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In case you are using the Airpods for the first time, then you may not know how to check your AirPods battery life. If you do not charge the AirPods regularly, then you may not be able to listen to your favorite songs while traveling. In this article, you will get the simplest way to check your AirPods battery life.

Steps to Check Your AirPods Battery Life Using iPhone

•    Slide up from the end of the iPhone.

•    Choose the Bluetooth option.

•    Put the AirPods case near to the iPhone.

•    Open the cap of the AirPods case.

•    Click on the Connection option when you see that option on the display to check your AirPods battery life.

Steps to Check Batteries on Already Connected AirPods

•    Place the AirPods case close to the iPhone.

•    Open the cover of the AirPods and let the battery percentage to start showing on display.

•    In case the battery percentage still not showing on display, then close the cap of the AirPods case and again open the AirPods case cover.

•    Now, the battery percentage start appearing on the screen, and it will display you the remaining battery percentage of the AirPods.

Here’s How to check Your Airpods Battery Life Using the iPhone’s Widget Webpage

•    Slide from the left-hand to right-hand to go to the iPhone’s widget webpage.

•    Go down and press on the “Edit” button of the widget webpage.

•    Search for the Batteries widget.

•    Press on the plus symbol on the left-hand side of the widget webpage.

•    Move the widget to the upper side of the webpage.

•    Click on the Done button located in the upper right-hand side of the display.

•    All the changes you have made now automatically gets saved.

•    Slide up to the “Batteries” option.

•    After connecting the AirPods with the iPhone, you can check your AirPods battery life.

Steps to Check Your AirPods Battery Life Using AirPods Case

•    Open the case cover of the Airpods.

•    Put the AirPods into their case.

•    You will get the battery indicator among the earbuds.

•    In case the battery indicator is showing a green light, then this means your AirPods are completely charged.

•    If the battery indicator is showing yellow light, then this means your AirPods are a half percentage charged.

Steps to Check Your AirPods Battery Life Using Mac

•    Press on the Bluetooth symbol located in the top right-hand side of the Mac display.

•    You need to enable the Bluetooth.

•    Let the AirPods start showing on the Mac display.

•    Move the mouse cursor above the AirPods symbol to check your AirPods Battery Life.


Mia Davis is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at


In case you use PowerPoint, then you already know that you can create a presentation by adding music, sound effects, and other sound files in it. But do you know how to play sound automatically in PowerPoint?  In case not, then follow the instructions mentioned below to complete this procedure on your computer.


Here’s how to play sound automatically in PowerPoint from the beginning

•    Open the one slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

•    Press on the sound symbol given in the Standard view.

•    Press on the Playback menu located in the Audio Tools column.

•    Below the Audio Option, you need to go to the pull-down list near the “Start” menu.

•    After that, choose “Automatically” option.

•    In case you are using the most updated PowerPoint version, then you can select an option named as “In Click Sequence” by going to the pull-down list to get the same effect.

Steps to play sound automatically in PowerPoint from a Particular Slide

•    Same as the previous procedure, open a new slide on your PowerPoint when you wish to play the sound and after that, press on the Sound symbol provided in the Standard View.

•    Press on the Animation menu.

•    After that, press on the Add Animation option.

•    Select the Play option given in the media column.

•    Press on the Animation Panel given near the Add Animation option.

•    Reorder the things given in the Animation panel so that the sound file go on the top of the menu list.

•    Press on the downward arrow given near the sound file.

•    Click on the “Effect Options” button by going to the pull-down list.

•    Choose the “From Beginning” option below the  Start Playing option.

•    In the same menu, below the Stop Playing option, you need to select the “After Current Slide” option.

•    Press on the Timing menu given near the Start menu, you will get a pull-down list.

•    Press on the pull-down menu and after that, choose the option  named as “With Previous.”

•    In case you do not wish to play the sound when a new slide is loading on the PowerPoint, then you can choose a custom delay in the selected box.

•    Enter a time duration which you wish to pass before the sound starts playing.

•    In case you do not wish to delay the audio to start playing, then don’t enter any time duration on the section.

•    At last, press on the OK button to save and verify the changes you have made.

•    Press on the Slide Show menu again.

•    After that, select the “From Beginning” option to see a PowerPoint presentation and check to play sound automatically in PowerPoint.

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Kellie minton  arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at

Billy Mark

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There is a hidden menu in the PlayStation Classic from where you can access some advanced features, including an option for changing regions. You can also customize the visual effects from that hidden menu. When you hear about it, you also want to access this menu in your PlayStation Classic. However, accessing the hidden menu isn’t easy; you need to go through a lengthy procedure. Here is a secure and straightforward method to access the advanced features menu in PlayStation Classic.

Accessing the Advanced Features Menu in PlayStation Classic

Follow the below points one by one to get the hidden menu of the PlayStation Classic:

1.    First you need to add new titles to the PlayStation Classic.

2.    Turn your PlayStation Classic off.

3.    Now, detach the USB power cord from the PlayStation.

4.    Pull out the flash drive from your console.

5.    Start your computer.

6.    Attach your USB flash drive to the USB port of your PC.

7.    Now, open and go to the ‘LOL HACK’ folder in your flash drive.

8.    Look for the file titled ‘’ and copy it to the desktop.

9.    Open the ‘’ file in the flash drive. Just double click on the file, it will automatically open with a program like Notepad and WordPad. In case the file does not open or ask you to select a program, choose the same.

10.    When the file opens, copy the codes given below.


#Access Esc Menu from Select+Triangle on controller

sleep 5s

export PCSX_ESC_KEY=2

killall ui_menu

sleep 5s

cd /data/AppData/sony/pcsx

/usr/sony/bin/ui_menu –power-off-enable


11.    And, paste the code into the opened ‘’ file. You’ll see the codes will replace the stored information, don’t worry you’ve already saved a copy of the original.

12.    Save the edited ‘’ file.

13.    Now, find and click on the ‘BleemSync’ folder from the flash drive.

14.    Find the ‘BleemSync.exe’ file into the folder and open it. Running the ‘BleemSync.exe’ file loads the new code correctly.

15.    After that close all the folder and windows of the flash drive and eject it safely from the PC.

16.    Now, move to your PlayStation Classic. Make sure that the Micro USB cable is not connected.

17.    Connect the USB flash drive to the PlayStation.

18.    Now, attach the Micro-USB cable to the rear port of the console. An orange color light displays on the console.

19.    Click the ‘Power’ button of the Classic. A green color light starts appearing on the console. If the green light starts flashing green and orange, it means the trick is working.

20.    Shutdown the PlayStation again.

21.    Again, detach the ‘Micro-USB cable’ from the console.

22.    Start your computer, if you’ve turned it off.

23.    Again, attach the USB flash drive to the USB port of the PC.

24.    Open the ‘LOL HACK’ folder from the flash drive.

25.    Replace the edited ‘’ file with the original file that you saved on the desktop.

26.    Close all the folder and windows of the flash drive and eject it safely from the PC.

27.    Insert the flash drive back into the PlayStation. Make sure that the Micro USB cable is not connected.

28.    Attach the Micro USB cable again after inserting the flash drive.

29.    Start your PlayStation Classic.

Done! Now, you can easily access the hidden menu whenever you wish directly from the game. Start any game of your choice by pressing the ‘X’ button. To access the hidden menu from the game:

•    Press the ‘Triangle + Select’ button at the same time. The advanced features or hidden menu is on your screen.


Mia Davis is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

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