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Devin Smith

Sometimes, high-quality headset or speakers fails to produce rich quality bass in sounds that you wish to hear on Windows 10. Then you might blame your hardware gadget or the Speaker itself, but the real issue slightly differs from it. It might be the configuration issue related to the particular audio driver. One can use reliable or third party equalizer for producing good bass.

There might be some sound settings error in the sound system or headset that refuses to reflect sound through the sound card. Here is how to get the maximum bass quality on the speakers running on Windows 10. Pursue these instructions to decrease or lower bass on your Speaker:

Using APO Equalizer for Reducing Bass

There are numerous equalizers available online for managing the sound effects and bass quality.  Third-party programs may help you in this regard. If you wish to minimize the bass of your Speaker, then we suggest you use equalizer APO that will provide high tech customizing effects.

Pursue these offered guidelines to download and use it to manage your bass effects:

  • In the beginning, launch the browser that you want and go to the main page of “Equalizer APO.”
  • Once the page expands up, hit the Download tab there.
  • Now, your browser will ask you to install the exe files, then select the preferred file location and abide by the on-screen indications.
  • Then, tap on the Save button.
  • When you have got the file downloaded, tap double mouse click on the file.
  • Once the UAC file prompts up for permission, hit the Yes tab as your confirmation.
  • Now, you have to hit the following option from the installation window that arrives on your screen:

“Yes=_> Next=_> I_agree=_>_Next=_> _Install.”

  • Go to the confirmation panel and then mark the checkbox related to Speaker and shut the expanded Window.
  • Now, tap the YES tab there, asking for the confirmation to open an earlier window anytime.
  • Got to the last page section of the customizing wizard pane and hit the Reboot Now button. This option executes the device to start again.
  • Then, hit the Finish tab there.
  • Now, the Windows will reboot successfully, and all the modifications will be saved automatically.
  • When the configuration of Window appears, then hit the icon of Window and simultaneously hit the “S” tab. Then, enter “Configuration” into the search panel, followed by the Enter key.
  • Choose the Configuration Editor tab from the resulting options.
  • Proceed with the process with the application window. Now, you can manage the bass of the particular Speaker as per the requirements by adjusting the slider. E.g., you may adjust any of the given sliders ranging from 25 to 160 columns sets just upon the line of neutral for enhancing the quality of bass.
  • In case you wish to decrease bass on your device, then press and adjust the slider from 25 to 1601 column lines just lower to the “0” line.
  • For customizing the settings pane, you have to check each section and hit the appropriate one.
  • Then, go to your desired settings and hit the File option. This option will be located at the uppermost left side edge of your Window, Hit the Save button.
  • Now, select the preferred location in which you can save your files and renaming all the contents.
  • Finally, hit the Save tab to finish the tasks.

Adjusting Sound Bass on Mac using eqMac

  • First and foremost, launch the “eqMac” download section on your preferred browser.
  • Hit the Download tab. This option will be located on the right-hand side section of the screen.
  • After that, pursue these guidelines to get the eqMac installed on your Mac machine. It will be installed on your device in a short time:
  • Double-tap on the DMG file of eqMac.
  • Hit the press the icon of eqMac from the folder of Applications.
  • Then, authenticate the installation procedure if asked.
  • Now, abide by the on-screen indications.
  • After performing all the above guidelines, hit the icon of Launchpad. It appears like a rocket symbol logo on the dock section of Mac.
  • Now, hit the icon resembles rows of vertical sliders available as eqMac. This action will launch the menu section of Mac.
  • After hitting the icon, you have to tap the Open button there.
  • Go to the menu bar and hit the eqMac icon there. It will be located in the uppermost section of the menu bar. Now, a pull drop menu will expand upon your machine.
  • Now, investigate each bass section and manage it according to your desire.
  • Follow these adjustments tips for adjusting your Mac bass:

For maximizing bass:

  • Press and hold the slider located just above the horizontal line of “0” and ensure that the trebling sliders are placed beneath the line.

For Decreasing Bass:

  • Just drag the sliders to the below of the line indicated as “0.” Then, ensure that the slider resembling tremble is located somewhere below or above the line.
  • Now, tap the floppy disk logo situated at the upper right-hand side edge of the menu bar. Now enter a name for the settings and hit the floppy icon. This option will choose the preset feature even if Mac’s sound stock settings is turned Off.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.



Skype is a hub of video and voice calling lovers that are the giant in the world of messaging. Skype provides enhanced quality video calling features to its users. It can be operated on any of the available devices, be it a smartwatch, tablet, iOS smartphone, Windows, or android. Some users reported various problems while communicating on Skype app.  Unlike other applications, it also gives users the ability to make video conferencing calls on various platforms. 

Reasons for Audio Not Working Issues on Skype

There are various reasons for arising this error code while connecting to other users on Skype.

 There are various reasons for arising this error issue, and the possible reason is due to the headphone mic problem or internal system error.

  • Audio is not adjusted properly: Skype has the built-in audio manager tool that adjusts the voice levels, but if it fails to perform smoothly, then turn Off the feature and activate it again.
  • Breaking Audio Calls while Calling: It might due to some applications running in your device background. Additionally, try switching to another network and check that the issue is resolved.
  • Skype Audio Output Not Performing Properly: If the issue persists, you will be required to check that your playback setups. Then, ensure that your headphones and speakers are adjusted to an audio device as default.
  • Distorted Skype Audio: This issue occurs just because of network connection problems. Make sure to have a stable and fast network.

Get the Speakers and Microphone Configured

  • First of all, hit the Skype app icon to launch.
  • Then, navigate to the Tools section and then hit the Options tab.
  • Go to the panel of Audio Settings.
  • Make sure that your speakers and Microphone are adjusted properly. One can check the stability and voice system of microphones and speakers both. Configure them properly to make it function well.
  • Finally, hit the Save option there.

Note: In some cases, the default audio speakers are changed to something else after performing an update. Therefore, check that the audio gadget is properly configured and administered correctly, permitting all the commands.

Applying Default Driver of Microsoft

  • First of all, hit the Window logo and X tab at one go to launch the Power User menu option.
  • Then hit the option Device Manager there. It will appear via the listing on your screen.
  • Once the Device Manager window launches, go to the Audio device section and apply right-click on it.
  • Then, select the option “Uninstall.”
  • Now, check the driver software for the device on which you are working and hit the Uninstall button there.
  • Once you have removed the particular driver, the final step is Rebooting. It will save the adjustments made by you.
  • Once the system rebooted successfully, the driver will automatically install it on your machine after fixing various glitches.

Managing Microphone Set-Ups

  • Go to the audio icon and then right-click on it. The option will be located at the Taskbar.
  • Then, select the option “Recording Devices” by navigating the menu option.
  • Search the Microphone option and apply double-tap to expand its related features and properties.
  • Now, hit the tab “Advanced” and ensure that the elusive controls option is not active.
  • Then, hit the Apply option and tap on Ok.

Upgrading Sound Drivers

One can install the recent edition of the audio driver from two different ways:

Through Motherboard and Manual set up process

Visiting Manufacturing Site of Sound Card

It is requested to the users to keep the sound card or driver up to date to avoid any sound issues on your device. Installing the latest edition of audio drivers removes multiple errors from your device.

Select the most recent and updated version of your audio card and install it on your device, but keep in mind to remove all the corrupted audio drivers and sound cards.

Various drivers especially crash while running on Skype and flashes error issues. One such issue creating driver is “Realtek,” if you are also facing issues with this driver, it is recommended to use any other driver for your device. 

There are many types of the driver available online; you can purchase the same by visiting their respective websites.

Source :-

Daisy Martin arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at


The users of iPad or iPhone experiencing issues of the personal hotspot are not alone as most people are facing the same problems. Moreover, Apple seems to quite aware of the issue, but the company is not saying anything that when the fix for the issue will come. Personal Hotspots become more useful when the users are finding any issue while using the Wi-Fi which is nearby to them. In such circumstances, when the users felt concerned while using a close-by Wi-Fi, then instead of moving to another network or fixing the issue of Wi-Fi, the phone users can opt to share the data connection of their phone with some other device like a laptop. The feature of the personal hotspot is not exclusive to the only iOS as the Android users also make the use of a similar ability. Still, more commonly, the feature is known as tethering.

But, the issues related to the personal hotspot are quite prevalent in the devices running iOS13, unlike Android devices. Apple is also aware of the problem which has been revealed in some documents as reported by MacRumors. According to the reports presented by MacRumors, it has been explained that Apple has sent an internal document to its authorized service centers regarding the personal Hotspot issue faced by the users. The company has also advised the service centers to help the users in every possible way if they are coming for getting the solution for the issue. However, the company has not mentioned any time limit to provide the fix regarding the problems of the personal hotspot.

Meanwhile, it has been observed that the issue of personal hotspot is arising in several ways, which is disturbing for the users. Some users are not able to connect their devices to the personal hotspot at all while some others are facing continuous drops in the connections, ultimately resulting in unreliable and inconsistent internet connection.

 No Great timing for the arising of the issue amidst the ongoing health outbreak

The question of the personal hotspot has arrived in such a time when the whole world is facing the health outbreak, which could not be considered significant. Also, it is still not known whether how long the devices have been affected by the issue. It remains to see how long the problem will continue to affect the devices. This is the time when the governments are forcing people to maintain social distancing, and the companies are providing the employees the option to work from home. With more and more people are working from home and so the reliability on the uninterrupted internet connection is increasing every day. Also, the burden on broadband internet is massively rising under such circumstances. At the time, when the demand for uninterrupted mobile data connection is highly increasing, then the usefulness of the shared mobile data will deteriorate if the user could not find it reliable in such circumstances.

However, it is not clear that when the fix for the issue will come but it is expected that the company will provide the repair very soon. Amidst all, while going through the internal document sent to different authorized Apple service centers, the company has advised some temporary fixes for the issue, such as toggling the personal hotspot on and off, which might solve the problem.

Source :-

Daisy Martin arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at

Devin Smith

The users have always given the option by Apple Music to push the notification about any new music releases from their favorite musicians or artists. However, enabling the push notification for Apple music has never been a reliable way for the people to search out the new music. It seems that Apple has understood the issue and so has introduced several tweaks in the feature. Right now, Apple has rolled out a further modification aiming at bringing the enabled notifications into the app of Apple Music itself. After rolling out the new changes, the users will now become able to get updates of new music albums, extended play, and updates regarding the launch of new videos from their favorite music artists at the top of the “library” in the music application. In simple terms, whenever your favorite artist will release some new music album, you will get the notification instantly if you have enabled the information for that artist in the Apple music library.

The new feature will appear on the splash page within the app of Apple music, but if the users are not able to see the feature, then they can enable it manually by themselves. Here are the steps to do so:-

  • The users need to go to the Music app of their iPhone and then open it.
  • Further, the users will be required to go to For You option and then tap on it.
  • After that, while moving to top at the right, the users will need to click on their Picture profile.
  • Now, click on the Notifications option for enabling the notifications regarding new releases.
  • At last, you will need to search for Show in Library option.

Before introducing the latest changes, Apple music has enabled the notifications for highlighting the new music releases earlier also, but all was in vain. The earlier announcements were not very reliable and often appeared even after the weeks or days after the release of the new album of the songs. It was quite frustrating for the users who have enabled the notification earlier in the hope of getting the news of the latest releases as soon as possible. In contrast, the users came to know about the new releases after the weeks of music release. However, the company has made several changes before introducing the new feature, but still, it remains to see whether the current changes will serve the interest of the users in the best way. Apart from this new change, there are also some third-party apps which provides similar functionality, including MusicHarbor. The third-party app, MusicHarbor, offers several exciting features allowing you to follow your favorite music artists along with getting the news about new music albums, concerts, etc. Moreover, the users can follow the above mention instructions if they will find any difficulty in getting the notifications. If the features are turned on manually, then they will not expose any difficulty in getting the announcements of new albums and music videos of their favorite artists.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.



Microsoft recently reorganized the team of Windows and its devices by introducing Panos Panay for the charge of both Microsoft hardware and Windows. Although these are the early days for Panay, we are beginning to get a glimpse of how situations may switch with the Windows OS.

In the first 30 days of the Panay, he had spent a lot of time in learning, observing, listening, and working hard with the Microsoft team to make a visualization for the next era of Windows. He wonders while working closely with the Insiders team and the depth of knowledge and level of dedication they possess. Panay recently posted a new blog post in which he explained his experience of working with the Microsoft extraordinary tech geniuses.

He stated that in order to get the Windows innovations going and carry on to grow, they would need an intelligent, responsible and powerful person to show the way to this exceptionally skilled team to the new level. Thereafter, he officially announced Amanda Langowski as the new head for Windows Insider Program.  

The new leader of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program Langowski is one of the old hands of the company that posses over 20 years of experience. The projects he had worked on before are Windows beta programs, flighting team, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, and more. Overall he deserves such a position in the company, and now he will surely make innovations in future projects.

He will soon lead to testing of Windows 10 and then an essential feedback loop of the software. Dona Sarkar initially led this project for the past several years. Sarkar is now leading a new project in the company called Microsoft Developer Relations and is presently serving in the company. However, the former chief of the Insider program, Gabe Aul, left the company last year, and then he continued his career in Facebook’s virtual and augmented reality program as the role of engineer.

As we told you before, Panay intends to make a new era of Windows, and he is presently making a visualization to take the Windows OS to the next level. The project has attempted several methods to tempt developers to Windows over the previous five years, but some attempts were not effective enough. Even the regularity of Windows 10 updates has sometimes been a bit slower during the last 12 months that left testers as well as Windows users doubting for what’s happening.

Now Panay has decided to make certain changes into the operating system, and he will also focus on the desktop versions of Windows 10. He will surely add some of his own styling in the operating system, but he cleared that he is going to make the OS simplified and quick. The Windows 10 OS has clearly improved since its past 5 years of constant development and updates.

However, people are now in quest of a fresh look and feel for the Windows operating system, and it seems minor changes are not enough for them to keep it using. According to the Windows 1 billion users teaser video, it is now apparent the team is planning to make the operating system’s UI more simplified. The Start menu is also going to change significantly, as we saw in the teaser video of the Windows 1 billion user celebration. Let’s see how the next operating system updates going to look and work like.

Source :-

KellieMinton  arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at  .

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