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Norton is as yet going hard and playing solid in the race of best antivirus programming. What's more, Norton Security with Backup is showing all out various recommendation and highlights among from the majority of the other items. This product offers 10 licenses through which you can protect every one of your gadgets like work areas, cell phones, Mac, and tablets. In the event that you need to find out about this antivirus programming, at that point you can call Norton Customer Care Number that stays online 24x7.

In the event that you need to ensure and protect your information just as your gadgets then you should download setup Security with Backup and afterward start the establishment procedure right away. In any case, before introducing this product you have to check the base framework prerequisite. For introducing this application you have to buy the membership of this item as the free form can get lapse in 30 or 40 days.

How to Install with Backup

The means which must be followed so to play out the establishment procedure effectively are:

1.       Visit the official site of

2.       Login to your Norton Account utilizing right login certification

3.       After fruitful login, a brief will show up which peruses 'Introduce on this gadget' or 'Introduce on another gadget'. You will get this brief just when you have bought the product

4.       Snap on the alternative of Agree and download, to get the antivirus  download on your present gadget

5.       You have to adhere to the onscreen guidance in order to finish the establishment procedure

6.       You will be approached to enter the item key in order to enact the item. You can find the Product key either in your enrolled email account or through the gadget tab of your Norton account

On the off chance that the aforestated steps don't assist you with installing

with Backup appropriately then you should on the double connect with experts by means of Contact Norton Support Number. The solid help of technical support specialists can be benefited whenever of the day nonstop. 100 percent consumer loyalty and conveying the total dependable goals is the end goal of the help group.


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User’s need to activate the Chrome flag titled “Get Google Chrome Powered Image Search” by navigating the “context” menu.

Here are the methods to enable and search images on Google Chrome through the integration feature of Google Lens.

Benefits of Image Search Feature of Google lens

This is an interesting feature that can be used for various purposes, such as fetching information about the image. Previously, the long tab provided a Google search and a little bit of information. Google Lens’ image search feature becomes smarter with the integration of Google Chrome. It lets you know more about the image, sometimes provides the most relevant data, for example: if you want to search newsfeed of your particular image.

Activating Google Lens Image Search Feature on Google Chrome

  • First of all, launch your android device
  • Then, navigate to the Chrome flags window by typing the mentioned address into the URL bar:

“chrome: //_flags”

  • After that, you have to enter “Lens” in the provided search space in the expanded Chrome flag’s window.
  • Then, search the flagged option “Google lens powered image search” from the resulting option from the context menu.
  • Now, hit the pull-drop menu located just beside or under the option. Then you have to choose “Enabled” tab there.

Note: If it is set to default, then the option will appear as “Default.”

  • After that, a message will appear at the lowermost portion of your window, having a large blue tab. It will say, “Relaunch Now.”
  • Hit the Relaunch Now tab otherwise, enter the under-mentioned address into the address pane:

“chrome: //_restart”

  • After a bit, Google Chrome will automatically restart on your device. Wait for Chrome to expand properly on your screen. Then you can search for your desired images via Google Lens.

Searching Pictures Through Google Lens on Chrome

  • First and foremost, tap Google Chrome to open on your system.
  • After that, visit any of your preferred websites.
  • Then, a long tap on the image that you wish to view. A pop-out will appear showing various options such as Open, download, share an image, and search with Google lens options.
  • Now, hit the option “Search via Google Lens” to proceed with your search operation. It will authenticate the selected picture for you.

Note: Google will fetch you various other options, including related information and suggestions.

Integrating Google Lens with Camera Apps

One can download Google Lens to use its features with your OEM Google Camera. Various OEMs provide Google Lens as a built-in integration feature in the device stock camera application. However, in some Android devices, Google Lens is not intuitively integrated with the camera app.

Source :-

Davis Johnson is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at


“Epic Games Confirm the Downtime for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2”

Epic Games have announced that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 will be updated on 20 February, 4 am EST, and 2:30 pm IST. The downtime has been begun, and the Fortnite servers are about to shut down in a couple of hours. The news has been announced through the official Twitter handle of Fortnite alongside the official of Fortnite has clearly mentioned that this is a season change, and it will acquire some time to cease.

 The excitation of the Fortnite fans is about to cure in a couple of hours. However, the downtime will begin at 4 am EST, and it might extend to 7, or 8 am as the update size is larger than expected. The V12.00 is coming along with the all-new world of Fortnite that includes new maps, new skins, new cosmetics, new weapons, new characters, and probably new battle pass. 

The update will be arriving on all the gaming consoles that support Fortnite, such as PS4Xbox OneNintendo Switch, and PC. As soon as the update gets activated, the Fortnite official will update about it through their Twitter handle. Along with there must be the larger size of Patch than the previous Season as Epic Games mentioned that this Season would be larger than usual.

However, there is no confirmation about how long does the server will shut down, or you can say how long V12 does take to get activated—looking upon the post seasonal updates. We are pretty sure that it will get activated till 8 Am EST. The gamers need to hold on to their patients for several more hours and should keep on checking the official Twitter account of Fortnite for updates.

The gamers need to download the V12 Patch after it gets activated and gets ready to witness something new as we all are familiar with the perseverance of Epic games to introduce new aspects and technology in Fortnite. Thus, they have already proclaimed that this update is larger than the post Season update. The new Season probably comes along with various mesmerizing and stunning changes alongside new features.

 Fortnite gamers have already teased several new locations in the forthcoming Season on Twitch. Alongside, new events will be arriving with the update, and it is confirmed the news that the subsequent events will be tied up with Alter organization. The oil rig POI will also be a part of Fortnite season 2 alongside Rumble Mode has been altered, and it will now come with more quirks and features. The blue weapons and bandages are removed now, and players can now use Glider Redeployment for free.

Although the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 will definitely intrigue the users, there is also the possibility that it may be failed to attain acclamation as there are a lot of similar cases like it had happened earlier. The anticipation and the excitation of the fans alongside critics are about to end, and several more disclosures will be revealed once the V12 gets activated. Till then, we have to wait and keep on checking the Twitter account of Fortnite to get notified about subsequent activation.

Source :-

Davis Johnson is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at

Devin Smith

Every gamer who play PC games know about PUBG, and there’s nothing more to say about the popularity of this ultimate game. They recently released a new map in the game, Karakin to make the game more entertaining. It’s the smallest map in the game yet there are extremely high risk and common areas available that every player should know before playing the game. The environment of Karakin is more likely as Miramar map, but here size is different. Before playing the game, here are the guides for the locations that you should know.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Karakin Map

For further information, here is the complete breakdown of PUBG Karakin map. Make sure to check it out to gather enough details to get chicken dinner conveniently.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Compounds (Several Locations)

It is hard to say right now how challenging looting these small buildings are, as they are spotted all over the Karakin. Players are as expected to end up with a battle-winning weapon as they are to locate nothing. In case, a player have a sticky bomb though and reaching for a lookout on destructive floors can easily let them pass through the tunnels below. However, not every compound have them in the game, but these tunnels provide diverse loot conveniently.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Low to Medium Risk Compounds

In the first place, players can explore AL Hayik location, found in the southern part of Karakin on the map. It is the smallest named area that has comparatively low amount of loot. Players might also see more people if the initial battle begins anywhere near it at the beginning of the game. Plus, the residential structures are quite small, and one can easily explore them speedily before going to the next.

Secondly, tunnels are the compounds that will lead players into an underground area, nearly in the centre of the Karakin map. In case, you do need to destroy the front to open an entrance, then be warned as it will merely draw enemies attention towards your position. Karakin map also offers a number of underwater location that will help to get rid of enemies with ease.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Medium Risk Compounds

In the Medium risk, players can head towards east port town on the map to reach Hadiqa Nemo location. Hadiqa Nemo map is situated on the east side of the map and beginning battle here can be excessive deadly because of its location. More than that if you play with strategy and tactically then you can in a location like this too. The battle between containers and buildings is not that easy thing, but tactics can lead you to victory.

Apart from the Hadiqa Nemo, there is one more location that is also a sign of medium risk location and it is Bahr Sahir. It’s like a town which is mostly a player prefer to come here for loot. There is no doubt that you can find your preferred gun and explosives from here with proper body armor and helmet. Most of the buildings have a double entrance, and you can sneak into if you know the enemy’s location.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: High-Risk Compounds

Bashara is situated on the west side of the map that seems like an urban area. After reaching this high-risk area, you can engage in battle from several sides. It is because their players use to shoot from the rooftops, which is the perfect spot for killing any enemy. But for defending, you can take cover in the small houses and single-story buildings, which is the best way to survive when you don’t know the enemy.

Cargo ship location is the best spot to get the highest loot at these locations enemies to engage a lot. It’s a great landing spot, but you don't need to always engage with enemies. Cargo Ship location is on the Southwest coast of the Karakin, and near to it, land area is also available. If you don’t play in the right way, then your chances of getting killed are high. In that case, keep in cover and loot things by not showing yourself a lot to avoid battle.

In the chances of the high-risk area of getting high loot is high too. But if you are not good at aim, then you should make a plan before going to AL Habar. It is the largest urban area with a highly-populated area of the map. In AL Habar buildings are numerous and chances of getting decent loot are possible. To engage in the battle, you need to look for the high buildings and try to play with snipers because those high rooftops will support you in this.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites. 



Nowadays, Salesforce is showing a bit of error in supporting browsers, and it doesn’t matter what type of browser you are using. There can be several reasons for these issues, and in this article, we will favor you by providing a workaround in it. Make sure that you read every bit of it cautiously. So, here are  steps solve Salesforce won’t work on Google Chrome.

Remove Browser Cache

If you would like to remove the browser cache, then abide by the given steps.

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Select the Menu button and choose Settings.
  • After that, pick the Advanced button to open the options.
  • You should choose the Privacy and Security button.
  • Select ‘Clear browsing data.’
  • Reach the Clear Browsing Data screen. Choose the time range.
  • Check the boxes of ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Browsing history.’
  • Now, go to the Clear Data tab and click on it.

Check Google Chrome Extensions

If you wish to check the Google Chrome extensions, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Then hold the Control + Shift + N keys together to launch a fresh Chrome screen on Incognito mode.
  • You should attempt to enter the Salesforce site and look for any improvements.
  • Now, whether you are capable of entering the site in Incognito mode, this is possible that one of the installed Google Chrome extensions is causing the problem.

Diagnose for Bad Extension

If you would like to diagnose for a bad extension, then abide by the given steps.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • After that, select the vertical ellipsis menu icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  • Choose the Extensions within the options. Google Chrome will show all the extensions installed on the browser.
  • Initiate with turning off the most currently installed extensions. Whether you don’t have whichever currently installed extensions and begin turning off all extensions individually.
  • Later, turn on the most used extensions. Afterward, attempt accessing the site of Salesforce.
  • Keep doing this till you locate the doubtful extension.

Permit Third-Party Cookies

If you wish to permit third-party cookies, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Launch the Chrome menu and choose the Settings.
  • Select the Advanced button to open the options.
  • Choose Privacy and Security.
  • You should move down and select the Site Settings.
  • Then choose the Cookies and site data.
  • Ensure that Block third-party cookies option is turned off. Otherwise, switch the toggle to turn off the option.

Restore Google Chrome Settings

If you would like to restore Google Chrome settings, then abide by the given steps.

  • Click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon.
  • Then choose the Settings.
  • After that, choose the Advanced button to open the options.
  • Go to Reset and clean up.
  • You should select Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • If the warning text comes, select the Reset Settings.

Install the Google Chrome Again

If you wish to install Google Chrome again, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Enter control into the Windows Search section.
  • After that, select the Control Panel.
  • Go to the Programs and choose Programs and Features.
  • You should choose Google Chrome and select the Uninstall option.
  • Now, download and install a new copy of Chrome within the official site.

Hopefully, these steps will help you solve the issue.

Source :-

Davis Johnson is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at

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