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The third-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick was first released in 2020 but was re-issued in 2021 with new remote control.


It contains handy TV controls that the Fire TV Stick Lite lacks, such as specific Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Amazon Music buttons. The microphone button has also been changed to a blue color with an Alexa branding.


The Stick itself hasn't changed in the 2021 edition, it's still the same third-generation model with a 50 percent more powerful processor than the 2019 2nd-gen model.



The Fire TV Stick has the same price as before, at $39.99, which is $10 less than the 4K version and $10 more than the Lite variant. If you manage to come across this 3rd-gen Firestick on sale, it'll almost certainly be a better deal than the 4K model - unless it's also on sale.



When you open the box, you'll see a well-organized collection of accessories. There's the Fire TV Stick (2020) streaming device itself, as well as a short (yet malleable) extension cable for getting the stick into tight spots behind a television.

Two Amazon Basics AAA batteries for the Alexa voice control are included, as well as a charger to plug the streamer into (via micro USB).


The streaming stick is a plain black slab about the size of a tiny candy bar that connects to a TV via HDMI 2.0 and measures 86 x 30 x 13mm.


It has the same design as the Fire TV Stick Lite or Fire TV Stick 4K, so if you have both – as we did throughout our review – it'll be difficult to tell them apart. Despite the low price, the sleek black design and curved remote give it a luxury feel. There is a subtle Amazon logo, but it isn't obnoxious, and the sleek black design and curved remote give it a premium feel.



Almost every streaming service is compatible with the Fire TV Stick. Netflix, Disney Plus, Sling, Spotify, Hulu, ESPN, CBS All Access, Fubo, Philo, Starz, Peloton, Tubi, PBS, and other apps are available for download. The App Store also organizes them into themed bundles, such as music, kids, and football. Unfortunately, Amazon and Chromecast are still negotiating.



Based on how responsive the new Fire TV interface is on the Fire TV Stick, it appears to be a little more resource-intensive than the previous model. The menus occasionally stutter, and YouTube once crashed to the main menu after a brief freeze. Returning to the home screen from any app also takes a few seconds. Surprisingly, the third-generation Fire TV Stick ran slightly faster in our tests than the Fire TV Stick Lite, which has the same processing power.


The Fire TV Stick performs admirably once your apps are open and your material is loaded. Apart from that one crash, I had no trouble surfing through the Netflix and YouTube apps, and scrolling through Amazon Prime Video is a breeze because it's embedded right into the main UI. Video from various apps loaded swiftly, and the quality is as nice as 1080p output can be; if you want 4K, you'll need the Fire TV Stick 4K.



If you want to increase your TV's streaming capabilities while also adding Alexa to the mix, the third-generation Fire TV Stick is a wonderful option.


If you have a 4K TV, get the Fire TV Stick 4K; if you just have a 1080p TV or don't care about 4K, there are several solid reasons to spend the extra money over the Fire TV Stick Lite, one of which is the new remote control with those extra shortcuts to your favorite apps.

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elina john

What is Reddit?

The site Reddit is an accumulation of discussion boards and panels which are referred to as the "subreddits,” on a huge amount of topics and ideas where members are allowed to upvote and downvote the posts. Reddit contains an enormous user base with undoubtedly devoted individuals with around 430 million users on a monthly basis. For the fact, around 150 million page visits are counted for a single day.

Reddit has proclaimed itself to be the 'The Front Page of the Internet where the fact is almost true. With viral videos and stories you'll find on Buzzfeed and other viral sites mostly are a source from Reddit itself. Reddit contains people with raw information and discussions, hence sometimes serious news and discussions become important and are broadcasted as news headlines nobody knew about.

With Reddit’s immense popularity and with its influence on people, it’s very significant to understand Reddit’s reputation system for a chance, especially for its users, known as the “Karma”.

-         Whenever you submit a post or a storyline, it gets a bunch of upvotes. You’reawarded more Karma points.

-         And if your post is experiencing certain downvotes, you get fewer Karma points for sure.

-         In edit, Karma is an important area to configure as it a coveted metric that decides to increase or decrease the number of people who see your posts. This material is also a pride point for the users in their Reddit world.

-         If you experience more and more Karma points, then it’s positive that you’re on Reddit for a while and people like to support your posts and discussions.

What are Subreddits?

Subreddits are known as the themed boards for particular types of posts at a single place, but each with a sharp focus from the users. Whatever subreddits you subscribe to build up your Reddit homepage, it automatically gives you a collection of content and posts explicitly curated by you or like-minded individuals like you. Now, each Subreddit link contains a comment section for inculcating a discussion of sorts, where users can put up arguments, judgments, criticize the subject which is at hand. 

For instance, there are thousands of subreddits to discuss upon. If you observe someone refer to r/, then they’re talking about one address of a particular Subreddit, which is formatted like, hence upon signing up, each user is automatically subscribed to 29-30 default subreddits.

Some of the Subreddits include r/movies (for movies), r/aww (for cute animals), r/news (for current events and headlines), and more of them. As you scroll through the world of Reddit, you are bound to navigate newer subreddits by searching and exploring and finding links similar to these and other’s people’s posts. You can become a part of those lists if you willingly subscribe to them.

Mods– Mods are known as the Moderators by the Reddit community. These are volunteer moderators for each respective Subreddit of choice. Mods are responsible for creating and also maintaining the community guidelines and rules, where they are controlling a layout out of the Subreddit if it happens to troubleshoot any problems.

Who created Reddit?

It is known that Reddit is a massive community with huge groups of people, any news whether good or bad, is discussed there within individuals, so Reddit is a platform where people showcase their true emotions and viable discussions to a point where people hear it. While Reddit is a huge community, it was not a popular phase earlier. The story behind this site is quite interesting.

-         This site was originally made out by two college roommates, which grew into a massive platform that was later acquired by Conde Nast for 20 million.

-         We all know, the Reddit has been into struggles and immense challenges to get to where it is today.

The term Upvoting and Downvoting

On Reddit, users are allowed to ‘Upvote’ or ‘Downvote’ posts based on their liking in a subreddit based on their interests and side of explanations. If you know about democracy, then you might know, democracy can turn into something very ugly. Similarly, people lean onto the types of posts they like and dislike the posts they are not interested in.

The voting actually determines the place your post shown up on the platform, on each subreddit specifically at your homepage. Moreover, the topics that receive the most vote ranks above the subject which has experienced the lowest. Like in message boards, the subreddits have their guidelines which are set by the moderators or the mods. Sometimes, it is very important to pay attention to the rules and laws of each subreddit you take part in.

The moderators present in the Reddit platform have the ability to ban you for any reason they find suitable. Therefore, you’re advised to play safe and always play by the rules.

What are Subreddit Tabs?

There are several selection tabs you’ll observe on the top of each Reddit page. The respective tabs are marked as – Hot, New, Controversial, Top, Gilded, and Wiki. All of these tabs mean something and comprise different types of content. Here’s what they mean:

Hot– These posts are the posts that have been getting the maximum Upvotes and comments with recent updates on that subreddit.

NewThis particular section somewhat filters the posts by the time they’ve been submitted to the site by any user. If you’re somewhere curious about the current and latest posts on Reddit without thinking about how people are bound for voting and commenting, it all appears on the ‘New Tab.’

Rising The 'Rising' section is slightly different from the hot section. When the Hot section is compelled to show you where all the activity presently is. The Rising section shows you where the post is going to be placed next. Whichever posts are in the rising section, they are automatically in the early stages of exploding, so if you're looking for a conversation before your post, it might get lost in the group of an enormous amount of comments.

Controversial– Hot and Rising sections particularly show you where the conversation is currently placed. But the significant downvotes always matter in the rankings subsequently. The Controversial part shows the posts that are experiencing loads of activities by the users, it can be whether good or bad in terms but has to be popular in some or the other way. If a post is converging into a number of upvotes and downvotes, it will make a place in the Controversial section.





elina john

Adobe Flash is a renowned technology for presenting media-rich content on the web. However, Mozilla Firefox has disabled the Flash option, but you can easily enable Flash in Firefox. In this blog, we will guide you through how to enable Flash in Firefox.

Whenever you try to open a Flash site on Mozilla Firefox, then the web browser won’t tell you that the Flash option has been discontinued. As a result, you will not get any Flash and no messages about it as well. People don’t know that Flash content should be there.

But, if you want to know the details of why this happens, you can easily get that the company no longer wants the Flash Player EOL General Information page. And, they blocked Flash content from playing in Player. So, if you want to use Adobe Flash on Mozilla Firefox, then you can use it. You need to access the sites that depend on Adobe Flash. So, here you will get on how to enable Adobe Flash in Mozilla Firefox and enable them to run on the websites you believe.

Steps to Enable Adobe Flash in Mozilla Firefox

You will learn how to enable Flash in Mozilla Firefox and follow the below steps:

You need to check that the Adobe Flash software is up to date. If your software has not been updated, then go to the official website and download and install the current version.

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and enter addons into the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • On the add-ons page, search the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Then, choose Always Activate from the drop-down menu.
  • Once you finish all the steps, you need to close the add-ons tab and refresh the Digication page to finish the process. Now, you have enabled Adobe Flash in Mozilla Firefox.
Steps to Enable Flash in Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome instead of Mozilla Firefox, then you can also enable Flash in Google Chrome.

  • Click right the puzzle piece of Flash.
  • Then, select Run this plugin to enter this app.
  • Next, press the Click to enable Adobe Flash.
  • Tap on the Allow to run Flash that appears at the top left side of your screen.
  • Once you have finished all the steps, now you have enabled Flash in Google Chrome as well.
Download Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 PCSystem Requirements for Windows 10 PC

You need to check the Mozilla Firefox requirements before you download the Firefox on Windows 10 PC. Your system needs to match the below requirements.


Hard Drive Space: 200 MB

Processor: Pentium 4 or new processor

RAM: 512 MB or 2 GB for the 64-bit version

Download Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10 PC

You can download Mozilla Firefox on your system using the below steps:

  • Open any browser of your choice on your system like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • Now, go to the Mozilla Firefox download page for windows.
  • Tap on the Download Now button and start downloading Mozilla Firefox.
  • Once your download is finished, you need to press the Firefox installer.exe to open and run the installation file.
  • Alternatively, you can also open the file or folder that contains the Firefox installer and run the installation process.
  • Tap on the Yes option under the pop-up user account control dialog.
  • Once the installation process gets complete, you can open Mozilla Firefox on your system. You can now browse what you want in Firefox. If you have a Windows 10 PC, then it will automatically download the equivalent version. For example, if your system has 64-bit, then the Mozilla Firefox you have downloaded will be the 64-bit version by default.
Mozilla Firefox Software Information

Language: English

Software Size:  49 MB

License: Free

Operating System: Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit)

Available Languages: English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and more than 90 languages.

Download Mozilla Firefox in your Language on PC

If you want to download Mozilla Firefox in your language on your system, then you can choose the language option. Now, you need to follow the below options and download Firefox in your language.

  • Go to the Firefox Language options page and press the drop-down menu under your favorite language to select the desired language.
  • On the same page, you can also choose the Firefox browser that you want to download. And, then choose the favorite Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 (32 bit or 65 bit).
  • Once you selected, press the Download Now button and start downloading Mozilla Firefox.

Conclusion You can download the Mozilla Firefox browser for your Windows 10 PC (32 bit or 64 bit) very easily. You only need to go to the official website of your browser and download Firefox, and you have an option to download the browser in your desired language. It will help users to download Firefox in their language to better understand the browser. Also, enable the Adobe Flash option in Mozilla using specific commands.

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elina john

Google's new Android advertisement following security insurances are invited by specialists. However, some condemn the organization for not making them more straightforward and available to the normal Android client.

The Financial Times revealed that the move was to "counter Apple's picture as a superior steward of individual information. Apple most as of late reported new security apparatuses. And that gives clients command over applications following their developments.

As per the move made by Google, it's anything but a $400 billion-a-year computerized promoting industry. It is allowing clients completely to quit sharing their "Publicizing ID.” Publicizing ID is an identifier that permits sponsors to follow your developments from application to application.

Google allows clients to restrict promotion following on Android telephones by quitting imparting their Advertising ID to engineers. Yet that interaction is profoundly covered up in the settings. Plus, it doesn't keep less trustworthy designers from achieving it at any rate.

However, beginning in the not-so-distant future. When an Android client quits sharing that cross-application Advertising ID, designers will rather acquire "a series of zeros rather than the identifier," as indicated by Google. Google imparted the news in an email to Android developers prior to early this month.

The more ironclad security insurances will initially carry out to Android 12 clients before the finish of 2021. Prior to getting broadly accessible to every Android client by a Google Play Services update in the middle of 2022.

What Experts Says?


Nishanth Sastry told in a meeting that the move is invited. Further adding that when organizations are self-managed, they will get things done to their greatest advantage that benefits them. Nishanth Sastry is a Researcher at the University of Surrey in the U.K. He has some expertise in the security of following advancements. Google is presently compelling that and is attempting to make great with purchasers, he said.

In any case, if doing as such, they will begin moving off of it. What's more, that is what's going on at this point. There's more awareness about protection and for Google. And that is essential for the inspiration for them. He said all these things in an interview.

Sastry said the organization ought to ask clients, similar to what Apple does. Regardless of whether they need to permit designers to follow them by any means. Added further, “If you needed to truly secure individuals' protection, you need to turn it on as a matter”. Relatively few individuals are going to proceed to fix their Advertiser ID to 000. Google might have gone further and turned that on, of course. And that would have seemed well and good.

If Ad Tracking Would Round Out the Industry?


Google declaration could close out other promotion tech players.

The publicizing business is grasped with dread over new moves from Google. It could limit or even cut out other promotion tech players from the market. Recently, the inquiry goliath reported another strategy position to confine customized promoting on the web. That could solidify Google's advertisement global positioning framework as the business standard.

Forbes reports that the support non-benefit Noyb has recorded a grievance with France's Data Protection Authority. Reports are blaming Google for violating the EU's "Treat Law" with the Android Advertising Identifier (AAID). Google makes the extraordinary phone ID naturally and keeps you from erasing it.

You can reset the AAID. However, that doesn't kill past information or prevent publicists from following your action utilizing the new ID.

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elina john

When it comes to more features, sometimes a bit bigger is good. Continuously working on a small screen can make you feel less productive and tired. So, the Acer’s Spin 514 incorporates a 14-inch display screen in a convertible form. Spin 514 Chromebook gives you a broad range of methods to utilize it. The Spin 514 is a mid-range Chromebook that targets those who want to obtain more from their devices. It is best for businessmen, students, and professors. It arrives in a variety of configurations just to fit in your budget.

The Design of the Spin 514

The Acer’s Spin 514 Chromebook is a semi-rugged device. And its chassis is substantial. The flip is encompassed by aluminum, and the bottom is made up of a tough plastic material.  The display of the Spin 514 is secured by Gorilla Glass 3. Plus, the Spin 514 is certified by MIL-STD-810H. Well, MIL-STD-810H is a grade more than the common MIL-STD-810G rating.

So, it means that the Spin 514 Chromebook can bear a drop from up to 122cm. Also, the Chromebook can bear extreme high and low humidity, temperatures, rain, and trembles. Well, eventually, these features make it robust for your office-related work or college activities.

It comes in green shading. The logo on the Spin 514 is chrome, and the trackpad is encompassed through a chrome frame.  Interestingly, the buttons are also chrome-colored. Such little sense provides the Spin 514 Chromebook a nice body.

The Acer Spin 514 Chromebook is 1.55kg in weight. However, you may not feel the weight just by looking at it. But when compared to other devices that come between 1kg to 1.3kg range, it feels like a heavy and thick calculus book.

The Acer Chromebook is a bit big device with its 14-inch display screen. The dimensions of this Chromebook are 322.6 x 225.5 x 17.35mm. But, it’s seemingly larger than its predecessors Spin 513 and Spin 311. Although, just by looking at it, you wouldn’t feel that it is a semi-rugged Chromebook.

However, the Spin 514 may not be the thinnest Chromebook, but it is an impressive peripheral.

Price and Availability

As per the announcement, Acer will launch its Spin 514 in August 2021 in North America with an initial price of $600. Acer will also launch it in some parts of Europe in August with a starting cost of €549. All laptops will incorporate an 11th-gen Intel processor chip. The processor ranges from Pentium Gold to Core i7, with a configuration of 4-8GB RAM and up to 256GB built-in storage in an NVMe SSD.

As we know that it will be launching in August, so we need to wait for it, and that may disappoint you. But it would be great to watch the enhanced 11th gen Intel processors are coming so quickly than the adoption of 9th and 10th gen.


We started getting some more laptops with 11th Gen Intel processor chips. But currently, the Chromebook Spin 514 will challenge the HP Pro c640. And in this category, the Acer stands out in almost every category, from performance and screen quality to battery period. But the HP x 360 14c is a better competitor. Plus, it holds the advantage of being a 2-in-1 that you can utilize in several angles.

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