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Minecraft Dungeons is a new arriving RPG game that will have the same lovely world of blocks. Minecraft Dungeons will be quite similar to Minecraft’s emphasizes and Diablo with complete loot story. There are several different levels added in game with different areas. Even though the player looks at everything on the map, they will not be sure about the exact location they are at. It is because there are several locations exist, and learning them in sight is not possible. However, there are some unique and bigger locations available that can be easily recognized, and every player should look at these locations once.

Minecraft Dungeons Full World Map

In the full map of Minecraft Dungeons, there are several areas exist, and every different side of the area is categorized as per their environment. Every side of the map has its own rewards, whereas some posses hidden areas with the usual storyline that can unlock some areas. These locations on maps are not the final locations because these maps can be extended through DLC and to expanding the content on the game.


The camp is a central location of the map where making base is permitted. For converting the emeralds into the random loot, there will be merchants available at the location. On the same location, you can select the mission to check your damage by using some dummies. This location is easy to find and also a valuable location of Minecraft Dungeons.

Creepy Crypt

Creepy Crypt location is not unlocked at the beginning of the game, and that is why players have to unlock it through the Creeper Wood. It’s a dungeon with a large stone and along with several types of undead creepy things and mobs. The great thing about this location is that there are a variety of hidden chests, and random puzzles are available in this area with a vast amount of loot. Unlocking this location will not take enough time, and the amount of the reward here is no less too.

Creeper Wood

Creeper wood area is the first location in the game after finishing the tutorial. Here you will see some of the spooky wood that reminds of Minecraft forest area of the night time. In this area, you will see skeletons, creepers, zombies, and many more weird creatures, so it is necessary to pass here carefully.

Pumpkin Pastures

After finishing the trip through creeper forest, you will reach Pumpkin Pastures that made from the burned villages that attacked by Arch Illager with his forces. You might face here with a boss and needed to do a battle with that boss.

Redstone Mines

In the recent preview event of Minecraft Dungeons, there were Redstone Mines were showed. The location and atmosphere of here are apprehensive than all entire beta maps. The long hallways with narrow paths, filled with lava, sparkling caverns, and Redstone Mines everywhere. From the look and structure of this area, it looks the most dangerous area of the game, but yes, it is a well-designed area of the game.

Other Areas

In the world map of Minecraft Dungeons, many locations available that include fortresses, mountains, temples, swamps, and many more that you can only imagine they exist. Every available location in Minecraft Dungeons will be unlocked and arrived by the player, but it will take time. There are no limits in Minecraft Dungeons, and there will be many more things available after new updates and events.

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Daisy Martin  is a qualified IT engineer by education. After working in the IT sector for a decade, she began writing about it two years ago. She loves to write about emerging technology like


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Devin Smith

For decreasing various confusions and distractions in the game, especially online games, Discord will help you lot by customizing its gameplay techniques.  The application used for voice calling while playing an online game on PC is “Discord.” One can turn on the customization and chat features to remove various confusions related to upcoming fires, wars, and other events.

Pursue these guidelines to know how to activate the game overlay in Discord.

Getting Started with Discord Overlay

First of all, you have to be ensured that you will follow all the steps with great care to avoid any type of mishaps and then follow the given instructions:

  • In the beginning, launch the User Settings tab.
  • After that, you have to hit the Overlay tab and activate the in-game overlay option.
  • Next, press the games tab there.
  • Then, activate the Overlay of your wished game.

If you wish to go brief in step to step instructions, then these steps to be followed:

  • First and foremost, hit the cog-wheel shaped icon that is Settings and launches it on your device. This Settings menu icon will appear just after your name and your avatar symbol situated at the lowermost left-hand side edge.
  • After that, go to the App Settings section.
  • Launch the Overlay panel and hit the tab located just after the option “Enable In-Game Overlay.”

Note: One can lock the Overlay by hitting these keys simultaneously: Shift and upper comma key (This key will be at somewhere nearby the tab button.)

  • If you wish to set up new settings, hit the keyboard icon, and then hit the combination keys of the new button.

Customizing Discord’s Game Overlay

  • One can adjust the avatar’s size, select the names, and displaying users by navigating the settings section under the menu option there.
  • Go to the lowermost section of the menu option resembling Overlay for searching the position of the Notification. Hit on one of the options related to grey edges to setup the Overlay for appearing the same.
  • After that, hit the circled shaped icon located at the central part of the page to deactivate the notifications regarding your Overlay.
  • Alternatively, you may also tap on the button situated at the lowermost section of the menu option to make the text notifications displayed and other voice notifications.

To activate or deactivate the game overlay related to Discord for a particular game, pursue these guidelines:

  • Hit the Settings menu.
  • Then, choose the button related to “Game Activity.”
  • Tap on the Monitor icon placed at the right side of the game to activate or deactivate the overlay features.
  • This application provides these settings while playing any such game. To do so, follow these offered instructions:
  • Hit the in-game overlay menu by tapping the Shift and upper comma button and after that hit the Settings icon.

How to Pin-Up Windows to Discord’s Game Overlay Features

When the Overlay is under process, you may pin-up a chat pane that will display on your game.

  • Expand any type of game and then hit the Shift and Upper Comma Key (The key near the tab button). You have to apply the same procedure of key combo that you have done earlier for expanding the in-game overlay menu.
  • Now, hit the pin symbol to make your Windows to appear on your screen, even you have diminished the menu related to overlay. You may customize the opacity of the particular window by hitting the Opacity icon and adjusting the slide bar there.
  • Discord provides various setup options that gamers have to fetch various information from the VoIP application. Make sure that you have opted all the steps very carefully while managing and customizing the overlay features in Discord.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.



Final Fantasy VII Remake has arrived recently, and it seems out to be an advanced version of the original game. The game depicts the lives of the character more deeply, and several new aspects have been added to meet the requirement of the modern world. The game is one of the most awaited till its release took place last week. Gamers across the globe are acclaiming it a lot for its advanced fighting attributes. The game is apparent to be comprised of both aggressive and defensive play.

The game is now more challenging than its predecessor, thanks to the inclusion of more deadly bosses in it. Nowadays, the gamers are demanding for a guide to beat one of its bosses; Hell House. Although slaying the Hell House is an intricate work to do but with a specific guide, it can be accomplished with ease. Below we have provided a proper workaround to beat Hell House in Final Fantasy VII to favor the gamers.

How to Visit the Hell House

The gamers need to know about a specific story to get assign for a Hell House combat. First, they need to go to the Wall Market, where Don Corneo is looking to get a new wife for himself. Tifa is in the list of selected candidates for his wife. Aerith and Cloud require to save Tifa by aligning Aerith into the list of candidates for Don Corneo’s new wife. She used a disguise of madam M. However, the gamers require to purchase the dress of Madam M for 1 million$.

Players who are short of money must mark a victory in Corneo Colesseum in Wall Market. Once the gamers won the quest and bought the dress. Then, they are going to play the final match, and this is where Don Corneo permits them to combat Hell House. It is necessary to defeat the Hell House in order to attain triumph in the cup of Don Corneo.

How to Beat the Hell House

The gamers have to obtain several specific categories of Materia in order to beat the hell House. The gamers need to understand that Hell House will use several magical attacks, and players require to use Materia to give answers to its attacks. Below we have brief out about all the magic attacks of Hell House alongside specified Materia to use against them.

  • When Hell House uses the magical attack and after that, a thunder apparent on the screen, then the gamers need to use the Wind Materia to dodge it.
  • When Hell House uses the magical attack and after that, a wind apparent on the screen, then the gamers need to use the Thunder Materia to dodge it.
  • When Hell House uses the magical attack, and after that, a fire appeared on the screen, then the gamers need to use the Ice Materia to dodge it.
  • When Hell House uses the magical attack and after that a frost apparent on the screen, then the gamers need to use the Fire Materia to dodge it.

The gamers have to use Aerith for executing attacks through Materia as she is perfect in inflicting damage from them. Once the Hell House seems vulnerable, then the players should get back Cloud to inflict some damage through his physical attacks. Gamers also need to be aware of the MP Materia to be refilled as it will be used for various times in the battle. Thereafter, the house will escape to the next level in which it began to fly. Gamers need to be aware and keep switching the characters. After some time, players will find specific boxes lying in the arena. These boxes will help to refill the MP. Gamers also need to be aware of the fact that it is vital to give Aerith the necessary time to heal. The players need to keep continuing attacks on Hell House until it gets killed successfully.


Final Fantasy VII Remake is concealing many secrets inside it, and Hell House is one of them. Although several gamers have already found it, still many ones are unaware of it. After reading this blog, the rest of them will also know about it, and they will definitely be going to achieve it too.

The gamers who are eager to play Final Fantasy VII can quickly obtain their experience through PS4.

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Daisy Martin  is a qualified IT engineer by education. After working in the IT sector for a decade, she began writing about it two years ago. She loves to write about emerging technology like .

Devin Smith

The first-person virtual reality world of Half-Life Alyx is a challenging game for the gamers. As there are numerous enemies in the game and all of them are hard to tackle. Nowadays, gamers are accusing Jeff, who is also an antagonist of the game story and players of Half-Life Alyx are facing difficulty in beating him. Through the medium of a subsequent blog, we are going to help the gamers through a specific guide to beat Jeff with more ease.

If you are here to obtain aid through a subsequent guide to slain Jeff, then achieve it through the further blog. The process of killing Jeff is bit hard and complicated, so it advisable to be aware while reading the subsequent article.

Half-Life Alyx

The subsequent process will conceive a bit of time and hard work from the players. Gamers need various essential items, including gravity gloves and firearms. Alongside, the process is a bit hard, so we are going to accomplish it in four specific steps.

1. First Encounter

Gamers need to first know a few things about Jeff before going out on the way to encounter him. Jeff is blind, but his listening skills are amazing, so gamers should not use any of their firearms as they all will be easily bearable by jeff. In Chapter 7 of Half-Life Alyx, Jeff is hiding inside a distillery of Vodka and gamers can easily access into it through the downstairs of Cafeteria. Once the players entered successfully to the distillery, they will begin to hear the voice of a victim man struggling and asking for help.

The gamer needs to focus upon hearing the voice and try to navigate the hostage man. Once the players successfully found the hostage man, then they need to interact with him. His name is Larry, and he will brief the players about Jeff and his current location inside the distillery. After that, Alyx will move through the Artificial Intelligence of the game and keep on running until he reached a specific arena where Jeff is waiting for him. After that, gamers can continue controlling Alyx and requires not to inflict any attack on Jeff rather than go to the backside of the arena and obtain a bottle placed over there. The gamers need to throw the bottle on the other side of the corridor to lure Jeff. After that, players need to get back to the place where Jeff was standing and then requires to keep walking on the path that comes after very first right.

2. Escape

Gamers need to keep in moving until they found a kitchen. They need to access into the kitchen and then requires to attain a few resins put inside the freezer. After that, again requires to throw the bottles on the fridge to aware Jeff. Once Jeff came inside, the gamers require to shut the door and locked it. After that, the players need to go back to the escaping place, but they will discover that there is no electricity in the socket to run the elevator. After that, they need to connect the cables to resurrect power. Once the power starts generating again, then the gamers need to take the elevator to escape. Jeff will deliberately press the trap button placed on the wall.

3. Find Batteries

Once the doors of the subsequent elevator open, the gamers require to allow Jeff to exit it. After that, players need to enable Jeff to lay inside the room. The players need to take the path leads after wooden planks. The following way will take the players to another place, and inside the room, they will get a task of unlocking of three batteries. After that, the players have to take the very first door, which is in white. The players require to open all the cabins placed inside the accessed room to navigate ammunition and resin. Alongside, the room is full of numerous bottles.

Players will locate the first hidden battery inside a gate that is sealed. After that, they need to gently open the seal of the gate without using any ammunition as it will be aware Jeff. After that, the second and the third batteries are hidden together inside a hole through the walls of the main living room. Gamers need to grab those batteries and then requires to take the ladder. After that, the players need to install the batteries using receptors. The machine will be started once the players pull back the lever. Jeff will get back to the main room where he was standing for the very first time to avoid beating by machine.

4. Kill Jeff

The best and the last part of the process is to lure Jeff again using bottles. After that, the gamers require to activate the trap through a specific button. Now, Jeff is trapped in a void, so players need to enable the beating machine again using a red button. In a few seconds, the machine will only spare a few body parts of Jeff.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


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