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In earlier times school and college study was sufficient to crack any competitive exam. In that time competition was not cutthroat but if we talk about the current situation of MPPSC exam studying with the right techniques and approach is also equally important as the hard work of a student. Here Sharma Academy presenting two courses for MPPSC coaching in Indore


MPPSC Classroom Course Integrated Program for 1 Year

This is the specially designed course for students who want to join Best MPPSC coaching in Indore and need selection in first attempt. MPPSC exam the 1-year MPPSC course is designed for those students who are graduate and willing to attempt and clear MPPSC exam.

MPPSC Classroom Course Integrated Program for 3 Year

We have a foundation course for students who are already decided that they will go to civil services and want to start early preparation with their graduation degree. The good news for those students is Sharma Academy the Best Coaching for MPPSC in Indore is presenting a 3-year integrated program for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Competitive Exam.

Free Tablet will be provided with preloaded mppsc notes and video lectures.

MPPSC State Service Exam Pattern (Prelims and Mains)

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission MPPSC State Service Exam is conducted for recruitment to various posts in government departments and offices of the state of Madhya Pradesh. MPPSC is a state level examination conducted by Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. It is a three-level exam the candidates who want to be Deputy Collector, Assistant Police Officer (DSP), Block Development Officer (BDO), Regional Traffic Officer (RTO), Assistant Commissioner, Jail Superintendent, District Minority Welfare Officer, District Food Distribution Officer, etc need to clear all the three levels.

First Level is the Prelims Exam it is having two question papers. Paper I (General Studies) and Paper-II (General Aptitude Test) both papers have 2 hours duration and 100 questions for 200 Marks. This a mock test for students MPPSC prelims is not an exam to study you need to gain more and more knowledge on subjects it is to solve the multiple-choice questions to select one answer from four options.

We are the best MPPSC Coaching In Indore who are working on the overall development of students.


I recommend Sharma Academy as best preparation of MPPSC, UPSC and other Competitive exam. G.S., taught by the Sharma Academy was highly advanced and with a deep description. Not only class lectures but the video lectures an also impressive. Sharma Academy is the key of success.

Here how to prepare for mppsc exam and mppsc preparation tips by mppsc toppers, all toppers are arranged at single platfrom by sharma academy. Faculties at our institute teaches students until they can come to the level of understanding. For deep R&D over study materials, Sharma Academy has its own team of expert faculties as well as researchers. Practicing tests are available here on a weekly basis, and these are completely updated and exam-based. Teaching methods and resources offer you extremely good and extensive preparation. Here, you get completely doubt-free learning yet, if you get any hindrance and misunderstanding in your learning, you can meet instantly to your faculties.

MPPSC Regular Coaching Classes by Sharma Academy for MPPSC Coaching in Indore.

Sharma Academy is the best coaching for MPPSC in Indore We provide top MPPSC preparation coaching classes by an expert faculty team. We provide interactive classes lectures in english and hindi medium to understand the concepts in a way to internalise it for the students.

The Academy offers regular coaching classes from Monday to Saturday by subject experts to help students prepare for each stage of MPPSC exam and cover the entire syllabus in the designated time span. Sunday is the weekly Test Series for MPPSC.


Tablet Course

Tablets with video lectures, E-Books and tests saved in it, no internet is required to watch video you can start your exam preparation without wasting your time wherever you want


Pendrive Course

Get Sharma Academy video lectures, E-Books and tests in mppsc pendrive course and use on your Laptop & Desktop. No internet required to play our video lecture


SD Card Course

By Sharma Academy's SD Card course Access lecture, E-Books and tests on your Mobile & Tablet. No internet required to play videos. So you can start your preparation anywhere you want


Distance Learning Courses

We have Completely Organized, Well Researched, Qualitative Video Lectures with 400+ HD Videos, Online/Offline test series in our MPPSC distance learning course

sweeti sharma

Considering MPPSC January Session is a few months away, aspirants should fasten their seat belts and completely dedicate their schedule to MPPSC preparations. MPPSC prelims 2020-21 was held successfully on July 25, 2020

Here is an exclusive 90 days study plan for mppsc mains. The plan is as follows:


Divide your schedule:Studying without a deadline isn't something that aspirants can afford now, therefore you must assign your days to certain topics and finish them within the deadline. Join a good mppsc coaching in indoreif you want regularity.


Keep your resources limited:It is a must for candidates to remain focused. Having too many resources will only alleviate stress. Therefore, research well and shortlist some mppsc notesfor your study plan and stick to it. Remember, you can't cover everything from everywhere, therefore keep it simple and accurate.


Revision is the Key:Don't keep revision for the last minute. Keep revision sessions for regular intervals. Make some crisp notes for the last-minute reading and avoid unnecessary panic before the exam.


Maintain a Healthy lifestyle:This has been repeated several times but only because it is highly significant to maintain a healthy lifestyle if one needs to keep her/ his productivity at the peak. Sleep for 6- 7 hours, and on time. Stay hydrated and take breaks at intervals. We know binge-watching tv shows and social media can be tempting but you have a goal for the next few months and like everything in the world, it comes at a cost.


Mock tests are Game Changers:It is only through mock tests that one can identify his strengths and weaknesses, so take up mock tests at least twice a week and increase the frequency if you feel like time management and accuracy needs to be worked upon. Mock test will lead to the formulation of accurate exam day strategies.


Maintaining Notes:Make a habit of maintaining notes of important topics. This is extremely crucial because just in a few weeks, before the exam, you will want to go through each chapter, but time will be limited. At that juncture, your notes will come in handy. You can refer to important formulae, short cut methods and other essential information that you had jotted down while preparing for the topic.


Avoiding Complacency:Do not delay or take things lightly. Each day is important while preparing yourself and eventually cracking important entrance exams, one like MPPSC.


Utilizing Time judicially:Time management is one of the biggest pillars of success in an exam like this. Ensure to divide your available time well-balanced between school, coaching classes, entertainment & exercise said best mppsc coaching in indore.


Focusing on Board Exam:For students in STD XII, they must be mindful that they should score high in their board exams also. Thus, they should not take their school exams lightly as the sessional assessments will eventually reflect what you end up scoring in the final exam.


Subject wise strategy for MPPSC 

Planning and strategizing aren’t the challenging part. The challenging and time-consuming bit is the action. For your ease, we have devised subject-wise strategies for your reference that will help you crack the mppsc sse exam.


sweeti sharma

MPPSC Online coaching classes is very helpful in this covid-19 pandemic. It has two courses. The Foundation Course for school students is designed by experts to equip them to crack MPPSC Exams in future. The students will be given training in public speaking, group discussion, leadership activities, debates, and interview skills. We also aim to cater the budding civil services aspirants at their school level or graduation by charting out a long-term coaching curriculum to crack the MPPSC Examination successfully.

The MPPSC Online Coaching ClassesCourse is designed to:

·         Create awareness about the MPPSC Civil services Examination.

·         Equip the students with the basic preparation strategies for the MPPSC Examination.

·         Help the students develop the problem solving, analysis and decision-making skills necessary to crack the exam.

·         Foundation Course for school students is designed by the team of experts for school class students who want to crack MPPSC exams in future.

·         Debate sessions to enhance the public speaking skills and analytical capabilities of students.

·         Discuss the possible career options for civil services aspirants in various government sectors.

Here students can interact through voice or chat and discuss as many doubts as possible. These are like normal mppsc coaching classes, the only difference is that you are getting qualified experienced teachers at your home to prepare you well for the exams.

Recorded Video Lectures

In this MPPSC Online Coaching Course content you will get recorded video lectures, so that students can see them anytime in future and revise everything in a better way. If the student misses a class due to any reason, then also it will be recorded and he/she can watch the same class later at any time.

Hard Copy Study Material

MPPSC Notes and study material along pendrive / sd card / tablet which you purchase, based on MPPSC syllabus will be sent to the student’s postal address through courier. These books will cover the entire topics of syllabus. Questions based on present mppsc curriculum will be provided to the students.

Doubt Clearance Classes

Doubt removal is a continuous process, because we want to prepare every student in an effective manner. In every class, the teacher will give the complete authority to students so that they can ask all their doubts and questions.

Online Test Series

Practice online mock tests at the comfort of your home at any time. This will help you for Test Analysis, Weaker Areas Improvement and Exam Time Management.

Personal Attention and Focus

Complete attention will be provided to every student through mppsc online classes. Every class and test will be analysed by the experts. Students and parents will be informed, if the student is not performing according to the required level.

Global Benchmarking

Through an online platform, Sharma Academy provides competition and analysis globally. Students will be from every corner of India and abroad on the same platform. Students will get a better understanding of competition and performance level so that they can work hard on their weaker areas.

Time Saving and Economical

Mppsc online coaching save a lot of travelling time and strain on the student that he/ she can devote to more studies or to take rest. A student doesn’t need to shift to the institute as he/ she can get the top-quality coaching at home only. Parents can save money that can be spent on other utilities of the child.

Proper Monitoring and Feedback

Through the online platform of mppsc online coaching classes, parents can keep a close eye on their child’s performance and improvement. Parents can also see the recorded video lecture classes anytime to check the progress and participation of the student.

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