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It’s been a week since Pokemon Sword and Shield is being rejoiced, but fans and community members have been speculating numerous theories prior to its launch.

A post made by 4chan prior to the release of the title hinted a new mechanics for trainers to experiences in Pokemon, this included some information regarding a new feature namely Armored Evolution.

 It is believed that Armored Evolution will be a different type of evolutionary process in the Pokemon Sword and Shield as compared to the past Mega Evolution. It is still speculation, and no specific concept art is available for fans to undermine the appearance of Armored Evolution.

 Still some members claim that this unique Armored Evolution would be available for some special Pokemon including Armored Charizard, Armored Zeraora, Armored Flygon, and Armored Mewtwo.

Although relying on a random post would not be substantial to prove the inclusion of Armored Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Still, the post by 4chan mentioned various other details regarding the title which have proven to be true.

The post by 4chan suggested that the title would be set in a similar theme as to the United Kingdom, and by reviewing the first trailer for the title, it proves to be true. Moreover, the post by 4chan also claimed that the upcoming Pokemon game would be titled as Pokemon Sword and Shield, which even turn out to be true.

So it would be not wrong to experience Armored Evolution in the Pokemon Sword and Shield. Although this could turn out to be true as Armored Evolution compliments the Pokemon Sword and Shield title still trainers have to look for an official announcement by the team of developers at Niantic.

Indeed the latest teaser trailer only showcased the overview of the region and revealed different locations for trainers to explore, but no such hint was present in the trailer regarding the Armored Evolution, so it is better off to consider the leak as speculation and wait for any further details from the developers.

The initial trailer for Pokemon Sword and shield also featured the three starter Pokemon for this series which include Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. It is also possible that these three initial Pokemon would also have an Armored Evolution as these Pokemon would be available for players since the beginning of their journey.

Moreover, it is also possible that Niantic may include Armored Evolution for the old generation Pokemon to make them much more interesting for trainers to interact with.

 Well a lot of speculations are underway for the latest leak and fans are coming up with new theories with every passing day, so let’s see how developers at Niantic will include this Armored Evolution to their upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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