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Alessia Martine

On Tuesday, 25th August 2020, California Americana’s parking garage in Glendale became a packed drive-in movie theatre. The feature presentation was for the movie The Stranger. The Stranger is an American crime thriller television series created by Veena Stud that debuted on Quibi on 13th April 2020. The series starred Dane DeHaan, Avan Jogia, and Maika Monroe. The event was organized by Street Food and Collider, which featured ten episodes of the series for the first time without any interruptions. The event also included an introduction from the creator, director, and writer Veena Sud. And a post-screening virtual question-answer round with the cast and Sud, viewers were also served free refreshments from Umami Burger for all who attended the show.


The whole event was organized according to the safety measures of the COVID-19. The show includes contactless entry and food delivery and all the staff wearing personal protective equipment. The audience in their car safely enjoyed the screening. Sud commented that she had been seeing the show on the big screen for the first time. The Strangers was made for small screens and phone screens. She felt watching the real-time thriller show in Dehaan terrorizes Monroe under the starry sky of Los Angeles appropriate. She added that the film is a love letter to Los Angeles and it is inspired by many things. She said L.A is a city that we know, and we love, but we do not find them much in our movies. Sud also spoke of her optimism for the future of Quibi. She said there is much more to discover in the Quibi format, and this is a new way to interact and watch stories.

The story started at night when a rideshare driver named Claire picked her next passenger named, Carl E., from a mansion in Los Angeles. Claire, on the other hand, was new to the city and unaware of the landscape in L.A, and hence it took her a longer route than usual. Carl reveals that he had murdered the family of the mansion in forty minutes, and if Claire told him a good story, he would not kill her.

The creator and director of the series Veena Cabreros-Sud is a Canadian-American television director, writer, and producer. She is known for developing the famous American television drama The Killing. The series was based on the Danish series The Crime (Forbrydelsen). Sud was born in Toronto and grew up in Indian Hill, Ohio. She graduated from Cincinnati Country Day School. After graduating from Barnard in 1989, she spent years working as a journalist at Pacifica Radio. After completing her graduation, she directed the show off MTV, The Real World. She also developed a limited series of Seven Seconds for Netflix inspired by Black Lives Matter. She was a distributing director for Third World Newsreel; the project was specialized in movies about and by people of color.

Robert Hunt is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


Alessia Martine

The new tab page on Google Chrome could be very dull,, with a few quick links to the websites you visit the most. Lack of customization options makes this page look boring. However, you can add some useful Chrome extensions to your default new tab page to make it look more interesting and useful as well.



As the name suggests, Start! The new tab page could be a great replacement for the boring one you must be using right now. This new tab page replacement puts your bookmarks on the page for quick access.

Another interesting alternate could be Flickr. It has more customization options, including a personalized backdrop.

Awesome New Tab Page

Awesome New Tab Page is a great choice if you are always on the lookout for cool graphics. All your applications are placed in the form of tiles; this does look appealing to the eyes.

You can customize all the added links, widgets, and apps on this new tab page. Plus, you can leave messages as reminders on the Note widget.

Incredible StartPage

The Incredible StartPage is an excellent and productive customizable start page for Chrome. It consists of three main boxes: recently closed tabs, bookmarks, and the main or large box. The larger box unites all your bookmarks, apps, and most visited sites in a single folder which is beautifully framed.

You can take notes as you browse and enjoy lots of other handy features.

 Speed Dial 2

Another option to revamp your new tab is Speed Dial 2. Its setup contains most of your favorite links in front of you with a screenshot of each site. Also, you will see a Pull-Out tab on the right, enlisting all your applications, bookmarks, and recently closed tabs

Try using Speed Dial 2 as your new tab, and you will find plenty of other useful options right in front of you.


This new tab, Mortality has a pretty different approach that keeps on reminding you of your precise age. Just give your date of birth to Mortality, and it will display your current age in years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even milliseconds on your new tab.

Mind you, the milliseconds are scary, as they keep running, making you feel that you have less time. The whole purpose is to motivate you and remind you of how much time you have spent working or sitting wastefully.

It is a bitter-sweet motivational tool, telling you that today is the day to get up and get things done.

You might end up finishing your targets before time.


Momentum is another new tab that uses motivational elements. It displays a beautiful background and a quote every day to motivate you. You can also enter a task every day to focus on. Plus, it has a built-in to-do list that flashes every time you open a new tab.

Momentum comes with a premium version at $1.99 per month. It includes customization options, like themes and fonts, skips backgrounds and quotes, and a lot more.

Random Quote

Every time you open Random Quote as your new tab, you will see positive, motivational, and sometimes beautiful life quotes with a colored background. These colors and quotes change every time you open a tab without repeating themselves. This simple approach by Random Quote is just soothing to use.

Extend your Chrome functionality with these useful new tab page extensions and their handy features.

I am Alessia Martine. I’m a software engineer living in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315. I am a fan of technology, web development, and programming. My passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. I write for Norton security products at



Norton security program is popular for its various aspects that is highly needed for the health of your PC. If you don’t know how to download and proceed over the setting up process, you must first go its official link – and then, download the program. In case, if you need any assistance while doing so, let us know by getting in touch with our certified professional.

elina john

You can get more out of your Google Assistant by setting routines. Routines are the commands upon which the Assistant performs multiple actions. Now there are certain ready-made routines made available by Google Assistant, plus you add more according to your needs and wants.

Such custom routines can get a lot of your tasks done, like turn on Bluetooth, open YouTube, and read the weather report, and more. You can run Google Assistant routines on phones, tablets, and smart speakers like Google Home Max.

Google Assistant Ready-Made Routines

There are six ready-made routines on Google Assistant that are set to on by default. You can view and edit these routines by following the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Assistant and tap the Explore (compass) icon located on the bottom-right corner.

 Step 2: Tap on your profile image on the top-right and choose “Settings,” then open the “Assistant” tab here.

Step 3: Scroll down and select the “Routines” option.

You will find a categorization of all six routines here. You can customize these routines by setting a new phrase to enable it, add further actions, disable any of its activities, or change their order.

Good morning routine

The moment you say, “Good morning,” “Tell me about my day,” or “I’m up” to the Assistant, it can:

  • Take your phone off silent.
  • Adjust the thermostat, lights, plugs, and scenes (if you have any).
  • Tell you about the weather, your commute, your today’s calendar events, tell you today’s reminders.
  • Adjust media volume.
  • It can also play music, news, radio, a podcast, an audiobook if you want to.

Also, it allows you to change the order of these events according to your likings.

Bedtime Routine

The moment you say, “Bedtime,” “Good night,” or “Time to hit the hay” to the Assistant, it can:

  • Put your phone on silent.
  • Tell you tomorrow’s weather, tomorrow’s first calendar event.
  • Ask what time the alarm should be set.
  • Adjust the thermostat, lights, plugs, scenes, door locks, and security systems (if you have any).
  • Adjust media volume.
  • Play sleep sounds, music, or just nothing.

Leaving home routine

The moment you say, “I’m leaving,” or “I’m heading out” to the Assistant, it can:

  • Adjust the thermostat, lights, plugs, scenes, door locks, and security systems (if you have any).
  • Play media if you want any.

I’m home routine

The moment you say, “I’m home,” or “I’m back” to the Assistant, it can:

  • Adjust the thermostat, lights, plugs, and scenes(if you have any).
  • Announce that you’re home through a Google Home device (if you have one).
  • Notify your home reminders.
  • Adjust media volume.
  • Play news, music, radio, an audiobook, a podcast if you want.

You can change the order of these events as per your likings.

Commuting to work routine

The moment you say, “Let’s go to work” to the Assistant, it can:

  • Explain your commute to work, the weather, today’s calendar, today’s reminders.
  • Adjust the thermostat, lights, plugs, and scenes (if you have any).
  • Adjust media volume.
  • Play music, radio, news, a podcast, an audiobook if you want any.

Commuting back home routine

The moment you say, “Let’s go home” to the Assistant, it can:

  • Inform you about your commute to home.
  • Send a text.
  • Read unread texts.
  • Announce that you are on your way home through a Google Home device (if you have one).
  • Adjust the thermostat, lights, plugs, and scenes (if you have any).
  • Adjust media volume.
  • Play music, radio, news, an audiobook, a podcast, or nothing.

Google Assistant Custom Routines

You can also create custom Google Assistant routines. If the ready-made ones aren’t working for you, you can also create custom routines for yourself. 

Here is how you can set up custom routines.

Step 1: Launch the Assistant and tap on your profile image.

Step 2: Open “Settings” move to the “Assistant” tab, then select “Routines.” 

Step 3: Here, tap “+ Add a routine” button up top, this will navigate you to a page where you can set up a routine. 

 Step 4: Select the “Add commands” option to type the command. Step 5: Then tap “Add action” to type in all the actions you want to be performed on a given command.

These were the ready-made routines and how you can personalize every routine to your requirements.

We hope you will enjoy this feature by Google Assistant and perform most of the tasks possible through your virtual assistant.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for norton security products at

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Alessia Martine

Whenever there is a discussion of fantasy anime, it is tough not to include Fairy Tail and the Seven Deadly Sins. The two shows have been able to garner a huge fan following for themselves all over the world. Fairy Tail had a long run for over a decade; on the other hand, Seven Deadly Sins is relatively newer in comparison. But here is the interesting question – If both the shows were running at the same time, which one would have been able to attract more audience. Although comparisons are hard, they are also fun. So, let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of both the shows to find out which one is better.

images (1)

Seven Deadly Sins – Strengths

Seven Deadly Sins is set up in the Middle Ages. It pursues Princess Elizabeth as she looks for the Seven Deadly Sins, which is a criminal group, to take them to the kingdom so that they can be punished for the alleged murder that they have committed. The show has a compelling storyline and is very well-paced. It ensures the viewer involvement by hinting at possible backstories which is remarkable. The characterization is also one of a kind with each sin having something unique that they bring to the show.

Not only are the characters involved and interesting, but they also are named in such a manner that it has hardly anything to do with their personalities. The name of the sins doesn’t necessarily imply that the character will show some typical behaviour justifying it. But instead, the titles are often misleading in nature, and they represent a side of the character commonly not understood. This adds to the layers of complexity already there in the storyline and makes for an intriguing watch.

Seven Deadly Sins – Weaknesses

The show had a very successful two seasons run but the much-awaited Season 3 was never able to meet the fans expectations. Because of an unforeseeable studio switch which pushed back the release dates, the creators faced a severe time crunch which resulted in horrible animation. The outcome was that the show never was able to live up to the hype for its 3rd season as the fans were left disappointed. The animation was utterly ruinous for the show, and many famous scenes that were crucial never transpired the way they should have. Now we can only wonder how good the show could have been if the studio switch never happened.

Fairy Tail – Strengths

Fairy Tail needs no introduction for the anime fans, as the show was able to run over a decade and sustain its popularity to the very end. The show is not just successful in its era, and it is undoubtedly one of the all-time most popular shows. It was able to hold its own against the excellent Shonen anime like Naruto and Bleach. The unique thing about the show that it is not only able to build hype, but its execution is always up to the mark, unlike the Seven Deadly Sins. Most of the fights are executed so well between the protagonist and antagonists that it keeps the viewers glued to their seats.

The show also has excellent soundtracks along with all its hype and fight scenes which become impossible to forget and remain etched in the memory of the viewers. Along with its music, the anime had given prominence to the theme of friendship. The characters always stick by each other’s side and have each other’s back, no matter how rough the situation becomes. Their friendship is still strong and stands the test of time. So, it is not a surprise that the viewers feel somewhat bonded to the characters as if they were friends.

Fairy Tail – Weakness 

For a show that managed to run over a decade, it’s not tough to find something off-putting about it. Although the exhibit has a great story, there are some serious inconsistencies with the narrative that is hard to ignore. The first season seems too impressive in comparison to the rest as they lack in some way or the other. Because of its long run, several storylines become repetitive and annoying, and it feels as if the show is being unnecessarily dragged on with no end in sight. What was most disappointing was the fact that the finale was extraordinarily unsatisfying and was not able to live up to the hype which was never expected from a show like Fairy Tail.

So, Which One is Better?

Fairy Tail had a long-run, and its story is completed, on the other hand, the Seven Deadly Sins still has a lot to look up to. Even though season 3 was a significant failure, that does not mean the show does not have more to offer. But the question still stands, which is a better show?

Regardless of a below-average season 3, The Seven Deadly Sins undeniably has a great depth that keeps the audience intrigued. Moreover, the characterization is way superior to the ones in the Fairy Tail. When faced with complex situations, the characters turn out to be way more interesting, its something that Fairy Tail lacks. So, if one can set season 3 aside, then there is no doubt that the Seven Deadly Sins is way better than Fairy Tail regardless of the latter’s long run. But one should not presume that Fairy Tail is not great, the show was able to remain on the top for over a decade and that in itself is a significant achievement. So, keeping the comparison aside, both the shows are a must-watch for the anime fans.

I am Alessia Martine. I’m a software engineer living in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315. I am a fan of technology, web development, and programming. My passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. I write for Norton security products at


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