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According to a new independent study into the attitudes of next-generation workforce about the cybersecurity, commissioned by Centrify, a leading provider of Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Generation Access, believes that younger employees are becoming the main culprits for data security breaches in the workplace.

The independent study also reveals that these similar decision makers are doing very small to alleviate their worries, with over a third of 18 to 24-year-olds will be capable of accessing any files on their company network and only one in five having request permission to access some specific files. Almost half (43%) is having access to only those files which are important to their work.

The study conducted by Censuswide, sought the analysis of 1,000 next generation workers who are 18-24 year olds and also the 500 decision makers in UK organizations to determine how privacy, security, and online behavior at work impacts the lives of the younger employees and also the companies that they work for.

While password sharing list is at the top of 56 percent as to what keeps the decision makers awake at night? Approximately 29 percent of younger workers reveals that they are in the driving seat when they come to the password changes with their employers leaving it to them and also for deciding when they need a password change. Additionally, 15 percent of them admit that they can freely share passwords with their colleagues.

Approaches towards Social Media and Online Behaviour

Younger employees could impact the workplace negatively, about 47 percent of the decision-makers concern about them of sharing social media posts and the impact of these could have a reputation and on the brand.  On the contrary, one in five workers are not worried about their social media activities might affect their employers and almost 18 percent generously admit that their posts could compromise employers’ security and also privacy policies of those employees. Less than half said that their company has a social media strategy in place which highlights the need for the strong social media access controls that follow the philosophy of a ‘Zero Trust’ approach towards the security which suppose that users inside a network are no more reliable than those outside the network.

The next generation of the workers will always-on approach to technology with no any experience of an off-line world further strengthen the need for robust security policies. When we come to this generation of workers, then almost 40 percent of the decision-makers are worried about their misuse of devices via social media, while 35 percent said that they are too gullible of technology and 30 percent worry about that they easily share company data.

However, 79 percent of decision-makers report that they have a strong security policy in places and almost 74 percent of them believes that their employees are abiding it, over 37 percent feel that the young workers are too relaxed about security policies.


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John Smith

Do not know what something is called and your description is not wounding it for a search engine? But besides the Google Lens, now you can easily search by using the pictures on Bing search engine.

Recently, Microsoft launched a new function on Bing that allows the user to search an image on the web by using your phone camera. This AI-mechanical feature is available in the US and only on the Bing app for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Launcher. The company has also released out the feature for Microsoft Edge for Android, and will shortly be added on iOS devices as well as on the

Vince Leung, the product lead for Bing Images at Microsoft said that, while there have been paces for many years to get to this point easily. With the beginning of cloud computing, we can speed up our ability to make some sense out of the pixels.

How it Works?

When you see a stranger who is looking great in jeans, and if you want to know the brand name of that jeans, then you can click a photo of it by using the Bing app, and the search engine will recognize the object and then instantly provides you more information through the help of links. Anyone can use this feature for more things like architecture, plants and many others.

Now the AI-powered visual search has become a hot topic for the tech enormous for everyone. Last year, Google launched Google Lens, which allows you to search easily with your smartphone’s camera and it also features expanded reality.

One of the spokespeople of Microsoft said in an email statement that, Microsoft’s vision is that search is ubiquitous which is going beyond the search box and acclimatize to altering the information needs and technology habits. We believe that Visual Search is the bright future of search and it will continue to spend on latest technologies and techniques to facilitate scenarios that help our search customers. We are very excited about the competence in this space.

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Micheal ricky

Recently, after getting a look at some new design features coming to the Microsoft’s Office application, Now, the Microsoft has been confirmed that it is planning a renovation for the Office 365 experience. Initially, they are only focused on the three key areas, such as renovation will bring some simplified ribbon, new colors, icons, and a unique search experience that influences the Graph of the Microsoft.

Simplified Ribbon

One of the foremost change is the updated or simplified ribbons designs. On the new look, Microsoft said that leisure a cleaner and some simpler see while giving users the capability to modify it with the most using tools, representing the experience of the restraining items on your taskbar in Windows. And while the new and simplified designs are intended to focus on the simplicity, that still be able to increase the ribbon to the standard three-line view.

The new simplified ribbon experience is progressing out the first to the web version of Word which starting it earlier, in July, the insiders will begin to see the pop-ups in the Outlook for Windows. Microsoft also said that it is not moderately ready to bring some new ribbon to the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows yet, but it will ultimately make its way to those apps.

New colors and icons

The second most significant overhaul is associated with the colors and icons for each application. New colors and icon are designed to make the apps more modern, and the new icons are assembled as accessible graphics so that they render with the crisp, and clean lines on screens of any sizes. They will first make a look on the web version of the Word, and they will make their own way to Works, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows and for the Insiders later by this month. AnOutlook rollout for Windows is planned in July of this year, along with the new Outlook feature for Mac in the August of this year.


Nowadays, Microsoft is planning to set a much more considerable prominence on searches within its Office application. Leveraging the Microsoft graph, the new search experience will immediately bring up the search recommendations, when you put cursor in the search box option. This is available to the commercial users in some ability already, but it will start making its way to Outlook on the web for the commercial users in August.

It is very unclear that if we will start considering these updates and make their way to the next major Office perpetual release of Office 2019, but it is possibly a secure bet that they will arrive in some capacity.

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karenminton here how to download, exhibit and set up your Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2007, or Office 2010 setup on any contraption. On the off chance that you discover any issue in impacting your Office to record or finding the Office thing key, call Office without toll number today! 8003840231 .Get more information please visit :

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