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There is no doubt that coaching classes play an important role in shaping the career of students and it becomes even more important when it comes to preparing for MPPSC exams. Students studying in coaching always have an extra edge over those studying in school. There is a significant difference between a school exam and a competitive entrance exam.

The competition in the school is only between 60-100 students, but in the competitive entrance examination, the competition is between millions of students. So, there is a dire need of guidance from experienced teachers.

Advantages to join MPPSC coaching in Indore

Along with better education, a healthy competitive environment is also necessary to crack state level psc competitive exam mppsc coaching in indore  fulfill these requirements. They provide top students with whom you can compete and check where you stand in a competitive environment.

Many good old mppsc coaching institutes have some of the best experienced faculty. Students can benefit from their knowledge and experience. They know the syllabus and other important subjects well. They can help students solve complex problems in an easy way within a given time frame. Time management is an important factor that affects your selection.

Coaching provide appropriate study material and notes for mppsc, various types of tests like - weekly test, monthly test, subject wise test, full chapter test etc. and discussion classes which ensure your complete understanding of the subject.

Now-a-days competitive exams have become very tough, so you not only need a strong preparation to pass this exam, but also get a better ranking in the overall merit list.

Coaching classes have always proved beneficial. Sharma Academy coaching for mppsc provides the right guidance to the students which gives them the right to use their extra time in covering various topics. Therefore, coaching also benefits the students as it helps them to learn the technique of studies. It also maintains a student daily routine. Coaching helps students to think beyond their ability which helps them to gain a fresh attitude towards all things simultaneously.

List of advantages of joining mppsc coaching for your preparation in short-

  • Students get the proper orientation for the mppsc competitive exam which will help them in preparation.
  • You will get a Study environment which will encourage you to do study.
  • Coaching classes provide competitive atmosphere here your will get the similar aspirants who are preparing the same as you it motivates for better learning.
  • Personal attention of mentor and on spot doubt clearing.
  • Study material and notes prepared by subject experts are available which save your time of notes making.
  • Weekly test series for mppsc exam are also a facility you will get in mppsc coaching, which is very helpful for evaluation.
  • In the exam time you will get the daily mock test test practice sessions.
  • Revision is must and coaching centers keep it in their study plan after completing course almost all mppsc coaching in indore revise the syllabus.
  • The last but not least by joining a coaching class you will learn what to study but what to leave is also important, your mentor will tell you these which topics are least important that you can learn in last. It will give you time to prepare the most important topics which are scoring.
jyiti makhija

Let us decode the MPPSC 2021 for the aspirant so that they can devise a perfect strategy to crack the MP State Service Exam 2021.

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission MPPSC (State Service Exam) takes place in 3 stages: MPPSC Prelims exam, MPPSC Mains exam, and MPPSC Interview.


How to go about MPPSC exam preparation?

Going by the MPPSC Syllabus 2021, an aspirant should know the important topics that keep on repeating in the exams. The aspirant for MPPSC Exams just needs to have a good understanding of school classes (basically from standard 6th to 12th).

As to start your preparation for the exams one should start reading all the social science books of class 6th to 10th standards. The books can be of MP Board or else it can be NCERT books. Both these books are good and provide a good foundation for the aspirants. While reading all these books you can also complement your knowledge with a book from Lucent General Knowledge.

After you have completed the above subjects with good sense. You can take a print out of the syllabus for MPPSC Exams; believe it there is a reason why it is been emphasized to this point. So please try and do this.

 Checkout below subjects, important topics related to them and books for MPPSC to prepare the same:


There are three parts to History: Ancient, Medieval and Modern. Similar to IAS Exam, MPPSC preparation books for History can be more or less the same. For Ancient History, a candidate can follow NCERTs Class 11th and 12th (Old/New.) For Medieval, NCERTs can again come handy. For Modern, an aspirant can either opt for NCERTs or Spectrum by Rajiv Ahir. One can refer to books of MP Board too.


Few things to keep in mind while preparing History for MPPSC exam 2021:


·         One source of information for this subject should be sufficient.

·         Referring more than one book for History is not correct, which the aspirant can only implement.

·         Try to capitalize on your knowledge on the Dates of the occurrences and the Maps of Places.

·         Refer to past year MPPSC question papers to get an idea about the topics been covered in the examination.

·         The arrangement of events or dates in the order of their occurrence will always help.

Indian and World Geography

There are two sub-topics for Geography which are Physical and Human. To understand both these topics in detail, an aspirant should religiously read NCERTS (Class 6th to 12th) and to get the fodder material on these topics the aspirants should at least read one newspaper daily and should be followed by the candidates.


Indian Polity

The MPPSC gives weight age to topics like- Parliament, State, and Central Legislatures, Panchayati Raj, Legislative Bills in the news or debated, Election Commission, etc. To understand Polity in a crisp manner, one can follow the book Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant. This book can be a one-time resort to both IAS and State Administrative Services’ aspirants.


Indian Economy

Indian Economics is one such subject that can give the candidates from the non-economics background nightmares. However, an aspirant should understand that the questions that are been asked from these topics under it are of generalized form. The questions that are been asked can put your common knowledge on Indian Economics to test. The candidates should understand that unlike the IAS examination, here in the MPPSC state service exams, a few factual questions could also be asked. That is why, one should be clear about the basic concepts of GDP, GNI, and PCI. The topics that can be seen in the news repeatedly like the Repo Rate, MCLR, CRR, Unemployment, Recession, Rupee Depreciation or Appreciation, etc. should be given importance.


General Science and Environment

NCERT or MP Board school textbooks can help an aspirant collect the required information on General Science. For the environment, current affairs can become useful. Also, referring to MPPSC past year question papers can align candidates’ preparation.


MPPSC Current Affairs

Try following the recent trend on how questions are being framed in relation to current affairs; one must religiously follow a national newspaper- preferably- The Hindu. The approach to read the newspaper should be solely aligned with the topics that are included in the MPPSC Syllabus 2021.


With a newspaper, an aspirant can fill in the gaps, by following a monthly magazine like Yojana/Kurukshetra. These magazines should not be read from cover to cover. Only the topics that correspond to the MPPSC Exam Syllabus should be read with special attention to their focal editorial.


Few tips to make MPPSC GK notes in Hindi/English:

1.       Understand the MPPSC Syllabus first

2.       Use loose sheets to make mppsc notes so that it becomes easy to add/update the content

3.       Segregate your mppsc notes into topics like History, Geography, Polity, Economy, etc.

4.       Note down 5 to 10 points for each topic in the news that is related to the syllabus

5.       Give attention to Madhya Pradesh regional news page.

Best Books for MPPSC

After going through the syllabus aspirants should follow state board books and NCERT books.

1.       NCERT Class 10th, 11th, 12th Social Studies Books

2.       “Indian Polity” by M. Laxmikant (4th Edition and 5th Edition)

3.       “Spectrum of Modern Indian History” by Rajiv Ahir (Latest Edition)

4.       An Introduction to Madhya Pradesh by McGraw-Hill Publications (here you can find fact and details related to the state, which can suffice)

5.       Aspirants can gain more knowledge on Economics from the textbook of Standard 11th & 12th from the Commerce Stream and if the aspirant is not from commerce can refer to books from Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy (11th Edition) or Sanjiv Verma’s Indian Economy.

These books can help you both in MPPSC Prelims and Mains examinations.

To conclude all the things for the students, a few tips are given below:

·         NCERT’s or State Board School textbooks are the key for your clarity on different Topics.

·         One reference book per subject should be sufficient for building your knowledge.

·         Self-written notes for mppsc should be emphasized and grown upon

·         Aligning the current affairs with the syllabus.

·         Take help from past MPPSC question papers.

·         Revise all the topics periodically.

sweeti sharma

Q1. What is the MPPSC Examination?

MPPSC stands for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission; this exam is conducted for recruitment to various posts in government departments and offices of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This exam is conducted in three Stages first is Preliminary Exams; the second stage is Mains Exams. The candidates after clearing the Prelims exam get qualified to appear for the Mains Exams and lastly, they are been called in for a personal final stage Interview. After which the candidates are been admitted at various positions in the government department.

Q2. How to clear the MPPSC Exam? / How to Prepare for MPPSC State Service Exams?

Generally, it is said that the Prelims exams are very simple to clear only if you follow the syllabus of the exam with the right strategy, but the cut off is always very high for the MPPSC Prelims Exams. That means the general category students should have at least 85 questions correct out of 100 to be in a safe zone. A candidate must study at least 4 to 5 hours if you are a newcomer. This exam is for a check on you how much you know but also how well you know that subject, so that is why one much revises all the subjects as much as possible for your preparation on MPPSC. Try revising sample papers of MPPSC Examination or UPSC of past years, which is a perfect and reliable guide for studies. These papers will give you an overview of what you need to study, the pattern, what questions to expect. You need to practice these questions as frequently as possible to help you get access of how to prepare for these exams and to calm your nervy moments. Also keep yourself well informed related to the current affairs, read books and article related to the specialization of your field which will help you a great deal and most importantly remove all the fear of the examination and prepare yourself to perform the best in the exams   

MPPSC coaching in indorefor your MPPSC 2021 examination

Q3. How Many Attempts are allowed?

Candidates of General Category can give MPPSC examinations any number of times till the age of 40 years. For SC/ST there is further relaxation of age.

Q4. What is the educational qualification needed to appear in the MPPSC exam?

The candidates should have a graduation or equivalent from a recognized University.
Candidates possessing professional and technical qualifications, which are recognized by the State Government as equivalent to a professional or technical degree, would also be eligible for the admissions to the examinations. 

Q5. What are the eligibility criteria for MPPSC Examination?

·        The Candidate should be a citizen of India

·        The aspirants should be a degree holder or a graduate from a recognized University

·        Indian students with a degree from abroad should have their degree recognized by UGC.

Find the latest updated MPPSC Notesprepared by MPPSC toppers and subject experts.

Q6. The current pattern for State Service Examination?

The State Service Examination is a 3 Stage exam which is held every year

Stage 1: Preliminary Exam

Stage 2: Mains Exam

Stage 3: Personal Interview

Q7. What are Preliminary Examinations?

Preliminary Exams consist of objective questions with no penalty or no negative marking for wrong answers.

Paper 1- General Studies is of 200 marks with 2 hours

Paper 2- CSAT (Civil Service Aptitude Test) is of 200 marks with 2 hours

CSAT is a qualifying paper with minimum qualifying marks which is fixed at 33%.

There is a cut-off in the Preliminary Exams, which varies every year and is decided by the MPPSC.

Q8. What is the Main Examination?

The Mains Exams consists of 6 papers. The patter of the Mains Examination is as follows:

General Studies

Paper 1(GS-I) – 300 marks – 3 hours

Paper 2(GS-II) – 300 marks – 3 hours

Paper 3(GS-III) – 300 marks – 3 hours

Paper 4(GS- IV-ethics) – 200 marks – 3 hours

Paper 5(General Hindi) – 200 marks – 3 hours

Paper 6(Essay Writing in Hindi) – 100 marks – 2 hours

Total Marks (Mains) – 1400 marks

Q9. What is the final stage Interview or Personality Test in the MPPSC examination?

Students who clear the mains exams get qualified for Interview by MPPSC. The Interview is of 175 marks.

lavya singh

MPPSC Mains Exam consists of descriptive type questions. It is mainly about testing the analytical, critical and communication abilities of the candidate. The most important thing to keep in mind is time constraints. So, the candidates must answer the questions quickly and effectively and in minimum words.

How to make notes for MPPSC?

It is very important to learn how to make short notes while preparing for MPPSC, especially in the context of Civil Services Mains exam. Without intensive study and preparation of your own notes and revising them regularly one cannot hope to crack the Mains examination.

MPPSC Mains Exam demands the candidate to think with conceptual clarity and organize his/her attitude, perception, thoughts in a flawless manner. Such conceptual clarity and organization can only be achieved through regular writing practice. Making mppsc notes is one of the best ways to achieve this.

The important thing about taking notes from books is your understanding of the material, so it's essential to write down what you understand in your own words. Rewriting information from the source doesn't help you on the exam.

The candidate must be thorough with the syllabus and make a study plan accordingly. Along with this one must prepare short mppsc notes on the subject with the taste of your practical mind, prudence, and common sense. All you must do is to read the topics, find previous year questions from that specific area and make notes accordingly. You must be familiar with the authentic books related to the subject before preparing the notes. Reading an authentic book does not mean that you need to extract the whole essence of the book. Select the relevant information required for MPPSC exam with the help of syllabus.

Summarize and highlight the most important point when preparing short notes. Different question requires different assumptions. Here we bring you some easy steps that will help you develop effective note making skills.

First, you'll need to take into account practical matters, develop some general strategies, and decide what to write, structure your notes, use common abbreviations, and then develop your own ways to speed things up.

How to Make Notes for MPPSC

1. Start making mppsc notes-

        A4 spiral exercise book with separators for different topics.

        Use pen and color highlighter.

        Don't record every line.

        To differentiate between big and small dots, use capital letters, boxes, asterisks, underlines and highlighting.

        Don't write whole sentences, organize with abbreviations and symbols, organize - skip small connecting words.

        Link your notes to your syllabus

        Revise your notes regularly

        Paste a sticky note to add recent updates.

Guidelines for Structure

        What - When - Why - How - Current Relevance - Last Comments

        Follow the personal abbreviation system and create your own abbreviations for common, frequently used words.

        Jot down previous year MPPSC Mains questions.

        Include arrows to indicate increase and decrease.

        Structure the main points and supporting information or facts.

for example:

v  Major Title

§  Subtitle 1

¨       Description

§  Subtitle 2

¨       Description

§  Major Title

What to take off

• Theory, Concept and Theory

• Main idea

• Examples and real life examples

• Simple diagrams and charts

• Timeline and any new words

• All citations, definitions, and summaries


After making notes

After making notes, review your notes and revise regularly. This is an essential preparatory step to get an overview of the topic and help decide whether it is relevant. This process is not a time consuming one. Scan through the main ingredients, causes, key features, advantages, disadvantages, impact on different sectors, pros, and cons and more. Briefly examine any list of key points, dates, or events. This technique will save you time and allow you to discard any text that is not relevant.

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