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Do you love to click photos with your smartphones? If yes, then you should also learn the ways to click better pictures even at night. Whether you wish to click better photos in night clubs or anywhere in the dark, it is not easy to take optimal night photos with a normal smartphone. 

Are you annoyed with your poor night photos on your smartphone? Do you always end up with blurry and dark photos when you click pictures at night?

In order to take professional pictures with your smartphone, you should learn several tricks and tips about night photography on a smartphone.  If you wish to learn how to take better night pictures with your phone, then you have come to the right place.

Tips and Tricks to Take Excellent Night Photos with a Phone

  • Make Use of Night Modes 

Most of the smartphone camera apps these days come up with a feature called night mode. Sadly, in most devices, it is just to show off and doesn’t work effectively. However, if you own a powerful camera phone such as Pixel 3 or 3XL from Google, you will get immense night mode. 

These smartphones have such a powerful night mode camera that can click clear shots even in 10% or even 5% light. This means your phone might possibly have an effective camera night mode. 

So you need to open the Camera app on your smartphone and look for the option named as “night mode” or similar. Check whether your phone camera’s night mode is efficient or not by clicking several shots in darkness. If your phone has a night mode, even if it is a little effective, using it while taking night photos can make significant improvements to your night picture. 

  • Manually Adjusting ISO Sensitivity 

To get better camera sensitivity, you can adjust the ISO values on the camera app while taking night pictures. The ISO sensitivity in digital cameras is the amount of the camera’s capability to capture light. By increasing the camera’s sensitivity, you can make night photos bright and sharp even in less light. 

In the automatic or night mode on most smartphone cameras, the camera itself controls the ISO sensitivity to capture better photos at night. However, if your smartphone doesn’t have a built-in night mode, you can manually increase the ISO sensitivity to click better night photos. Increasing the camera sensitivity dramatically can also make your photos less detailed and pale in several conditions. So use it in a balanced way to ensure optimal night images.  

  • Third-Party Camera Apps to Control ISO Sensitive 

In case your phone’s camera app does not have any feature to manually adjust the ISO sensitivity, you can install a third-party app to make it happen. Several third-party camera apps allow you to manage the camera’s sensitivity manually, such as Camera FV-5 Lite for Android phones. 

If you own an iPhone, you can use the Pro Camera app to adjust ISO sensitivity while taking photos at night. You can get it directly from Apple Play Store and use it anytime to click better night images with your iPhone.

  • Get More Light in Night

More light is needed to take better photos at night because the more light you have, the low sensitivity your phone camera will use. This will make your overall photos look awesome even if you are capturing photos at night. It will also reduce the noise you get due to darkness. But a big question is how to get light at night, especially if you are outside.  

All you have to do is add light to the object you wish to capture. You can simply achieve this by your phone’s camera flash or the LED. These days, there are no phones that don’t possess LED light. Nowadays, it is common to have front and rear camera flashlights on smartphones. 

So if there is no other source of light rather than your camera’s flash, then use it effectively to take neat and clean images at night. 

  • Allow More Exposure Time 

If it is too dark, you can take a little more time to let your phone’s camera adjust its brightness, sensitivity, and other items. This will enhance the quality of images, even if you are taking images at night. All you have to do is give a while to your smartphone’s camera to click better images at night. 

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