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Alessia Martine

A new action-shooter video game has arrived in the market. The game is developed by Relentless Studios. The game contains almost ten characters from which the gamers are allowed to choose only one. Each character has different abilities and upgrades. Furthermore, the game also grants the users to join a team, and at any point, they can also leave them for a more superior team.


The gamers across the world are busy in exploring the alienated world of Crucible. Besides, the game has three modes such as Alpha, Harvester Command, and Heart of the Hive. Despite having ten characters, most of the gamers are keen to play as Bugg. Although several out of them have started playing as Bugg, few ones didn’t know about the process of choosing Bugg. In the following blog, we are going to feed the gamers about the ways to select Bugg as the main character.

Play as Bugg in Crucible

Although the game is quite fresh and gamers are still exploring it, they need to know about Bugg before choosing him as the main character. In Crucible, Bugg plays an offensive role and is mainly used to pressure down the opposite team. Bugg’s abilities emerge in the Heart of the Hive, and gamers who are willing to use him must test his abilities in this mode. Although, the story of the game about Bugg is that originally, he is a robot who was created by Botani Mark One to work for them but later on, he was forced to become a fighter.

Bugg has various attacks that can thrash out the players of the opponent team in one shot. One of the most popular moves of Bug is Arcing Shots that tend to shoot 15 rounds in continuation without reloading. However, the standard gun of Bugg known as Sprayer is considered a weak weapon when it comes to aiming. So, it is highly suggested to the players that they need to put the aim a little bit higher than the target while using Sprayer to shoot. Alongside, another prominent attack of Bugg is Seed Pods; these are electrolyte seeds of the plants to inflict damage to the enemies. The gamers need to tap the right-click on their mouse to plant the Seed Pods near their enemies. The players can create a defensive wall through Seed Pods while facing danger.

Bugg Abilities

Although Bugg has various abilities, below we have discussed his five-best ability. The gamers need to use them wisely to mark the victory in the game.

  • Sprayer: This is the standard gun of Bugg that helps him to inflict damage to his enemies alongside executing the Seed Pods.
  • Thruster: This is a compact jetpack that helps the Bugg to fly in every direction.
  • Shield Burst: It is a protective shield that helps Bugg and his team to overcome endangerment.
  • Seed Pod: It is another lethal attack of Bugg that can execute seeds beneath the enemies to inflict damage to them through the electric charge present in the seeds.
  • Crop Dust: It’s a potent attack that possesses a poisonous gas that can kill or slow the enemies.

The gamers need to be aware of the fact that Bugg is short of the legs. Thus, the game’s divine power has provided him with an ability to fly in any direction known as Thruster. The gamers can start flying the Bugg whenever they want him; they need to press the Shift button alongside an arrow key to point the direction of moving. Alongside, the gamers can also execute a powerful grenade attack of Bugg through a gentle press on the E button on the keyboard. The attack is known as Crop Dust and presses the Zero key on the keyboard for surrounding yourself along with your team through Seed Pods.

Upgrades of Bugg

  • Realigned Gyro: This upgrade can increase the speed of Bugg’s movement from 4.5 m to 5.5 m per second. It is highly recommended to the gamers to upgrade Realigned Gyro of the Bugg immediately.
  • High pH Mixture: This upgrade prevents the gun of Bugg; Sprayer up to 20% from getting damage. It is highly suggested to the gamers to upgrade the High pH Mixture of the Bugg.
  • Booming Blossoms: This upgrade will help the gamers to activate the Seed Pods automatically. This is one of the best upgrades as it allows gamers to secretly and instantly kill their enemies.
  • No-Weed Pesticide: This upgrade helps the Crop Dust attack more powerful.
  • High-Grade Bio-Fuel: This upgrade will increase the speed of thrusters.
  • Early Boomer: The gamers can set the watering of Seed Pods to automatic.
  • Daisy Chain: This upgrade will grant the games an option to aim the attack of Seed Pods on one specific location or target.

The gamers who would like to play Crucible can obtain its experience on PC.

Sam John  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


Alessia Martine

Pokémon Go is a famous augmented reality game that was released in 2016. Since then the game has persisted to achieve new milestones. All the credit for its enormous success goes to Nintendo who keeps on including new events and updates in it. Thus, nowadays a new event is going on in the game known as Sinnoh Throwback Challenge. This event contains various tasks and several essentials rewards are linked to it. Below we have specifically mentioned all the tasks and the rewards that gamers will get after accomplishing them.



First Task

  • This quest requires from the gamers to execute at least three Great Throws.
  • This quest requires the gamers to include an Electric Pokémon to their lineup.
  • This quest requires gamers to recharge their Pokémon for at least 3 times.

Rewards: The gamers will get one Razz Berry along with two Pinap berries and an encounter with Shinx.

Second Task

  • The gamers have to include an Ice-type Pokémon to their lineup.
  • The gamers require to earn one Candy while walking with your Buddy Pokémon.
  • The gamers need to Evolve one of their Pokémon.

Rewards: The gamers will get two Razz Berries along with one Pinap berry and an encounter with Abomasnow.

Third Task       

  • The players are required to include a Steel-type Pokémon to their team.
  • The players need to take a screenshot of a Steel Pokémon from the Pokedex.
  • The players have to provide their Buddy at least 3 Treats.

Rewards: The players will get one Razzberry along with two Pinap berries and an encounter with Shieldon.

Fourth Task

  • The gamers have to win a battle against a veteran trainer.
  • The gamers are required to include a Ghost-type Pokémon in their team.
  • The gamers need to utilize three berries to catch a Pokémon.

Rewards: The gamers will get two Razz berries along with one Pinap berry and an encounter with Drifloon.

Fifth Task

  • The players have to add a Ground-type Pokémon to their lineup.
  • The gamers need to attain ten Candies while walking along with your Buddy.
  • The players are required to include a Water-type Pokémon to their team.

Rewards: The gamers will get one Razzberry along with two Pinap berries and an encounter with Prinplup.

Sixth Task

  • The players need to hatch an Egg.
  • The players have to execute at least three Throws.
  • The gamers have to include a Fighting-type Pokémon to their team.

Rewards: The gamers will get two Razz berries along with one Pinap berry and an encounter with Monferno.

The gamers who are keen to play Pokémon Go can obtain their gaming experience on iOS and Android devices.

Sam John  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at



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Alessia Martine

Can you imagine a day without Instagram? A day without posting good stuff, or merely scrolling to interesting feeds? Well, this sounds impossible. A picture and video sharing platform, Instagram have never stopped winning millions of hearts since its inception. But what if you decide to watch a video on the platform and the sound goes off? How disappointing would it be! You have indeed faced this situation many times before, didn’t you? The key to solving this problem is here. Read on.


The Basics

Instagram videos generally have a sound icon somewhere on the bottom left of their videos. You will need to tap on this icon to be able to hear the sound whenever you come across a good video. While some consider it a bad feature, many appreciate it too. Sometimes, loud sounds may be inappropriate to be played automatically. Imagine yourself in a crowded metro, and some loud music immediately brings all eyes to you. Thus, tapping on the icon according to your convenience saves you with such situations. Want to turn the sound off? Tap on the icon again. However, there is a thing to notice here. Not all videos have sound. In this case, Instagram will inform you with a notification beneath the video.

In Case You Have A Microphone

Playing a video on Instagram without a microphone is easy. Once you plug in the microphone, things might get a bit fussy. Well, all you have to do is to raise the volume bar simply. Your android phone must be having a physical button to increase or decrease the volume. Also, make sure that the volume icon is not on the mute mode. It’s that simple.

In Case You Have A PC

In this case, sometimes, your sound card may give rise to problems. Nothing complicated, you can simply make the necessary adjustments in the settings. Recording through your microphone too can be easy in this case. Even if your Instagram isn’t responding, you can always make some necessary adjustments in the Sound Control Panel. Check whether it is working correctly now and kick-start your recordings.

In Case You Have Bluetooth Headphones

Sometimes, even silly mistakes trouble you a lot. Such is the case when you keep your Bluetooth Headphones or buds paired with your device, even when you aren’t wearing them now. If the Automatic Ear Detection in your Apple pods is turned off, then you won’t be able to listen to the sound if you aren’t wearing the pods. Wireless speakers can land you in similar situations too. It’s crucial to unpair both the devices on time.

 Reboots Always Help

If nothing works, then probably your device has some glitches. Reboot your device and then try again. This helps because once a device restarts, it automatically reloads the things that weren’t running the desired way. Junk files may sometimes create unnecessary problems with your device. This can be eliminated in seconds by rebooting the device. Whether you are working on a PC or a smartphone, this nifty trick solves almost all problems.

App Updates

Another exciting hack is to update your Instagram app simply. The purpose of updating the apps is to fix any bugs. In-app- problems must be dealt with on time. Thus, the option of updating the app will not only fix the sound problem but will also fix other bugs. Updates also bring to you the newest features that the app may have for you. A responsible user always keeps a check on updates. The trick is simple. Go to PlayStore, check if there are any updates, and fix all your issues.

 Update Your Device

Software updates may not seem very important at first. Yet, people realize their importance only when their phone starts lagging way too much. For any device to run smoothly, updates are crucial. What’s more critical is to update the software on time, or else the problems may prolong.

In Case You Have An Android

Androids offer simplicity. Click on the settings feature, tap on the System Menu, and go for the About Phone option. Tap on the Download and install option and cross your fingers for the best to come.

In Case You Have An iOS

Click on Settings and tap on General. Next, you need to go for Software Update. Just as in the case of Android devices, you now need to click on Download and install. Boom! Your device is working smoothly now.

Cache Clearing Does Wonders

Sometimes, your Instagram app may simply not be ready to play the sound. The stored data might be bothering the app way too much. Rescue your poor app by clearing the cached data.

In Case You Have An iPhone

Here, iPhone users are at a disadvantage. You may first require to delete the app completely to get rid of stored data. In your iPhone Settings, go for the General option. Next, click on Storage. Click on Instagram and Tap on Delete. It may ask you for confirmation.

In Case You Have An Android

The steps are easy, peasy, and you won’t lose any data. Launch the Settings on your Android phone. Click on the Application Manager and choose Instagram. Click on Storage and tap on the Clear Cache option. Bingo! You did it.

Other Reasons

The last time you threw your phone in anger may be making you angry this time. Sometimes, injuries to the device’s body can prevent you from listening to those Instagram videos. To confirm, check whether the sound works on other apps or not. If you are unable to hear anything, then it is a hardware problem. It is essential to take very good care of your device body to prevent such issues.

Being unable to access sounds on Instagram can be irritating. Yet, finding out the right reason might help you with the solutions.



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