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1.Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi is a multi-talented Indian actor, producer, and former politician who has made a name for himself in Telugu movies as well as in Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada films. With over 150 feature films to his credit, he is considered one of the most successful performers in Indian cinema. Chiranjeevi is known for his incredible dancing skills and his ability to pull off intense fight scenes with ease.

Chiranjeevi's ability to master both method acting like Kamal Hassan and charismatic acting like Rajinikanth sets him apart from other Telugu current heroes. He has catered to almost all sections of the Telugu film audience with his movies, which have been box office bonanzas. At one point, he was even paid more than legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. Has been an inspiration to many aspiring actors and filmmakers

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2.Venkatesh:Indian actor Venkatesh is most known for his performances in Telugu movies. He appeared in 72 feature films during the course of his twenty-nine-year career. He has taken on a number of difficult parts in Telugu and a few Hindi movies. He has won six Filmfare Awards for best actor and seven state Nandi awards.

One of the biggest Indian film production company, Suresh Productions, is co-owned by Venkatesh and his brother D. Suresh Babu. As Venkatesh has starred in several of the production's movies, several of which have become box office successes, he is well-known in the public under the name Victory Venkatesh. When it comes to his job, he is highly aggressive. He is also regarded as being highly religious and down to earth. He is one of the top comedic actors in Telugu cinema, and he has also appeared in a number of serious and action films. 

He has gained a lot of female fans as well because to his many romantic and family entertainment films.

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3.Bala Krishna:Nandamuri Balakrishna is a well-known politician and actor in Indian cinema. He started his career at a young age of 14 and has been a prominent figure in Telugu cinema ever since. He is Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao's sixth son.

Balakrishna has acted in numerous films over his four-decade-long career, but some of his most notable works include Narasimha Naidu (2001), Simha (2010), Pandurangadu (2008), and Sri Rama Rajyam (2011). His performances in these films have earned him several awards, including Nandi Awards and the South Indian International Cinema Award for Best Actor.

Balakrishna's dedication, talent, and hard work have made him a beloved figure in Indian cinema, and his contributions to the industry will always be remembered.

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4.Nagarjuna:Nagarjuna Akkineni is a Telugu actor and producer who is well-known throughout the country for his critically praised roles in biographical and historical films. He has received numerous National Awards, Nandi Awards, and Filmfare Awards for his work (South). Nagarjuna, the son of former Tollywood legend Akkineni Nageswara Rao, has had a career spanning more than three decades. Over that time, he has appeared in more than a hundred films and has also produced a number of them. In films like Gitanjali, Ninne Pelladatha , Annamayya , Azad , Santosham , and Oopiri, Nagarjuna has given some of his most memorable performances . In addition to these, he has also acted in a few Bollywood movies.
In 2013, as part of the Delhi Film Festival's celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema, Nagarjuna was chosen to represent the category "Cinema of South India." and He Own's Annapurna Studios it is the one of the biggest Indian film production company, founded in 1976

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Botanical extracts made with alcohol are known as tinctures. However, there are many applications of alcohol for tinctures. Some of them are mentioned here. 

In Medicine

Unlike full extraction cannabis oil, alcohol for tinctures is being used in various medicines. It is a safe, clean, and effective agent for many purposes. It has been used to dissolve drugs and to make them more palatable. Alcohol can also be used as a topical medication.

Alcohol for tinctures can be used in various ways. You can use food-grade alcohol with 40% strength and make tinctures. Tinctures can be taken with tea or food as well.

As Fragrances

When you think of fragrances, what comes to mind? For many, it may be the scents of perfume or cologne. However, there are many other types of fragrances available, including essential oils.

Essential oils are derived from plants and can be used to create fragrances. They are very potent and some of them can have a strong scent. This is why they are often used in scented candles, lotions, and other products.

Alcohol extracts are also a type of fragrance. They are derived from alcohol and can be used to create scents. They are very potent and some of them have a strong scent. This is why they are often used in scented candles, lotions, and other products.

Unlike full extraction cannabis oilone of the benefits of using alcohol extracts is that they are very potent. This means that you can use smaller amounts of them to create a stronger scent. This is often desirable in products that are going to be used regularly.

Another benefit of using alcohol extracts is that they are versatile. This means that you can use them to create different types of scents. This is often desirable in products that are going to be used in a variety of situations.

All Flavorings

Making your flavorings is a fun way to customize your cannabis experience. Alcohol extracts are a great way to add flavor to your vaporizer or smoke. They work as a fragrance multiplier, so you can create delicious smells that will tantalize your senses. There are many different extract options available, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Alcohol extracts are made from a variety of ingredients, but the most common one is ethanol. This molecule is a type of alcohol, and it's what we use to make extractions. There are other types of extractions, such as butane hash oil, but those are more complicated to make. Alcohol extracts are simple to make, and they work well in vaporizers and vaporizer pens.

Skincare Products

To many people, the thought of using an alcohol-based skincare product may conjure images of dry, flaky skin. However, this is not always the case. Alcohol extracts can be a very effective and gentle way to cleanse and soothe your skin.

Alcohol is a natural solvent, which means that it can break down molecules and extract their toxins. This is why alcohol extracts are often used in natural skincare products. By using alcohol extracts, you are minimizing the number of harsh chemicals that can be absorbed into your skin.

Moreover, alcohol extracts are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This is because alcohol can help to reduce the inflammation that can be caused by skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

In short, alcohol extracts are a gentle and effective way to cleanse and soothe your skin. If you are looking for a gentle and effective way to cleanse your skin, then you should consider using an alcohol-based skincare product.

Tollywood News: Many Tollywood star heroes and heroines partied the night away. Each, according to their taste, invited the New Year with their close friends. Chiranjeevi-Charan had a New Year party together. Charan invited his close friend Sharwanand to the party.

Mahesh Babu celebrated New Year abroad this year too. Mahesh, who went abroad with all his family members and relatives, welcomed the new year there. Mahesh's wife Namrata shared the related photos.

It is known that Prabhas is away from parties. He celebrated the new year in his house. Only three or four people who are very close to Prabhas are there. Due to the snow storm in America, most of the heroes did not make foreign tours this year.

As for the heroines, Rashmika had a video chat with her fans right before welcoming the new year. She started a party with her friends at a beautiful resort. But she did not reveal the location of the resort.
And Ananya Pandey celebrated the new year in Phuket. She spent December 31 enjoying the beach, reading her favorite book and eating her favorite food. Newly married, Hansika went to the Czech Republic with her husband. Participated in the New Year celebrations there. Anu Emmanuel had a party in Bangalore. All the heroines of Tollywood have welcomed the new year as they like.

2023.. New Year celebrations were celebrated by movie stars in a grand manner. Some went to pubs. Some enjoyed the beaches. Some went to special places with close friends and enjoyed. The pictures of how Tollywood and Bollywood stars celebrate the New Year are going viral.

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There are reports that two Pawan Kalyanfilms are being announced this month. To this , a movie announcement has come. DVV Danayya-Sujith combination movie announcement. Mythri Movies-Harish Shankar's movie is yet to be announced. What is clear is that there is a person behind these two movies, good or bad. He is the director Trivikram Srinivas.

Trivikram Srinivas took advances from Mythri Movies and DVV Danayya during his tenure. But after that, he limited his films only to Harika Hasini. With that, Mythri Organization put the money down and collected the advance with interest from Trivikram. Danayya remained the same. He always demanded that he should make a film.

There are rumors that Trivikram is the reason why the Mythri-Harish Shankarmovie did not take off. There are rumors that with his old anger, Pawan is using his words to push back the film.

If this is the case, a Danayya-Sujith-Pawan Kalyan movie is set. There is a talk that the mastermind behind this is Trivikram. It is heard that the story was prepared by Sujith sitting near him. Thus, it is heard in Tollywood that DVV Danayya's advance has become invalid in return for setting up a film with Pawan.

In other words, satires are being heard in Tollywood that if the film is delayed due to one advance, the film has arrived quickly due to another advance. Trivikram-Pawan should know the truth.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is currently doing a film 'Hari Hara Veeramallu' directed by Krish. The shooting of this movie, which is being produced by Mega Surya Productions, is currently going on at Ramoji Film City. Director Harish Shankar, producers Naveen Yerneni and Ravi Shankar of Mythri Movie Makers are making noise on the sets of this movie.

Pawan had earlier announced the film 'Bhavadiyudu Bhagat Singh' directed by Harish Shankar under Mythri banner. But now it seems that the movie is going to be made with another story in the same combination, keeping that story aside. This project will be launched soon.

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From 'Mirchi' to 'Bharat Ane Nenu', Koratala Siva, who is known as a successful director with four consecutive wins, saw a major failure with 'Acharya'. The movie made with mega heroes Chiranjeeviand Ram Charanturned out to be a disaster and left fans reeling. Mega fans criticized him severely. Even six months after the release of the film, the bitter memories continue to haunt him. While Chiranjeevi has already commented that the reason for the failure of 'Acharya' is the director, now the music director Mani Sharma has also created a sensation by commenting that the reason for the film's music not being very impressive is due to the lack of music.

Chiranjeevi-Mani sharma combination has many musical hits. However, there is an opinion among mega fans that Mani Sharma did not provide music to the expected level for 'Acharya'. They were of the opinion that he was particularly disappointing in the background music. But Mani Sharma says that he is not wrong about the music of 'Acharya'.

Mani Sharma participated in a fun show with Alli which aired on ETV. On this occasion, he was asked why the music in Acharya's film could not entertain to the expected level. Mani Sharma replied with a smile saying, "Both songs have become hits." Then he immediately made sensational comments about the background score."I did a version of 'Acharya' with the experience of working in Chiranjeevi's films in the past. But the director said let's try something new. There is nothing wrong with that... because one should always do something new," said Mani Sharma. Judging by Mani Sharma's words, it is understood that the music was given according to Koratala's taste. With this, Mega fans are once again targeting Koratas and criticizing them.

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No matter how many heroes and heroines are saved from danger in movies, they cannot save them from the clutches of their fans in real life. That's why the more star a hero is, the more fan following they have, and the more strong bodyguards they need. In fact, providing protection to celebrities is like a knife edge for bodyguards. That is why the bodyguards who provide protection to them are also receiving huge remuneration. Now let's have a small look at the remuneration received by those who provide protection as bodyguards to some of the star image heroes and heroines in Bollywood.

That is why the bodyguards who provide protection to them are also receiving huge remuneration. Now let's have a small look at the remuneration received by those who provide protection as bodyguards to some of the star image heroes and heroines in Bollywood. Now we are going to know about the remuneration received by those who provide security as bodyguards to many Bollywood heroes and heroines.

First of all let's know about Megastar Amitabh Bachchan's bodyguard Jitendra Shinde who is a senior star hero in Bollywood. According to media reports, Jitendra Shinde, who has been working as Amitabh Bachchan's bodyguard for a long time. He is charging a remuneration of 1.5 crores.

Shah Rukh Khan's bodyguard Ravi Singh is the highest paid bodyguard in Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan paid Ravi Singh Rs. He is paying 2.7 crores.

Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera is not just a bodyguard for him.. but also a type of good friend. Shera Salman Khan earns Rs. 2 crores as salary. Shera will be seen in the title track of Salman Khan starrer Bodyguard in 2011.

Star heroineDeepika Padukone is paying a remuneration of 1.2 crores to her bodyguard Jalal. Jalal has been working as her bodyguard for many years.

Aamir Khan's bodyguard Yuvraj's annual salary is Rs. 2 crores. Also, Akshay Kumar paid his bodyguard Rs. 1.2 crores salary. If the heroes of the film are free without any schedule and at the same time their family members go out, bodyguards only escort to them.

Last but not least, Prakash Singh Sonu is serving as a bodyguard for Virat Kohliand Anushka Sharma. Prakash Singh has been Anushka Sharma's bodyguard for a long time. However, Prakash Singh, who was the only personal bodyguard of Anushka Sharmabefore her marriage, has been providing protection to both of them since time and occasion. According to a Zoom TV news report, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli couple (Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma) paid their bodyguard Prakash Singh a remuneration of Rs.1.2 crore per year.

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Hyderabad City Civil Court gave an unexpected shock to Samantha on Naga Chaitanya's birthday. On the day Naga Chaitanya's birthday was being celebrated, the city civil court gave a shock to Yashoda Cinema and the film unit, and the orders issued by the city civil court are now affecting the entire unit. Recently, the movie Yashoda was released with Samanthaas the heroine. The film was simultaneously released in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages ​​at pan India level. The film got good positive talk from the first game released.

In this the collections have also come huge. Produced by Shivalenka Krishna Prasad and directed by Hari and Harish Narayana, this film has already broken even and is on the way to profits. Due to the entry of new films, the collections have decreased slightly, but in many theaters, this film is not seeing any success. But now the city civil court gave a shock regarding the OTT release of the Yashoda movie. The producers have been instructed not to release the film in OTT. Yashoda's movie was banned from being released in OTT

To this extent, the Additional Chief Judge has issued orders to YashodaCinema Unit. It seems that the court which heard the petition filed by the management of Eva IVF Hospital has issued orders to this effect. The petition stated that Samantha's character in the movie Yashoda will damage the reputation of Eva Hospital. In the petition, it was stated that the name of the hospital shown in the movie will damage the reputation of the hospital which is currently running. Yashoda movie in this background

The City Civil Court stated that the film cannot be released in OTT till December 19 and postponed the further hearing of this case to December 19. And Yashoda highlighted the issue of artificial insemination in the movie before everyone thought that the movie would be about having children through surrogacy. But this movie goes with a different point. However, as the name of the surrogacy center shown in this movie is Eva Surrogacy Center, the reputation of Eva Hospital is now getting damaged, so the management has gone to court. It is also being spread now that Samantha received shocking notices on Naga Chaitanya's birthday. Let's see how Samantha and Yashoda's movie unit will react on this matter.

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Rituvarmaimpressed the youth with her role in the hit film 'Pellichoopulu' starring Vijay Devarakonda.After that she acted in 'Kesava', 'Tuck Jagadish' and 'Varudu Kavalenu'. Recently, in Sharwanand's movie acted in the role of Vaishnavi in ​​the movie 'Oke Ek Keevan' and impressed the audience.

After completing B.Tech, she got a job in a multinational company and joined it. On the other hand, she started modeling. Tarun Bhaskar, who was introduced by a common friend, asked him to act as he was making a short film. Ritu acted in it for fun. The same.. a short film called 'Anukokunda'. The short film made in just 48 hours became a super hit on YouTube. That short film brought her film opportunities. Among them, she chose Jr. NTR  'Baadshah' was her first film.Even if it is a small role, it is like learning. After that she acted in the movies 'Prema Ishq Kadal', 'Naa Rakumarudu' and 'Evade Subramaniam'.

In 2015, Tarun Bhaskar got a chance to direct the movie 'Pellichoopulu'. He chose Ritu as the heroine. The movie released in 2016 became a trend setter. The girls saw themselves in Ritu's role in that movie. That was the turning point for Ritu's career.

She got good offers in Tamil as well as Telugu. Among them, 'Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithal' starring Dulquer Salmaanwas not only a good hit but Ritu's performance was also appreciated. The movie was released in Telugu as 'Kanulu Kanulu Dochayante' and became a hit here.

Ritu is currently awaiting the release of the Tamil film 'Dhruva Nachatharam'.The movie starring Vikram was directed by Gautham Vasudeva Menon. In fact, the film started in 2017, but due to various other reasons including financial reasons, the production was delayed. Finally, the shooting is done and it is ready for release. Ritu hopes that the release of this film will help her career.

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In Google Maps.. you can also check the air quality around you.. know-how

Often we use Google Maps to reach a place or find the right direction. But apart from showing us the right route.. Did you know that Google Maps also provides many important details about your city.. Currently, Delhi-NCR is not only the pollution level in its surrounding areas but also in the industrial area of ​​our city. Due to this, the air quality level is getting worse. After all, if you want to know the air quality around your home, Google Maps will provide you with that information. Google Maps This feature provides information about the air quality in different locations. Let's know about it in detail.

Identify air quality by color..

1. Red color – low air quality, high air pollution

2. Orange, Yellow – Area of ​​less poor, slightly lower air quality

3. Green color – clean air quality

Through Google Maps, you can get information about air quality in different places. When you use this feature in Google Maps.. you can know the areas with poor air quality with red markers. However, areas with less poor, slightly lower air quality are shown with orange and yellow markings. Where the air quality is clean, you will see them with green marks. Let us know in detail how to determine the air quality of a place through Google Maps.

Know this.

  • To begin, launch the Google Maps app on your smartphone.

  • Now below the profile icon in the top-left corner, you will see a 'My Type' icon

  • As soon as you click on this icon, you will see the 'Map Details' option.

  • You will see the 'Air Quality' option in the 'Map Details' section

  • By clicking on the 'Air Quality' section, you will get information about the 'Air Quality' in your area.

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Is your laptop battery discharging quickly Check if your laptop battery is discharging quickly

The use of laptops has increased a lot since the time of Corona. People prefer to work on laptops rather than desktop computers.. This is because the laptop is easy to carry from one place to another. Moreover, they can sit and work in their preferred way. But battery life may not be a problem on a new laptop but after getting a little older the battery backup may not be as good as it used to be or the laptop battery may start draining quickly. Often people face problems with the battery while working on a laptop. Especially when your laptop starts getting old.. that's why you should regularly check the health checkup of your laptop battery i.e. battery life. Let us know the easy ways for you to do this today

How to Check Laptop Battery Report

If you are working on a Windows 10 laptop.. you need to check your laptop battery health. For this, you need to start a command prompt in the system. For this, search for 'cmd' or 'command prompt' in the windows search or start menu. you will see a window with a file path starting from here (C:). It can be black or any other color.Once the window opens, type powercfg/batteryreport here and enter. Due to this, the saved battery life report message will appear on your laptop screen. Along with this, the file path will also appear on the screen. You can view the battery report by clicking on it.. Apart from this, you can also view the battery report by going to the user folder and typing C:Users[Your_User_Name]battery-report. Html.

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Celebrity Fashion Updates: Actress Ramya Krishnanis currently judging a dance reality show and for one of the show’s episodes, the actress got dressed up in a green silk saree designed by the brand Saksham and Neharicka.

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The saree is left plain throughout devoid of any prints or embellishments and has the beauty attributed to it in the richness of the fabric. However, the borders were beautified with metallic floral motifs in silver. Lastly, she complemented the stylish saree by pairing it with a matching sleeveless blouse that shared similar intricacies to the rest of the outfit.

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The actress has accessorized with pair of diamond studded earrings, a diamond ring, and a silver ring by Archita Maurya Giri. The actress has finally completed the look with winged eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow, blushed cheeks, highlighter, and pink lips.

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