hour daily for reasoning. You only must qualify this paper but many people take it lightly. You should bring the reasoning book and solve it and apart from this, you should keep looking for more such questions which can give you good marks in the exam.


5. Keep these things in mind

What schemes have been run by the MP government recently, which schemes are running, how much money has been invested in the schemes, how was the production of wheat and other crops in MP last year, how was its geographical location, MP you politics Things should be studied. Apart from this, keep information about the production of crops district wise, the names of district wise leaders and the status there.

6. in main like this

On the lines of IAS, there are prelims and then mains and interviews. If you have cleared the Pre, write, and answer the Mains questions. Apart from this, when you write the answer in Mains, write it in simple and precise words, which will give you a better score. For this, prepare to write answers for at least four hours every day. Many MPPSC Coaching in Indoreare providing coaching for answer writing in MPPSC mains exam.


7. Keep in mind in the interview

If you have cleared mains then you go for interview with some special planning. Even though it is a state exam, but in its interview, you are asked questions related to the country and the world and hence you should prepare for them too. There is no shortcut to crack the rest of the interview and neither are there any tips for it. It only depends on your intellectual ability.

MPPSC exam is different from other state exams. You may find it easy to see, but not as simple.

jyiti makhija

Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Exam is one of the toughest exams and cracking it is not easy without proper preparation. So, while preparing for this challenging exam, a common question faced by many students is whether to join coaching or not? While mppsc coaching classes can certainly help, only through hard work and determination can one achieve success in the exam. So, if you have decided to study for the exam without coaching, it is extremely important that you have a proper strategy to prepare for the exam. In this article, you will learn how to prepare for MPPSC exam at home.

To pass the state civil service exam, you need to be studious and intelligent. During the preparation process, try to improve your knowledge of important topics, learn to manage your time and communication skills. Once you are ready to dedicate yourself to the task, you can easily prepare for the exam from home. Here, we bring you some important tips that will help you prepare for the MPPSC exam without joining any coaching.

Learn MPPSC syllabus and gather the right study material

First and foremost, it is important that you get a fair idea of ​​the MPPSC Syllabus for Preliminary and Mains Exam. MPPSC provides syllabus for State Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examination in a detailed manner. By going through the syllabus of the exam, it will be easy for you to collect the right study material and mppsc notesyou need to prepare for the exam. Once you understand the exam pattern, you can prepare for the exam without taking the help of any mppsc coaching in indore.


Prepare and follow a proper study plan religiously

Whether you are preparing for MP State Civil Services Examination with or without coaching, you should follow a proper study plan. Having a solid study plan is most important as it will help you cover the detailed syllabus in the given time before the exam. Also, to pass the MPPSC exam without coaching, you should start preparing for your exam at least one year in advance. This will give you enough time to focus on the difficult topics, learn the important topics in the syllabus and revise them thoroughly.


Set realistic goals and objectives

Go through the MPPSC 2021 exam syllabus and set a realistic target to cover the entire syllabus. To achieve the main objective, set sub-goals. Categorize the syllabus into small proportions and set a timeline for the preparation of each subject. Challenge yourself daily and try to accomplish sub-goals ahead of time. This way you will be able to complete the syllabus before time and you will get enough time for revision.


Read daily newspaper

Current Affairs is an important part of MP State Civil Services Exam Syllabus. Many questions are asked in the Pre and Mains exam from the world of politics, economics, legal events, and sports. Therefore, to increase your current affairs knowledge, you should make sure to read the newspaper every day. You should also follow important news topics, debates, and analysis to have a thorough understanding of news topics. Also, develop the habit of making mppsc short notesof important news topics. This will help you to revise important news and current affairs in quick time just before your exam day.


Solve previous year question papers

Before starting your Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Examination, it is important that you attempt previous year papers. By solving previous year MPPSC question papers, you can get a complete idea about the nature of questions asked in the exam. In addition, you will learn how to solve difficult questions properly in quick time. So, by solving 5 to 10 previous year papers, you can better plan your exam preparation and perform as per your ability in the state exam.

Make short notes for each topic

Making short notes of important topics is one of the best strategies that you can adopt in terms of preparing for the MP State Civil Services Exam. The main syllabus of MPPSC exam is vast and requires extensive preparation. So, by preparing short notes of important General Studies topics, you can easily revise the topics at regular intervals. Also, it is in your interest to write notes of important topics in your own words. Rewriting the same information from the book will not help, rather it will create confusion and hinder your preparation.


Take online mppsc coachingcourse

In this digital age, where almost all possible information is available on the web, any hardworking candidate can succeed in MPPSC exam without coaching. For this, you can take help of online exam preparation platform. By enrolling for the online MPPSC course, you can use MPPSC study materialto boost your exam preparation. Moreover, you can also watch Youtube videosin a cost-effective way to prepare MPPSC.


Evaluate your preparation from time to time

Along with preparing for the State Services Exam, it is important that you analyze your exam preparation regularly. To analyze your performance, you can practice online mock test for pre and mains exam. Solving mock tests will help you to check your exam preparation level in a competitive environment. Based on your performance in online tests, you can better analyze your weaknesses and strengths, work on them and get better with each test.



It is important to understand that it is not impossible to pass the MPPSC exam without coaching. Many aspirants have made this task possible time and again through their hard work and proper strategy. Thus, with proper planning, hard work and regular revision, you can also pass the exam. We have covered all the tips on how to prepare for MPPSC 2021in this article.

sweeti sharma

On an average more than 3 lakh students appear in MPPSC exam every year. The goal of every student appearing for the exam is to get a post in one of the precarious departments of Madhya Pradesh Government. But with limited seats available and an increasing number of candidates, cracking the MPPSC has become a difficult task.


This is the reason that many students start preparing for the exam after class 12th. In addition to school, students join coaching classes and take self-study sessions to fulfil their dream of pursuing a career in civil services. To get high marks, apart from studying hard, it is important for students to study using the right techniques and approaches.


The cut-throat competition in the MPPSC exam has made it necessary for students to prepare a well-defined study plan for MPPSC 2021. When making a study plan, students should know which subject and topic they must study and how long it will take. cover it. This will allow them to create an effective MPPSC Strategy 2021 and perform well in the exam.


If you aim to get a seat in MPPSC Mains exam, then this is the right time that you should start preparing using the best study material and MPPSC Notes.


To help you out, we are sharing some things that you can keep in mind for effective MPPSC preparation:



Know syllabus

You can start your preparation by knowing the syllabus of MPPSC. The exam consists of three stages: Prelims, Mains and Interview and the subjects are in the 6th to 12th grades, History, geography, polity, general studies, and general aptitude. The syllabus may seem like a lot at first, but when you start preparing and cover the topics step by step, you can complete it within a specific time.


Before starting your preparation, look at the entire syllabus and make sure that every subject is covered. If a topic or concept is missing, discuss it with your teacher from coaching. This will save you from memorizing any important subject and score good marks in the exam.



Best study material for MPPSC

Get the best MPPSC book to support your study strategy. Make sure that whatever books you choose, they explain every concept and topic in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner. Also, make sure that the books include mock tests that you can practice to understand the exam pattern. With the best study material, you can take your preparation in the right direction and get high marks.


Create a timetable

When do you feel most enthusiastic and active? Some students feel more active at night while others prefer to study in the morning. When you feel energetic and active, make a timetable, and plan your study sessions. To know your strengths, you can try to study several times throughout the day. This will help you know which time is best for you and will help you to get better results. Then make a time table accordingly and stick to it.


Keep distractions away

Stay focused while studying. The best way to do this is to remove all unnecessary distractions. Apart from school, college and coaching, take some time for self-study session as well. This will help you understand your high and low points better. Set daily study goals and achieve them with full dedication.


Clear doubts from time to time

You can start with the theory part and then practice answer writing. In case of doubt, clear them with your mppsc coaching in indore’s mentor on the same day. By practicing mock tests, you can understand the exam pattern and learn time management, which is important for cracking the MPPSC exam.


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Make Notes

While preparing for MPPSC exam, make notes of important topics, concepts, and formulas in a small notebook. This will help you to remember them better and give you a quick recap of the syllabus the day before the exam.


Complete work

Complete all your study tasks and assignments on time. Make sure that you complete all the module exercises given in coaching on the same day. Do not apply the syllabus to any complex topic or concept.


Stay on top of the revision

While preparing for MPPSC, many students forget topics as they move on to the next topic. It makes periodic revisions on a weekly or monthly basis which are essential for those students who want to stick to their study plan and achieve their dream of pursuing a career in medical science.


learn from your mistakes

Practicing mock tests will help you identify your weak points. When you attempt an exam, count the points lost due to your silly mistakes. Work on those mistakes and make sure never to repeat them.


be consistent

During the preparation of MPPSC, students get bored and stick to their study plan for a long time. Always remember, preparing for MPPSC is not a weekly or monthly thing. If you really want to see yourself getting admission in one of the top medical institutes, then it is essential to stay consistent with your MPPSC preparation.


Joining a MPPSC online coaching classesis also a good option for your exam preparation for this year because of epidemic.

sweeti sharma

MPPSC, also known as Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, are the exams conducted by Madhya Pradesh state. The candidates that clear these exams will be eligible for multiple posts in the state’s government department. These exams are conducted in two parts:


1.  Preliminary exam

2.  Main exam


Due to the popularity of these exams, you can easily Find Best MPPSC Coaching In Indore that will help prepare the aspirants. However, there are many coaching centres that claim to be the best and rarely ever rise to their claim. But to be able to achieve success in your endeavour, it is necessary to choose the right coaching centre. Here are some things you should look for in a coaching centre to ensure they are indeed the best!  


Authorized centres

The coaching centre you ultimately choose must be authorized by the state government of Madhya Pradesh. They should be equipped with the basic facilities and provide students with all the amenities to make their learning effective.


Qualified staff

When you are Looking For MPPSC Coaching in Indore, make sure that they only hire the most qualified staff to facilitate students through the exam preparation. These instructors should have been government officers or administrators who understand how the selection process happens and what must be done in order to crack it. They must also be focused in polishing the applicant’s capabilities to prepare them for not just the challenging exams but also the potential job.


Systematic guidance

A reliable coaching centre follows systematic guidance and approach to encourage students for constant hard work. The students will only be able to do that if the coaching centre is organized and offers correct guidance to them. Usually, it is advisable to conduct tests at a regular interval for the preparations of MPPSC exams. The sessions must also be interactive to allow students to engage one another and learn from their peers as well.



The coaching centre must also prepare their students for the preliminary as well as main exams. They must have a carefully charted strategy as well as curriculum to prepare the applicants for advanced screening process. The coaching centre must encourage students to learn and apply that knowledge in the exams.


Result oriented

The past success rate of an institute gives clues about their achievements. You must always look for centres that come highly recommended by other students because of their achievements as well as experience. At the same time, they should also provide the best quality education as well as methods to clear the MPPSC exams.


When you are shortlisting the best institutes that offer reliable MPPSC coaching, be sure to assess them based on these tips.

MPPSC Online coaching classesis also useful for your preparation.



sweeti sharma

While preparing for competitive exams, it is important to enroll in the best MPPSC coaching classes in Indore so that you leave no stone unturned and try your best. This option is a major puzzle for today's students, regardless of their educational level. A student may be in high school or college, pursuing graduate or postgraduate studies or studying for a specific course. The existence of too many options creates a dilemma, as is the fear of making the wrong decision, resulting in a waste of irreparable time, effort, and an effort in the MPPSC exam.

It is a well-known fact that passing the MPPSC exam is a difficult task. After all, it is considered the most challenging exam, with an average selection rate of less than 1%. To complete the journey, you will need dedication, perseverance, experience, and skill. A good coaching institute will fill the knowledge gap and enable a candidate to improve the skills required to pass the MPPSC exam. In this era of specialization there is no other option than to use the professional services provided by a specialized coaching institute with the required domain expertise.


Now the question is, what factors should be considered while selecting the best MPPSC coaching classes in Indore? Let's look at each one separately. We believe that by the time you reach the end of this blog, you will have removed the nets from your eyes.

Importance of enrollment in the best MPPSC coaching institute

Are you confused how to find the right coaching institute for MPPSC? How should I prepare for MPPSC? The candidates are also searching for the suggestions of the best MPPSC exam preparation coaching institute. The toughest MPPSC examination in the country requires best advice and a well-planned strategy. It does not need a piece of cake because it requires a strong system of constant encouragement and support for this esteemed government service with millions of students. Many coaching institutes provide this assistance, and we will provide you tips for choosing the right coaching for MPPSC and selecting MPPSC coaching.

To prepare for your MPPSC, almost all the best coaching institutes have hired their best faculty. However, you must determine if they are reliable and how long they have worked in this area. You may also want to inquire about the number of students who have passed the examination under their supervision, etc. It is important to assess the faculty's knowledge base, level of access, and ability to articulate things clearly.

A group of high-quality teachers will influence and boost your chances of success. Constant encouragement and feedback from the student are essential for the development of the student in the classroom. Consequently, selecting the best MPPSC coaching institute also requires careful consideration of the faculty team.

Innovative pedagogy

Many teachers use creative pedagogy to encourage students to appreciate the learning process. As their interest increases, students will be able to understand. They will be able to remember more information and retain it longer after understanding it.

You should inquire about the teaching approaches used by coaching institutes. If you choose to enroll, it will help you decide whether you are comfortable with the teaching style or not. As the toughest exam in the country, diversity in pedagogy is an important factor when choosing MPPSC coaching.


Updated study material and notes

While studying for any exam, you should have access to the study material. Given the amount of effort and dedication put in by students in difficult exams like MPPSC, high quality study material and mppsc notesis essential. Coaching institutes have a lot of resources for you to see. Check to see if the information is up-to-date and accurate. Therefore, it is important to ensure that it is up to date with the latest syllabus. Before deciding to enroll, it is best to understand the type of content offered. Select the best MPPSC coaching institute based on the standard of study material. The higher the standard, the higher your chances of succeeding.


Mock test and Test Series

MPPSC training should include mock examination. The student's ability to understand classroom lectures will be evaluated using standard quality assessments. It can also track whether the student is learning and revising as much as is necessary for the journey. Many institutions use SWOT analysis - strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and challenges - to assess a student's overall development.

Although nothing can replace classroom study, mppsc online coachingprovides an option for those who cannot attend classes for various reasons. In fact, many students prefer online coaching because they spend their time learning instead of commuting. After considering all these factors, you are more likely to be selected by the best MPPSC coaching class in Indore.

sweeti sharma

Indore is the city with the best faculty and top coaching centre to study for MPPSC. Many students from different parts of the country sit for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination every year, and one percent of them also sit for MPPSC, or Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. As an independent government body, the MPPSC can offer suitable state-level positions. The faculty at some of the top MPPSC coaching institutes in Indore can provide correct guidance to teaching students.


Find the Best Coaching centre in Indore for MPPSC

Spend some time looking for the best mppsc coaching in Indore. For this, help can be taken from family members, friends, and internet. Admission to a suitable coaching institute is the first part of the journey of selection. The place will be responsible for preparing the student to be able to crack the competitive exam.

In order to prepare for competitive exams, it is important to be able to assimilate the environment around these studies. In addition to the institute's suggestions, students at the institute encourage a competitive environment that inspires each student to do his or her best. The coaching centre will be able to help in terms of dates, study material and other important information.

Now for those students who are already searching on the internet, it can be difficult to find the best MPPSC coaching centreas there are many of them in Indore. The following points can help in choosing the right institute:


·       It is a good idea to check the results of students from there in the last two years. Top institutions will always show consistent results.

·       Contact the alumni to know more about the institute

·       Check its location and distance from your place of residence. Many students from other cities prefer to stay near institutions.

·       Try to know here with which frequency the study material & mppsc notesis being updated. Students are always eligible to study the latest material according to the fees they pay.

·       It is not always necessary to study only from an institute with a good brand name. If the faculty in a lesser-known institution has already been influential, it would be a good idea to join it. Students will also receive more personal attention.

·       There is no doubt that coaching fees are an important criterion in the final decision. If faculty and facilities match the fees being charged, then go ahead and join.


Eligibility criteria

To be able to appear in the MPPSC exam, candidates must fulfil the following criteria:

·       Permanent citizenship of India

·       There is a general age limit of 21-28 years for Assistant Superintendent, Jail and Transport Sub Inspector, and Deputy Superintendent of Police. Candidates for other positions can be between 21-40 years of age.

·       Upper age limit may be relaxed, but only when the criteria for exceptions are met.

·       In case of an Indian student coming with a foreign degree, he should be recognized by the UGC

·       All MPPSC candidates should be degree holders or graduates from recognized institutions as per UGC. Famous technical or professional degree holders can also apply.


Conversation with toppers

Toppers of competitive examinations like UPSC and MPPSC are highly respected. There are new toppers every year and they are often called by prestigious coaching institutes to address the current candidates. After traveling like new people, they are in the best position to advise on the following:

·       Subjects that need to be studied

·       Best ways to remember information regarding IAS subjects like GK

·       Strategies that help you score high in the exam

·       How to shape daily routine

·       Gathering inspiration and patience during studies

·       How to improve mock test scores

·       Examination Strategies

·       Confidence boost measures

·       Being able to answer in interviews


UPSC and practical knowledge

Of course, book knowledge is important for MPPSC, but it is not enough to pass the final round. To be good at GK, which is the biggest part of the questions here, it is also necessary to talk and discuss the development of different regions of the world. GK (General Knowledge) is a subject that requires knowledge from many fields. The best imports for the same can be obtained from the top mppsc online coaching classes in Indore. Additionally, good vocabulary and comprehension skills are also important, for which reading a daily newspaper editorial is most helpful.


The MPPSC is a highly prestigious examination with limited seats every year. People who are unable to crack it in one year must wait another year to get another crack. Regardless of the situation, students should keep their morale high, even if they are not qualified, as preparation will give them a realistic idea of ​​their options.

jyiti makhija

How to become a Deputy Collector or DSP? Candidates who follow a long-dedicated strategy succeed in the MPPSC Examination. Only those who pass the prelims, mains and interviews can work on Madhya Pradesh state government posts in the MP. Here we are discussing some steps about clearing the MPPSC exam, some candidates start preparing 9-12 months before the exam, but there are candidates who successfully get top rank with only a few months of dedicated study.

MPPSC clearing guide for how to become an DC or DSP?

The aspirants who want to clear mppsc exam and dream to become Deputy Collector, Assistant Police Officer (DSP), Block Development Officer (BDO), Regional Traffic Officer (RTO), Assistant Commissioner, Jail Superintendent, District Minority Welfare Officer, District Food Distribution Officer, etc MPPSC coaching in indore is sharing tips here to clear the exam.

1. Understand MPPSC Syllabus and Pattern

MPPSC has provided a detailed syllabus for MPPSC Pre and Main Examination and students should follow the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus will help you choose relevant study options, prioritize subjects, avoid other subjects, etc. To understand the pattern read the NCERT books and prepare the mppsc previous year paper.


2. Create a time table and stick to it

If you want to pass the MPPSC Preliminary Examination in the very first attempt, then you should concentrate, plan and study hard. To cover the vast syllabus of MPPSC, you should plan your day, your week, and your month. So, make a timetable and follow it before your preparation. This will help you be more organized. Make a self-study plan which include study hours apart from your mppsc coachinghours.


3. NCERT books

NCERT books play a very important role in MPPSC exam preparation as it helps you to get your basics right. Candidates can clarify their basic knowledge and principles. All information is provided in a simple way that is easy to understand.


4. Make notes while reading

It is helpful to make notes while studying for the exam as it can get lodged in your memory for a long time. Since the MPPSC syllabus is very vast, you can keep an eye on all the parts which are useful while revising before the exam.
You can refer some good
mppsc notesprepared any good mppsc coaching take some advice from the seniors or you can research on web before purchase.


5. Current affairs

Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily to keep yourself updated with current affairs. The Hindu and The Indian Express are recommended. Also go through news websites and other social media websites for the latest on topics of national and international politics, science and technology and socioeconomic issues.


6. Take time and revise

Revision is very important when you are facing exams with a large and varied syllabus. Things you have previously studied can be forgotten, so to avoid this, it is very important to make timely amendments before a month or so. Joining any mppsc coaching in Indorewill help you in this because many institutes take weekly test related to the topics which they taught. This is the best way for revision.


7. Mock test

Self-assessment is an essential part of MPPSC preparation. Taking one test daily helps you learn from your mistakes and focus on weak areas. It is highly recommended to join the mock mppsc test series, as it will help you to assess yourself to a new level and boost your confidence.


The conclusion

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) is a highly coveted career option for all those who aspire to clear MPPSC exam in future. To achieve this, you must work hard with dedication. Do not be afraid, but think of the exam as a golden opportunity to improve and showcase your talent and intelligence. 

jyiti makhija

The MPPSC exam is very important for every candidate as this exam provides an opportunity to serve the public in the highest rank of state government service. The MPPSC exam is not easy, and one must have many symptoms to pass this exam. Conducted once a year, the MPPSC exam provides ample opportunities for the citizens of India to come forward and give it a shot. Below are some tips that will guide the candidates in the right direction and help them pass the exam.


Study according to the mppsc pattern:

The MPPSC syllabus is very large and requires dedication and honesty to complete on time. All the candidates are advised to finish all the things mentioned in the first pattern and explore more. Studying according to the pattern also builds confidence in the candidates. If you are preparing from a mppsc coaching institute in Indore, you will be provided with the syllabus at the beginning of the session, and for others, you can always find the full mppsc syllabusonline.


Focus should be on current affairs:

Current affairs plays an important role in the MPPSC exam. Candidates should keep themselves updated with all the current affairs happening in the country. There are several civil services coaching in Indorewhich provide current affairs updates to the candidates, who can be referred.


Plan of Study:

Planning is important for MPPSC candidates as the syllabus is vast and time is short. Candidates are required to plan by dividing their study time into several subjects. Make sure you are covering everything, such as compulsory and optional subjects. Having a plan that allows you to maintain your daily studies and explore new related material is critical to success in your exam. Take some good mppsc coaching’s mppsc notesit will save your time.


Aim for:

Creating your own goals will instil confidence in you and help you prepare for the exam. Try to target and implement them for best results. Keep your goals simple so that you can achieve them. By achieving higher goals, you will become more confident and determined, which is very important for MPPSC exams.


An Amendment:

Revision plays a very important role in the preparation of MPPSC. The syllabus can be huge but attempting to revise after completing the syllabus is an outstanding achievement. If you are not able to complete, there is nothing to worry about. Try to revise what you have read so far so that you can write with confidence. Revision will give you many benefits and allow you to dominate others. Revision ensures that you know a particular subject and are ready to write and speak correctly on it.


Practice Test Paper:

There are many test papers available online, which candidates can refer to. These practice papers have similar questions which are asked during the exam. You can also look at all the mppsc previous year question papersand know what the paper will be like. The test paper contains many necessary details, which can prove to be very beneficial during the exam. MPPSC Coaching in Indoreprovides regularly updated practice papers to solve its candidates. These test papers are made by expert faculty members who have years of experience in guiding candidates for MPPSC exams.


Dedication and passion:

If you are preparing for MPPSC exam then dedication and passion go together. If you have the passion to succeed in MPPSC exam, then you will really have dedication towards its preparation. Dedication and passion allow you to clearly see your goal for which you start working hard. By doing this slowly, you get closer to your remarkable goal. To succeed in MPPSC exam, candidates need dedication and passion towards it, which removes all the obstacles that come in the way of their goal.

jyiti makhija

Examination stress is a part of student life. Every student who aims for high success will experience exam stress. By the way, having an exam stress is not bad at all, it also has some good things; It helps you think about the study and left syllabus, which needs to be completed soon.

It also helps you stay away from all kinds of distractions. But being overstressed for an exam can be dangerous; It can even damage your performance. Many researchers have noted that if a student is stressed while studying, their brain does not understand things properly and soon forgets it.

So, if you really want to get a good score in your exam, make sure to keep your stress at bay and stay focused to prepare well.

Here are some useful tips to keep stress away during exams:


Take breaks

Taking short breaks during studies is very important. A break of 10-15 minutes is required after every 45 minutes of study. This will help to relax your mind and rejuvenate for further preparation. During this time, do activities that relax your mind such as cataloging classic music or meditation. If you will see when you join any mppsc coaching in indorethey gave you breaks in between lectures to make you comfor.


Go for a short walk

Sitting continuously can disturb the overall blood circulation of the body, which will result in back and leg pain. To avoid any such situation, make sure to walk during the break. Taking a break from studies, go for a short walk; In the park or garden to increase your brain power and to regulate the blood circulation of your body.



Get enough sleep

This is the most important reason that increases stress during an examination. The more important it is to eat, the more important it is to sleep; skipping meals can make you weak and not getting the right amount of sleep can affect the overall performance of your body, especially the mind and eyes. Be sure to get enough sleep. An ideal sleep is seven to eight hours, at least. Sound sleep will help your brain assimilate new knowledge into your long-term memory. If you are taking MPPSC online coaching classesthen it is obvious you spend your most of the time on system then in such case rest to eyes is very necessary.


Don’t let the distraction win

The most common problem, students of this generation, have uncontrollable desire for social media as well as digital devices such as mobile phones and other gadgets. These things are among the strongest boosters which further increase stress. Now how would you think? Well, when you have a syllabus to complete in a month or two and you have allocated one of two hours of time for each subject which becomes six or eight hours in a day.

And as it is not advisable to study continuously, you also need to take a break. So, the overall hour which is a mixture of study, some exercises like walking or meditation and rest will be the sum of about 12 hours. But if you keep checking Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and WhatsApp accounts then you will lose your focus and join the conversation and get completely distracted from your studies.

This type of distraction will waste your time and you will feel stressed and helpless when you leave only a few days to take the exam. To avoid any such situation, be sure to stay away from all the things that may distract you from your studies.

Remember these important tips during the exam to keep stress at bay. For any query about mppsc coachingand mppsc online coaching classesfeel free to ask in the comment section below.

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