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Have you heared around the new 'Start Today' option in MyLeague? The option can be a technique to customize your NBA 2K17 MT exclusive campaign experience.

The NBA 2K17 season has already been underway. As the season progresses the usefullness on the new 'Start Today' feature introduced for MyLeague within NBA 2K17 will keep grow. The option allows for users to start with their season with up-to-date standings and statistics. Now two weeks to the season teams have any where from 8 to 11 online games played, and some gamers may want to jump on the bandwagon of the with hot starts or check out turn things around for people with disappointed thus far.

In examining the accuracy of the feature it appears to be working almost exactly because intended. All teams have the right win-loss records and player stats may also be correct. The only thing that won’t match real life are the season awards which look like based on the game’s logic as opposed to feeding in the names of individuals who have actually won.

Start Today Option allows the gamer to control any team in the day of play. After catching the Mon night game between Phoenix, az Suns and Golden Condition Warriors, if players want to jump onto the Golden State Warriors bandwagon, they can. Their action will begin with Wednesday’s game against Toronto Raptors.

Much like the Older State Warriors, the player’s record is going to be 8-2. It will be third from the standing behind the Clippers in addition to Cavaliers.

In addition, Start Today option customizes the particular virtual world of NBA. Any injuries and changes will decide on the selected team. Forbes reports that the option can be used for MyGm option in addition.

Have you used the newest 'Start Today' method associated with playing a franchise inside My League? If not, are you considering doing so when the league extends to a deeper point of the season?

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