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Alessia Martine

The game is attaining a positive review from gamers as well as critics. Gamers across the globe are quite fond of horror-survivor genre video games, and thus, they like The Last of Us 2.

It took nearly seven years to Naughty Dog to craft a new version of The Last of Us: Remastered. Thus, the Last of Us 2 finally arrived. The game is attaining a positive review from gamers as well as critics. Gamers across the globe are quite fond of horror-survivor genre video games, and thus, they like The Last of Us 2. With new story content, weapons, firearms, characters, and much more, it is quite different from its predecessor. The centrefold character of the game is Ellie; hence gamers have to focus on her a lot. Gamers need to build their character in such a way that their skills don’t lack them. In this article, we will help the gamers know about Ellie’s skills alongside which ones are beneficial to invest points. Below we have provided a proper workaround for best skills build for Ellie in Last of Us 2.

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Skill Trees of Ellie

Before proceeding further, first, gamers need to know about Ellie’s Skill Trees. The Skill Tree is a sheer description of the character’s gameplay and is quite necessary to know about all its skill lines before building a character. Here:


▪ Endure is one of the requisite skills that gamers have to upgrade because it handles the character’s defensive gameplay. The more gamers upgrade this skill, the more Ellie will be able to deal with the damage alongside it also increases her one-hit kill ability.

▪ The gamers have to invest their points in upgrading the Listen Mode Movement Speed I skill because it will help them to increase the hearing ability of Ellie, which results in an improvement in her movements.

▪ The skill will help increase the Health bar of Ellie up to 25%, and it is a necessary upgrade, so gamers must invest their points in it.

▪ The gamers have to upgrade the Faster Health Kits because it will increase the health bar of Ellie up to 100%. However, it is an optional upgrade because it requires many points, so gamers who have extra points must invest in it.

▪ Listen Mode Movement Speed II is also an optional skill upgrade in which Ellie listening skill will be increased up to 100%. Gamers who have extra points must invest in it, while those who are short of points would skip upgrading it.


▪ The gamers need to invest their points in upgrading the Craft Smoke Bombs skill because eventually, it will increase the smoke bombs numbers in Ellie’s sack.

▪ The gamers have to invest their points in upgrading Faster Crafting because it will help Ellie to increase their speed of crafting items.

▪ Craft Melee Upgrades is a necessary upgrade because it will help gamers to craft melee weapons at a steady pace. However, it is up to gamers if they have extra points, then they can invest them in this upgrade else they can skip it too.

▪ The gamers have to upgrade their skill of crafting smoke bombs. Once they upgraded the Craft More Smoke Bombs skill, then soon they will start crafting at least four smoke bombs at once.

▪ The gamers have to upgrade the skill of Craft Improved Health Kits to add much better health kits to Ellie’s sack. However, it is up to gamers if they have extra points, then they can invest them in this upgrade else they can skip it too.


▪ The gamers must upgrade the Faster Stealth Kills skill because it will increase the speed of Ellie’s movement.

▪ The gamers have to invest in upgrading the Improved Silencers skills because it will add five more rounds to Ellie’s weapon.

▪ The gamers must upgrade the Faster Prone Movements skill because it will increase the speed of Ellie’s moves up to 50%. However, it is up to gamers if they have extra points, then they can invest them in this upgrade else they can skip it too.

▪ The gamers must increase the Listen Mode Clarity skill because it enables Ellie to hear the sounds from a distant range.

▪ The gamers have to invest in upgrading the Craft Silencers skills because it will add three more rounds to Ellie’s weapon. However, it is up to gamers if they have extra points, then they can invest them in this upgrade else they can skip it too.


▪ Craft More Arrows is a necessary skill, and gamers must have to upgrade it to improve Ellie’s character skills.

▪ The Hold Breath skill will help Ellie improve her aiming, and thus, gamers must have to invest in this skill.

▪ The gamers need to upgrade the Listen Mode Range skill because it will help Ellie to enhance the range of her hearing skills.

▪ The Faster Aim Movement skills will increase the speed of Ellie’s movement. However, it is up to gamers if they have extra points, then they can invest them in this upgrade else they can skip it too.

▪ The Aim Stability skill will help Ellie to enhance her accuracy and stability up to 100, and hence gamers must have to upgrade this skill.


▪ Craft Explosive Arrows skill will increase the number of arrows in Ellie’s sack. It is a beneficial skill, and gamers must invest in it.

▪ Craft More Explosive Arrows is an optional upgrade to increase the number of explosive arrows.

▪ Improved Molotovs skill will increase the flaming radius by up to 50%. It is a beneficial skill, and gamers must invest in it.

The Improved Trap Mines skill will increase the blast radius up to 50%. It is a beneficial skill, and gamers must invest in it.


Alessia Martine

YouTube TV subscribers will need to pay $64.99 every month as YouTube has increased the subscription price again. Is YouTube TV services worth it?

YouTube has increased subscription prices once again for YouTube TV. Now, it will cost $64. 99 every month to the subscribers of YouTube TV if they want to enjoy their favorite content. Initially, when Youtube was launched, it was only a platform where people post their videos. With time, it became a  lucrative hub for advertisements and content creators. On the contrary, YouTube TV was launched in the year 2017 with a monthly subscription of $35.


Since its launch, YouTube has been raising the subscription prices of YouTube TV steadily. Last year, the subscription prices rose to $50 every month. While increasing its subscription prices at that time, YouTube TV cited the reason that it is offering many more channels than before. This time also YouTube TV is citing the same reason responsible for raising the subscription price. However, Youtube TV is expanding its channel lineup even further after including channels like Food Network, Discovery Network, and PBS.

According to the official blog of Youtube, the streaming service has added many new channels such as Comedy Central, BET, MTV, CMT, TV Land, Paramount Network, and VH1. Further, YouTube says not all the newly added channels are coming at the platform, and it will add some more channels later. However, the subscribers will need to pay $64.99 every month to access even the traditional channels. The price rise is going to affect both existing and new subscribers as the changes will take place. However, the existing subscribers will encounter a rise in subscription price when they turn up to pay from next month.

YouTube TV: Better Features are Coming

YouTube has added many new features and channels to YouTube TV recently. These new features include the introduction of dark mode, sorting out watched stories, and accessing news stories more quickly. Moreover, the subscribers will be able seven days before whatever is coming up along with getting enhanced control over recorded programs. The most significant among all these features is the ability to view the key plays in the news cycle conveniently. This will help the subscribers to sort out the important one and skip the similar one news. While looking at the new features and channels, the price rise was quite inevitable. However, the subscription price of &64.99 for YouTube TV is somewhat quite expensive.

According to the official blog of YouTube, it has been claimed that YouTube TV offers three concurrent streams and unlimited storage space with DVR along with six accounts to each household. Also, it has been claimed that the streaming service is only the platform to offer such a wide range of facilities.  However, arguments in a home to watch the show does not mean that they are forced to pay $65 every month. Since the changes in subscription price is going to take place immediately and so the users will need to decide quickly over its worth. When people are staying at home due to lockdown conditions dependent on several entertainment services to spend their time, they will find it very exciting to get excess of these additional features and channels.


Alessia Martine

The next watchOS version has been announced by the company with many new features for health, wellness, and other upgrades.

Apple has announced the next-generation features and benefits coming to the watchOS. These features focused on the health and wellness of the users are coming with the next major operating system release. The need for clocks has been eliminated with the use of mobile phones where anyone can see the time, but Apple’s wearable is continuously appealing to the consumers.


Apple provides two different categories of its wearable to the users to purchase by limiting its options to Series 3 and Series 5. However, the choices are limited to the users with Apple wearable, but the company offers its buyers to customize their wearable by adding new cases or bands. The buyers can transform their Apple wearable into a designer brand by using offered customizing options. Such customization will give the buyers a changed look and go well with the various uses of the bands for the Apple watch like health-related benefits.

Now, the company has announced to release the upgrade regarding the operating system for its wearable. The operating system upgrade can be released later this year. Meanwhile, the updates in watchOS 7 are boasting about introducing more customization options regarding health and wellness. For example, the Apple wearable can track whether your sleep is sound or not. It can also assist you by giving information when you are hand washing or performing some other hygienic activity. Additionally, the Apple Watch buyers can also customize the faces of their wearable according to their needs.

Apple WatchOS 7: The New Features

Apple has designed the updated operating system to support the health requirements of its buyers. Also,  the company has targeted the necessities of its average buyers who purchase the Apple Watch. The major change the company has made is the introduction of the system, keeping track of people’s sleep. It can be the most valuable feature for those who often struggle to get a sound sleep. Further, the introduction of a calorie burner tracker and heart rate sensor helps the users reach their good health goals. The hand-washing timer is another significant feature introduced amid the current disease outbreak. The Apple wearable can force the people to watch their hands properly by instituting a countdown timer for twenty seconds. After setting the countdown, the sensors used in the wearable and mic can determine if the watch wearer is washing his hands.

Another health aspect is the sound listening capacity, and Apple has taken care of this aspect also. The wearers will get notifications if they cross their listening habits over decibel limits set for a week. It will help the wearers remain aware if they exceed their weekly listening limits and protect their ears from damage. The latest operating system version provides the cyclist map directions east to use and read. Moreover, customizable wearable faces have also been improved to help the users to remain active and healthy. For example, the wearer who is willing to surf can use the associated watch face to know about the temperature and swells of water.

Some other significant improvements include better translation and processing of voice command by Siri. The company has also announced many other benefits and support for the people related to the clinical community and developers. Amidst all, even though the latest Apple wearable has all the upgrades applicable in real-world still, privacy holds an important place. Regarding privacy, the company has made its wearable buyers sure that they can control to what extent of information they wanted to share. Moreover, the user data is encrypted on the Apple wearable. Overall, the main purpose of the company behind the latest Apple watchOS 7 is providing health-related features.

Sam John  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


Lucas Smith

Microsoft recently closed all new sign-ups for its top-rated Wunderlist app, that manages tasks for innumerable users with the ease of their smartphones. The sudden discontinuation on the Wednesday of May 6th was a shocking piece of news for many who loved using the task manager application. Another announcement that brought chaos was that all the tasks would stop syncing with the devices.

In this case, Microsoft advises you to switch from Wunderlist to the To-Do application, which would offer the same ease and management. Are you worried about your Wunderlist data? Well, thankfully, you can easily transfer all your Wunderlist data to Microsoft’s To-Do. Here is how you can go about it.

Migrating To To-Do

  1. Launch the To-Do webpage. Sign in if you are new to Microsoft.
  2. Now, the smart webpage knows its audience, and thus, it will ask you whether you have come here from Wunderlist. You will obviously click in affirmation once you read the blue box at the bottom.
  3. In case you don’t find any such message flashing on your screen, do not panic. Click on the Settings icon somewhere on the top right. Now, choose the “Import from Wunderlist” option.
  4. Next, the webpage will show all your data that has to be imported. Tap on “Import.”
  5. Once importing gets finished, the page will notify you.

Migrating To Todoist

The steps are simple, but there are a few conditions. The first condition is that you won’t be able to import any data with the Todoist Mobile Application. You can securely import it on the desktop application, though. Next, to import the data to Todoist, you would first need to export it from Wunderlist. Follow the steps below to import your Wunderlist data to Todoist.

  1. Launch Todoist and click on the Settings icon. You will find it somewhere on the right.
  2. Next, you need to tap on “Account”. Once you do that, you will have to tap on the “Import” option, somewhere in the bottom left. Now, click on “Start Import.”
  3. Now, simply upload whatever you had exported from Wunderlist. Once that’s finished, you will be surprised to see all your essential data back.

Migrating To TickTick

  1. Unlike Todoist, TickTick is generous enough to import data through the mobile application, directly and easily.
  2. Launch your web application. Tap on your username, and in the options that come up, click on the “Settings.” Now, tap on “Backup.”
  3. TickTick allows you to import data from not one but many applications. After tapping on “Backup,” you will see multiple options of apps you can import data from. Select Wunderlist and import the data you have exported from Wunderlist.
  4. If you haven’t already exported the data from Wunderlist, no worries, tap on “Import” and it will navigate to your Wunderlist account automatically.
  5. No matter how complicated the steps may appear at first, no user can afford to lose the precious data stored in Wunderlist. Thus, the efforts for exporting and importing are worth it.

Smith is a trained  expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.


Lucas Smith

The chat app Guilded supports online gamers, along with their guilds. It has several features that are useful in helping online players communicate and stay organized.

Guilded is a chat app with additional features to support online game players. Moreover, the app helps the online video game players find a suitable and competent gaming group. The online game players often find this chat app very much supportive when it comes to communicating the goals and plans of the game along with staying organized. Even though several other apps are also providing the same features and functionality, Guilded provides an enhanced level of support features for the communities of online gaming.

With the evolution of multiple social media apps and their increasing popularity among users over the past few years, gaming communities are growing at an incredible rate at the same time. The ever-growing gaming community has resulted in the launching of apps and services focusing on both a support community and gaming at the same time. However, it is not easy for services like Guilded to survive and get huge subscribers due to the tough competition. It is most likely that many online game players have already invested in another online gaming community supportive app, Discord.

Once the users download Guilded, they will get the multiple features supporting guild and teams for online gaming communities. The users will be named as Captain after downloading the app, and they not only can transform but also edit the space available for optimizing their gameplay. Moreover, the users will get several tools such as a team calendar, setup checklist, team doc channel, and a team forum. All these tools are further helping the users to augment the environment for team and guild building. Also, the digital space can be made exclusive to the members of the team only if some users are willing to personalize the setup. The app can work as the nerve center for the dedicated online game players and their communities.  Besides getting the best user experience on the desktop, the willing users can get access to this app on their mobile devices by downloading the app through Google Play and App Store.

What Does Guilded Offer and How it Works?

Guilded provides profiles that can be customized by the users easily. The users can edit many things beyond their pictures and usernames. The users can enlist their games and servers in the profile list, and the username of the player can be displayed in a particular video game. The displayed usernames of the players are very much helpful for the players as they can identify the nicknames of each other for various video games while playing. Moreover, the users can use the profile feature for linking any network such as PSN Account or Xbox Live for an individual game. The tab given for adding media can be used by the online gaming players to attach and show funny messages, memes, and other videos. Additionally, the users can use the app for displaying their status, replying to the messages, and for feedback making the app much like a forum and a hybrid of social media.

Apart from these, Guilded has several other features such as its servers can be marked favorite. Then there is an option to alert the players or the entire guild regarding the announcement of new game events and playtime already planned. The choice of telling planned playtime is beneficial for the players who wanted to connect themselves with followers. The availability of the Forum section has made Guilded the ideal place for conversation on general topics. However, there is also a facility for text messages with support for forms and polls. At last, the chat app has an option that can be used for taking part in audio-based conversations for communicating either during the game or for recreational motives.

But, the chat app is facing some problems regarding bugs and glitches preventing it from performing to full potential. For instance, due to glitch adding games to the personal server has become quite tricky. However, the company is doing everything to sort out the bugs and glitches so a dynamic user experience could be provided to the users.

Smith is a trained  expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.


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